Community traffic becoming more like ...

Community traffic becoming more like express way insanity.

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Winter Haven, FL

#1 Feb 7, 2006
Has everyone noticed how motor vehicle traffic has spilled over into our communities? And that the posted speed limit of 25 MPH seems to be ignored with total impudence and contempt? Some motorists becoming violent and hostile towards residents that ask them to slow down. Others just drive faster the next time they come threw out of spite. The county seems to take this all in stride or prioritize it way down on the list of things to address. I guess itís like most issues of community well being. It will take the ďsomeone will have to be maimed or killedĒ syndrome before something is done I guess.

United States

#2 Feb 9, 2006
The reason for lack of responses? Simple. We who are the select few that care about our communities are out numbered by the pacifists, liberals, cowards and those who are part of the problem

United States

#3 Feb 11, 2006
Well, you know community speeders support terrorism and kill hundreds of people a year.

Lakeland, FL

#4 Feb 15, 2006
I have noticed this every where. But more so in the county subdivisions in Lakeland. This Combee Road is a nightmare at almost any time I use it. I just sit back and take it each day. But yes, many people I see tear off some side street and go flying down threw a neighborhood.

Lake Wales, FL

#5 Mar 1, 2006
Well I live in a subdivision that intersects with Combee and Main and it's insane! From morning to mid morning it's burts of speeders. Noon is not to bad, but it has it's times. The afternoons are the worst. From about 3 to 6 PM they come off and on. Dodging school kids walking home, people walking thier pets an so on. And Sundays. Talk about bigots! Drivers going to church like there is no tommorrow. To put it this way. They drive like the devil himself to get to God's house. Talk about double standards.

Winter Haven, FL

#6 Mar 7, 2006
A lot of the drivers in my area are nothing but bullies. They seem to enjoy speeding even more when someone asks them to slow down. They sometimes come back later or even turn around to fly by you twice as fast. We have even had a few stop and threaten us with harm for telling them to slow down. The county sheriff seems to have very little desire to make a saturation effort for those of us with these problems. I fear that traffic problems are always on the back burner because they donít produce productively criminal like related crimes. We are at the mercy of politics and the speeding bully.

United States

#7 Mar 9, 2006
It's a problem getting worse here too in the county part of the city.

I can sit on my porch and watch these dumb ass drivers all day brake the speed limit. All walks of life, race and creed. They think they are imune from the law in thier own preverted screwed up selfish ways.

I have called the sheriff and they come out. Get about a few get bored and go chase some punk ass for stealing a lawn mower or something. Dear God people it's posted 25 and you drive 20 times that. Your all a bunch of selfish bitches and bastards.

Winter Haven, FL

#8 Mar 10, 2006
Well the most useless county organization is the department of traffic and enginering of polk county. They admit there are problems. But until someone gets killed or what ever the statistics (thiers and they are doctord) state that the residents are screwed.

Winter Haven, FL

#9 Mar 12, 2006
Toni wrote:
Well the most useless county organization is the department of traffic and enginering of polk county. They admit there are problems. But until someone gets killed or what ever the statistics (thiers and they are doctord) state that the residents are screwed.
Now that I can relate. I don't know how many survey checks they did for my street. But it was a big joke! Each and every time it was like a forum letter.

"The suvey for bla, bla street does indicate a considerable amount of traffic acitvity. There are also some amounts of traffic that appear to be exceeding the posted speed limit of 25 mph by 10 to 15 miles per hour. But according to the suvey statistics this traffic is localized as well as the volume is not at a point to warrent any implication of traffic calming. But we will pass this information on to the Sherrif Office".

I use to watch this traffic daily and use a stop watch between to points and use a counting clicker. My survey showed 15 to 20 mph over and counted close to %90 of the traffic was speeding. And the amount I counted was sure as hell an amount not considerd to be local! Over a 1,000 cars. Excuse me DOTE, your full of s*** to make me believe that that many people live in my community and that volume of traffic is low in violators. Pass it on to the Sheriff Department? In another words, pass the buck.

Polk City, FL

#10 Mar 12, 2006
Ha! You should see some real crazy stuff. On Sunday mornings till about a few minutes after 12 noon they come. These so called church goers drive like unholy hell to church and the same way to Dennys. I asked a few why they drive like the devil himself to get to church. In the bigotry response was "What reason makes it your business to tell me how to drive?" My response is what reason do you have for driving like you do to begin with in order to be asked such a question? Bigots, true to the core bigots.

United States

#11 Mar 12, 2006
I think you mean Hypocrite, not bigot. But your point is well taken.

