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#104 Dec 5, 2010
Lakeland electric gives upwards of $20 million a year to the city of Lakeland as a dividend, they do this in order to keep property taxes lower within the city limits. why is it that those of us living outside of the city limits have to subsidize those living within through our electric bill? possibly because that's where the city commissioners and city execs live. they choose to live there so let them pay their own taxes and lower our electric bills.

Northville, NY

#105 Dec 9, 2010
wow,i`ve been reading this thread and this is nuts.i thought i was being robbed in upstate ny my bill is around 90 a month
Debby in Lakeland

Tampa, FL

#106 Mar 2, 2011
I recently rented a room to someone and they put the power on ...A normal depsoit was taken. for 1 month everything was fine....woops! then they added the old room mates bills to hers.!!! That was their rent! To have the power on in their name and pay that one bill. Well, now she got a bill for a whopping 1827.03. She will have to pay that in addition to her other bill. How can they do this to her, me, or anyone for that matter. Just add someone elses bill to yours? Is that legal? I DONT THINK SO !!!! Can anyone help me resolve this issue?

United States

#107 Mar 4, 2011
Lakeland elect. sounds a bit like union control.
That is what (service does) you are the server!!
The utilities commision is probably in bed with Lakekand elect?? I f you wallow with the don't come out a smelling like a rose bud!!!
What,I ask, is the utlilites commision doing? are they so much like the Fed. govt? Like, untouchable???
sunshine and blue skies

Cleburne, TX

#108 Mar 14, 2011
I have read this entire thread..please tell me that z-hills do not have to deal with this electric company! I live in ky and my bill is never over $200 a month even during the coldest part of the winter or the hottest time of the summer! That's craxy that you guys are having to deal with that kinda headache on top of your other, house payment,car payments, groceries, etc..
mikey n sher

Lakeland, FL

#109 Jul 12, 2011
our bill is 400 a month average 2 bedrooms with well pump

experienceing a brown out at peak hours 3-6 pm anyone else..

need to reset my a/c for 30 minutes thinking the power drop screws up the electronics in my a/c anyone else having this problem and can they really drop the proper feed to my house without my consent? i have cleaned my a/c regularlly
upgraded insulation upgraded windows ..ect..still my bill is much higher than should be think it was 500 this month...rediculous

make they are giving the extra money to the government to help reduce could only imagine

anyone have an opinion about the brownout?

Dover, FL

#110 Oct 24, 2011
Just received this month’s electric bill and my basic electric has a 103% charge added to it for the fuel surcharge increase. And if you add all the additional charges my basic electric bill was increased 155% over the actual electric used.

Now just who if not Lakeland’s political leaders should be held responsible for this thievery?

Ask yourself just what will it take to ignite some sort of response in you, some fight, some reaction. I mean look at you people you are being raped by your own elected officials and you just accept it and keep putting them and their good old buddies back in office. The Commissioners and Lakeland Electric have been stealing from each and everyone of you for years and have you done anything?

Well here’s your chance to make a stand, hold every elected official responsible for your electric bill no matter what office or party; tell them all that we Polk Residents are removing them from office because we are personally holding them responsible for Lakeland Electric's unfair treatment of its customers.

Now this may sound extreme but do you realize just how much power we have over Lakeland Electric when we the people band together and show no mercy to the sheriff, to the chief of police, the school board, the county commissioners, the dog catcher and every elected incumbent.

Think about it, would any Politian actually sacrifice their political position for Lakeland Electric, NO WAY!

It’s time for action by the real owners of Lakeland Electric...

Remove Them, Remove Them All, Show No Mercy!

Since: Sep 11

Wyoming, MI

#111 Nov 5, 2011
I would like to say I agree about the rates . my God the fuel charge is always so muc higher then the use . Mine was running 280 and it was just myself and my little girl and we would do everything we can to keep it down but here lately its running anywheres from 117.00 to 180.00 so it is getting better for me .Thing is they know we will pay the damn things because we need it .

