Audio Terrorism
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Lakeland, FL

#147 Aug 27, 2013
The Meadow Lane subdivision? Thats' turning into a lower class community. Drove threw there last week. LOMG what happened? I was raised around that area and its a freaking dump! Low pants thugs, booming car stereos everyehere, trash all over front yards and cars parked all over the property like some abandon ghost town. I guess Grady Judd, County Commissioners and Officials only protect and regulate upper class communities!?

Zephyrhills, FL

#148 Aug 28, 2013
Black people sure are a strange species

Lakeland, FL

#149 Oct 17, 2013
Here it is almost 2014 and the liberal ass kissing government still thinks its okay for these people to KCUF up your community with this crap!
Jeff Airplane


#150 Oct 19, 2013
Where I live there are laws and people don't want an expensive ticket. It works here. Thank God. My idea would be to walk up to a black person with a book and start reading it outloud to them... then they might get the idea that I don't want to hear their jungle bunny bullsh!t. Hear that

Lakeland, FL

#151 Oct 24, 2013
Jeff Airplane wrote:
Where I live there are laws and people don't want an expensive ticket. It works here. Thank God. My idea would be to walk up to a black person with a book and start reading it outloud to them... then they might get the idea that I don't want to hear their jungle bunny bullsh!t. Hear that
Well, the black culture might have been the catalyst to starting this insanity but its now found its way into others. The mind set of being a thug or so called "rebel" to order seems cool to them. They have slathered, raped and ruined the so called rebellious concept into a form of terrorism. When you see them driving down the street in decent cars in the middle of winter or a searing hot summer with the windows down and that noise rumbling out its' simple; they know what its doing to others and think its cool, or its cool to destroy a communities peace because they think its' their right to do so. You can quote or read laws, the bible or anything do to with decency to these thugs till you are blue in the face. I want to know the names, locations and place of attendance these judges are that said this was a form of free speech? And send all these audio thugs to their communities and see what happens. Oh, wait!!!! They live in closed and private home owners communities! Yeah, go figure..........

Lakeland, FL

#152 Oct 29, 2013
OMG. Just reading this and its so true about this stuff. I live near Colonial Avenue and Griffin Avenue' and there are several of these music thugs that drive by all the time. My head shakes and my house feels like its in an earthquake. So like my question the the cops, the people who make laws and those that cower in their homes...

Why are you letting this go on!?

Lakeland, FL

#153 Dec 14, 2013
It is now in this country others right to push upon another their ideals and habits of lifestyle. Those who oppose are required to obey or be fined, called racists, oppressionists or be jailed.

United States

#154 Dec 14, 2013

Lakeland, FL

#155 Dec 21, 2013
What humm?
Why the (?)
Don' you know that Polk County is the most liberal country in Florida!?
And that anything goes in the name of political correctness and the mighty $$$$$!
God or what ever is holy in good forbid that community standards are allowed to be respected and up held!

Lakeland, FL

#156 Feb 3, 2014
Of things to come? It shows that some peoples patients is at an end.

***Actions taken whether adversarial or not its a growing problem in America concerning these audio terrorists or music bullies. The law lets these people destroy community peace and neighborhood standards. The type of music is redundant the way its pushed into the faces of others trying to enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon with their families and friends or your child is trying to take a nap after feeding. The fustrations of people being shake rattled and boomed by these thugs is starting to become one persons frustrations into anothers extreme over zealousness mixed with disgust and anger that this problem goes unchecked in the name of three liberal judges who condone this behavior of boom raping community peace. It seems to be a right of passage these days to turn a community into a 3rd world county environment with gang hoodie style stereo wars. This guy should have just walked away or called the cops (like they are going to do anything) or gone home. I do not know the circumstances of this guys actions against the music bully' but in my experience these people are known to become hostile and violent themselves because someone had the balls to tell them to turn it down. I am not defending or supporting this guys actions. I am however making a point that is shows the sentiment of frustration people are feeling from being terrorized every day by these so called music lovers.

Lakeland, FL

#157 Feb 6, 2014
You know what will happen? They will turn this dead teen into some kind of martyr and make booming legal in the name of liberal political correctness! It was a shame he was killed' yes a terrible thing. But its going to back fire on keeping us all safe from this bully booming.

Lakeland, FL

#158 Mar 5, 2014
So they are going to hear from people about this problem? Good luck everyone. You live in POLK COUNTY not America.

Lakeland, FL

#159 Mar 12, 2014
So my turn to add to the pot. It's 5:30 AM here by the grade school and already some boom butt shit brained ass is booming the area. Really, I mean really?
From car to home now

Lakeland, FL

#160 Mar 25, 2014
So is has now progressed to the residence of the mobile boomers. That awful pounding sound coming from someone on Galvin Drive by the school is horrible! The pressure coming from that bass must be insane inside the house its coming from!?
Venetain low life Avenue

Lakeland, FL

#161 Apr 5, 2014
I thought is sounded more like it was around the old meth (now cocaine) apartments by the fire station or maybe it's by Combee Road and that low life street Venetain Avenue?

Lakeland, FL

#162 Aug 3, 2014
Sheriff's office wants to crack down on it but the bleeding heart liberals and special interests groups are using freedom of speech to fight it.

So as far as speech goes. If you stand on a soap box and start preaching to the point of being too loud and intrusive it's gone beyond freedom of speech.

When the music is no longer "IN" the car and radiates beyond the point of entertaining "inside" a vehicle it's gone beyond freedom of speech.

It's nothing more than a trend to be a music bully or a person who enjoys destroying people's peace. Who drives around with ALL windows down in a vehicle during rain or cold winter months with this music blasting?

Not people who respect community standards.

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