Background Checks On Socialist Politicians __ Yes!

Republican leadership in Congress and the Senate lack the moral fiber and courage to speak out __ so I will say this for them.

Extensive independent background checks must be conducted on all politicians. These intense background checks must also be conducted on federal, state, and local police, intelligence community, military, and media executives and reporters.

Government agencies are layered like an onion, patriots, careerist [place career first] go along to get along, political operatives, and foreign moles. No where in this onion layer do we find “duty to the people”...

The Cold War ended under Reagan, but Russia did not recall their sleepers and moles, rather reinforced the numbers of agents in America. President Clinton allowed 280,000 Russians to immigrate to America.

Neither of the Clinton’s would have been allowed to run for president if an “honest” background check had been conducted.

In 1969 a Liberal/Socialist Senator named Johnson arranged for Bill Clinton [KGB Bill] to visit Moscow Russia for two weeks interviews with the KGB.

January 2003 __ Ignoring President Bush’s order to find sleepers and moles, Liberal/Socialist operatives in uniform shredded hundreds of Clinton pre-9-11 files. My file and sixteen other Pentagon Pacific Rim Trouble Cases were returned to the vault.

No one knows anything about Obama and what the Liberal/Socialist media knows of his years under KGB influence was swept under the carpet. Obama payed $4,000,000 to have his records sealed.

Biden -“Uncle Joe” Biden. Where have I heard that expression “Uncle Joe”.... Oh yes now I remember. Uncle Joe Stalin.

Hell – Stalin disarmed and murdered 40,000,000 of his own people. Cambodian communist disarmed and murdered 2,000,000 of their citizens.

Communist have always wanted to disarm American citizens, always wanted to destroy our Constitution, always wanted America to be a Soviet style “People’s Democratic Republic”.... so too this has always been the goal of Soviet Communist influence in the Democrat/Progressive/Liberal/S ocialist party.

Obama suffers from a childhood “rejection” psychosis. His father was a Muslim/Communist intent on destroying Britain and America.

Obama's father had no time for his “half-white”- "half American" son and abandoned him. Obama grew-up in a radical Islamic “hate America” country – Indonesia. He claims he grew-up poor, when actually he lived in a mansion looking out on the slums of Jakarta.

When Obama was twenty-one he returned to Kenya to visit his father’s grave. In his own words [audio book] Obama swore an oath [the only oath he ever took seriously] to fulfill his father’s dream, his father’s dream of destroying America.

“I will fulfill my father’s dream. There is nothing else I can do. It is in my genes.” Obama is destroying America, becoming a dictator, he spit his presidential oath of office into the gutter, committed treason again and again.

President Clinton to “obtain votes” passed legislation forcing banks to approve home loans for people who “could not” afford to purchase homes, and “did not meet financial requirements” to repay those loans.

Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Rangle and other Liberal/Socialist engineered the home market collapse.

During the last two years of the Bush administration Liberal/Socialist controlled Congress. Republicans wanted to investigate Fannie Maye and Freddie Mac. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Rangle and many other Liberal/Socialist accepted $200,000 contributions to their campaigns for their cooperation in blocking investigations. The collapse was engineered.

The destruction of America is being engineered by Obama and his band of traitors.

Save America - Save our Constitution - Impeach Obama!

Arrest Obama's entire administration, including Liberal/Socialist in Congress and the Senate, Liberal/Socialist operatives in the military, intelligence community, national police.