Judge overturns California's ban on s...

Judge overturns California's ban on same-sex marriage

There are 201878 comments on the www.cnn.com story from Aug 4, 2010, titled Judge overturns California's ban on same-sex marriage. In it, www.cnn.com reports that:

A federal judge in California has knocked down the state's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage, ruling Wednesday that the state's controversial Proposition 8 violates the U.S. Constitution.

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Frankie Rizzo

Hayward, CA

#216467 Sep 14, 2013
KiMare wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow, that's the deepest, most well thought out response from you I've ever seen!!!
I'm sure Angelo is still sitting shell shocked stunned...
I know it'll be hard to measure up to that, but is there an intelligent rebuttal???
LMAO! Dan is fun.
World Traveler

Sydney, Australia

#216468 Sep 14, 2013
Frankie Rizzo wrote:
<quoted text>
LMAO! Dan is fun.
What do you think about Freddy Mercury?

“Vita e' Bella.”

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#216469 Sep 14, 2013
Don Sclio wrote:
<quoted text>
Marry like 'everyone else'??
Hey DUMBASS....they are PART of "everyone" you idiot for starters.
So don't whine to be treated any differently than any other man or woman, chooch.
Add to that do you see people marrying others whom they're not attracted to as a rule???
It ain't new sunshine.
The answer would be 'no' MORON.
*Newsflash* genius....gays are attracted to certain members of their own sex.
Newsflash einstien....Self described gay men, and women, have, surprised! Married someone of the opposite sex. Besides, no one is forced to marry, nor does the state have to license any, and all adult relationships.
BLOWS YOUR MIND doesn't it??!!!!
Save your breath.....you'll need it to blow up your inflatable sheep later.
As far as siblings marrying each other puh-lease FIND SOME WHO WANT TO before presenting some sort of lost case based on it IDIOT.
GOD DAMN you're dumber than a bag of broken hammers I swear.
So is that a yes or no?
As far as the few plural marriages that do exist I myself could give a shit LESS given their incredibly small number.
So is that a yes or a no?
Gays however seem to be in the ten percent range when it comes to population. That's a lot of people you brilliant f@#k.
SO WHAT?! Even if that figure was accurate, so what? The state's not obligated to redefine marriage for them or anyone else.

“Vita e' Bella.”

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#216470 Sep 14, 2013
Cari wrote:
Did we have to vote on straight marriage? No
It's a human given right not something you vote on
<quoted text>
"Straight marriage"? The vote was to maintain the legal definition of marriage of a union of one man and one woman as husband and wife. Political sexual identity labels are irrelevant.

“KiMare'a the Monster Mutation”

Since: Nov 10

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#216471 Sep 14, 2013
Frankie Rizzo wrote:
<quoted text>
LMAO! Dan is fun.
Dan mounts the front lines,

with VV holding the 'rear'.

Tea Baggers

Covina, CA

#216472 Sep 14, 2013
They’re promoted as making American students more competitive with their international peers, but some local conservatives say new educational standards set to be fully implemented next school year amount to a federal takeover of local education.

Long Beach, CA

#216473 Sep 14, 2013
Frankie Rizzo wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't care if you do or not. But I'm real proud of you anyway. I do anal sex sometimes if she wants. Empirical knowledge is often uncannily accurate but it's also as often inaccurate.
I see no shame in it at all, like I say I do it. But gay men do anal sex more than straight men. Someone tried to spin it otherwise, so I corrected them. Tough that it made you mad. But it shouldn't have.
Uh, you are confusing making a topix post with being mad. LOL. Trust me, you don't have that much power. Later Francine.

“Vita e' Bella.”

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#216474 Sep 14, 2013
Don Sclio wrote:
<quoted text>
So according to you, the Constitution is not legally valid.
Thanks for your input dumbass.
Are you that dense?!!!! What in the name of Francis Albert Sinatra are you babbling about? Why would you claim the constitution is not legally valid? Or that one who takes an oath to uphold it, is required to interpret it? What a maroon!

