my wife hates my kids from my previou...
charley son

Glendale, AZ

#41 Sep 3, 2012
My wife says I chose my kids over her because I left the house with my two daughters from a previous relationship.I left because she was smoking hydro every day and my kids were around. She got Phisical with my younger daughter so I had to leave. She blames me to this day.I love her so much but she wont get help sucks.

San Antonio, TX

#42 Sep 3, 2012
She has made a choice to live her life like that. You cant change her, that has to come from her. Seeing that she physically abused your daughter is a sure indication that she loathes them for no apparent reason. I dont know why women are like that, i being a woman myself could never understand how we could be so vindictive of a mans precious relationship that we take it out on a defenseless child. Ive seen friends that sabotage the father child relationship because we wanna be number 1. Im glad you put your blood before that woman. To love you is to accept all of you, even your children. Stay strong and God bless.
A young mom

Abilene, TX

#43 Sep 3, 2012
Sounds to me like she is just finding an excuse to fight. She knew you had kids before you married her. She is a mother herself, she knows how important those kids are to you. No one should have to be put in that position to chose between a spouse and their kids. Your kids were there first and will be there for the rest of your life. Don't let a woman do that to you. There are many woman out there, but your kids are the only ones you have. Trust me, she would not chose you over her kids. My daughter will never know her father for that reason, he chose his wife over her. Biggest mistake of his life, he is missing out on her growing up while his wife now is cheating on him. Not worth it. Don't lose your kids, if she loves you, she will make it work or move on and be happy with your kids!!!
charley son

Glendale, AZ

#44 Sep 3, 2012
Thanks for the advice. I dont want to be alone but I dont want a unhealthy relationship either.
charley son

Glendale, AZ

#45 Sep 3, 2012
What crazy is my kids are in college one in az and the other in NY. There hardly ever around. You can feel the tention when they come over. She say there 18 they need to be on there own.

San Antonio, TX

#46 Sep 3, 2012
If your kids are older and she still hasn't let that go then it really does sound like shes got issues. She's obviously not doing anything to fix the problem. I hope you can finally let go so that you can start living.
charley son

Glendale, AZ

#47 Sep 3, 2012
She does have issues and I have tried to ignore them because I love her and feel sorry for her. She was taking antidepresents and stopped and started smoking hydro marijuana. She has had a couple of misscariges with me and I think with her ex before me. She has not comes to terms she cant keep a baby. I would have loved to have a child with her but now she is not stable. She has changed so much. I tried to get her counseling for her but she says if you find one maybe she will go. She doesnt want to fix herself and its draining me and my family..My kids.

San Antonio, TX

#48 Sep 3, 2012
Sometimes you got to cut the ties in order to move forward. And it is resentment towards your kids for living and anger for not being able to have any. I hope she gets the help she needs. There is nothing you can do, the first step has to come from her. I pray that you come out of this okay and that she gets the help she needs.
charley son

Glendale, AZ

#49 Sep 3, 2012
Thank you and god bless you to .
tommy son

Phoenix, AZ

#50 Sep 6, 2012
She has locked me out of house and does not return my calls. I have invested so much financialy, I purchased home with her and put $5000.00 on home just this last October.She has had numerouse people living there , friends.

Sanborn, IA

#51 Dec 28, 2012
Lubbock Man wrote:
"Quit Multiplying" How can you tell someone that having babies is the problem. How is he to know that his first marriage wasn't going to work out, no one can tell the future he is just living his life. All he is asking for his help with his 2nd wife because he thinks she doesn't like its kids from his first marriage. When it comes right down to it the problem is not with the kids but his 2nd wife she needs to get over whatever her deal is and respect his kids, he cannot do anything to help her change her mind it is all up to her she needs to be the bigger person and help take care of his kids, now I'm not saying that's her job or anything like that with a marriage and if their is kids involved from past relationships or marriage you have to know what you're getting into. I'm planning to get married in Dec and my future wife has a kid from the past and I have a kid from my first marriage but she loves my kid as much as I love hers. The only thing you can do right now is talk to your wife and try to get the bottom of what her real problem is because no matter what she says there is a problem, its not with you or your kids its with her. Best of Luck.
Quit multiplying is the best answer on this forum. Thank you!

