PMC and High Plains at odds - Lamar L...

PMC and High Plains at odds - Lamar Ledger

There are 20 comments on the Lamar Ledger story from Sep 1, 2009, titled PMC and High Plains at odds - Lamar Ledger. In it, Lamar Ledger reports that:

A rift appears to have formed between Prowers County's two largest health care providers.

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Krusty the Clown

La Veta, CO

#1 Sep 2, 2009
PMC sucks! As a vet I go to High Plains because they are the VA Clinic here, no problems. The nurses on the floor at PMC are okay it's the rest that needs changes!
I think here in Lamar the doctors are medical school rejects!

United States

#2 Sep 2, 2009
This is nothing new. Jay Brooke has openly sought to undermine PMC and other health care providers in the area from the start.
He is notorious for trying to take over lab, x-ray and other services offered by the hospital. This behavior has intensified since the new clinic was built a few years ago.
Any agency that gets into bed with this guy does so at their own peril.

Westcliffe, CO

#3 Sep 2, 2009
savvy: And PMC is lily white?

La Veta, CO

#4 Sep 2, 2009
We go to the clinic cause we are poor, pure and simple. had it not been for a terrible error in 1998 at PMC i would not be in the health condition i am in right now. I was mis diagosed with a fatal lung doctor then packed up and moved to Wisconsin, not because of me though. I was just told to find a pulmonary spec and see them. I could not get into see one for three months, little did i know the disease would have taken my life in four months.

however, i got a little better then had a fatal heart attack in kc in 2000. duh, the docs there said i was not diagnosed right, i had heart failure, not a lung disease.

i lost my job here in lamar when the doc didnt fill out forms, and on and on and on and im not through with PMC. but thats not the point, they need to get it straight between them and get on the right track. a power struggle of luck folks...lamarguy just tellin it like it is

La Veta, CO

#5 Sep 2, 2009
oh yes i mentioned a fatal heart attack...i did come back from the attack...what an out of body thing it was too...just wanted to clear that up before my son read it and said dad, i was there you didnt least for long. lol
Krusty the Clown

La Veta, CO

#6 Sep 2, 2009
I too was misdiagnosis, for three months and several thousand dollars! I went to Memorial in the Springs, was told it was my heart not my lungs like Dr. Ding Dong said! They almost killed me at PMC!
It would be better to see Dr. Eaton!

United States

#7 Sep 2, 2009
I did not say PMC is blameless. They have issues they need to work on as well. That said, Jay Brooke's fake altruism is sickening.
Why do you think Monette Rowan still works there after her drunken party that resulted in a young girl being raped? Could it be because she knows where the dead bodies are buried and they don't dare to get rid of her? Why did some of High Plains' board members recently resign?
Speak to some of the local dentists and other health professionals in the area, and they will tell you about Brooke's comments threatening to put them out of business with his facilities.
There is a great need for services for those who cannot afford them, but Mr. Brooke wants to provide those services at the expense of his competitors and no cost to his business. Sweet deal if you can get it! "Work together" my foot!
that one

La Junta, CO

#8 Sep 2, 2009
Every time I have ever went to the ER at PMC I always get treated like dirt! About a year ago I took my kid because they said they couldn't breathe! I took my kid to High Plains the next day and we were treated much better! The Doctor that saw us a High Plains was actually concerned about my kid! So I don't know why people are bad mouthing jay brooks saying he is "stealing" PMC patients...The people in the ER send them away all by them selves
Don't get my wrong, we should be thankful to have both sources if we should ever fall ill....but it would be nice to go into a medical facillity and not come out feeling like you were just treated like crap because you 'interupted' what ever was going on before you walked through the door. I have never felt that coming out of High Plains so I really hope this all gets worked out

La Veta, CO

#9 Sep 2, 2009
my wife took care of the vets at Fort Lyon for 20 years then politics shut it down. and Im glad we have both in Lamar, not disputing that, just hoping they get their arrows going the same direction. There is good and bad all around of course.

Lamar, CO

#10 Sep 3, 2009
I have good insurance but I'm telling you right now, with PMC's payment policies the way they are now (not to mention their prices), I'm going to High Plains, I'm going th Southeast Colorado Hospital or I'm going to Ark Valley Regional Medical Center in La Junta for anything shy of dire emergency care. I know of several other area residents doing the same thing. There is a reason why people are going elsewhere for lab work, x-rays, mammograms, etc. When is PMC going to realize the error of their ways. Losing patients to other healthcare facilities by creating absurd payment policies will not help PMCs financial condition. They are now losing those dollars as well.'s financing 101 guys!
Just quit complaining

Center, CO

#11 Sep 3, 2009
Funny....every time I have gone to the ER at PMC my family and I have been treated very well by the doctors and the nurses. Perhapse "that one" you should look at the reason your kid could not breath instead of blaming the ER for not being able to wave a magic wand and fix all your problems.
That should go for all of you who have to complain about the ER or PMC. Next time you have an emergency remember how "bad" the ER is in this town and take your problems to La Junta or Pueblo. But then again you will most likely find a problem with the their hospital and will complain just as much!
Man...what a bunch of complaining babies!
get real

