seeking others for class action again...

seeking others for class action against DYFS

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another victim

Lakewood, NJ

#1 Oct 22, 2006
If you or someone you know have been victimized by the Dyfs plz email [email protected] and let us know.
We are seeking to file a class action against Dyfs and the state of New Jersey for civil rights violations.
another victim

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

#3 Nov 19, 2006
WHat county do you live?

email me [email protected]
Traci M

United States

#4 Oct 8, 2007
I too have been in this for 3 yrs, My girls were being abusing by my ex-boyfriend while i was working. They did NOTHING to him! Me well i am broke due to child support, no home of my own can't own a car due to no money to pay for or keep repaired. I live back home in WV have no where else to go. My mom even took my girls for 6 months but they came down and got them because my mom has health problems, that was Aug. 8th last year... had to do drug testing ect. ect. ect. just do all of it over and over again every year, well I am losing my Girls and I have been run in the ground........I LOVE and MISS them so much I will do anything to have them in my arms again....
Alicia T

Succasunna, NJ

#5 Mar 5, 2010
I too have had my share of problems with dyfs. 7 yars ago they accused me of using drugs so I complied with all their requests. Once that case was closed they yet again returned to my home due to an another tip, this time for abuse. My children were evaluated and again I complied to every thing they asked and again it was closed. 2 years later they again came to my home due to a tip. this time they were trying to remove my 3 kids. I did get scared, so scared I ended up in the hospital for a week from anxiety. Then my ex-boyfriend beat me with my son in the room. I left and went to welfare for help. Welfare contacted dyfs. They came when I was waiting for a call back from a battered woman's shelter. They did not wait. 4 policemen forcfully took my son from me. Dyfs kept the case open.After 4 years of involvement they took 2 of my children and left the 3rd in my care but closed case.I didn't hear from them again for 2 years. Last night they showed up at my door because of another tip saying my boyfriend and I were abusing drugs and alcohol. They are now saying that I have to complete more drug screenings and talk to my son's school and dr. My son is an honor roll student and a model of good behavior at his school. What can I do to stop this? I feel as though they are still trying to take my son from me. No matter what I do they keep coming back. My son asked me last night if they were going to take him. All I could tell him was that I wouldn't let them. Can I really stop this? What should I do?

Philadelphia, PA

#6 Apr 9, 2010
Alicia, you have to understand that NJ DYFS is a player (court whore)in the family court system. These tactics are used to make money through contracted psychologist's, court appointed psychologist's and all those who have their hands out and contribute to the corruption in the family court including lawyer's judges and psychiatrist's. Study child protective services (CPS)fraud and you will find that this is a game that these low life's play to rip apart families and destroy the lives of parents and children all for their own financial gain.

Somers Point, NJ

#7 May 21, 2010
patricia tancredi wrote:
My husband is using dyfs as a means to controll me. He is found to be a psychopath by DYFS psychologists and found to pre coach my 3 kids in creating false allegations of abuse against me. Caseworker Shannon dey called my husband a psychpoath and stated dyfs ans Psychologists were on to him. Needless to say, Dyfs has found all allegations unsubstantiated, no caseplans in place, incomplete investigations and retracting what they stated about my husband. I need your help. My husband makes my 3 kids lie to judges and I am being treated like a criminal, as I am a anti-drug, working professional in the healthcare field who has been framed, harassed, and terrorized by my husband and dyfs to the point I am in a position of losing my kids forever.
Please help me
Patricia Tancredi
Dear Pat: i have lost 5 grandkids to ocean county dyfs. They are liars. I believe what you say. Both my twin daughters have had their children ripped from them and given to their fathers. my daugher Heather lost three children. two went to their father in Florid. even though they lived in N.J. their whole life and their father wasn't even in their life for two years. Her other son is still in foster care and has been for over a year. no allegations of abuse of neglect were found other than her boyfriend was caught with a fire arm and charged with it. The chld was not their when it happened either. Basically they took him because of who she hangs around with. something eh? They are now going after my other daughter and have now given her two children who she has raised on her own all by herself while their fathers did time in prison and were drinking and using. Dyfs has now given custody to those same two fathers. One is still awaiting trial and dyfs is writing letters to the Judge trying to not get him to go to prison for selling pot. His second offense in 2 and a half yrs. They pick on people that have no money and they destroy their spirit and eventually lose their fighting spirit and then they just walk away with the kids. Someone has to stop them and I will now stop writing blogs and telling people my story until someone sees it and is willing to help me stand up for our civil rights. They are rotten, evil people and they need to be stopped. Our Children, or in my case Grandchildren deserve better. If you want to call a good lawyer for advice his name is Anthony J. Cafaro. He is helping my one daughter try and fight these a-holes and you can call him and tell him your story, maybe anyone else that is having problems would like to email him at: anthony.cafaro! Ask him to help you. God Bless! Julie

