Corruption the police and Dyfs perfec...

Bayonne, NJ

#25 Mar 6, 2008
I feel for you and your frends! but in family court the judge is nothing but dyfs whipping boy. My wife and I are going through problems with them too.The case workers never lie yea right) and your nothing but trash. there are no laws govering these courts and i yo don't act like a trained circus animal they threaten you with yor kids. Like holding a carrot in front of a hourse! I still can't get over the lie's these people give the court and the moron judges take their side period. the legal gardians work hand-n-hand with the division for no concen about the children. just look were thry sit with the div. My daughter is timming out she told them to ge out of our lives and stop causing probs. they offered her free college to keep them in her life and screwing us. Falsified court docs are part or the course for theses sub-humans. Like I said they'll just keep making up, and your just trash wih n rights. your better off killing someone at least then you'll have rights the judge as too follow.Good luck to your friends! my sympathies!
Screwed by DYFS

Nazareth, PA

#26 Apr 20, 2008
another mother wrote:
That is the website of the people who are supposed to over see reform. Start there. Also contact the FEDERAL office of human services. But be aware, if you have an open case, they will not talk to you unless you can give them 100% proof positive in black and white. Otherwise they concider you just another crazy person who had their kids taken away. If you can give me a little back ground I can find you more resources. But I need to know the whys and what fors.
I have a question for you, since you seem to be so knowledgeable.
DYFS recommended to my daughters PATERNAL grandparents, to "keep her" while she was on a visit with her father (they live together)
October 19, 2007 they filed an emergency petition against me in MY county (i live in pennsylvania) asking the court to grant them custody because im apparently a danger because of what a DYFS worker said.
The petition was granted, although not with emergency status, and i am still in court. No relief has been obtained, and they still havent been ordered rights to her. I maintain legal custody, and i have the orginal custody court order saying I have primary physical custody.
I have seen my daughter four times in the eight months since they filed.
I am fed up, and i feel like im being discriminated against, because im a young single mother, who is disabled (and thus poor) and they are rather wealthy.
They have obtained one of the best lawyers in the state, while i have nothing.
I dont understand how DYFS can recommend something when they have 1) never spoken to me prior to this petition 2) have never even visited my house (they dont even know where i live) to verify their claims.
I dont even LIVE in New Jersey!
They, as is a specific DYFS worker, are named in the petition, as the primary reason the grandparents filed.
The grandparents allow their son (daughters father) to live in their house, even though he is a convicted sex offender for crimes against a minor, has a history of sex with girls under 16, a history of violent behavior, substance abuse and has severe mental health issues.
Yet DYFS sees nothing wrong with the household.
What are MY options?
another mother

Bloomfield, NJ

#27 Apr 20, 2008
you need to get a lawyer. Apply for a public defender or borrow from family to hire one. Also you need to write to and call the NJ attorney generals office and I would suggest contacting the FBI and file a civil rights complaint on behalf of you and your daughter.

You said he is registered. Does he have a no contact order, which means he can not go near children under a certain age. If he does call the state police and file a complaint. Tell them he isa convicted sex offender and living under the same roof with a minor child.

But most importantly get a lawyer now.
Pissed Off

Mount Holly, NJ

#28 May 28, 2008
I am currently in the middle of a DYFS case. My husband is being charged for something I'm positive my ex-husband did to my 5 year old daughter. I told them all about my ex-husband and they refuse to investigate him, more so they asked my ex-husband if he could take my kids in the event they needed to be removed from my home. I asked DYFS for a copy of the entire case file and they will not give it to me without a subpoena - now I'm trying to find out if I actually need a subpoena or if they are just saying that shit to make my life more difficult. I am totally pissed off at them, they have ruined my life and everything I worked for, I'm trying to pick up the pieces and move on while my husband is in jail but that's certainly easier said than done.
another mother

Avenel, NJ

#29 May 31, 2008
DO you have a lawyer? If you do ask your lawyer for a copy of the discovery. If you are going pro-se then you have a right to discovery. Ask the family court judge to order them to turn over all discovery to you.

But I strongly suggest hiring a lawyer. Do not use a public defender they are on Dyfs' side.

Brooklyn, NY

#30 Jun 5, 2008
hi i have a question for all. My husband and i have been accused of child abuse but have not yet seen the investigator. we chose to go to a familys house because our neighbor said she was going to call dyfs. she did not like us. we are innocent. We are afraid to go back to nj because they could ruin a innocent familys life over thier lies. What can the dyfs worker do if you ignore thier attempts and have had a dyfs police officer contact us also by phone cell that is if you dont go back. I think they might consider us as a flight risk and take my lovely daughter someone please help. Please email me at [email protected] Thanking you all in advance
another mother

Avenel, NJ

#31 Jun 6, 2008
Tina hire a lawyer. You are already guilty because you ran (in their eyes). What county in NJ did you live in?

