Report: York Hospital mortality rates...

Report: York Hospital mortality rates higher than expected in 3 cat...

There are 19 comments on the The York Daily Record story from Oct 2, 2010, titled Report: York Hospital mortality rates higher than expected in 3 cat.... In it, The York Daily Record reports that:

A statewide performance report found that York Hospital had higher-than-expected mortality rates for three different categories last year.

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York, PA

#1 Oct 2, 2010
Does this surprise anybody? They misdiagnosis all the time.

York, PA

#2 Oct 2, 2010
More people are smoking cigarettes and doing drugs, no wonder they are living to be in their late 90's these days. The ones receiving their hospital bills in the mail incresses strokes by 80%, if they don't smoke, reported by american medical board.
Medical Care Sucks

York, PA

#3 Oct 2, 2010
That's because the hospital does not do necessary diagnosis procedures in the ER. Unless one side of your face is drooping to the floor, they send you home with a few aspirin that will cost the insurance company about $75.oo. Working there I know this for a fact. Keep patients sitting and waiting for hours befor they are even seen and then just sending them home. This is due mostly to lack of rooms for patients. just like anything else, it's a business. All about the profit.
Native Son

Reading, PA

#4 Oct 2, 2010

Hanover, PA

#5 Oct 2, 2010
York Hospital accepts patients from all of the other hospitals in the region that have critically ill patients. It is no surprise the mortality rate is higher when you are dealing with patients with a higher level of illness.

As for "Medical Care Sucks"- As a teaching hospital, York Hospital most likely performs more diagnostic tests than hospitals that are not. York Hospital is part of Wellspan, which is non-profit. It is stated that you work there, so that is something you should know.
Common Sense Soldier

York, PA

#6 Oct 2, 2010
This article probably doesn't surprise anyone who's ever been at "Staphylococcus General" on S. George St.

5 to 8 hour Emergency Room waits usually gives people a case of the sh!ts, now it's bumping them off!!!!

“It's 420 here.”

Since: Jun 07

cold comfort farm

#7 Oct 2, 2010
Bad diet, bad food additives, too much booze or drugs, and don't forget unexpected lead from a bullet.

York, PA

#8 Oct 3, 2010
The York Hospital has improved 100% over the last 4 years.The nurses are excellent, they are attentive,and very professional.The food is great. The place is cleaner than most.Some of the Doctors are negligent and unprofessional.
The Truth

York, PA

#9 Oct 3, 2010
I have health problems that end myself up at the york hospital all the time,MERSA yes i got it there but they will not say i got it there ofcourse we all know why,My biggest problem is my back I have 13 rupturded disc's and some time i go 1-3 years with no problems bad enough to go to york hospital but then someyears im in the er 4 times a year or more but I always ask them don't you have my records from last time,They need to keep better records of people that use the hospital more then normal and that way they will know what to do every time I go in for my back. The doctor has to guess how much Morphine to give me why because i take it at home 24/7.I have had 1 doctor tell me i will give you 1 shot but thats it your a junkie(no bull this clown said that to me)It just so happened my orthopedic doctor heard him say it as he heard i was there and he was comming to see me,well that doctor went home early(right after) but the next time i went there he was there again and he came to my room i said not you again he walked out and gave my chart to another doctor.Now everytime i go in they ask the same questions they have no old med lists and i do not under stand why they cant keep your name and birthday in there computer system so they have it ready along with what meds you will need by the time you get there(when it comes to cases like me and im sure im not the only one)instead of making me wait 2 hours to get some pain meds to get my back muscles to stop going crazy so my back will slowly fell better? the next thing is I take my pain meds with me even when i stay why 2 reasons 1.if the stand in doctor who has never seen me until that day doesnt write it down or write it down wrong they cant give it to you and they are never on time with pain meds,so i take my own i dont care about there rules i care about my pain.My next problem is not the hospital it is W.R.ambulance co.$1,200.00 to drive me 4 miles to the hospital ( what do they get a kick back?)and the hospital wanted to know the last time i was in i was dizzy and my oxygen sat.was 70 and i told them i drove myself in and i cant aford the ambulance bill.I nolonger have insurance after my wife left and medacare wants a extra $110.00 every month for part B because i didnt sign up for it when i was able to get it,what a bunch of BS there. Again,I tell you people we need to turn everything upside down shake all of our money back out of what some of these places charge,it would be cheaper to but me in a hotel,let me order out wile im there and have some one stop in 1 time a day and give me my meds and it would be cheaper,I know it was the last time i stayed at the Hilton and ate there it was alot cheaper the the hospital,If i could get to go to another country I would go America is no longer the best place to live and that is why the mortality rate is dropping noone really cares about nothing but the money(well thats not fare some nurse's do care i have had a couple of very nice one's)BUT NOT MANY
And no I'm not bitchy i have been through the system and it just doesnt work,it along with the goverment needs changed(sorry for going on and going out of the subject some)I have had enough!
PS.I was in 2 years ago and yes it is better but not by much and they are right the ER doctors are negligent and unprofessional. The Truth
The Truth