Somers Point, NJ

#8 May 21, 2010
Traci M wrote:
I too have been in this for 3 yrs, My girls were being abusing by my ex-boyfriend while i was working. They did NOTHING to him! Me well i am broke due to child support, no home of my own can't own a car due to no money to pay for or keep repaired. I live back home in WV have no where else to go. My mom even took my girls for 6 months but they came down and got them because my mom has health problems, that was Aug. 8th last year... had to do drug testing ect. ect. ect. just do all of it over and over again every year, well I am losing my Girls and I have been run in the ground........I LOVE and MISS them so much I will do anything to have them in my arms again....
Dear Tracey: what has happened since you last wrote this. I want to create a cause called "PUT DYFD IN THEIR PLACE" because poor people as they very well know, don't have a smowballs chance in hell of ever winning against these evil people. They know who they are! If you still need help, please write to: [email protected] he is helping my one dauhter, and he knows that they are corrupt. They do this for money, financial gain. they make money by ripping children out of their homes and fostering them out or having them adopted out. They have taken all of my 5 hrandchildren. I will not stop till they are held accountable for what they are doing to the misfortunate people who can't afford an attorney and get stuck with an appointed corrupt ocean county lawyer who worked hand in hand with dyfs. God bless! JulieB
roseanna cancian

Brooklyn, NY

#9 Jun 17, 2010
Absolutely my son was taken out of my secured, healthy home and they have been taking there time in returning me.

Barrington, NJ

#10 Jul 15, 2010
DYFS has runied my life and has now put my whole faimly in danager since the reports from the intake workers have no meaning and the case worker believes this 17 year old child over 6 adults and the sibling my life is now on the line and so is my grandsons i have no clue what to do my faimly will not have to take shifts in watching my house i am no longer allowed to lock my front door as long as this unruly teenanger is not home (which is nightly) her nor dyfs has to do what the judge has said and i am about to give up i really need help here not sure what to do
[email protected]

New York, NY

#11 Jul 30, 2010
I hear all of you, Iam dying without my children, dyfs took my son 3 years ago, I pray every night to hold him in my arms. They put my daughter with her father who abused me for 15 years. They are so corrupt, dyfs in new jersey. I to lost everything, because thats what they set out to do, so then they could say, that you have no home or job to take care of your children. I wish we could all get together and fight them. I cant believe that these people could get away with this stuff in the year 2010. I will never stop fighting for my children, I feel that Iam gonna have a nervous breakdown. Iam already loosing my hair in the back. I pray every night for god to help me and my children. And now I will put all of you and your children in my prays. Please everyone, keep fighting, dont ever give up, the good lord will have to hear us some day.

