Whipped in School?

Whipped in School?

There are 19 comments on the WUSA Washington, DC story from Feb 27, 2007, titled Whipped in School?. In it, WUSA Washington, DC reports that:

Turning Point Academy is a brand new charter school in Lanham. It's part of the Prince George's County School system, which is now investigating allegations that a second grader was whipped by his aunt in front ...

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Jim Leon

Rockville, MD

#1 Feb 27, 2007
You don't whip a 2nd grader with a belt. His TWIT aunt should be hauled away to jail on the child abuse charges. There are effective ways of punishing a child who misbehaves. Perhaps a public Singapore-type caning would be appropriate for her.

Clinton, MD

#2 Feb 28, 2007
I can't believe that the teacher stood there and watched it happen. Then to tell the students that it was a family matter and not to tell their parents what happened. The teacher should be fired and the aunt should be thrown in jail. Where were the childs parents when all of this was happening?

United States

#3 Feb 28, 2007
At least she should have waited until she got the kid home! No, seriously though... it was not appropriate in this setting and probably not appropriate for a 2nd grader. However, I hope people don't start to get up on their high horse against spanking children in general. I don't think we should force our beliefs as to what punishment is appropriate for everyone's else's child. This is also the reason that laws will not be passed by States to ban spanking children. Further, I doubt there is any evidence that shows a child is scarred long term for a few childhood beatings. This particular case may not demonstrate child abuse, but definitely a lack of judgment.

Purcellville, VA

#4 Feb 28, 2007
Spare the rod, spoil the child. But please spare exposing the other kids to the nudity. That is truly bizarrely inappropriate behavior.

Sewickley, PA

#5 Feb 28, 2007
I am heartbroken for this child and the other children in his class. As someone who witnessed a similar beating as a small child, it is a site I have never forgetten. There is no reason to expose your child in this manner. What if some of those other children had never even seen another naked kid? I think someone should go to her job and whip her the same way!

Washington, DC

#6 Feb 28, 2007
I agree with the pulling the pants down was inappropriate, but I agree with parents getting involved and taking action at the time the infraction happens, and if its involving the class then the punishment should be infront of the class. Recently my 5th grade son has developed a respect issue, I have resisted spanking him, but dont see an alternative at this point. I will try a less humiliating option of walking him down the hall of his school and sitting with him in class and at lunch with a note tagged to his back, I am disrespectful to my parents and classmates so please dont talk to me. maybe that will straighten him up.

Ashburn, VA

#7 Feb 28, 2007
Spank your children at home, the only audience should be family. This kid will be teased by other students for the rest of his educational life for his aunt's lack of propriety. If the kid was bad enough to be spanked then so be it. Where were Mom and Dad, haven't heard a peep about them yet. I bet this was a real life lesson for this class. Has anyone ever said what the kid did to earn his public humiliation in this particular fashion?

Pleasanton, CA

#8 Feb 28, 2007
You have to get the whole story to form an opinion. My nephew was in the class at the time. I will say that how it was done was not appropriate. The kid was not "beaten naked". The parent that reported this was waiting for something, anything, to happen just so she could take her child out of the school anyway, because if it had been so out of order to the point where a child would be scared for life than why didn't those kids come home and tell the day that it happened. There is more to this as well as the parent that reported it. She was not there but spoke on camera like she was (from her daughter's point of view). Wait until the investigation comes out before everyone just focuses on what they heard. Plus the kid's mom could not get off her job so a family member intervened, maybe too strongly or she could have taken him out of the class. Only she, those kids, and the child knows. I think it has gotten a little out of hand. Plus no one talks about the good that the school is for those children either. If anything reprimand the teacher for not involving the Principle at the time of the incident. If it is that severe than why didn't the news report about counselors being at the school for the children. Kids are stronger than some people think!

United States

#9 Feb 28, 2007
Both the teacher, administrator, and the aunt should be arrested for child abuse.

Silver Spring, MD

#10 Feb 28, 2007
I believe that the mom/aunt was wrong to spank the child in front of all the other spectators but that the child needed to be disciplined. I do not see anything wrong with discipling a child through spanking as long as it is done with love and is not abuse meaning leaving bruising or broken skin.

Our children have so many problems today because parents or caretakers cannot discipline their children do to consequences and laws handed down by the government. That is why we have a generation does not think anything of anyone else or even themselves.

