Mamichulas drive thru... Discuss

Birmingham, AL

#45 Mar 31, 2011
sandra wrote:
I wonder what they ll wear next winter when it gets super cold
i say Dental floss?

Maitland, FL

#46 Apr 11, 2011
All of these beer runs are disgusting and embarassing. Theres children all over the place and these very "low self-esteem ladies" or what theyre actually called "hoochies" or "tramps" are there flashing their blank "goodies" to the world. the least they can do is close up the place so that children wont be seeing these things. And really I feel very sorry 4these girls, shows how much attention they need to feel good about themselves. They may be able to grasp mens attention. BUT WILL THEY EVER BE ABLE TO GET ONE TO PUT A RING ON THEIR FINGER. answer: NOPE, they're slowly throwing their life away and burning their reputation each day.

*a few buck to show your privates, im sorry but the only one that will see anything is the one that can afford me MY HOUSE, DIAMOND RING, and MY FAMILY.
Shan Shan956

San Antonio, TX

#47 May 4, 2011
Well LMFAO that owner is so fukN stupid... she should have put a fence and make the customers pay for the sneak peaks but now its too late for her that the city already is in process of taking her business down "Clothing, and Pleasure wise"

Que Estupida, she even got some advice here from the Haters!!!!

City Of Laredo

San Antonio, TX

#48 May 4, 2011
Bitch your business is going down.

Yes it is, no more lewd acts, obscene behavior,We've received enough complaints to where definitely there's a whole group of people out there who are offended by the activity at some of these establishments."


Laredo, TX

#49 May 4, 2011

Lakeland, FL

#50 May 4, 2011
A freind of mine has them on fb talking about fkn taking Taks and shit and trying to get up for school but at the sametime working at mami chulas thats stupid and yess their 15,16 I bet none are 21& selling liquior...i just cant c how low these girls are with 5 bucks they do wat a prosti would do for 40..fkn cheap skanks

Edinburg, TX

#51 May 7, 2011
those girls have no life no future! no tienen verguensa, though i feel bad of thouse poor prostitutas. ladys with nice bodys but with full of sickness inside, DISCUSTING!just spreading diseases everywhere. people what kind of a world are we living now adays?think about it, one day u all are gana repent for allthe sins.ladys iknow u all are so desprate for moneybut common go prostitude where no families,(children) are seeing. how sad and so low those girls are.

United States

#52 May 7, 2011
Stimulating more than the economy ;)
why do you hate

Walker, LA

#53 May 8, 2011
Losers like you are what messes things up.if you don't want your kids looking take another route.just so you know, if you paid attention in your life it wouldn't be so pathetic you have to get in other peoples business.lmfao you are the reason they say laredo is pitiful.closed minded, crooked and 8!cthing. Acting like you care when you are the actual trash.just sad
Smurfie956Salina s

San Antonio, TX

#54 May 9, 2011
Coolhuip wrote:
<quoted text>
Well obviously you do give a flying f**k cuase you come in here nerd raging about the drive thru and suggesting other options for these girls. also you explain everything so explicitly... have you actually seen these girls getting fingered/drinking beer? and you know they are 15? lol i suggest you as a "concerned citizen" do something about it and stop nerd raging and complaining in front of your computer...
lol fail troll
coolhuip> all
What do you have to say now you retorical a$$ wipe.... today marks day 2 of the new plan which concluded all ghetto drive thrus lmao "NERD" wow that hurt.

San Antonio, TX

#55 May 9, 2011
yeah just as I thought it would happen, no intelligence on business (+) STDS (=) Downhill hahaha what a bunch of stupid 8itches and "WIC"eras that was a good one. they are going to lose there business if they continue to hire ugly prostitutes I heard Melissa had AIDS from Meadow drive thru the girl with the tongue and cherry tattoo on her lower belly. the other tall fake blonde girl should have stayd at wall mart. ON THE REAL!!!!!