Moorestown, NJ

#12 Aug 5, 2010
i have an open case now with dyfs because my sister who is a diagnose bipolar made a complaint. she lives in fla and came up here to "help" me during last few week of my pregnancy. during this time she had one of her fits and hit me in my face while i was holding my 11mouth old daughter and due to have a c section in few days. so needless to say i called the cops. my oldest was crying and yelling i just wanted her to get her things out of my house and just leave me alone. she being very vindictive made a false claim saying that my house was full of mice and other lies she told. when the worker came all she found was clothes on the floor all of them were clean and were just put on the floor b/c i was going through them. the worker that was assigned to my case has been giving me really hard time. she been not letting me explain myself, telling lies.and all of this for her saying that i left my children unattended for 10 min. because i couldn't hear the door b/c i was doing the dishes. but the whole time i was checking in on my kids and nobody was in danger. she came in my house and there was 1 penny and a few hair bows on the floor and she said that she said that she was opening a case on me claiming that i had my kids in hazardous environment. everybody who knows me and my children always say how well i take care of my children and i'm so afraid of loosing them over a penny and few hair bows. please help if you can this is all a nightmare. if u can help me out please email me at [email protected]

Absecon, NJ

#13 Aug 26, 2010
my husband has a 13 year old girl who has had enough of her mother drinking and abusing her physically and mentally. The mother called dyfs because her daughter decided to defend herself from being abused so a case was opened. Since then a therapist has been assigned to the daughter as well as someone from behavioral cintinum care. The child finally opened up and started to tell them of the abuse and they did not report the information to dyfs like that would do anything anyway. She has stuck by her statements and dyfs finds that because they offered the mother alcohol counseling for the second time that it is ok for the daughter to go home even though she refused to live with her. Also to state more is that there is domestic violence in the house between what ever man is with at the time. She stayed with us the for 2weeks and dyfs, behavioral cousler and therapist came to our house and she told all of them that she was not going to go back home. But that didn't matter because the mother was the custodial parent the police came and removed her from the house. She went home and all they told her is that we brain washed her even though she is the one who started dyfs to be envolved. We went everywhere prior to the time she had to return from the 2week visit and all everybody told us was that she was in no imminent danger at this time because she was with us. WOW NO KIDDING SO LETS PUT HER BACK INTO THE HOME THAT THE ABUSE IS BEING DONE AND WAIT FOR HER TO BE ABUSED BUT WAIT MAKE SURE THAT THERE ARE BRUISES TO BACK IT UP OR IT NEVER HAPPENED. I see there are alot of women out there but first hand I am with a man who is having the same trouble. What happened to oh yeah the child has rights. Under federal law a child has a right to live in a safe environment but that doesn't matter as along as judges are out there not doing there job. NOw the child is home will not speak to the mother and she wakes up and finds a new dress on her bed oh and tells her the house is clean and food in the frig i guess it wasn't like that before. Just like an abuser give a gift and everything is ok now. The mothers husband is now back into the picture and he has been kicked out of the house multiple times they physically fight all the time. Restraining orders have been against him multiple times always getting dropped. Thats funny she can get a restraining order from violence but the daughter can't. We are doing everything we can to get her out of there and we are never going to stop. I wish someone out there could help us and everyone else who is having the same problem. Dyfs needs to be revamped and the laws need adjusting how many more children need to become a statistic. oh and one more thing to add the mother waited 3 days to come get her back and dyfs came out and spoke to the mother and her husband never spoke to the child and she did not even know they had left. UNBELIEVABLE........4
scared parent

Bronx, NY

#14 Aug 26, 2010
another victim wrote:
If you or someone you know have been victimized by the Dyfs plz email [email protected] and let us know.
We are seeking to file a class action against Dyfs and whatsoever
the state of New Jersey for civil rights violations.
I have been trying to get someone to listen to me! Trenton,ocean county, and many elected officials w/no assistance whatsoever. they are abusing their unwarranted power against good parents, while there are children who are really being abused and they ignore it.I can't explain it but it seems if they're busy w/abusing and trampling on mine and other decent, loving parents' civil rites they don't have to really work w/dangerous parents in bad neighborhoods while they use us to make their quotas and keep up their numbers w/bogus cases. I can't begin to list the the laws they've blatantly ignored and abused to the detrement of my children. i am onboard w/any and all lawsuits,organized protests, most important a journalist w/ the nerve and integrity to expose all the " dirty laundry " dyfs is hiding w/ help from the justice system,etc.please contact me wether your a parent or an attorney, anyone from the local news to the national news! let's expose this national epidemic before more children and innocent parents are victimized and have their lives destroyed!!! [email protected]
parent had enough

