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#21 Mar 20, 2006
"The system is fixed to fit THEIR needs. The statistics are fixed to fit THEIR ideals. The numbers are fixed to fit THEIR pocket book. And because it’s THEIR numbers anyone else’s are wrong. Even if it’s on video tape."

Sounds about right for Polk County.
Lurks but cares

Lakeland, FL

#22 Mar 20, 2006
What amazes me is how they bull shit you so much. How they throw all these numbers at you an expect to be obsolved of anything. Like someone said before. If it costs money they use statistics to water it down. But if it makes money they will bust thier balls getting the project approved.
Polk CountyTrafficEng

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#23 Mar 21, 2006
Speeding is a problem that plagues most all Polk County neighborhoods. As such, Polk County Traffic Engineering and Operations Division works closely with the Sheriffs Office to educate drivers and enforce speed laws on County Roads in many areas.

Some widely held misconceptions are that speed limit signs lower the speed of traffic, reduce accidents and increase safety. However, most drivers pay little attention to speed limit signs and drive at a speed that they consider comfortable. A driver's speed is more influenced by the appearance of the roadway and the prevailing traffic conditions than by the posted speed limit. In addition, research studies show there is no direct relationship between posted speed limits and the frequency of accidents. Non-the-less, posting appropriate speed limits establishes a steady flow of traffic, and simplifies the job of enforcement.

Polk County has established a Traffic Calming Program that is available for residents to assist them in dealing with speeding problems on County Roads within their neighborhood. Speed humps are one of a number of options available to help control speeding. To learn more about this program, a Traffic Calming request form and information sheets may be downloaded under the forms section of the Polk County Traffic Engineering and Operations web page.

Information may also be obtained by calling Polk County Traffic Engineering and Operations Division directly at 534-7334.

Polk City, FL

#24 Mar 21, 2006
Wow. Is that ever a politicaly correct response if I ever read one!

"Ignorance is bliss. As long as it does not kill anybody"...


Polk City, FL

#25 Mar 21, 2006
Oh come on DOTE! You make it sound like your giving yourself total autonomy based on human factors beyond you control. Bullshit! You do more than put of signs. You make traffic claiming devices. Traffic control devices and related things. So you put a damn sign up you idiot. That’s the problem. That’s all you want to do

"However, most drivers pay little attention to speed limit signs and drive at a speed that they consider comfortable".

Not shit people. That's what freakin speed humps are for you morons!

Winter Haven, FL

#26 Mar 22, 2006
I do not think it's really them. I think it's someone trying start a flame session because this so called response seems so apathetic. How ever truth is stranger than fiction. If it is them it clearly shows they play the numbers game and it Polk County Politics as always.

"The needs of the speeding many out weigh the needs of the lawful few"....

In antoher words don't kill anyone. And if you do as long as its not alot and its OK with us.

Winter Haven, FL

#27 Mar 22, 2006
I have been trying to get this problem fixed for years. And its the same result everyone. They have a system in place that allocates statistics as some of you have mentioned in thier guidelines. Unfortunately this system is maybe out dated in regards to real time issues of growth in the county of Polk. Its like fate. You can have all the prevention in place you want and it seems nothing happens enough to justify the cost of having law enforcement in place in problem areas after a certain time because the traffic seems to just dissapear. And just as the prevention effort is removed the problem comes out of the wood work like magic. Almost like they know the police are gone and the all clear has been sounded. And they do indeed come like the hordes of hell. That is why I wanted something more perminent to take the pressure of the sheriff office. If some kind of traffic calming placements were installed the problem would fix its self. Speeders would get tired of having to slow down and would go else where. Others determined to use the street would ether accept the placements or find another route. Therefore the PCSO would not have to always be called. And believe me I call a lot. They have a program called procap. It does work but the PCSO is always under staffed with street deputies and they can only be somewhere for so long at a certain time. My street is a serious bleed off of traffic. And the DOTE knows this. But, they go by numbers and the legal pencil pushers they use to get around it. They may work with the PCSO in letting them know we have a problem. But unlike claming devices they can't be around enough to curve the speeding. Its a catch 22 situation and it stinks.