La Junta, CO

#12 Sep 3, 2009
Hey now, no one is perfect and some people do have legit complaints! You sound as if you work there and by the way, I have been there many of times too and they do make mistakes. No one says they are perfect (ER) but it is not like it is the city and they are so busy that they cannot get it right! PMC cannot keep good doctors on and the doctors who do stay are over worked!
that one

La Junta, CO

#13 Sep 3, 2009
FYI 'Just quit complaining' when i took my kid to high plains the next day...they found the EXACT reason why my kid was having trouble breathing. and i am so thankful they "waved their magic wand" and fixed every thing for us. Every one is entilted to talk about their own experiences and if PMC always treats your family good that is great, but i have had a couple of bad experiences and i have the right to express that. When it comes to my kid i will complain all i have to if i feel they are not being treated right so if that makes me a 'complaining baby' then so be it.
oh and btw I have been to the ER at Parkveiw hospital in pueblo and was very satisfied, but thanks for the suggestion anyways :)

La Veta, CO

#14 Sep 3, 2009
TO JUST QUIT COMPLAINING...i was not dissing the ER...they did a great was the RADIOLOGIST THAT SCREWED ME UP...he misread the films...then i heard oh he does it all the time..the why was he still there...and i got a lot of excuses..

so scuse me...i did not diss the ER...and I will settle up with the CEO AND OTHERS when I can get into see them after this mess going on now....Ill get what i want out of the errors I can guarantee that...if its not pretty then such is luck..and the doctor that sent me out to the wolves...He too shall be taken care of by the system...

Ive remained cool headed and all that..I did chew out the vice president of the firm that fired me..funny I didnt hear a thing back from him...nor the lady they hired to replace me who accused me of parties in the old office...among other adult things...i dont want revenge..I could have gotten that a long time ago..I want more than that and like i say..get the arrows going the same way, its time to stop bickering...sure a lot of money is involved and egos too..alas...time goes on..lamarguy
get real and that one

Center, CO

#15 Sep 3, 2009
Just so you know, I do not work at PMC. Do do have family who are nurses and I can tell you they put up with more crap from people than they get paid for. I guess if you want to make it better get yourself to school, become a Dr. or a nurse and make the changes necessary to make PMC a better hospital. Or you can just keep complaining and become a martyr for all who whine about how terrible we have it. Go to a third world country and see if your child would have recieved the same quality of care!
I've been a patient at PMC many times and for what Lamar has to offer is a good facility, better than most. I've been in the waiting room with people there for stupid complaints, runny noses, ect. and the nurses and doctors treat each person, not matter how trivial or serious, with the same professionalism I have been treated with. I have also been a patient at Denver General and waited in the ER waiting room FOR HOURS with drunks, prostitiutes, and homeless people bleeding all over the place. So if PMC is that bad, take your family to DG and see just how good PMC really is!
get real

La Junta, CO

#16 Sep 4, 2009
You are missing the whole point. I am not complaining, I am simply stating that there have been errors made and when it comes to a life on the line, that is not good!!! Also symptoms can lead to a lot of different things, good and bad, so chill!!!

Westcliffe, CO

#17 Sep 4, 2009
I will say from personal experience that PMC really needs to shake some things up administrative wise. The care me or my family has gotten there was ok, but the billing process is a total joke. What hospital sends a "form letter" out for billing with an amount written in a blank space? When I requested a copy of bill before I would make payment, I never heard another thing about it. A few years before that I got a call from a collection agency for a bill that was over 2 years old. I had never even received a bill for the two years previous to that.....and I know from talking to other people it happened to several people. PMC was in financial trouble? That to my understanding is why the payment policies changed? Well, when you turn a bill over for collections, that company normally gets 50% of the bill. Why not create a job for someone to try and collect in house? To me they are digging their own grave. You are not in a big city, you are in a rural community where people depend on you for affordable, dependable healthcare. If you cannot provide that service then people are going to go where they can get it..........

Westcliffe, CO

#18 Sep 8, 2009
Three of my four kids have been treated at PMC over the last ten years, and all of them were born at PMC. One of my kids had a delay in treatment due to a nurse error, but actions taken by staff helped save her life also. I have trusted PMC with my life and the lives of my children. People make mistakes, and since nurses and doctors are regular people it stands to reason that they make mistakes. High Plains also has it's up and downs. I personally refuse to get care from them due to past experience with HIPPA violations. There are other facilities in our area that provide excellent care but are overlooked. Next time you need a Dr. appt call Wiley Clinic, or Visit the Hospital in Eads.

Rocky Ford, CO

#19 Sep 8, 2009 make an excellent point....and one I have done myself. I've been to the Wiley Clinic several times and it's always been a good experience...much better than PMC. I don't go there for anything anymore. Never been to High Plains but (and because), I'm familiar with their operations.
#20 Sep 24, 2013
I have ordered 2 times from this website PILLSMEDSHOP. COM . I called yesterday the customer care and asked for a discount as i was about to order twice the regular amount.

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