No wonder you're called Don the Con.
World Traveler

Sydney, Australia

#216475 Sep 14, 2013
World Traveler wrote:
<quoted text>What do you think about Freddy Mercury?
Ah....AIDS never occurs to you butt bandits until you're sick then you pray..... lol
spun tight

Covina, CA

#216477 Sep 14, 2013
We are not playing "around the world" again!

And that's final.

Since: Dec 09

Knoxville, TN

#216478 Sep 14, 2013
commonpeeps wrote:
<quoted text>Well, the reason is that homo sex is not normal. It may be 'normal' within the realm of gay men but not usual or common between hetero couples. Most hetero couples may experiment or use anal sex on ocassion but homo gay males have less choices for 'intercourse' so for you to say they don't have anal sex just shows your stupidity. Since you are just a fat headed sex boy I'm positive you have no 'biological' children, but I was wondering if you and your other gay friends explain sexual behaviors to your children claiming anal sex is a 'natural' part of 'normal' sexual relations. If you do then yes, the heterosexual population has an issue with your sick sexual behaviors. You are demeaning human morals and natural existance. All you are doing is opening the door to ANY sexual deviant to claim their sex preferences are also 'normal'.I would be willing to bet that there are more pedophiles than there are homosexuals, the only thing keeping them from comitting their ' perverted' sex is that it is illegal and at least they understand the consequences if they are caught.. They can claim their 'sexual preferences' are just as normal as you queers do and have just as much right to change the laws to suit their perverted needs. You are demoralizing society for you personal sexual pleasures.
See... You believe that you have the right to tell adult people what they can do with their bodies. And you don't have that right.

I'm curious... How exactly are you demoralized by gay people having intercourse? That's probably the stupidest comment I've read on here yet.

Well, it's just about as stupid as your belief that there may more pedophiles in the gay community than the heterosexual community. Does that matter? Pedophilia is against the law regardless of who is doing it.

You're trying to say we're worse people; like it's some kind of war. Well, I can guarantee that gay people aren't responsible for the 40,000,000 abortions that take place each year. We're not responsible for the billions of unplanned pregnancies which result in children living in neglectful environments or are handed over to foster care/orphanages.

See how that works? You say we're bad, we can say you're bad. Isn't that childish? Well, maybe not to you.
Get Lucky

Vacaville, CA

#216480 Sep 14, 2013
Why is this still an issue? We have bigger issues at hand. Why am I still eating nachos, for one. Also, we need more engineers.
No Eles

Covina, CA

#216483 Sep 14, 2013
These walk Up and I do mean UP, condo's are a joke.

The Stalinists who are the Glendora, California city council and operate city hall are real wing-nuts.

Progress and this is the best Glendora has to offer in the way of housing?

Sub-housing is more like it.

Jokers are:


Gene Murabito

Karen Davis

Joseph Santoro

Judy Nelson

Douglas Tessitor


Chris Jeffers

Jeff Kugel

Valerie Escalante

D. Wayne Leech

Dave Davies

“KiMare'a the Monster Mutation”

Since: Nov 10

Location hidden

#216488 Sep 14, 2013
Get Lucky wrote:
Why is this still an issue? We have bigger issues at hand. Why am I still eating nachos, for one. Also, we need more engineers.
What are you nervous about?

Since: Nov 12

Sacramento, CA

#216489 Sep 14, 2013
Don Sclio wrote:
<quoted text>
The only 'honesty' you need to be aware of fucknuts is that what these gays do on their personal time is none of your business no more than does anyone have a right to tell you how to mount that thing you call your wife when it comes time for your semi-annual erection Viagra Val.
unlike you I'm not interested in her rear exit. Sad to hear about your problem. You are so stupid that you think I care what hole you plunge.