Winter Haven, FL

#28 Mar 22, 2006
Well, it’s mostly due to the structure of the organization. Like most they respond to dynamic issues that make them look bad. Things that get so out of hand they make each day build with more information about them and their reputation. They use numbers to pacify those that seek solutions. And fancy words to those that do not under stand the numbers game. If and when some hotrod blows a tire or clips a curve and ends up in someone’s living room they have things prepared for that. Things like, “It’s their fault for driving so recklessly” and so on. Yes, I see it all day. Driver’s with the mentality of a caveman in a hurry to go no where.

Winter Haven, FL

#29 Mar 22, 2006
I dont think they care at all in that county. It's still controlled by the good old boy system. Those people at the dot are a bunch of kiss ups and lackies. As that one person said. They dont want to spend the money or it will cut into thier boat and condo payments. As for the cops. They want to catch big time bad guys and not waste time on low life child killing speeders.

Polk City, FL

#30 Mar 22, 2006
DOTE of Polk stated:

"In addition, research studies show there is no direct relationship between posted speed limits and the frequency of accidents".


The last time I checked accidents are caused by malfunctions, enviroment and mostly none human related situations. Not by ignorance, deliberate malice or disregard for traffic laws (and signs).

Traffic crashes are caused by human actions such as ignorance, deliberate malice and disregard for traffic laws (and especially signs).

Lakeland, FL

#31 Mar 23, 2006
Don’t let these DOT fools con you! Their surveys are garbage and only do a superficial estimate of the traffic that uses a street. And as a poster on here said a million cars can come down your street in one day and half of them speeding. Their reports going to tell what they tell you and everyone else. Not enough drivers speeding according to their estimates justifies them any action. Leave it up to the cops to catch them they say. Leave it up to the citizen to tell the cops there are speeders which most of the time goes unheard or just PR’d to death. Leave it up to the county commission who decides where your tax dollars go in the name of more growth rather then more regulation that results in motorists flying threw your street. Leave to up to the realtors and companies that see dollars signs in their eyes so when they build more your street gets more traffic. Leave it up to them all to screw those of us over who want peace and safety back in our neighborhoods.

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#32 Mar 23, 2006
If I were to call these people at that dot place or the cops every time someone sped down my street. I would get arrested for bothering them so much. Which would be 30 to 50 times a day. No, they dont care I think. The cops, the county, nobody cares. I know about that neighborhood near combee road by the fleetwing gas place. My sister lives west of that gas place and its terrible. And there are some schools back there too I think.

Lakeland, FL

#33 Mar 24, 2006
What is up with these little street race cars now? These kids driving up and down the street like maniacs! These little cars are loud (along with the music) all the time. Don't the police ever stop these nuts? I mean come on. You can hear them a block away for God's sake tearing up the street. Where is the sheriff office when these crazies come by all the time? As for that DOT website thing for speed humps I read it. Sounds like from the posts here and the way I read between the lines of that site that it's a pretty useless outfit anyway.
Just saying

Winter Haven, FL

#34 Mar 24, 2006
You think they really care about us small people? I doubt it. Nothing short of death, media attention and PR damage control is going to get the county to do anything.

And you know. I doubt they would do anything then ether.

Winter Haven, FL

#35 Mar 24, 2006
No, I don't think they would ether. Politics rule the day in the world of need I fear.

Winter Haven, FL

#36 Mar 24, 2006
I think those that run the show in all the county agencies are idiots. They don't know thier asses from the hole they burn in the tax payers pocket.

Winter Haven, FL

#37 Mar 24, 2006
Whoa, nicely said Gina!

Lake Alfred, FL

#38 Mar 25, 2006
I called them over a year ago for a check out of my street. They said it was considerd a threw way for over flow travel of traffic and a survey was not valid for the purpose of curving it. WTF? It's a neighborhood street you freakin people!

Lake Alfred, FL

#39 Mar 25, 2006
You know the problem is that even if you got it done. How much you want to make a bet those that use your street would bitch about it. People have become greedy road mongers now. They don't care about your communties safety. All they want to do is get to point A and B as fast as they can get away with.

Winter Haven, FL

#40 Mar 26, 2006
Well, this has been interesting. I have been lurking about for a while. After these rather "colorful" responses I wonder if this DOT poster (if they were really from DOT) have come back to see these? After all, they never said who they were to begin with.

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