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Wellington, TX

#1 Mar 30, 2012
What is going on with all the rudeness? I have a friend that is having to use a cane to walk. She was trying to go into a store and some young child ran past her and cut her off and told her to "get out of the way, you old woman". How rude is that?! And it could have made her fall.

Spring, TX

#2 Mar 30, 2012
Thats the parents fault for not raising the kid to respect elders.
to many beaners

Morehead, KY

#3 Mar 31, 2012
I bet they were mexican.....whay are they so damn rude? I hate to get behind on in the store, they take 30 min to check out. It takes em forever to do anything
Remember When

Hillsboro, KY

#4 Mar 31, 2012
This post will probably upset some people, but I am going to post it anyhow. I am 37 years old and grew-up during a time when a parent could spank their child. Then along came some brilliant person that thought it was better for a parent to be their child's best friend, instead of their parent. In my childhood household, disrespect and bad manners were swiftly dealt with. In turn and as an adult, I have kept the values I was taught when young. This all because my family took the time to teach and reinforce them to me. I am not saying that a child should be beat or bruised. However, I am saying that sometimes a single hand swat to the backside can certainly help in teaching the right from wrong behavior. I have thanked my family on numerous occasions for raising me with the traits of respect and manners. These traits have opened so many doors for me in life that vary from job opportunities to experiences that I would not have had otherwise. And guess what, I AM my mother's friend and am in her debt for taking the time to teach and love me. In closing, it is easy to see what has happened to so many within the younger generations since that brilliant person believed a parent should be a friend instead of a parent. I hope all of society can enjoy the fruits of that failed experiment. And for those in the younger generations that do show respect and manners, keep-up the great work! I promise that it will pay-off for you! Have a great day!

Meeker, OK

#5 Mar 31, 2012
Beaners rule and we are here to stay!!!!!!!!!! so suck a big fat one !!!!!!!!!!
to many beaners

Morehead, KY

#6 Mar 31, 2012
ido wrote:
Beaners rule and we are here to stay!!!!!!!!!! so suck a big fat one !!!!!!!!!!
naw most will leave when the free ride is over.....and it will be over before long. Our country can't keep supporting a bunch of freeloaders I know that there are some that don't get help, but most do. I work at the school and see the free lunches, and 95% are for beaners
get a life

United States

#7 Mar 31, 2012
ENOUGH with the blaming on mexicans!!!!!!! That's all people. With disrespect like yours you PROBABLY SHOULDN'T be working for the school!! Let me guess you're not mexican && you're rude too!! I have seen a color scale of disrespectful ppl! Idk what their deal is?! Buts it's all colors!! I went to a grocery store I'M WHITE! && Some little girl kicked me i turned around && she was white too!! Yes SOME mexicans here are on welfare! They need to go! But most are not && i know that for a
fact!! Stop being racist && grow up!! i think the ppl that really need to go are ppl like you!

Lamesa, TX

#8 Apr 2, 2012
BUll shit! There are over 14million ilegals in this country and with billions going on welfare medical bills. THE ilegals get paid under the counter . I have been at claiborns while a farmer walks in with his crew and cashes each on of there checks for them. I know 4 familys for a fact that get full food stamp benifits even though there are 2 familys in each home that pay bills together and send the money to mexico and then do not report it so that they each get 700 a month in food stamps. Plus medicaid! Realy. THE mexican girls are not rude! they just look at you like they want to be you or they envy you. They just dont say anything! NOw white people are rude and are also on food stamps. Yet they just dont work. lol lol lol lol

United States

#9 Apr 2, 2012
Dude that's in this COUNTRY you idiot sadly this topix is about LAMESA!!! Yes ive seen plenty, but ive seen alot that work!! Why? I have a huge family who are hispanic && each of us work HARD for what we have!! my family is richer than most whites. ive seen plenty of other hispanics who are too!!! Ive seen so many white crackheads here in lamesa who BEG for money it's not even funny!! MOST of the "mexicans" who are on foodstamps are not even from mexico...they're from our own country!!! Tired of them having baby after baby knowing they can barely support themselves!! Some ppl in every race need a little straightening up...face it...whites too!!
Stupid duh duh

Lamesa, TX

#10 Apr 3, 2012
Yes in this country! I have never been beged for money. For one they do not buy there food here. OH by the way if yall are richer than most you all have Visa's right? I promise I know many of them that do not. Yea they work hard but get it like I said under the table. I am talking about ilegals. On the rude part that is in every race..

