Neighborhood Dispute

Neighborhood Dispute

There are 263 comments on the The Post-Journal, Jamestown New York story from May 6, 2010, titled Neighborhood Dispute. In it, The Post-Journal, Jamestown New York reports that:

A neighborhood dispute gone bad has forced the Jamestown Police Department to step up its patrols in a north side neighborhood after a fight involving more than 60 people late Tuesday night.

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Horseheads, NY

#1 May 6, 2010
no matter how many times they erase this im still gonna let it be known that people need to grow up on ninth street i was there and i seen it all first hand they keep on erasing it because they dont want people to know how it really went down and that the cops really dont earn their paychecks they would rather harass single mother and be stupid than to actually do their jobs and deal with the harassers like they are supposed to that what the police are supposed to be there for. guess they must of decided to be off duty when it was time that their family members went to jail
was woriried

Bolivar, NY

#2 May 7, 2010
They didnt earse the "help please" because they didnt want to hear the truth. they did it because there was so much slander and so much crap it was so sick to read it. and the replys just kept going it was crazy it was bec=st to delete the whole thing... i hope it helped a little
I saw it all

Endicott, NY

#3 May 7, 2010
Much of what was posted to "help please" was the absolute truth. Pam was threatened with CPS being sent to her house if she called the police again. And that's exactly what happened. Check your newspaper front page from 5/6. What do you see in the front yard. A children's picnic table. On 5/7, the front page shows all the trash out front because its TRASH DAY. Shame on you R.R. so called reporter for the PJ for your totally biased opinion.
Joey w

United States

#4 May 7, 2010
Fact of the matter who knows the truth. But for the cops to be called 9 times in 2 days seems like something needs to change IMO.

Horseheads, NY

#6 May 7, 2010
Here is a story from the Post Journal about one of the many trashy huts down in the valley.

A West Ninth Street house has been posted not to be occupied after city police went to the neighborhood Thursday in an effort to help resolve an ongoing dispute that culminated in a large fight Tuesday evening.

A rental property located at 54 W. Ninth St., which was occupied by an adult, several children and three dogs, was posted after Department of Development officials were called by officers to inspect the home.

"Officers went back into the neighborhood today to gather more information about the situation and try to bring it to an end," said Captain Barry Swanson of the Jamestown police. "As they began going door-to-door, they ended up at this home and this house was found unfit to be occupied."

Code enforcement officers with the city inspected the home and posted it not to be occupied for several reasons, police said.

Child Protective Services was also notified as there were at least six children living in the home, and the family is reportedly making other living arraignments.

"I'm going to stay with my niece for at least one night, but we are really in need of another place to live because this isn't convenient for her," the tenant of the posted property told The Post-Journal. "I don't know what I'm going to do. My landlord is in Florida right now and I don't agree with the reasons they posted the house. Sure, there were some violations, but I didn't think there was enough to kick us out."

The tenant reported that she also received three tickets from the city Animal Control Officer as her three dogs were unlicensed.

Swanson said that the department will continue to patrol West Ninth Street in an effort to prevent any future incidents such as the Tuesday night fight that drew a reported 50 people with weapons to the intersection with Cherry Street.

"We will continue to work in that neighborhood to resolve the issues and basically help in any capacity we can," Swanson said. "We are still investigating the overall situation and an investigation into the living situation at that house is ongoing."

They just can't do anything right down there. They can't even register the dogs. We already know that there were no mother or father of the year candidates to begin with. Take my advice go to Love School with your kids to further your education.
I saw it all

Endicott, NY

#7 May 7, 2010
Don't belive everything you in read in the PJ. It only prints what the government tells it to.
Something needs done

Dansville, NY

#8 May 7, 2010
I have no clue why you guys keep deleting my posts. I've only spoke the truth of what happens in this neighborhood. If the JPD/JFD investigated a little they would figure out about all the fires in the neighborhood, not just 9th st. Most of the vacant houses in the neighborhood are not able to be occupied because every bit of copper has been striped out of them. One of my houses included. I've told the JPD who it was doing it and they did nothing about it. Doesn't help that idiot uses a propane torch to cut the copper. And the houses he hits are ones that catch fire within the next few weeks. The past year I've had to replace the basement door to my home twice from someone trying to break in. It's like living in a 3rd world country down here sometimes. There are some wonderful neighbors here but it's the rotten apples that ruin the bushel.
by stander

Dansville, NY

#9 May 7, 2010
I was also there saw the whole thing and any one that would have to get 60 people on 13 thats pritty bad.The man that pulled the gun wah the hero,if you have 60 people comen at you and jumping you wife what would you do.The peoples house that got posted were the problum of the street.I have not seen in this peaceful sence they moved here.People on 9 vally and cherry have called the lanlord on them and he just says i dont care as long as he gets his money he could care less what happens.Thats the problum all over this town is scum lords they could car less who they rent to,what they do as long as they get there money and when you get it from welfair your garented your money cuz of all us hard working people.We the people should not have to worry when we go to work,school or the store if were gona come back to are house being trashed due to parents not being abel to watch there children.I can not tell u how many times ive seen cps down there at that house just in the last two mo.Somthen needs to be done with them people,Its just to bad it took a riot for the law to do somthing.
by stander