York, PA

#10 Oct 3, 2010
sorry remember im on morphine so my spelling is not so good and i wounder off sometimes,i should have reread it before sending it SORRY
Health care worker

Chambersburg, PA

#11 Oct 3, 2010
First of all it is MRSA. Which can be community or hopital acquired.

There are patient misdiagnosed at all hospitals. I commend York hospital as they saved my husbands life after being misdiagnosed my his primary care physician in Hanover and several other doctors in Hanover Hospital where he also acquired a staph infection.

To the truth hospitals are required to confirm your indentity by 2 means, usually asking your name and birthdate. This prevents you being given wrong meds or procedures. Sorry if the doctor assumed because you are on Morphine at home that you are a junkie. You should carry a list of your meds with you at all times, so it would be easier for the physician to prescribe the correct meds. They can get on the computer for some of your records but most healthcare professionals want to get your history from you if you are able to provide.

Wellspan is a non profit organization and the hospital is a teaching hospital. They provide far better care than most area hospitals. Mortality rates are high and they are aware and I'm sure will be working hard to improve in this area. As a healthcare professional I can tell you that people are in poorer health with lots of cormobidities in addition to what they went in the hospital which greatly increases infection and death rates.
Are you serious

Red Lion, PA

#12 Oct 3, 2010
my mom died there this year from a stroke. She was fine one minute and then in the hospital, I was appauled at how quick they were to just give up, no real answers, just alot of I thinks... From the beginning they were dismissive to anything non conventional or out of the box treatment. They called so many treatments that were non mainstream as trials, and would not even consider them legit. I would ask for prognosis or possibilities and I would get no solid answer at all. They were quick to say just let her pass or pallitive care and they stopped any other help, even basic antibiotics to ward off pneumonia when they let her chock on her own vomit in er, and yet, when I ask them to do something as simple as a brain function test to be sure of the damage, since they did not seem to know that, they refused it as unnecessary. We are talking about ending a persons life and yet a test which could show some light on where the function level is at , well that was unnecessary. I have been a nurse for 30 years, and I was shocked at the way things were done. They ought to be taken to task, there ought to be panels that interview at some point families of patients lost ask questions, LISTEN to answers, and to patients, no two people are the same, all require individual treatments, different therapy, different meds. In my oppinion based on 30 years in the medical field,this and sevearl other choices made by the doctors on staff there, contributed greatly to alot of suffering, angst, and pain that never needed to have taken place. If I had the recourses to do it, there would be a great lawsuit filed naming names, but in the end, my mother would still be gone, and nothing learned by this place at all, buisness as usual
EX Yorker

Lake Worth, FL

#13 Oct 3, 2010
They killed my mother in this dump. Cauased by a diabetic coma, induced by cortisone, without insulin coverage. Typical diabetic diet the last time I was in this place. turkey, stuffing,gravy,mashed potatoes, corn. Great diabetic diet,loaded with carbs. yes this is a hospital and critical care drama center. Go to Hopkins and save your life.
S York Township

York, PA

#14 Oct 3, 2010
Wonder how big the CEO's bonus will be this year?$750K - AGAIN.
Ali Babba

Chambersburg, PA

#15 Oct 3, 2010
Will this explains a lot...
Common Sense Soldier

York, PA

#16 Oct 3, 2010
If anyone has something major that could ultimately mean their life, and they aren't critical, they'd be better off to head south to John's Hopkins in Baltimore.

One of the top hospitals in the NATION, and a REAL teaching hospital. you want a real shot at surviving something big?? Go there....NOT YORK.
Never again

York, PA

#18 Aug 18, 2012
Dorky York wasn't rated very well in the readers digest either. I was there for a brief stint. I recall a lot of attitude. Who needs that...

York, PA

#19 Aug 18, 2012
Every hospital has it's problems, but the York hospital has improved 100% over the last couple of years.I am happy with their service and I commend them on the improvements they have made.

York, PA

#20 Jan 7, 2013
a dump

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