Lakeland, FL

#112 Dec 12, 2011
I just read that TECO is considering buying out Lakeland Electric. I really hope it goes through. More than half of my bill is in bogus taxes and charges. My bill is getting close to my mortgage payment of slightly over $750. My monthly electric bills this summer were over $600. My actual electric usage was under $200. Add on the fuel charge which is more than my actual electric usage plus the 5-6 other taxes added on and you get over $600. I have compared the complaints on Lakeland Electric (Most mirror my own) vs. TECO (Complaints of bad customer service.) I would rather have bad customer service and an electric bill that left some money to buy things I need, rather than an outrageous bill and a cheerful customer service agent telling me (after I just received my notice Saturday) that if I do not make a payment by 4pm Monday, my electric will be shut off Tuesday. I had to use an extension last month because of a $650 bill and I literally did not have the whole amount and they wouldn't let me pay a portion because they wanted the whole amount in full which I just did not have. I was one day late on the payment and now I am penalized by not being allowed another extension until May of 2012. I am fed up with Lakeland Electric.

Dover, FL

#113 Mar 5, 2012
I just had another bout with idiocy dealing with Lakeland Electric, this time over my rental property. After charging me a $35 emergency reconnect fee because they went ahead and disconnected the service on a holiday, they said if I didn't have it rented in 2 weeks to call back and pay a deposit. When I called back in 2 weeks (on a Monday) they said they had already disconnected it and I had to pay another emergency reconnect fee ($40 this time) plus the deposit plus my unpaid bill for the 2 weeks (which I obviously hadn't received in the mail yet). Even after reviewing my original call and admitting that the rep had told me to call in 2 weeks, no sooner, they intimated it was my fault for not getting the property rented in 2 weeks and still made me pay the fees. UGH!!!
Misery loves company

Loughman, FL

#114 Mar 28, 2012
I empathize with everyone else; my bill isn't super high but it sure is when you don't have the money to pay for it.I have NEVER dealt with a company so resistant to making it easier for people to afford their service,OR even an extension of 2 DAYS to pay the past due amount.
Up north we had CMP,and they were jerks,but at least they'd work with you to a certain extent to help you get over a bad hump.It's not like cable or internet; electricity is not a luxury service.I've been waiting on an SSDI hearing for 18 months now-we're on one income and trying to pay all my medical bills out of pocket.My credit has taken a nosedive because of my illness(es),and I have large student loans to pay as well-that's another matter.
Here's the thing: one person can write a letter,but if 100 people do it,it makes a bigger difference.Will it help? Maybe,maybe not-I've only been here since Sept 2010,but I suppose I should put that degree I'm paying for to use and write letters.It does irk me that there is no other option; can we say 'monopoly?' I know their business practices are shady at best-even the technician that hooked me up the last time I got shut off (oh,yeah,last month,got the letter 2 days AFTER the fact) wasn't happy about their ideas (he was very,very nice-don't shoot the messengers; it rolls downhill!)
So now I have to beg my husband's aunt for the payment so I don't get shut off tomorrow-he gets paid Fri and can take care of it then.LE can't wait,though..

Tampa, FL

#115 Jun 16, 2012
What about the guys having affairs under the umbrella of work and their co-workers covering for them.

Since: Dec 13

Tampa, FL

#116 Dec 1, 2013
Some of you guys are on the right track but most of you have no clue in reality you live in an Imperial County. Instead of going on and on to explain what this means I will simply state this: your opinion does not matter to the people in charge, and the people in charge don't really care about the little people unless it makes them look good on the local news station, what they do care about is the government entities that control the money inside the county. This has been proven time and time again especially in Florida when politicians lose the popular vote but get placed in office anyways. I wish Florida and Polk County for that matter operated on the ideas and principles created by our forefathers, But we have 17 million people living in the state, were a swing state, and a major tourist destination for the rest of the world, so the powers that be from local to federal do not feel like we have the ability to decide for ourselves.
Just saying

United States

#117 Dec 13, 2016
Joe wrote:
Most a/c systems that I've seen have open duct runs to different rooms.Air filters some people use won't keep the indoor air handler coil from getting clogged. Therefore you use more energy to cool your home. Or it's just not operating effectively.
Well, just to let you know, you all are paying for the plant workers to screw around on spouses during working hours and cover for each other. Like one will leave and go tap that side thing during work hours while co-workers and supervisors cover for them, all the while the spouse is none the wiser.. and they use company vehicles to do it. That info came from an employee..

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