Man's Body Found Under Charred Home D...

Man's Body Found Under Charred Home Days After Fire

There are 337 comments on the NBC 5 Chicago story from Jun 19, 2008, titled Man's Body Found Under Charred Home Days After Fire. In it, NBC 5 Chicago reports that:

The body of a man was found Wednesday beneath a "tremendous" amount of debris following a weekend house fire in south suburban Sauk Village.

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Evergreen Park, IL

#327 Jul 19, 2011
say what wrote:
Well everyone that knows Rob and the rest of the story of this. Christina took her life May 18th 2011.
I just wanted to let everyone know.
Both lives lost are a tragedy. I was a friend of Robs and for a long time I blamed Christina, because, well, lets face it She should not have left him there to die, but she did. And now her life is gone too, maybe the quilt over came her. For whatever reason it was, she took her own life.
Her children are parent-less. I feel sorry for her family, and I am sorry for everyone's loss.
I forgive you Christina.
Rest in Peace.
youre a fn moron if you think she left him there to die. the moron lit the place, it went boom. duz it really take a brain to wonder what happens in a situation like that? he got what he deserved, hope he had a slow, painfull with fire, you get burned... in his case, he went BOOOOOOOOOM! lol
Mary M

Chicago, IL

#329 Aug 4, 2011
Its funny how everybody knows exactly what happened that night, yet none of you took the time to talk to my sister. Instead she was accused of helping rob start a trailer on fire and then leaving him to die. I suppose it's just easier to point the finger at someone else rather than admit that your own loved one was the cause of their own death. It was wrong of my sister to bring him there just like it was wrong for rob to ask her for a ride. If any of you had taken the time to talk to her then maybe you would kno that she did contact the police when the house went into flames. Everybody was so quick to judge my sister and throw the key away, yet most of you knew about these plans long before my sister did. Why didn't Bob get arrested? Why didn't you guys go after the one who set rob up? He's the real criminal. And yes, my sister did take her own life. I don't believe it was all bc of what happened with rob, but i kno it was part of the reason. And it wasn't from guilt. None of you seem to grasp the fact that she loved rob. There was never a day that went by that she stopped loving him or didn't think of him. Not only did she lose a friend, but she was accused of murdering him and was then taken away from her family, but most importantly her children. But thats okay, everybody is entitled to their own opinions i suppose. She's at peace now and I'm damn sure she's with rob. One day the full truth will come out and maybe you guys will finally realize that you've been pointing your finger at the wrong person for the past 3 years. May both my sister and rawb rest in peace.


Since: Jun 08


#330 Aug 4, 2011
Great point Mary: Where IS "Bob-o?" HE is the true criminal in this case. That trailer was set up to keep Rob from ever coming out. Bob knew that if Rob survived, the truth could come out. And, even if Tina had called 911 as soon as the house exploded, there would've been no saving Rob. And yes, she DID call a police officer/friend for advice. Rob made the mistake of agreeing to commit arson; Christina made the mistake of chosing Rob for a friend and trusting him. And now, they're both gone.

Oak Forest, IL

#331 Aug 7, 2011
I am truly sorry for your loss. God bless you and your family.