Godley, TX

#11 Apr 3, 2012
Where did this topic turm into a race issue? There are rude people in every race. And in my opinio whoever commented on the beaners are here to stay,.....well that just sounds dimeaning to your own race and makes you look ignorant. I just think parents need to teach their children to respect others. So many kids are not respectful...even to their own partents.

Lamesa, TX

#12 May 18, 2012
to many beaners wrote:
I bet they were mexican.....whay are they so damn rude? I hate to get behind on in the store, they take 30 min to check out. It takes em forever to do anything
you know what mexicans r mainly in lamesa yet white ppl act like they r all that just cuz they dont have to work as hard fr what they got. Even if us mexicans r rude who cares white ppl r more stuck up then anyone one rude white person equals 5 rude mexicans. Yall r the reason y mexicans r rude.

Midland, TX

#13 May 20, 2012
Well I wouldn't be rude but I work my ass off for what I got and I see Mexicans driving nice cars but live in a house with bell bags for windows and get 800 or more in food stamps kids wearing American eagle cloths and she has a coach purse but yet y'all wonder why we WHITE people are rude. Don't like take ur selfs back to we're u can be happy thanks have a nice life!!!!!

United States

#14 May 21, 2012
Well most of the stores I walk into its hispanics working so get off your high horse and quit saying its just Hispanics receiving gov. help white people also get the u can be rude to your own race. But honestly there are rude people in every race ?
- Silly -

Nicholasville, KY

#15 May 23, 2012
I (still) think everyone is rude.

Customers USED TO BE always right. Who remembers "service with a smile"?

Now-a-days the restaurants are full of selfish, sad people that act like your bugging them when you ask for a refill, or to correct something THEY got wrong. I wish people would smile more. Smiles go sooooo far.

I wish people would just be kind. Can we all agree to be kind to everyone (no matter what) on a certain day of every month? It'll be fun. Lets try it. See what happens.:D

United States

#16 May 24, 2012
U must b a mamona. I.
s mexican but thinks is white.
For real

Lamesa, TX

#17 May 25, 2012
It is so damn funny! I come from a promenant white town. there was only two hispanics in our school and they came from rich american famalies. The black folks there were great ppl all on the football team and such doing their part. Yet I started not liking white folks because of the looks they give you you have to scream to get them to move out of the way and if your name aint the best you get nothing in life. So here I am in Lamesa. At 15 years old I moved from a all white town to LAMESA which is full of hispanics 1/4 is not even legal. The hispanics do run all the resturants. They have too HAVE TOO! You can not recieve tanf and such if you do not work and you do not get day care. The Hispanic chics in this town YOUNGER around 30's and lower are rude as all get out. Very nasty persenalities. They look at all white girls as if they are something better. But you see if this town was all white the white people would look at the mexicans and other races all ugly. it is not the MEN it is the WOMEN stop and think out of all the rude ppl they were mostly women.
For real

Lamesa, TX

#18 May 25, 2012
pardon my spelling! And I do agree with one! parents are teaching there children it is ok to be ghetto they let their 10 year old run the streets teach them its ok to fight in school and then one little boy that comes to my house thought it was just fine to tell me his dad sells weed? WOWOWOWOW! Yes sir your son will follow in your foot steps!!
For real

Lamesa, TX

#19 May 25, 2012
Oh and that town 10 years later is 1/2 hispanic now? They dont speek english either?
mexican pride

Denver, CO

#20 Jun 6, 2012
All u white people are the illegals Indians Mexican and others where here first u dumb sons of Bitches how dare you insinuate that it was a Mexican child . You white people are all born with silver spoons in talks ass and you think ur children are innocent I've seen and heard about all the damn white kids being The town bike giving everyone rides

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