2010 Florida Governor Race Election R...

2010 Florida Governor Race Election Results a " Rick Scott Wins | The News of Today

There are 2998 comments on the thenewsoftoday.com story from Nov 3, 2010, titled 2010 Florida Governor Race Election Results a " Rick Scott Wins | The News of Today. In it, thenewsoftoday.com reports that:

Posted by Jason Moore on Nov 3rd, 2010 and filed under Featured News . You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 . You can leave a response or trackback to this entry Florida Governor The 2010 Florida Governor Race has been a close one ever since the primaries ended.

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David Harbin

United States

#2487 Sep 1, 2013

So there is mounds of obvious evidence of conspiracy presented to the Governor and his General Counsel yet they decide to take no action. I hear on The Burnie Thompson show that there is actually some sort of Harrell Wood Revell sign hanging in the general counsel’s office. I know and care for most of that family but Sheriff Finch did beat his hand picked successor. Hello Liberty County…….am I missing anything yet? 53% of you voted for the Sheriff, the rest of you should be raging mad at the absolute trampling of YOUR rights and the integrity of YOUR election at the hands of corrupt individuals!"
David Harbin

United States

#2490 Sep 1, 2013
Wait till the facts come out, if the ever do, about the St Joe Paper Company Terpentine Camp in Bristol.
Maybe that's what the GOBs are afraid Sheriff Nick Finch may litterally "uncover" too...
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#2491 Sep 1, 2013
Gov. Rick Scott Fl. is a few years late in his attempt to sway his constituents. Citing one source of tax reduction on automobiles does not illuminate how much will actually go to benefit corporations. Nor address the issue of what that will cost the average citizens in the near future. Subsidizing corporations with taxpayers picking up the cuts that the corporations receive with increases to their municipal service charges. Pretty picture but expensive poor framing.
Its not that republicans are out of callow sophomoric ideas. Observe their denial for Obamacare is still fresh on their minds. Deaf to their constituents on this issue. They prefer for the elderly to pick up additional cost to their Health Care. Siphoning more wealth to their 1% goals.
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#2492 Sep 1, 2013
Heard the latest? Acronym to our Gov. Rick Scott is Obama. Observe how Obama actually attacks the source of our inequality. Our liberty to pursue happiness is eroded with ever increasing subsidizing corporations, increasing our inequality. Ricky evades, distorts his support for subsidizing corporations at the expense of our infrastructures , education, Jobs, Health Care, etc, etc.
President Obama is closing the inequality gap by holding the tax evaders accountable. Something the republicans have never in the history of our nation has ever done. Another first for Obama. He has been fighting this fight since 2009.
The US authorities’ biggest success so far came in 2009 when Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS, agreed to give away some 4,450 client names and paid a $780 million settlement after admitting to selling tax-evasion services to Americans.
In January Switzerland’s oldest private bank, Wegelin & Co, said it would close down for good after over 250 years, following its guilty plea to charges of helping prosperous Americans hide more than $1.2 billion from the Internal Revenue Service through secret accounts.
Approximately a hundred Swiss banks will now entertain an open door policy in allowing the USA to have the names of those U.S. citizens that have accounts. Examining each for possible tax evasion. Banks will face fines of up to 50% of the asset value, if they corporate.
This offer does not apply those banks already under investigation. Credit Suisse, HSBC Holdings Plc and Julius Baer Group Ltd to name the top largest banks. Several regional banks that under investigation will not receive this offer as well. The U.S. Department of Justice stated; “"The program is intended to enable every Swiss bank that is not already under criminal investigation to find a path to resolution,"
US Attorney General Eric Holder stated; “This program will significantly enhance the Justice Department's ongoing efforts to aggressively pursue those who attempt to evade the law by hiding their assets outside of the United States," Goes on to say; "In addition to strengthening our partnership with the Swiss government, the program's requirement that Swiss banks provide detailed account information will improve our ability to bring tax dollars back to the US Treasury from across the globe,"
Estimated total account value hidden in Swiss banks is $2.2 Trillion. Closing the Swiss offshore secret tax evader’s haven is a warning to all citizens that use foreign accounts, to evade taxes. They may soon find themselves in this scenario.
Those banks that do not cooperate may take heed to U.S. Attorney General; "significant risks for individuals and banks that continue to fail to cooperate, including for those Swiss banks that facilitated US tax evasion but fail to cooperate now, for all US taxpayers who think that they can continue to hide income and assets in offshore banks, and for those advisors and others who facilitated these crimes."
More than a dozen Swiss banks are under investigation, which includes mortgage backed securities sold by the banks. Credit Suisse has already agreed to a settlement of $120 Million stating the settlement does not imply guilt of selling of risky mortgage backed bonds.
Swiss government has been cooperating with the U.S. since May 2013.The Swiss Bankers association stated that the U.S. deal; "enables all banks in Switzerland to settle their US past quickly and conclusively and creates the necessary legal certainty." Swiss government ordered Julius Baer to hand over, the necessary data on U.S. clients.

