I can't get over him suggesting the economy is fundamentally strong. Of all days to say something so stupid and out of touch. I don't see how anyone can vote for the Republicans. This "good fundamentals" crap is the SAME THING Herbert Hoover was saying after the deregulation he allowed in the 20s sent our economy into a depression

Look what has happened since Clinton left office:

Unemployment Rate: Clinton - 4.2%...Now - 6.1%(1.9% INCREASE)

Budget: Clinton -$281B SURPLUS...Now -$357B DEFICIT

Debt: Clinton -$5.7TRIL...Now -$9.7TRIL

And people want to vote for a guy who says he "doesn't understand the economy" and thinks the fundamentals of our economy are strong? His entire economic policy is based around cutting pork. Well that's not going to be enough. He could cut about $18BIL in pork, which is about a month and a half in Iraq.

Eventually its all going to come back to the economy, and McHoover will be in deep crap.

He can keep calling Obama a tax raising liberal all he wants, but the fact is Obama will cut taxes for 95% of Americans.