Oak Lawn, IL

#333 Sep 16, 2011
Mary M: It is a tragedy what happened. However, stupidity is not an excuse. YOu say it is easy to point a finger, but you have to look at what everyone is seeing. She did help in killing her friend, he may have died in an explosion, however, she was there. What people are wondering, if she was so innocent, why didn't she call 911 when the house exploded? Why didn't she drive the 2 minutes to the police department and tell them what happened? What was she trying to hide? People are wondering, it is a simple thing, drive to pd, tell them he asked you for a ride, you didn't know what he was planning on doing and the next thing you knew the house exploded. Why not do that? Instead, she called a friend on the pd hours later. Then hid from everything. It makes her look like she knew what he was intending to do. You can say she was scared, whatever, but it does not negate the mere fact she left the scene of a crime, she was part of the crime whether she knew it or not. Her failure to go to the pd or call 911 shows that she was a coward. She could have gone forward the next day, but did not. She may not have been responsible for his death, however, she was responsible for failure to report a crime, responsible for failure to help the authorities, responsible for her part, now may be she wasn't legally liable, but she was morally. She was a coward. People who are not terminally ill and in imense pain that commit suicide are selfish, self-serviing, cowards. She was released and basically cleared several months before she decided to kill herself. She had a chance to rebuild her life. She chose not to. She left her kids behind. How do you explain to those children that mommy killed herself because she was in pain. When they ask what pain, when they are years older, how do you say it was not cancer or another life-threatening disease. How do you tell those children it was because she was depressed, couldn't handle life? Those kids will forever think it is ok to kill yourself because you can't handle life, because you made bad choices so it was easiest to take your life. There is no explaining it. They will always wonder why mommy didn't love us enough to live. She was probably a very confused person, thinking the worst of herself, but, if you all love her like you say, why didn't you do something? If you were as close as you come off as, why didn't you do something? Where were the kids when she decided to kill herself? If my sister did that, I'd be so angry with her for being so very selfish and depriving the world, the children, the family of having the long years ahead of loving her. When you think people are pointing the finger, and some are, think also of the other people who are so sad that this young woman did what she did and couldn't accept the consequences, didn't take responsibility, failed as a mother and nuturer to her children. They are frustrated.


Since: Jun 08


#334 Sep 16, 2011
Jeanine, Legally there is very little that can be done for an adult who needs mental health interventions without their consent. We (her family) did what we could, but ultimately it was not enough. Mental illness (depression, bipolar disorder) creates an enormous amount of pain - so much so that suicide is where they often find relief. Suicide is not an act of selfishness, it is an act of desperation. In the weeks and months prior to ending her life, Christina was taking steps toward bettering her life: she completed her GED (and recieved a score so high she would've recieved a scholarship at Prairie State College); she had just earned her bartending license and was looking into becoming a Phlebologist. In spite of all her achievements, the bipolar disorder/depression and post-traumatic stress from the Rob situation and the 14 months at CCDOC won. And that is what her children will eventually come to understand: she fought an illness and the illness won.

Oak Forest, IL

#335 Sep 16, 2011
I am so sorry for your loss. I cant imagine how painful it is to loose a daughter. My prayers for you and your family.

Oak Lawn, IL

#336 Sep 17, 2011
It is very frustrating. Mental illness is horrible. The world is willing to accept a phsyical illness such as cancer, but not mental illness. It is just gut wrenching. Maybe it is time to start rallying the government about mental illness! People need to be aware it is an illness. I know it is not easy to get anyone committed these days if they are over 18 and not showing signs.

Valparaiso, IN

#337 Feb 12, 2012
Was her death an overdose?

Palos Hills, IL

#338 Feb 16, 2012
justwondering wrote:
Was her death an overdose?
What difference does it make how she ended her life whether it be overdose, hanging, cutting of the wrists? The point is, a mental illness took her life, just as cancer or heart disease takes life.
Rawb 4ever

Chicago, IL

#339 Mar 6, 2012

Merrillville, IN

#340 May 24, 2012
Christina was not a murderer. Call her anything you want, but a murderer is far from the truth. What Rob did was pretty much a suicide. He must have been a pretty dumb guy if he actually trusted the assholes that were behind it all. Seems like they never intended for Rob to make it out alive in the first place. They are the true murderers and yet nobody even thinks to point a finger at them, not even the "law".
boogie slim

United States

#341 May 25, 2012
He will be missed loved you much rob and he'll never be forgotten one a the greats truly was.

