Dylan headrick??
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York, SC

#22 Mar 30, 2012
I agree with u citizen. Rockwood is full of pill heads, hypocrites and drama whores. I don't agree with you saying Dylan had a hard life. His mom and the rest of his family did everything for him they possibly could. From loving him to providing him with what he needed. So don't use the "hard life" story in this case. I know alot of other kids who had it far worse then him that have made something out of themselves. Dylan made his own choices in his life. I know his mom tried to help him make better decisions. The car he flipped that night was his grandmothers car. I'm sure he didn't steal it from her so I am also sure she gave it to him to use. And he went to the Williams brothers house and got enough drugs from them that he couldn't pull out of their driveway and drive more than thirty feet without flipping his car in a ditch. And even after that he still got a car from one of his family members to be driving the day he caused the wreck that killed someone else. OK. I'm on a rant about him now. I'm going to stop. It just made me upset that citizen said he had a hard life. He didn't. He had a loving family that did everything they could for him. His problems were caused by no one but him. He has taken responsibility for his actions and is in jail now. I just wish it wouldn't have taken him killing someone to make him realize what he had to do. What he had to do in my opinion was grow up and be a responsible man.
ha ha

Loudon, TN

#23 Apr 1, 2012
citizen wrote:
To whoever "ohnoyoudidnt" is. Hiding behind a name so no one knows who you really are? I grew up with Dylan and he is a very good person. He had a rough life, and made some bad decisions. Isn't that something most of us can relate to? He is paying for his actions like a real person should. He knows what he did. You Rockwood people are supposed to be "Christians" and all "good people" but what happened to "Though shalt not judge."??? You hippocrates will be the real ones burning in hell. Rockwood is actually one of the most judgmental places in Tennessee. You people need to change! People like you is why this world is a terrible place. Look at your comments. You want to change the world? Start with yourself!
HE TOOK AWAY SOMEONES MOTHER!!!!!!!!!! I would do the same thing. Hello Wake up. Roane county is full of drug users and speeders. And they think they are the only ones on the road.Good peploe dont speeed. Nancy Hill was a good person, Never ever saw her speeding and driving on the wrong side of the road. His family let him drive their car with no insurance. If he was such a good guy he wouldn't have even drove without insurance.

Elizabethtown, KY

#24 Apr 1, 2012
His doctor is his family and if they didn't prescribe him the medications he didn't need in the first place, probably would not have happened in the first place. I heard she treats and writes stuff to several in her immediate family which I thought was against the law ?
david bell

Fort Campbell, TN

#25 Apr 3, 2012
Dylan isn't a bitch, and he is NOT dead. He is being charged with vehicular homicide. & He does realize the damage he's done and feels like he deserves doing the time.
He is a good young man who got caught up easily in the world. I can say that, what do yall know.
I pray for Miss Nancy Hill and her family, Let her rest in peace.
your an idiot. hes a little punk. He tried to act like a hardass our entire time in high school now look at him. Still a worthless piece of shit.
ha ha

Knoxville, TN

#26 Jun 26, 2012
if he is doing the right thing,why is he back in jail for VOP

United States

#27 Jun 26, 2012
This is a messed up situation...i have known nancy for years....first jr.(her husband) passed then her a couple of.months later ....he children and grandchildren are victims here as well...
hell no

Louisville, TN

#28 Oct 23, 2012
people says doctors does everything but you have to say no and take the meds like it says i have been on meds since 1986 and im not a pill head because i take it like it says and for this young boy he is not sorry for nothing he has done because he is still out doing the samething getting high and going to jail

Parsons, TN

#29 Oct 23, 2012
This pillhead is sitting exactly where he needs to be. In jail. We will not have to worry about him hurting anyone else. Just sad he had to kill a innocent person to get him there. But he is now doing what he does best. Sitting on his backside, doing nothing productive, while someone else pays for him to eat, sleep and watch TV.

Rockwood, TN

#30 Nov 1, 2012
I heard he was getting out sometime in november, he is flattening his time for v.o.p.

United States

#31 Nov 1, 2012
His murder trial is scheduled for next week. He might not be getting out for a while

Louisville, TN

#32 Jan 4, 2013
pillhead pillhead

Albany, GA

#33 Feb 5, 2013
Dylan needs to rot in jail for the rest of his life and then in his after life. He is filth.
He made the choice to do drugs and drive. Just like he made the choice to violate his probation. Doing drugs and driving cannot happen to just anybody. I do not know his heard, but his actions speak for themselves.
If you want to try to attempt to do right by your murder of my cousin, live a straight life for the rest of your days. Do not violate your probation ever again. Do not violate any law ever again. You will never truly pay for your crime in this life.

Kingston, TN

#34 Feb 24, 2013
He is a homosexual,he use to run around with Billy Carroll all the time...it's sad he killed that poor woman and it's sad a young man ruined his life and will be goin to prison
A Friend

Franklin, NC

#35 Mar 9, 2013
Whatever happened with his trial?

Louisville, TN

#36 Apr 17, 2013
he is so post to go to prison for 5 years but the law is on his side and the lawers is on his side too
good bye

Knoxville, TN

#37 Jul 1, 2013
Dylan went bye bye to prison

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