Why is it that our Mayor & City Council expects the people of Las Cruces to follow Laws when they will not.
The Racket the City Has been running with Red Flex has been found Unlawful by at least two Judges the latest Judge Arrieta of Dona Anna County,who took a couple of years carefully studying the facts.See www.thenewspaper.com for the details.

The City of Albuquerque got rid of the Scam when they found it was unlawful and against the Constitution.
Las Cruces is the only City in the State that still will not obey the law! Yet the City decides to once again appeal the case. Appeal to who?

The State has found the Scam illegal several years ago and pulled it from all State Roads yet our Mayor & Council still keep running the Scam against the people of this City.
They tried to break other laws like the cut off of services,impounding cars etc. to keep this Scam going.
The Worst Crime that a Politician ,or City Official can do is to run a known illegal Scam,or disobey the Constitution.
These Egotist are so desperate for money and the feeling that they are right when they are shown to be wrong,it is beyond all reason,and Shame.
Do you really want to keep these people in office?
They have proven what they really are. Time for a total recall!