Cedar Grove, NJ

#32 Aug 15, 2008
pleeeeease find a way to get a lawyer, the Public Defender and the law guardian and the Division all work together and in Essex county I believe they work with the same judge every day, they are co-workers and friends and everything the Division wants the Division gets.. even if it is against the law.. They system is broken and while they are snatching kids away from good parents with minor issues there are kids being starved and beet and abused. God Bless US All.... Jamila Austin and David Gonzalez and Michelle Simmons East Orange District Office... False records, False Testimony and Kidnapping.. They need to be fired.


#33 Aug 19, 2008
they lie .... my son was involved with a girl who hurt my grandson he told the doctors in the er and his mother who did it to him it clearly states on the on the paperwork but DYFS had my son arrested though the prosecutors office. This was a nasty break-up between my son and his ex-girlfriend she made a statement and than was called back in for another interview 6 months later and all BS she told them they never called my son or the mother of his child to let them know that this girl was being re-interviewed.The prosecutors never returned calls to my grandson mother.

United States

#34 Sep 27, 2008
screw dyfs and leave nj..take the school records with you and they will never find you.......f them and the camel their mothers rode in on.
Michael Miller

Cresskill, NJ

#35 Sep 29, 2008
I can sympathize with so many of you concerning DYFS. I myself was stripped of my little 6 year old angel because I complained to the commissioners office when they didn’t do their patented “comprehensive investigation”. DYFS entered into court lies with ABSOLUTELY no burden of proof and since then I have not seen my little girl. On May 8 my daughter’s stepfather smashed my face in with large rocks requiring major facial surgery. He has 3 counts of aggravated assault against him plus 1 terroristic threats. DYFS feels its in the best interest of the child, my child, that she lives with the attacker and not her biological father. How criminal is that. Also my daughter had “elective cosmetic surgery” performed in a New Jersey hospital that I never knew about, and get this without a consent form signed. DYFS knew about it and chose to ignore this too. Disgusting people.
naninel cariaga

Brentwood, NY

#36 Oct 20, 2008
i am 26yrsold and a mother of five in december of 2007 My daughter dalylah was attempting to walk and fell.I took my daughter to the hospital were she was diganosed with a sprained ankle. Two days later my daughters leg appeared to be swollen and bruised i decided to take my daughter back to the hospital were she was xrayed and diganosed with three fratures.Dyfs was called and my other children were then removed from my home.ive been fighting and complying with all requierment to get my children back. In august my daughters pediatrican inform me that my daughter was diagnosed with brittle born back in april of 2007 In september the case was over and my children were to be returned after nine months On oct 14 me and my husband were arrested for child abuse and endangering the welfare of a child
naninel cariaga

Brentwood, NY

#37 Oct 20, 2008
please contact me at [email protected]
naninel cariaga

Brentwood, NY

#38 Oct 23, 2008
In dec of 2007 while attempting to walk my daughter fell. I took her to the hospital were she was misdiagnosed with a sprained ankle. Two days later she leg was badly bruised and swollen so, i took her back to the hospital were they preformed an xray and found three fractures in her left leg. Automatically they assumed i had injured my daughter and dyfs was called they contacted the police and my other three childrn were removed from my home with no proof that there was ever any abuse. ive been fighting to prove my innocents ever since. In august, while taking my daughter to the docters i discovered that my doctor was diagnosed with osteogensis imperfecta dyfs never inform me of this condition. In sept. the judge ruled that there was not enough evidence of abuse so my children were to be return as soon as i passed the final phyic evaluation. On oct.14 i along with my husband were arrested for endangering the welfare of a child and child abuse.
another victim

Blauvelt, NY

#39 Oct 26, 2008
I too went through the DYFS hell and in the beginning I was given an excellent public defender who was trying to help me,but then my attorney was switched to one who did not care. My kids spend seven months away from me and they were never abused. I was so fed up that when the judge gave me my children back. I moved out of New Jersey!! I wish I could sue them. My middle son was abused while in the care of DYFS.
appalled wrote:
No was a different Dr. I filed a complaint and he got in trouble with the board of medical examiners.
They all lie, make up stories and fabracate evidence.
another victim

Blauvelt, NY

#40 Oct 26, 2008
Please do not go back. DYFS can not cross state line, but they can send the request interstate for NYC to investigate you. Call DYFS and tell them that you moved. Then get a lawyer. Send a letter to dyfs return recipet requested, infoming them of your moved. NYC is not as harsh a DYFS, and the investigation can be completed in NYC
another mother wrote:
Tina hire a lawyer. You are already guilty because you ran (in their eyes). What county in NJ did you live in?
Jacqueline G

