I just wanted to say that of all the places I've lived and the friends I've made, Las Animas is where I call "home". We are a town that sticks together through thick and thin. We take care of each other and never forget the close friendships made over years gone by. I have never known of a town where people have kept in touch with each other over so many years. We consider each other brothers and sisters no matter if it be by blood, race, or otherwise. My fondest memories have been of my experiences in that little prairie town. You all that still live there and go to school should consider it an honor to be a part of a town that stays together like it does. I don't know how it is now going to school at LAHS but when we grew up during the '70's there, we were all family--no drugs, peer pressures, ungrateful to our teachers, parents or others in authority. We were very sports centered and very good in all of them!!!!!! I miss my little town and pray it has remained close to how it was when we all shared the comraderie we did all those years ago. Keep Las Animas alive and when you look back in your lives, those valued and treasured memories will remain some of the best years of your lives.