Latrobe, PA: showcases house it tore ...

Latrobe, PA: showcases house it tore down

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Auld Pharte

Kittanning, PA

#9 Mar 16, 2014
who is really qualified wrote:
<quoted text>
...Latrobe's 1st grade school enveloped by Latrobe's 1st High School...
I'd be very interested in knowing the source of that oft repeated claim. The Sanborn maps are no help, as the earliest of them is for 1887, 5 years after the building was erected. Thus, there is no readily available source to show what was at that location, if anything, prior to 1882. But I am acquainted with the interior arrangements of that building and can recall no feature that would even suggest that there was an earlier building embedded within it.
Rick Grimes

Arlington, VA

#12 Mar 16, 2014
For someone who supported Alex graziani in the past is sure bashing them now.

I wonder what Alex thinks of you now Renee?

He Probably thinks you are just another dumb box a rocks who talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk
Auld Pharte

Kittanning, PA

#13 Mar 16, 2014
who is really powerful wrote:
<quoted text>
I think I read it, the location of the first red school building, in an "Around Latrobe"...
It may be that there was an earlier building on that site, but that's a long way from establishing that the earlier building was incorporated into the newer building.
...and put two and two together, then took a walk to the demolition site, and put two and two, together.
So essentially, you somehow imagined that the building contained an earlier building because you "put two and two together". Not very convincing.
You should do it sometimes, it makes for interesting history...
Since the "interesting history" boils down to "things I imagined while wandering around", I'll pass.
...for the dead town of Latrobe, stuck on football players from 1895.
Which differs from an over-active imagination stuck on a demolished building from 1882 in what way?
Auld Pharte

Kittanning, PA

#16 Mar 16, 2014
who is really powerful wrote:
You're so silly.
But not nearly so silly as you, m'dear,
There's an old house in the middle of the Ober Building. Everyone knows that.
"Everyone knows" is often a preface to the most egregious nonsense.
And there are several buildings on Main Street that are add-on "fronts" to older buildings, just walk between the buildings to see, and walk up and down the alleys.
As I have done, and seen. What has that to do with your claims regarding the Second Ward School?
And just look at the demolition photo on this topix site of the 2nd ward school, and I think ya can see the outline of the original 1st school building in Latrobe, within the original high school building, built around it.
No, I see in that photo interior masonry walls, quite common in 19th century brick building, including the house I lived in for ten years.
I guess, it's hard for ya, if ya don't know what you're looking for.
Perhaps I know more about what I'm seeing than one whose view is clouded by a desire to prove that all is dust and ashes.
Latrobe is so stupid.
I tend to agree, but not for the reasons you seem to believe.
Bunch of morons tearing town history left and right and then advertising that there's an effort to preserve the downtown "historic district".
There is no more historic district. The town burned it to the ground!
Your fervor for "lovely Italianate farmhouse", "beautiful Art Deco armory", "historic first high school", and whatnot seems to have more to do with a desire to set yourself up as an oh-so-refined connoisseur of antiquities than with a grasp of the realities of restoring, preserving, and utilizing elderly run-down buildings.
Auld Pharte

Kittanning, PA

#20 Mar 16, 2014
who is really powerful wrote:
PS: There is nothing left in Latrobe over which to be refined. It's all been destroyed systematically destroyed.
All Latrobe has the hopes of being is a large Section 8 housing community with a few landowners.
Having seen the quality of your reasoning in the "school within a school", I think we are safe in taking most if not all of your conclusions with a very large grain of salt.

Latrobe, PA

#21 Mar 16, 2014
effin BRILLIANT wrote: /Members/Latrobe-Community-Rev italization-Program.asp
The Latrobe Community Revitalization Program (LCRP) is a community-driven, comprehensive effort to encourage and strengthen economic development, prevent downtown deterioration and promote a sense of community within the historic preservation of our downtown business district while advocating a return to community self-reliance, local empowerment and rebuilding based on our unique assets for the benefit of the greater Latrobe area.
-----In the pic that goes along with the above link is a home that Latrobe TORE DOWN.
Latrobe, PA is run by MORONS!
Is uses a pic of an Italianate farmhouse with a cupola that should have been preserved and restored, but NO! Jim Okonak TORE IT DOWN!
Latrobe is run by MORONS!
Latrobe wants to "prevent downtown deterioration" yet it burns down and tears down all of its beautiful buildings on its own!!!!
Latrobe wants to carry out "historic preservation" yet it tears down fine examples of architecture!!!!
Stupid effin morons that lead Latrobe
I agree with happens once in a while.
August West

Mckeesport, PA

#35 Mar 17, 2014
Silver Fillings on Sale wrote:
Not only does the Laurel Highland website showcase the Italianate farmhouse that Latrobe tore down, but now the town is -- paying -- a local professional family for being a slumlord, to tear down its dilapidated slum properties.
Latrobe rewards its slumlords, tears down its historical buildings, and builds dangerous walking paths with funds that it said it needed to avoid bankruptcy.
It's not being "showcased". There is a photo with no story and no there is no showcasing anything.