Thank you!
p wright

Buffalo, NY

#11 Feb 28, 2007
I think the Aunt should be commended for taking the time to teach the child that he would not get away with his unappropriate behavior. We know that as we grew up, you may be "spanked" by adults. We are not "mass murders". This child was "spanked" by an adult who obviously loves him enough to do something to help him learn to behave in school.

Society has all these opinions about how the situation was wrong and humiliating to the child; who thinks about the parents of this child who probably needs to work and the aunt stepped in to help. Not the mention the other students in the class that need to learn and can't because this child is doing something wrong.

I SAY - He will Love is Aunt when he grows up to be a successful citizen!
Apalled and Upset

United States

#12 Feb 28, 2007
It is so unfortunate that so many guardians of children, whether parents or legal guardians, don't have the moral respect for themselves or the children to avoid embarrassing exposure that could last a lifetime. Our society, in general, is failing each generation and it is unfortunately at the point where recovery seems to be a forgotten option. What is to come of this little boy, or his classmates seeing this? It could affect them for years to come. What is to come of the Aunt? Will she understand the detriment or be criticized and punished without being told of moral responsibility she has to preserve this child’s dignity. It is such a shame
Apalled and Upset

United States

#13 Feb 28, 2007
It may not have been reported the way that it actually happened, which reflects the news reporter or the parent giving the information. You can tell that the parent wanted to pull her child out anyway, because it wasn't like a teacher beat the child. However, this report reflects negatively on our community, because stories like this are not uncommon. Our community has a responsibility to protect each other. This Aunt and the teacher in charge of the room where the incident took place have failed. If I were the mother of this child I would never allow this person to be responsible for my child. She just proved that she doesn't have the moral dignity to “care” for a child. And for the, teacher who neglected the child and students and allowed them to view this, She should question her ability to be a decent guardian for all of those children that are in her care everyday. You see, I am the type of person that if I see wrong being done, it doesn't go without correction, and correction is definitely needed in this situation.

Thank you

Port Washington, NY

#14 Feb 28, 2007
Everyday I see kids being disrespectful and disruptive. The whole story here has not been told. Yes, the aunt spank him and someday he may even thank her. This public spanking may be just the thing to keep him out of trouble later in life. If a lot more parents took the time to attend properly to their kids when they act up maybe our jails wouldn't be so full now. Will it help him in the future, let's hope so. It doesn't say the kid had bruises or was beaten severly. The lady who was talking on TV and took her child out of school should have kept her mouth shut. I wonder what she does when her child misbehave. No, we don't always make the perfect choices but at least the aunt cared enough to step in and try to correct a situation. I wonder how many times this child had disrupted his class.

Hyattsville, MD

#15 Feb 28, 2007
I dont think that the stripping of the clothes was right.But i agree with the punishment you just get feed up with kids.These are hard times out here. Alot of these kids need that old fashion --- beat down thats whats wrong with the world today everything is abuse thats why we have no respect,alot of disrespect you cant say anything to these kids of this day and time sh-- i have gotten plenty of beatens back in my younger days and it didnt brake me or kill me but made me a better child and i thank my parents till this day. Your Child Handle Your Househole

Arlington Heights, IL

#16 Feb 28, 2007
If the child is disrespectful in school, then he or she is exhibiting the same behavior at home. It is just being ignored or an excuse is being made.

STOP IT! The last two generations have become dangerous. They believe there isn't an consequences for their actions. Crime, road rage, gangs, drugs theft - it all has increased. It starts in homes where parents are afraid of going to jail if they discipline their children. On some kids, timeouts, standing in the corner, talking to you turn blue and taking away privileges do not work.

As a parent of a 12 year old who believes he is the class clown and whose grades have fallen from straight A's, I have tried everything and I am down to my last two options: spanking and going to school to embrass my child. I plan on attending middle school with him next week! After that I will have no choice:(
Virginia Citizen

Wake Forest, NC

#17 Feb 28, 2007
I think that hitting with a belt is wrong..but people should not be afraid to spank their kids. There is a huge difference between spanking and beating. And for parents to be taking their children out of this school is crazy..the teacher wasn't the one discipling this child. I think that if more kids were spanked at times when it is needed maybe their wouldn't be so many unruly and rude kids and the courts wouldn't be so full having to put up with their crimes.
Tired of being Jacked

Washington, DC

#18 Feb 28, 2007
Discipline is needed in all schools and this is a great example to show to the wonderful students in PG County. Too little too late.

Pinola, MS

#19 Mar 1, 2007
Kids who think pants-down spankings are OK make easier targets for pedophiles.

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