Wilmington, DE

#15 Aug 26, 2010
It seems to me there are so many people out there that have had a dose of dyfs and the judicial system not doing what they were hired or elected for. It seems it is so easy to fool judges, lawyers and especially dyfs. It gets you to wounder what kind of experience you need to work at dyfs. I see us all as a family women, men all races coming together and take a stand against the dirty underhanded tactics that these agencies use. That they get away with it because of laws that are designed to protect them. I have said so many times before that dyfs needs to be revamped from the top to even the security guards in the building. What makes these people decide who is telling the truth. Why does a child who comes foreward with the only intent to have a safe home, food on the table and love. Who can come home and know that they will be safe. We all know that if this happened to one of the case workers kids they would not need the evidence that we need to remove a child from a home. They send parents to rehab who have attended rehabs before and say we will keep the kid in the home because they are getting help. But they don't understand the effects this has on the child left behind. What gives them the right to destroy a childs life. Therapist and behavorial counslers come out and just want the paper signed so they can get payed. I myself give them a picture of the child they refuse to help so they have it to remember them when they become a statistic. Why does the damage have to be done before someone takes a stand. Why do we have to see our children in jails, rehabs, or 6 feet under the ground. And then what sue the idiots that did not do the job right. That doesn't fix the system or bring the child back. This world is so totally screwed up. Adults have rights to protect themselves from physical abuse or any abuse they can get restraining orders against the abuser , but the child has no rights. The child is angry mom yelled at them the child wanted to go out and the parent said no, so the child lies and says that they are abused. Criminals in our society have more legal rights than an abused child. People need to stand up to the ones passing the laws. We elect these people and when we need there help we get the run around. They send you all over to one agency to another agency just to get the same stupid answer. We need to come together inforce to show we have had enough.

Absecon, NJ

#16 Sep 19, 2010
my nane is jordon, dyfs has been in my life and my younger brother and sisters lifes for as long as i can remember.i have five sisters and one brother..we lived on a farm and we were pretty much inslaved all our live, every single day our dad would beat us and put us down, they made us work all the time we were also homeschooled, our parents didnt teach us much mostly relgion and farming..we had no friends, not really allowed to see any outside family..we had to listen to everything jodi and brian told us(our parents) when dyfs was called on them multable times jodi and brian told us what we had to say and if we said anything else we would be punished..we were scrared to death of them. Brian has come very close to killing one of us..but no matter what the case workers seen they never helped, and still the mom is neglect the four little ones..i have residetial custody of my brother. i had to get visiation rights to my sisters..and now jodi is trying to move out of trying to find a way to have my mom Mentally evaluated. and report dyfs, and do something about them not helping us all our lives.

Absecon, NJ

#17 Sep 19, 2010
if anyone can help me pls email me
[email protected]
Grandmom Bergen County NJ

Lynbrook, NY

#18 Sep 23, 2010
Is ther anyone out there who has grandchildren that DYFS was involved with in Bergen County New Jersey? And refuses to let you see your grandchild, tells you that you have NO rights for visitation with your grandchild? Although you're not the bad guy in the case. My granddaughter is 2months old, and her mother (my sons ex girlfriend) is 24yrs old and has 6 kids 3 which were removed from her by the state, one which was removed from drug abuse and prostitution. And may I add has frauded welfare in 3 different states in less that a year. Has NEVER had a stable home. Even before my granddaughter was born the 2 children that she has with her has only ever lived in a shelter in 3 different states. When I ask DYFS if I can visit with my grandbaby they tell me that I have NO rights to visit with her. Iam a christian woman with no background NEVER use drugs and NEVER drank alcohol, and most definitely do not have a criminal background, although DYFS is treating me like it. My husband is a state employee with NO drug or Alcohol abuse either. DYFS told us to go to family court and ask to see my granddaughter, but in the mean time, they are allowing her mother who has had 3 children removed due to drug & alcohol abuse live in a shelter with her. I begged DYFS to at least let me temporarily bring my grandbaby to my stable loving home, that I would rather have her here than in a shelter around strangers and exposed to so many germs, but they refuse. Once again they are treating my husband and I like we are the criminals. I just don't get it. Please if there are any grandparents out there that this is happening to, and you can give me any suggestions on what to do PLEASE email me [email protected]
daylene kubatka