David Harbin

Mobile, AL

#2493 Sep 1, 2013
Holder used to be UBS' attorney and Obama met Robert Wolf, who has been using offshore monies to buy surplus FDIC assets at pennies on the dollar via NY Shell Companies R.E.A.D., Panama Partners, Panama Holdings, Shores of Panama, etc...and Wolf first met Obama in George Soros' office.

That ties them all in with the Panama City, Florida Mob who is responsible for robbing more Banks than anyone and getting away with it....

Peoples First Community Bank and Coastal Community Bank to just name two...and people have died over it all too.

I'd post you a link with more documented evidence but the people that protect them all won't allow it.

Spring Hill, FL

#2495 Sep 1, 2013


Gee Good Pupps

Spring Hill, FL

#2499 Sep 1, 2013
they blow them all off wrote:
<quoted text>
And as the old saying goes, don't let the door hit choo in the arse!!!!!
Been watching

Some folks, little in residential limits, great in conceit, cannot meet without deceit, hence, cannot talk unless they balk because they lost the wall upon which they hit their ball

So he who likes to squale doesn't really render it tall

To he who left the scene cannot say we must be surprised at all


The number who try not to scamper off becomes small...lost em all?
la chita ramble

Spring Hill, FL

#2501 Sep 1, 2013
short andd tweet
hummmm wrote:
<quoted text>

hee hee hee...
yes - perhaps hope for the United States
David Harbin

United States

#2502 Sep 2, 2013
This move is right out of the Jack Abramoff/Karl Rove political corruption and voter fraud playbook.....

Florida's next Ex-Governor Rick Scott, his FDLE, 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs and longtime political crony mouthpiece hatchetman Peter Antonacci abused their discretion when they illegally arrested suspended without pay a duly elected official Sheriff Nick Finch and appointed FDLE "insider" with direct connections to Antonacci, Pegusus, Monsanto and SAIC......... Carl Bertram Causey, Jr. from Sebring and Pensacola and then replaced him with Liberty County RINGER Deputy with direct connections to David Batista(Greenberg-Traurig, Jack Abramoff, Karl Rove??)....... Walter Lee Money, Jr. from Corral Gables/Miami in an effort to circumvent the political scale of Liberty County, Florida's MISS JUSTICE BY "GOING TO WAR"........THEN DESTROYED VITAL EVIDENCE......THIS IS NOT A 2ND AMENDMENT CASE IT'S A RACKETEERING CASE WITH A TWIST OF GOVERNMENTAL CORRUPTION BY GOV. SCOTT, et.al..........NEXT EX-GOV SCOTT IS GOING TO REALIZED.....BUT MUCH TOO LATE THAT:


I'd put a link to my blog "Panamaed", but then this comment would be censored....THEY are afraid of the truth....

Spring Hill, FL

#2504 Sep 2, 2013
yepper wrote:
...the truth ....
yea sure

United States

#2506 Sep 2, 2013
You'a lie!