United States

#12 Mar 12, 2006
In Polk County there is no respect by the majority of drivers that come threw our neighborhoods. They drive the way they do because the county commissioners sleep with the gas and commercial business people. They drive the way they do because our county transportation people sleep with the special interests groups. They will continue to drive until your child, my friend or our family gets run over. But you know what. I donít think even then they will give a shit.

Bartow, FL

#13 Mar 13, 2006
I take my kid too school and then go to work which is where I am now. A small humble job that I love but don't break the law getting here like so many do. I commute from Lakeland to Auburndale. And it's a nightmare on Combee Raod. I can see why those who live along that area of road get so many crazy drivers coming into thier subdivision. It gets congested and some I see hop onto those side streets that I know there are homes in there. I live in the same kind of area and though I could do that I think to myself what if it was my place and my family living around there. Lots of those drivers never think about that. And yet I bet some do and don't care.

Polk City, FL

#14 Mar 13, 2006
I stopped talking walks now. So many people seem like they try to hit you just because you make them slow down. And all because I am out talking a walk and they have to yield. I use to yell at some of them. But when they turn around and come back and say they are going to hurt you or something it's best not to anymore. It just shows the criminal mentality of drivers now.

Clermont, FL

#15 Mar 14, 2006
At my Brother's house in Lakeland I sometimes stop by in the morning before heading off to work. I have noticed the traffic in his nieghborhood is rather insane. I get there around 7:30 AM and they seem to come out of no where. And what amazes me is the school chldren walking to class are nothing more tham pylons for these stupid people to dodge between. He says he has called about this problem and gets the usual "quick fix" of a Deputy comes around. But they never seem to be around during the peak times they should be. Where I live the city police jump on this problem daily and into the late evening sometimes. Stopping lots and lots of people for speeding. Which seems to be the early mornings an the usual late afternoon rush after work hours. Is the county being "politicaly correct" and is kind of "ignoring" these key hours in the name of comerce and special interests groups supporting the oil and business monglers?

Polk City, FL

#16 Mar 15, 2006
I think because it costs money the polk county dot/e would rather bull shit you rather than spend money they need for thier BMW and boat payments.

Polk City, FL

#17 Mar 15, 2006
Someone said something like that to one of them that was driving around the area a month ago in a county vehicle. Also implying that they must have had money to spare and time to kill to come around a community they have little interest in truely helping.

"Gee, that 25 MPH speed limit sign needs polishing!"

Yea, like anyone bothers to obey it.

Polk City, FL

#18 Mar 15, 2006
It's terrible that such an attitude by county goverment people is turning a tin ear to true needs. Dear God polk county officals. It's like your saying it's OK to comment murder but only if you do it a certain way.

Polk City, FL

#19 Mar 15, 2006
It's bad enough the county lets it continue. But I am surrounded by a bunch of useless people. They all care more about thier beer and football nights and grand pooba meetings each month rather than get involved with the community. Sure, it's not thier problem someone else's kid gets run over or some other family gets a car in thier living room. Those of us that care are a small voice in the storm of selfish liberals and greedy county government.
A writer

United States

#20 Mar 16, 2006
A few ywars ago a person in central Florida in Polk County took upon them selves a project to prove how much people are nothing but selfish ass holes when it comes to driving. And that the county government acts only when extremes jepordize someone's seat of power and money.

He put two traffic cones in the middle of his community street neatly and professionally designed and with a sign on the top that read: 25 MPH Please Observe Our Communities Safety. They were 150 feet a part. He set up with a multiplex media system with a camera and a speed radar unit. The camera recorded not only the traffic but the speed the radar unit indicated. And recorded the activity for two weeks.

At the end of two weeks there were recorded over 2,500 vehicles recorded to use his community street. Every other day or so the cones where ether knocked or run over. Ninety percent of the time it was done deliberately. Speeds indicated an average of 38 to 52 miles per hour. And 1,700 vehicles were exceeding the speed limit by that amount. Well over half. And most of this traffic was indeed threw traffic.

These findings where offered to both the Polk County Sheriff Office Traffic Division Commander and the Polk County Department of Transportation and Engineering as an unofficial sample of what was going on. Both department heads turned down the offer to view the videos. The head of the PCSO Traffic unit said; ďI am not interested in this offer. But if you have something like perhaps criminal activity on tape I would be happy to review itĒ. The PCDOT/E forwarded the person to voice mail each time. No one ever retuned the calls.

The system is fixed to fit THEIR needs. The statistics are fixed to fit THEIR ideals. The numbers are fixed to fit THEIR pocket book. And because itís THEIR numbers anyone elseís are wrong. Even if itís on video tape.

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