Dansville, NY

#10 May 7, 2010
Oh yeah and by the way 48 did nothing wrong other than not wanting her house trashed when she came home.She not the only person that had problums with them "everyone did",but when 54 lets there 4,5 year olds out side alone running the streets witch cps had been informed about and did nothing i guess there will be trouble.Not to mention the older children of 54 starting fights with all the other kids and you coldnt say anything to the mother cuz in her eyes her kids do nothing wrong.And when you call the cops they did nothing eather......
Nelson Cruz

Osceola, IA

#11 May 7, 2010
I didn't know there was a dispute down there at all. I just thought that there was a couple of lottery tickets on the ground and a scuffle broke out. Really silly to fight over lotto tickets if that is the case. It is like a civil war down that way and what is next are you guys going to try to take over 8th St. too? Then 7th? Ever heard the phrase fix your own backyard first? Take that advice and fix your own homes. Maybe Joe W. can come down and do some fixing of those houses he is a good construction worker. We shall pledge to clean it up!!!
by stander

Dansville, NY

#12 May 7, 2010
Well first off I work, pay my taxes, get no handouts!Second no one down here wants to take over the street,we could care less who lives here and who dont.All we want is for people to watch there cildren dont let them trash other peoples houses,and if your children do somthen wrong do "somthen about it".We all try to get along. there are people living here that have been here 50 years,and there car shouldnt be getting trashed becuz people cant watch there children.
by stander

Dansville, NY

#13 May 7, 2010
also there are alot of singel mothers down here buying houses becuz they cant aford 70 thousend for a home at this time,they work go to college and some day gona get out of here, can people judge them for that.Just becuz its 9th st doesnt make any of us are bad people,dosent mean we dont work and doesnt mean we on welfair.Yes alot of the houses here need work due to scum lords letting people trash them.
to whom it may concern

Middlefield, OH

#14 May 7, 2010
i think that everyone that dont know what they are talking about should keep there mouths shut for a while all i know is that i have been around watching the whole thing 9th st has got a bunch of teenege punks that think they run the street little do they know the only thing they run is there mouths and from people who are bigger then them they only pick on young children they all need to grow up get jobs and lifes before they end up getting hurt caused thats all thats going to HAPPEN

Elmira, NY

#15 May 7, 2010
I saw it all wrote:
Don't belive everything you in read in the PJ. It only prints what the government tells it to.
Wrong. They aren't posting what the government tells it to. They are actually owned by a very conservative company in Virginia that owns hundreds of papers across the US. The company forced all of the papers to publicly announce they supported McCain during the election, and that's why the editorial section never says anything good about Obama.
I saw it all

Endicott, NY

#16 May 7, 2010
If you believe that, I heard the Brooklyn Bridege is for sale. Maybe you could buy that BS too.

Roanoke, VA

#17 May 7, 2010
Will the following people please submit your posts to "Spell Check" BEFORE posting so the rest of us from Jamestown don't look like "edjicated" Idiots: by stander; I saw it all
Joey w

United States

#18 May 7, 2010
Just finished fixing a porch on tenth the other night. So I decided to drive down 9th and I don't know what house it was but a little kid maybe 6 or. 7 comes running out in front of my truck in his underwear chasing a cat. Just keep stuff under control and it all will pass. To those bashing finork and the police use your real names. how much do you think they should put up with it? 9 calls in 2 days was probably the breaking point don't ya think? IMO.
by stander

Dansville, NY

#19 May 7, 2010
Verry true joey, it happens all the time and one of them kids are gona get hit if somthing isnt done about it.

Endicott, NY

#20 May 7, 2010
I see kids outside unattended all the time. Why is it such an issue when it happens on 9th street, but no one says anything when it happens over in the nice neighborhoods?

What it comes down to is a WOMAN was jumped in her own yard and JPD did nothing. You want to talk about who started it, try asking Rhonda why she sent 8 grown men to beat up 1 woman. Ask why JPD did NOTHING and threatened to take her kids if she called them again.

I hope that the next time someone beats you in your side yard and you call the police they say "sad about it, if you call again we're bringing CPS and taking your kids". You should feel safe in your own side yard.

I'm sorry, but I see nothing wrong with what she did. She was JUMPED in her own yard and our "wonderful" police force did nothing, even when they were handed all the information. Funny...because that's not the first time this has happened. I pay taxes that goes towards paying our police force and they refuse to protect me. And just think...we teach our kids to go to the police if they feel unsafe. What a freaking joke!

“Today is tomorrows yesterday.”

Since: Mar 10

New York

#21 May 7, 2010
I dont think the post journal prints everything it should. When regular people want to print a story or something to the editor they wont print it if its about any official. Sounds kind of fishy to me.

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