I believe that a lot more than a string of robberies and burglaries are going on in Lancaster Co. I believe that the courts have been stealing children from the loving parent, and giving them to abusers, who only hurt them further. Not long ago the court system gave my children to my ex husband who stood up in front of the court and admitted holding a gun to my head, and his lawyer laughed like it was a big joke. After getting my children this man started seeing a married woman, who's husband came to my children's home and shot at him with a sawed off shot gun, of which afterward the courts did not even inform me. I have no criminal record at all, I've never even had a speeding ticket and Iam 39 years old. I think this is a big injustice too. I believe that this court system should be investigated and the judges, because they may be holding things against other women due to what they have been through, and I think this is unfair. I also believe that the new program in Richmond that has certain people sit in on hearings to make sure that they are being treated fairly, should be used in all custody cases. This man tried to drown my son, and I had to beat him off of him when my son was about 8 years old,of which I told the courts and he still got custody of my children. My childrens' whole personality has changed since they have been with him, they always act like they are scared to death of him. My little son says that he is scared to ask him anything. We women really need help in these matters. A mother that is a good mother should have her children. I learned this in my Criminal Justice Class, that a lot of children without the love of mom, become criminals. I think that people should put themselves in the shoes of the child and ask themselves, would I want to be without my mother? Mothers mean a lot to children, they need us. A father teaches a child to be a man but a nother teaches us what love is.