“KiMare'a the Monster Mutation”

Since: Nov 10

Location hidden

#216490 Sep 14, 2013
Don Sclio wrote:
<quoted text>
WTF is "Angelo"???
You don't even provide a God damned source you wingnut yet you want to be taken seriously.
So F@#K "Angelo" whoever the HELL he / she / it is supposed to be.
God you people are stupid. You come up with these unknown "sources" who have no backing and want to lay claim to this, that and the other.
Let's see the source of your bullshit and we can go from there fool.
LOL!!! God damned already...
An intelligent person could find it easy.

You're disqualified as a foul mouthed waste of time.


Hawthorne, CA

#216491 Sep 14, 2013
Don Sclio wrote:
<quoted text>
The f@#k I did liar.
I advised time and time again Americans are due a full set of liberties and freedoms with the only 'guidelines' drawn on thbem would be if they contained viable and real harm.
Gay marriage possesses no harm dumbshit hence it should be allowed nationwide.
You may not like it but it then becomes your personal problem.
I would say that forcing hetero tax payers to pay for unisex restrooms in buplic places is viable and real harm among other expenses, I think you homos should have to pay out of your own deep bockets for all the extras that your cult is forcing on the normal society you dumbshit! You idiots alway aske for a rason, and when one is given you disagree, bitch and moan .. STFU

Since: Nov 12

Sacramento, CA

#216492 Sep 14, 2013
KiMare wrote:
Paul Angelo MHA, MBA, the Miami Gay Matchmaker who incorporates health, relationship and lifestyle coaching has again "gone wild" with the intention to save the gay community from poor self-esteem, lack of confidence and relationship confusion.
Angelo explains that receptive anal sex decreases self esteem by forcing the person to assume a submissive position during an act of pleasure. This confuses the brain to believe that a feminine-like behavior is appropriate for a man and in turn reduces the man's assertiveness, confidence and will power.
Angelo says: "From Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), we know that a person's thinking is strongly influenced by his body position. The fastest way to increase satisfaction and self-esteem is to align the thinking with the position/movement of the body, commonly referred to as a mind-body connection. This is often achieved through physical exercise, meditation and affirmations.
For example, if you say to yourself -'yes I can do it' and if you flex your arm, clench your fist and bend your knees all in one move - you get a strong feeling of power.
When the body performs activities that are not in congruence with the beliefs and logic of the brain, conflict is created and with each repetition of the act, self-esteem of the person is reduced."
Angelo explains that because men behave differently than women, the brain is taught to accept as valid all behaviors that are associated with masculinity and strength. The moment that the brain receives messages that are NOT congruent with the definition of masculinity - the person gets confused.
Aggressive or "pushy" bottoms are an example of this confusion. Those are gay men who succeeded in business and show masculinity in day-to-day life, but in the bedroom - end up engaging in receptive anal intercourse.
"The worse part about this destruction of self-esteem is that it's on the subconscious level. A person will not feel anything during the act. And the pleasure derived from the act will override the logic necessary to correct the behavior. In addition, there is a delay between the act of anal intercourse and the reduction of self-esteem of the person" says Angelo.
"If you were to put all gay men together in a big warehouse and place the 'bottoms' on the left and the 'tops' on the right, you'd start seeing negative consequences of the anal sex play out in real life for the bottoms such as: disrespect for their general health, failure at work, failure in love and relationships." says Angelo.
"I am not saying that every gay man should stop anal intercourse today. What I recommend is that gay men re-think the "Gay-Lifestyle" strategy and stop for one second to question the validity of all that is gay" says Angelo.
well said, hey Dan, you say you no gay, now try to look at her ugly face, get on the straight side, you might be gay.
World Traveler

Sydney, Australia

#216496 Sep 14, 2013
Freddy says cover your azz!!
World Traveler

Sydney, Australia

#216499 Sep 14, 2013
You sick basturds make me laugh, I'm old and don't give a dam what you do but when you want to do each other of the same sex I'm glad I only have a few years left.

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