Arlington, VA

#19 Oct 6, 2010
another victim wrote:
If you or someone you know have been victimized by the Dyfs plz email [email protected] and let us know.
We are seeking to file a class action against Dyfs and the state of New Jersey for civil rights violations.
I would they have ruined my life and the lives of my children by letting them live with my alcoholic sister. They refused to do anything about this situation because I am saying this because I want my childern back. My husband has also put in the kids head that if they live with me they will have no laptop, no more games, and no more things that they can do. Now what kind of parent does that. DYFS does not care who is taking care of my children. I Like I said I believe that the worker was only tring to get in hy husbands pants
daylene kubatka

Arlington, VA

#20 Oct 6, 2010
My life has been hell sinceMay 14, 2010. My husband claims that I was poising please. I have letters of what he wrote to ao female that he went to school with. Here is my storty DFYS came into our lives in December and ever since then my husband has said some horrible things to my children. I want to get joint custody but DYFS said no. My mom and I have told them time and time again that my sister in law was a binge drinker and they did not care. My soon to be ex said he could handle it and her. She is not supposed to be drinking around the kids but she is. DYFS knew that she did and would not do anything about it.I have to live in DE because I am not allowed to be arrond my kids unless I am supervised. If they close out a case then why do I have to be be supervised. The judge handled two of our cases however she was not allowed to per her oath to serve and protect. I willl be going to serve arrest warrents with DYFS and her supersor because thay did not care as to what was going on but instead they want to be in his pants. The ADA I am turning her inti the ethics committee because of her incompatance with this case. My husband has my kids thinking that if they stay with me they will not have laptops, games, movies, and trips. Know that is just wrong. I am trying to get joint custostody before he leaves NJ so that he cant leave. I due to DYFS and my husband I have not seen my kids in three months DYFS and my husband knew and they were not going to tall me. I do need help can someone help me please.
joel gutierrez

Clifton, NJ

#21 Oct 9, 2010
joelg017 joelg017 is online now
Junior Member

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Dyfs removed my son against my civil rights cause I complained that the lady they put in my house fell a sleep while my son was still up.I thought we have the right of speech .Now in the courts the case worker was asked by the judge why was his son removed and the case worker stated that I called them ,when at no time I do that.They needed to get me back, from when my son was removed from the mother of my son in may/2000 after she had labor and were both under cocaine in their systems .I wasn't with her since she was too busy partying and being with other men.Then I went to the visit in the dyfs office in Bergen county and my son's skin was burned on his neck,front part of his elbows, behind his knees,his pee pee,and I took that picture and left when they saw I had something against them they made it hard for me and then they opened another case against me in 2007 when the case worker came into my house and I had showed the pictures that I took in 2000/2001 then I walked to the kitchen and the lady just left my house once she stole my pictures then months lady I received a letter stating that case was also closed again with no explanation . Also when I tried to get custody of my sons they fought against me cause I was disabled from an assault I had in Manhattan on Sept 1997 where I was found dead and put in accoma so that was their excuse for me not being able to be a father...So what I'm suppose to be happy with people that honestly do nothing but make families heart broken and when, there is no prove of the reason the kids removed then they try to find any excuse to cover their mistakes ...I'm willing to go forward against them and make sure other families don't go through this or at least more people open up and show what they go through so dyfs be more investigated .

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