Manchester, UK

#52 Jan 7, 2013
hi there all i have the same problem but my kids are now older i havnt spoken to my daughter for two years she had a baby never even told me i heard it feom my sister now she has told my mum and dad (her grandparents) that she wants to c me again and sort things out
this was just b4 christmas and me and the wife have been argueing since
she says im choosing my kids over her or shes after money or she wants something she is also calling her a bitch pain in the arse no good and anything else she can think off
im confused and dont know what to do
I knw

United States

#53 Jan 7, 2013
It might b tht she wants something seeing as how she now has a baby to take care of i see y ur wife would b upset but u can try and estabilish a relationship w ur daughter but if it comes 2 t point where u c shes only interested in financial gain its best 2 stay away i mean its fine tht u help her every now and then tht is ur daughter but hopefully its not 2 jst use u. Tell ur wife tht ur gonna try having a relationship w ur daughter but tht if u c shes only in it for financial reasons and not2 actually have a relationship w u tht u will cut off all ties w ur daughter but keep ur word if tht whats intend on doing this is jst my advice was in t same position w my husband ann he had 2 let go of his kids cuz unfortunatley they werent interested in having a real relationship w him they only wanted stuff from him but t times he couldnt help they got pissed and would tell every1 he was a horrible father which is far from t truth anyways wish u luck

United States

#54 Jan 7, 2013
You haven't seen her in 2 yrs? Has she ever asked you for anything in those 2 years? Question is: why did you stop talking to your daughter? Don't make your wife out to be the victim, my parents got divorced when I was young and its not easy growing up with step parents. Why do they always think we want something? Why cant they share equal time with you? Jealousy, its the evil of all step parents, and it gets worse if you have kids together. Ive learned to forgive that bi tch my dad calls a wife, but ill never forget all the lost time I lost with my dad because she was jealous and insecure. If you were any kind of father, you'd try to talk to her and if she doesn't want anything but a relationship and your love, well then you should know what he problem was all along!!!

Brodhead, KY

#56 Jan 12, 2013
just testing my internet explorer. it's not working right

San Diego, CA

#57 Jan 21, 2013
Children are sooo precious I am in a terrible situation as well! I love my sons so much that i cant stand that my wife does not like my son and he cant stand her! they are both jealous of each other and want me for only themselfs. LIFE SUX!!
I dont think so

Anton, TX

#58 Jan 28, 2013
Just mind your own business!


#59 Apr 4, 2013
this goes out to all who have read these quotes back to the begining as the conversations started to steer in all directions. i to can relate to the first wife does not like my two other daughers. we have a two year old together nor does she like my mother and sister for things that my mother and sister did in the past but appologized for.i thought it was over between them but my wife refuses to forget all of is really hurting me but most of all my children they visit me on xmas spring break and summer for a week or two and two to three weekends in between my wife also has a son who lives in town with his father and visits whenever he wants and when i say mine are going to come i get the grind from her i love my wife and all kids involved i am ad good as a dad can get when with my children but my wife refuses to forgive and forget and love all i would hate to leave for my other kids for i would be leaving our baby and would be doing wrong to our two year old please pkease help me for i deserve to be happy and all involved!!!!:(


#60 Apr 4, 2013
also i am in my early 30s and took my vows seriosly i am all hers as a partner in life . i tell her this all the time and she is still insecure i also forgot to mention that she thinks that most of my other relatives are phony am i blind or just stupid i love my baby very much! and i also love my other kids she has told me personaly that she does not like them and yes they are getting the vibe from her actions in need of heeeelp like the first question?? p.s i hope you made the right choice and are happy! i would like to here the decision you made if you ever read this again!

United States

#61 Apr 5, 2013
Has she ever threatened to leave you? If shes insecure, then her first love must have really done a number on her. How come she doesn't have custody if her first son? Hmmm, too many unanswered questions. You may love a rose, but sometimes the thorns are too unbearable. All I can say is, don't ever make her mad, she obviously doesn't forgive.

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