The City didn't tear anything down, the owners of the property had the building torn down. People like you who believe that the government should be running everyone's lives are the only ones that have a difficult time understanding the property rights of individuals.

Honestly, the only thing being "showcased" here is your bi-polar disorder. Sadly, this has been explained to you many times by many posters, but you are unable to focus on anything but the occasional typo. This is one of the many reasons that your posts are not taken seriously.
August West

Mckeesport, PA

#61 Mar 18, 2014
a CEO to a T wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh silly, I socialized "back in the day" with Craig, Steve W. and the CTO from Plantronics (and his powder blue Turban); there were also the couple who founded the lotions store that went all over the world, the storefront was green, everything was rainforest free, I dunno, the divorced; they were Stanford grads, hmmm, and about 25 others now that all my old boyfriends are well, old guys...
Sorry, but I just don't believe you. I'm sure those individuals do or did exist, and I'm sure you knew of them, but I don't believe you knew them enough to make such an outrageous statement.
You are BS Renee

Philadelphia, PA

#81 Mar 18, 2014
the underlying feelings wrote:
<quoted text>
I have found the comments of violence very disturbing.
Good, that's the point. To disturb and frighten you. Hopefully you will learn to wise up and become a responsible and productive citizen, otherwise the attacks will continue
Not Reality

Vienna, WV

#82 Mar 19, 2014
She thinks everyone is mole face
Holy roller

Baltimore, MD

#83 Mar 19, 2014
Fire and brimstone awaits the sinners who do not repent!

Remember it is easier for a camel to enter through an eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of god.

Philadelphia, PA

#102 Mar 20, 2014
This thread is physical proof that Renee is secretly the topix moderator and if my post is deleted then it's further proof that she runs the Latrobe topix.

Latrobe, PA

#103 Mar 20, 2014
Truth wrote:
This thread is physical proof that Renee is secretly the topix moderator and if my post is deleted then it's further proof that she runs the Latrobe topix.
Seriously? Topix would never allow such behavior. If anyone, and I mean anyone makes a few complaints asking for something to be removed, Topix will typically oblige.

Punxsutawney, PA

#104 Mar 20, 2014
holy crap someone went on a deleting frenzy today. posts 85-101 all gone? Someone hit a nerve or posted the truth, we can't have that on here now can we?

Philadelphia, PA

#105 Mar 20, 2014
truth wrote:
holy crap someone went on a deleting frenzy today. posts 85-101 all gone? Someone hit a nerve or posted the truth, we can't have that on here now can we?
Truth hurts. And it's killing her...

I mean she brought back the redneck personality

Apollo, PA

#106 Mar 20, 2014
Maybe Topix is getting tired of the trash posted here.
Cookie Mueller

Latrobe, PA

#107 Mar 20, 2014
Haha wrote:
Maybe Topix is getting tired of the trash posted here.
You're probably right about that, but from the poorly worded title to the 17 deleted posts, it was a fun thread. The anger, the name-calling, the has it all.

An instant classic !
Cookie Mueller

Latrobe, PA

#115 Mar 20, 2014
Jagger wrote:
I still am miffed that my anonymous essay about "Old Decrepit Gardener" got censored. That ass wipe hit on women in Fifth Ward for 50-years, and I finally write an anonymous hilarious essay and put the seventy-five year-old POS in his place (as if he even knows what the Internet is), and I made 100-people laugh, and that essay got censored.
That's Latrobe.
No sense of humor: dull, boring, no self-deprecating humor, nothing but a banana festival, now, in August, and with rotten bananas.
No, that wasn't a good thread, it was just you saying the same thing over and over.

Good thread determination isn't based on the topic, it's based on the progression of the thread itself. For instance, a popular thread progression:

1. You post something stupid

2. You are discredited in subsequent posts

3. You get angry and lash out with name calling, and the obligatory wiener size/functionality comment

4. Other posters call you names and make insinuations regarding your mental health

5. More lashing out, more outrageous claim, more of everything!

6. Posts are reported and deleted

7. The thread dies and the whole thing moves to another thread.

8. Rinse. Repeat.
Cookie Mueller

Latrobe, PA

#118 Mar 20, 2014
It wasn't 'highlighted', it wasn't 'showcased'.

It's simply an old photo that's been in use on a webpage that hasn't been updated for ten years. That's all. To anyone else it's just a shot of Main Street on a sunny day.

For you, it's a big deal.
Ur Secret Admirer

Pittsburgh, PA

#120 Mar 20, 2014
Screw Latrobe!! You and I should just go to Hawaii.:)

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