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mad as hell

Princeton, WV

#1 Jul 26, 2011
there are diffently gangs in lashmeet and the ppl that work at l&m are the biggest gang there is. i guess marry is the gang leader because you complain about her girls and she dont even respond. you get 1 mad they all turn on you. if thats not a gang i dont kno what is. they make false accusations. which will probably get them a few lawsuits. i know 1 person that has a lawsuit now. just because you speak to someone in their store they think you have a conspiracy against them. i cant wait to see this girl win her suit she may own the place then hahahaha

United States

#2 Jul 26, 2011
You are so full of shit. If I don't like someone I certainly won't give them my business. Those women at that store work hard. They do their job. If they are a gang as you say, well I guess it is just too bad all the gangs in this world aren't more like them. As for your friend and the lawsuit, advise your friend to get a job or a second job if she is that desparate. If everyone in the world had to work and support theirselves, I think it would change a few bad attitudes. Mary tries to run an honest business. She is a fair person. Can you honestly say that about your friend?
mad as hell

Princeton, WV

#3 Jul 26, 2011
for your information the friend im talking about sure dont need money. her and her husband both went to college and live very comfortable lives. i think its high time someone put that gang in place.
i think its funny

Princeton, WV

#4 Jul 26, 2011
they act like their shit dont stink they may do their job? may but the sure have their gang related time during and between. they are rude and accusing of alot of other things i've heard about. hope they win the lawsuit by a landslide. slander can really hurt a business especially when the news finds out.

United States

#5 Jul 27, 2011
You've got a point there, honey. But if you wear a hat on it maybe noone will notice.

Beckley, WV

#6 Jul 28, 2011
Are you serious? Really serious? A gang? Comeon seriously get REAL! Dang People get real! I know these people and a gang NOT!!!! SO wrong in so many ways! Damn get a life.

Rocky Mount, NC

#7 Jul 30, 2011
A gang! More like the Hillbilly Ho Down gang lol. Lashmeet is full of needle junky zombies, L&M is the only store in town that has a gas pump and stays open past 7 p.m. GET OVER IT! Go to 7-11 see if it's any better there! lol
wtf get serious

Princeton, WV

#8 Aug 19, 2011
im 1 of those ppl mentioned. yes we all do get better treatment at these other store. other than the still smoke in c and j's as far a treatment, we couldnt believe the difference. by the way when they get that store it will most likely b opened uuuntil 12 again. so dont worry about your gas. you will b teated better, there will b sales on things instead of those greedy ppl rather throw it away as to lower the price. they've made their money they dont care about the ppl no more. why dont they run it on the radio a hundred dallors worth of free gas to the 5th caller. they only care about the money in their pockets not ppl. under new owner and management i think everyone would b happy with the lower prices and the sales. not to mention free gas if you win a5th caller on radio. ppl like that care for their customer not not money hungry dont care ppl. if they cared about druggies they wouldnt let lowel buy girls off their lot so they can go buy drugs. i mean really. im all for it i kno the couple thats been talking to the lawyer. they are fine ppl. these ppl at l&m had no right talking shit about them, just luckily enough of our friends were also there and heard it not just once or twice but several times from several different workers. matter of fact they are getting together alot of ppl that was treated badly just so it'll be known its not only them. they are willing to take their time get more proof. never kno when a person might be wired when they go in there. it may have been goin on for monthes. most ppl are willing to help. very few have refused to get it on tape while the police are listening. the 1's that are the poorest, and could have alot to gain are the 1's that wont help, go figure.

Beckley, WV

#9 Aug 20, 2011
Seriously. If comments were made I am sure they were notintended as mentioned. Furthermore, havent heard anything on the news. Please do give more details. I have heard alo of stuff there and would like more information.
heaven forbid

Princeton, WV

#10 Aug 21, 2011
are they selling l&m??
family of L a nd M

Beckley, WV

#11 Dec 1, 2011
Really??? Well I guess it is good thing you are too chicken shit to post your name or L & M might have a slander suit in you.
more of the L-M Family

Bluefield, WV

#12 Sep 10, 2012
would just like to know why people get on here and put their nose where it doesnt belong and for someone to say they have made their money and stuck it in thier pockets you dont have the slightest damn clue what you are talking about or what it even takes to run a business and for your friend with the law suit you say maybe one day they will own the place insurance will pay her sorry ass prob right along with the other law suits she has against several other places in wv make me sick a bunch of sorry sob's are to damn lazy to get up and get a real job they would rather call a lawyer and let someone else take care of them because they are bums

Princeton, WV

#13 Dec 5, 2012
gangs my ass maybe wannabe lol

Pearisburg, VA

#14 Dec 31, 2012
L/m is a shit hole,cant pull in cause everyone trys to bum money or a ride rather drive to Princeton.nothing at all against the store but someone needs to man up,and run drugies off and run a respectful store like it used to be years ago..

Princeton, WV

#15 Jan 22, 2013
L&M is a scuzzy drug infested joke of business.. They make their money because thats where the druggies meet and work of the dept they owe mary in the store,, I Def. drive past that place even if my gas light is on,, I will take the chance before i stop at that place...YUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Pearisburg, VA

#16 Jan 22, 2013
I agree lol.....

Lewisburg, WV

#17 Jan 26, 2013
The only things I dont like about that place is they smoke in there so everything in there smells like nasty smoke and Ashes! They should smoke outside. And the druggies that are on their lot does need to be ran away. It makes me feel really uncomfortable being around them. Thats it, other than that they are okay to me! Not saying this to talk crap by any means but so they might see it and improve it.

United States

#18 Jan 28, 2013
How are the stores doing now that dollar general came to the area? I haven't even been to the store yet is it an ok place? I'm wanting to try and go soon
NoOne Important

Chesapeake, OH

#19 Mar 19, 2013
I've spent a lot of money at L & M Market. Yes, some things are a bit pricey.
Never have I had a rude person waiting on me. It gets busy and you might have a wait but it's not very long.
These are HARD working people. Gang. Some turd wants to see the crapola stirred up by starting something.
Sadly, we live in an area that has drug abuse going on.
I'm ashamed of that part of my WV heritage.

I respect these folks a lot. I lost my ATM card in the parking lot. Someone found it and turned it in to the ladies behind the counter.
They made sure I got my card back. No charges on my card that I didn't make.
Grow up and get a life. Seriously.
just a customer

Rupert, WV

#20 Apr 9, 2013
I believe some of what goes on on the outside is going on on the inside if you know what I mean. It is soooo obvious. At L&M the druggies rule!!!! It makes me sick.

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