Joliet, IL

#342 May 25, 2012
Going off and calling my brother an idiot makes you feel better? Weeks before his death his life was in shambles he had just got into a car accident that totaled his car and broke his wrist his work was far from there, he had no ride no way in getting there he was concerned he was going to be homeless he was trying to do good with his life and trusted a man that promised him a car to do blow his trailer up. Everyone knows and nothings been done about it i know alot of his friends or someone has evidence of something now my brothers death is a big mystery at this point i dont know what to believe. It doesn't make any sense that christina killed herself over depression, im sorry but all the disorders her mother claimed for her to have im dealing with as well, and im not dead yet. Shes the stupid one. If she was innocent and she knew in her heart she was then there wouldnt be a reason to kill herself. I would personally wish bob marchese would kill himself and im sure hes the one thats been leaving retarded insults on here. karma will get to him im sure of it. The world always straightens things out, and for all the people insulting my brother grow up and get the fuck outta here when your family member is murdered or dies i hope you get a pathetic troll leaving stupid comments about how he shouldve suffered worse. No one cares about you i couldnt care less what you think about him but you look quite pathetic talking bad about someone who's dead and cant stand up for himself and im sure if he was alive you wouldnt be saying that to his face you'd get his 40 oz smashed across YOURS. I know my brother made bad choices everyone does but he didn't deserve to die he lead a difficult and depressing life and he died before ever being able to be happy for once. So Fuck you all.

Joliet, IL

#343 May 25, 2012
Mary M wrote:
Just remember Julie, your big brother went into that house to commit a crime....he made that house go boom and got himself sleep on that. And btw if you cared so much for your brother then ur coward family and friends would have been in court every month or could have had the balls to speak up when u guys were there. Way to go lil sister.
If i was in illinois at the time I WOULDVE
so eff you and your sister. Shes dead now GOOD
Tony Rockyhara

Oak Forest, IL

#344 May 27, 2012
This banter is the stuff that trailer park drama is made of!

Thornton, IL

#345 Sep 18, 2012
What it comes down to is that two people are gone. Whether or not you agreed with who they were or how they lived their lives, they've paid the ultimate price for their decisions. They were human and made some bad decisions along the way, just like everyone else. So can we please pretend that we have at least a small shred of decency and be respectful for their friends and family? What’s done is done, no amount of s**t talking will change that.
I knew Rob but I didn’t know Christina, so I’m not going to sit here and judge her or jump to conclusions. All I can say is that I still kick myself to this day for having passed up the opportunities I had to talk to Rob the last week he was alive. He had texted me on multiple occasions trying to get me to hang out with him, but for some reason I kept passing on those chances. I wish I hadn’t because maybe I could have talked some sense into him, but there’s nothing to say that he would have mentioned anything about his plans anyway. That’s just one of those questions I’ll have to live with. He was a good person that had been dealt a bad hand by life and made poor decisions as a result. I don’t care what anyone else has to say, I know from my own experiences what kind of a person he was and I miss him like crazy every day.
I understand why he did what he did. Like his sister said, it was out of desperation. He had been in an accident earlier that year and his car was totaled. He lived a pretty significant distance from work and had no other means of transportation. He obviously did not have the resources to properly obtain another vehicle, so unfortunately he did what he felt he had to do. He didn’t want to lose his job and wind up broke and homeless. I’m not trying to justify what he did, because it was crazy and reckless. He not only endangered himself, but also those who lived around the trailer, Christina, and the emergency responders who had to put the fire out.
It’s unfortunate that he put his trust in individuals (“friends”) who did not have his best interests in mind. Rather than s**t talking back and forth about Rob and Christina, the focus needs to be on the individuals who orchestrated the whole deal. Why they have not been brought to justice is what infuriates me. If what I have read is correct and they moved their belongings out of the home before it was supposed to be burnt down, the police must be morons to not find that suspicious. Somebody out there knows the truth and hopefully, one day, their guilt will eat away at them enough to make them come forward. But obviously, they are not beings of very high moral standards, so I’m not going to hold my breath.

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