Mendham, NJ

#41 Nov 12, 2008
DYFS is an organization not to be believed. I had the misfortune of being a temporary paralegal at this organization, more specifically in Cranford, NJ. Did anyone work there? Quite hardly! What took a normal worker one day would take one of these people one week or more to accomplish. They openly defied court orders, took children out of homes, then "played with case records" to get away with it, all because they knew these were state jobs and it would be next to impossible to fire them. when I located parents according to court order, 95% of the time the case workers refused to go out to the house or place of business as the judge ordered, and on a consistent basis lied to the Court. I would say, run, and don't walk, and leave NJ before this agency causes you problems if you have kids. Why am I saying this? I am disabled - hearing problem. They refused to get me a phone which worked with my hearing aide (I can hear fine with a phone from this century). I settled the case for a fraction of the value rather than deal with their stupidity, and now I am going tomorrow and being forced to sign a "gag order" so I won't be able to tell anyone of what went on there.

God have mercy on the State of New Jersey for allowing this farce, caused DYFs, to cause massive injustice to so many families of this State.

Berkley, MI

#42 Nov 17, 2008
A 26 year old mother of five!? Wow, are you serious.. I see where my tax dollars are going.. All of your horror stories are created because you can't keep to yourselves and live a quiet, normal, life. That is why DYFS is involved. Start acting like adults and life will get better. I hope God blesses you and your children. Good Luck.
jean b

Pompano Beach, FL

#43 Nov 24, 2008
another victim wrote:
Ok this is going to be long but here goes.
In aug my friends 2 boys were playing in their front yard. A 10 year old from accross the street came over and started hitting on her 2 boys and a friend that was over playing. The friend pulled out his cell phone and called the Lakehurst police. The police came and was told the kids would be kept inside because this was an on going problem as the friends mother and sister of the kid across the strret were fighting over $25.00 and the 2 boys were not allowed to play togather and the 10 year old was jealous because the 2 boys wanted to play with the other kid.
The Police officer left without even talking to the family of the 10 year old.
The sister of the 10 year old, her boyfriend, the boy friends parents and boy friends grandmother, then decended on my friends house screaming at her for calling the police.(how did they know the police were called when the cops never went over there?) They told her she was not wanted in their neighborhood and threated to "get her out by any means possible".
My friend then called the Lakehurst police back because of the threats. OOps wrong thing to do so she found out. The neighbor across the street turns out is the best friend of the acting chief of police. The police refused to make a report or take her complaint about the threats.
A while later the woman across the street called my friend and said haha you are going to jail and dyfs is taking your kids away. My friend hung up on her. Well sure enough that night the cops show up with DYFS break into the home and arrest my friend for not letting them in . The cops then searched and trashed the house and had Dyfs remove the kids.
Well now DYFS can find NO abuse nor neglect but will not return the kids because their doctor now says that the parents are insane and in need of intense phsycotherapy.
Mind you before the evaluation was done this doctor was given the complete file to read and spoke in depth to DYFS about my friend and her husband. During the interview this doctor sat there eating chips and chocolate bars constantly looking at his watch and playing with his cellphone. can you say unethical?
Now they cant afford a decent lawyer so have to have a public defender. The pd doesnt return calls or do what my friend asks him to do.
These people are being put thru the ringer by the state and NO ONE wants to help.
The press isnt interested in the story, they cant afford a lawyer and no one is willing take payments so they can get a desent lawyer.
The whole thing in a nut shell is DYFS thinks they are above the law and has even told my friend this on many occasions. They disreguard judges orders and when my friend and her husband request all evidence for discovery so they could go to court pro se to try and get their children back they were told no lawyer no discovery and the info they have on my friend is "none of their business".
If anyone knows of a lawyer willing to help or another source they can go to to get this out there for people to see please post here and let me know so i can tell them.
i am also looking for a lwyer to sue dyfs they dont leave up on people they think they are above the law
jean b

Pompano Beach, FL

#44 Nov 24, 2008
well u all want my story well i got involved with dyfs in 1198 i was pregnant with twins they took my kids 2 of them for false allegations i gave birth 3 months early they (dyfs) took my twins at birth and from all the stress i was 31 at the time i had a major heart attack i fought for 5 years to gfet my kids back during that time i gave birth to another son dyfs let me keep him but wouldnt return other 2 kids had to go through parenting classes and all . now again 10 years later the school calls and says my kids aint dressed properly they wear all designer clothes. dyfs thinks they can tell u what to dress ur kids in now. what kind of government to we have in nj?! well im fighting again with dyfs and as the saying goes if u dont have money u dont get far. where are the parebnts rights!? we as parents have rights too!
dyfs has to go by the constitution and they dont especially burlington county.

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