United States

#2507 Sep 2, 2013
Springh Hll cat is paid to lie.
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#2509 Sep 3, 2013
Typical tropical paradise corruption is at anchorage within the affluent republican harbors of Florida.
Steven C Bateman mayor of Homestead arrested for having greasy palms. Health Care seeking refuge aided the mayor’s affliction. Relieving the itchy felling for monyteryoissis.
Moneyteryoissis is an affliction that spreads through direct contact with contaminated or tainted money. Symptoms are observed with a lack of ethics and a bolstering of egotism.
Steve is not alone as this is a common occurring illness here in Florida’s tropical haven of affluent republican parasites. Another case occurred on Aug. 6 2013. Manuel L Marono and Michael A Pizzi were admitted along with their two pet lobbyist with the same afflictions.
Gov. Rick Scott sends them home for rest and further investigation as to how severe the afflictions have effected each of these individuals. Treatments for the cure can last up to 20 years. Taxpayers will receive that Health Bill at $50,000 per patient per year. Obamacare does not cover this particular disease.
From 2000 to 2010 there have been 781 confirmed cases through out the state of Florida. Dan Krassner an executive for the “Integrity Florida” institute. Ran the statistics dating back to 1976 and discovered and I quote; “significant number of public officials arrested this year and last” goes further to add; “Florida has become the corruption capital of America,”!
Another source that contributes to this infection of monyteryoissis is the organized crime of tainted drugs and loan sharking, banks predatory lending, gambling and extortion. Experimental cultures indicate the rapid progression of this disease in a poorly immune systems of regulated political ethics.
A couple examples of the results after treatment. Patient Alex Daoud with a confirmed infection of 41 indictments of bribery was released from treatment after only 18 months. Presently is writing a book on his experiences with this dreaded disease.
Another interesting case in 2012 Manger Jorge Gonzalez earning $273,000 per year came down with the infection. Caught early and sought immediate treatment as seven of his associates were identified has having the symptoms of monyteryoissis. Fortunately his pension was not affected and now is retired from the political theater. No further treatment required.
Additional potential cases come to surface. Some a months or years after the infection inflicted them.
In May 2013 Hialeah ex mayor Julio Robaina and Raiza his wife exhibited a $ 1 million informal acquisition from their friends and associates. They maintain they are no infected.
Miami Dade with the nations largest municipal outbreak that required recalling Carlos Alvarez after giving large raises to aids at the cost to taxpayers.
Presently Florida has passed two bills that will explore transparency and accountability. A first effort after 36 years of laying in a dormant republican coma.
General health of the populace has digressed into an apathy of accepting the inevitable disease. First sign of progressive acceleration disintegration syndrome. A fatal corruptive disease. Breeding cultures and infecting surrounding sovereignties.
Only cure known is the vigilance of the voters to react and contain, quarantine .its spread.
can we please

Spring Hill, FL

#2510 Sep 3, 2013
forget old, in the thousands, Topix topics
Start new topix with singular topics

of course if you think you are wriiting a private newsw rag keep going

suggestion might increase interest in what you have to say
can we please

Spring Hill, FL

#2512 Sep 3, 2013
post 2510 above got judged

judge didn't like the comment

judge said nothing

readers deserve comments

can we please

Spring Hill, FL

#2513 Sep 3, 2013

we have posts 2510 & 2512 but no 2511....

my my....

someone obviously sounded off rather nastily.....

ok..... so much said..... further NO!

not much of a blog, certainly no interchange of info......
can we please

Spring Hill, FL

#2514 Sep 3, 2013
read # 2513 JUDGEMENT

I quess "Me Bad"

hence - ""Me Going Away"


Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#2516 Sep 4, 2013
John Morgan is a name that will go down in Florida’s history. First official effort to legalize medical marijuana. Has a mountain to climb as this state is rated the most political corrupt state in the nation with its harbors full of affluent republicans.
Mr. Morgan will require 700,000 signatures, by February 2014, on a petition to have the issue placed on the November 2014 election ballot.
Using his own personnel savings and assets, Mr. Morgan will be airing an add that will say in essence; "Pill mills are prescribing dangerous narcotics like candy, people get addicted, and many die, medical marijuana has been proven to give our loved ones relief they need, helping with pain appetite, seizers and spasms, unfortunately, Tallahassee politicians refused to vote on the issue last session, they wouldn't even hear testimony from patients or their families, there for we ill take this act of mercy to you, the people."
Florida with one of its infamous badges of corruption is lightly addressed in the add.“Pill Mill” capitol of the USA.
Suppression of that corruption would be one benefit of legalized medical marijuana. Self medicating individuals would be exposed to a more benevolent herbal, non addictive, substance to help them through their pains and discomforts.
Another unforeseen benefit will be suppressing filling up our jails with non violent marijuana use. At $50,000 per year per inmate that would add up quickly in savings to taxpayers not to forgot the tax on the Herbal substance.
Mr. Morgan, a breath of fresh air, in an otherwise stale environment of republican odors.

c w p

Spring Hill, FL

#2517 Sep 4, 2013

Spring Hill, FL

#2519 Sep 4, 2013

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