Laredo, TX

#56 May 16, 2011
curious wrote:
The Hawaiian outfits and the bikinis both looked very nice!
I have been reporting what really goes on in thes establishments
1. Contributing to minors ( No carding)
Under age drinking.....
Big NO NO!!
2. Postitution
3. Drugs and other illegal attivities
Which all make GREAT for a story
isaias rodz

Laredo, TX

#57 May 17, 2011
keep doing it i will spen my money there on beer and i event go for a coke and chips or mybe for gum " Make it Happen"
SouthBoy Cazerio

Van Nuys, CA

#58 Jun 10, 2011
Wow this kid isaias needs to really finish school and get out of special ed. His spelling needs immediate help lol and "spen" "event" what a real sausage eater. Perhaps coolhuip aka elva or an associate of mami chulas can help this kid with beer, I mean cause that is what they do furnish alcohol to MINORS. And who would have thought catching a girl that works there from united south high school giving a oil rigger employee a blow job next to knights limosine service WoW I aint gonna say what company oil rig was from but I am gonna say this next name on another girl I personally had the pleasure of going inside of "Chanisa" ha ha im sorry but I had to say it, damn is she a screamer and a hardcore sex machine... I went to the drive thru and she was easy to slip a tittie grasp with her number that it only took me till midnight to bang her that same night. These girls are all DTF if you have swagg then go for it. And I also remember a 15 that used to work there from rio bravo I think there were 2 of them they were sisters and were always on roach pills one of there names I think was irma yeah... She was also very easy. I got all the time of the world to beef on these putas and I still go there and slip my finger in there ass and punani ha ha.
chaneke pedro

Van Nuys, CA

#59 Jun 10, 2011
I like mamichulas A mi me gusta la riatas de los seņorotes y me gusta que me hagan gang bang. Me coji a marc. I hate it when they say im fat and I have alot of curly pubic hair on my haid

Van Nuys, CA

#60 Jun 13, 2011
Wtf... Post before mine lol dude is going in jaja wtf
And South boy cazerio ya deja de andar de relaje pinche mekate y bien que vas al drive thru comokiera pinche come camarones. Mind your iwn business you testicle sucker.

Laredo, TX

#61 Jul 5, 2011
Look im not hateing but people like you all are the reason they have that place still up. You all get off seeing ugly chicks in bikinis that just dont look honest if u saw them on the streets with reg clothing u all would totally just not even look bc they are not cute... But power to them for thinking they are good looking. But to be honest the type pf people that god there are southside or people that live in the downtown areas.... The one that grew up wanting to go to the ZONA people... Come on!!! These kind of places are a joke and just add problems to the youth, bring down property value due to the class of people that it brings in, and not to mention the rise in stds...yes stds...come on those tyoe of girls and the men that wanna pay..please... I even read a blog on this on chick michelle romanos she wrote she lives in the same apt building with these women and they give sex for money... Talk about great service!! But really they type pf people that go there are like no one important..they are kids..or ghetto men that wanna get off...and later pawn their things bc they cant pay bills bc they pay 10 more to look at ugly girls....umm..justice maybe???
Speaks the truth

San Antonio, TX

#62 Jul 9, 2011

I must admit as much as I dont want to believe it.
But its very true just yesterday I went to buy a 20 pack of budlight and I saw this girl that used to work with me in Convergys and shes working there at mamichulas. And Damn it surprised me seeing her work there I guess its just easier money for them then hsving a better dignity. Just to be clear about things from that drive thru and the rest of the drive thrus. "THEY DO OFFER SEX FOR MONEY"

and one huge word which is for sure to get "CHLAMYDIA" its cureable bacterial decease but damn que cochinitas trairan el burro.

Brownsville, TX

#64 Nov 17, 2011
Resident wrote:
MamiChulas is one if the best things to ever happen to Laredo. We need more of these establishments. After a long hard day at work, it's refreshing to see a beautiful lady hand you a beer.
that's why theirs your wife or gf fool.

United States

#65 Nov 18, 2011
some of those girls have herpes, look at their hands and around the mouth, dont buy stuff from there

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