PBSO: Lake Worth Man Kills Wife, Shoo...

PBSO: Lake Worth Man Kills Wife, Shoots Self

There are 16 comments on the WPBF-TV story from Oct 16, 2009, titled PBSO: Lake Worth Man Kills Wife, Shoots Self. In it, WPBF-TV reports that:

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office detectives said a Lake Worth man fatally shot his wife and then tried to kill himself after he caught her cheating on him.

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Hollywood, FL

#1 Oct 16, 2009
It's easy for people to throw out an opinion on something they know nothing about. I'm sorry, Lance. This is not how it should've ended.

West Palm Beach, FL

#2 Oct 16, 2009
You have got to be f-ing kidding me. Well let me tell you from someone who knows something about this. Kathy was a beautiful, wonderful mother, hard worker, and cherished friend. She is not a violent person. She is one of the sweetest person I knew. Always offering to help with the kids and do whatever she could, no matter what she was doing. Adultry does not justify murder, and it is doubtful that it is even true. Even if it was true, I know...not think, it came from a place that started with Lance. The only thing Kathy is guilty of is staying in a doomed relationship for the sake of her daughter. Lance had a choice, he picked up a shot gun in front of his daughter and murdered his wife. Kathy did not deserve this, her daughter did not deserve this, her parents do not deserve this and you are beyond ignorant for thinking anyone or anyones family deserves this. So here is my opinion on something and someone I knew very well, I hope her husband burns in hell for what he did to Kathy, her daughter, and her family. If you feel the need to be sorry for someone, feel sorry for them...not the person who ruined all these lives because he tried to take the easy way out instead of dealing with the situation like a REAL MAN!
A neighbor

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#3 Oct 16, 2009
How dare you take her life AND now you leave your daughter without a mother! Be sure to say hello to Hitler, Hussein and all the other muderers when you DO get to hell.

Kathy was a beautiful, sweet woman who you never deserved.

West Palm Beach, FL

#4 Oct 16, 2009
Kathy was a great friend I had her daughter in my pre school class and have known all of them sice the baby was 1. Also my daughter goes to the west coast with them while they hunt to help out with the baby ive cleaned her house and fed her animals kathy was a great person, I know that he treated her like crao and she delt with it for her daughters sake. This came as a big shock and my family is mortified, I hope all those men enjoy Lance in prision and I hope he feels great when his daughter has to tell people my mom is dead and my dads in prision for killing her and i had to watch it all go down at 9 years old. May he rot in hell for all eternity..........

Hollywood, FL

#5 Oct 18, 2009
It's not polite to lie about the dead. I see there are plenty of people here who just couldn't wait to annoit Kathy in death with the halo she never earned in life. I knew that woman more than twenty years and I've known him for just about as long. To hear what she was doing prior to her death came as no surprise. And yes, I can see her pushing him to the breaking point, no matter what her fan club might say. Be that as it may, I'll say again, it shouldn't have ended this way.
Today was Kathy's service and no matter how I felt about her as a person, I hope that she rests in peace. If she was suffering, that has certainly ended.
And to those of you wishing hatefulness on Lance and judging him, fear not. He'll be judged by twelve, then he'll be judged by the One. And believe me, they'll do worse to him than any of you can hope. And if that's not vicious enough for you remember this: he's already in hell and he knows that he's the one who put himself there.
Y'all might want to step down off your high horse. It's terrible when you get knocked down.
Totally shocked

Tallahassee, FL

#6 Oct 18, 2009
Former co-worker (Lance). He is one of the nicest people I know - hard to believe this has happened. I truly cannot believe he could do this sort of thing. He was always the first to help anyone out. I feel horrible for his 9 year old daughter (as a mother of an 8 yr old girl) Kathy, Rest In Peace. Sad, sad.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#7 Oct 19, 2009
This is not the Lance I knew. He was a sweetheart -- always smiling- great outdoorsman, cute as a button. He is in my prayers. Something terrible happened inside him. He was loved by all his friends. God be with you Lance.

Hollywood, FL

#8 Oct 19, 2009
Evidently the last two posters are people who actually knew Lance. Thank you for being honest. Everybody else wants to jump on the bandwagon bashing him. They don't know.

West Palm Beach, FL

#9 Oct 19, 2009
You want honesty? Honestly, you people are crazy. I also knew both of them for many years. I also knew that if Kathy was doing anything to piss Lance off prior to her death it came from many years of misery (Lance). Yes, Lance was a nice, polite, a sweatheart...well-liked by his coworkers and don't forget cute as a button ...blah, blah, blah. Who the hell cares...he is a damn murder and that well trumps a cheater in any book. In my opinion Kathy deserves a halo for putting up with that marriage as long as she did. The breaking point should of been long ago and it should of been Kathy leaving not by a bullet in her head. I can't believe anybody out there whether they liked Kathy or not would try to justify murder. You are just as damn crazy as Lance. No wonder you guys were friends. Anyone that wishes him well deserves to be in hell right along with him. His right to have sympathy was taken away from him when he took fate into his own hands. This has nothing to do with being on a high horse...it has to do with respecting the dead and condemning those who put them there. No matter what happened in their marriage she deserves to be alive today. End of story.
Totally shocked

Tallahassee, FL

#10 Oct 20, 2009
Excuse me "mortified". I re-read all of the postings and nobody, including myself, is saying that Lance did nothing wrong! Of course he did. He shot and killed his wife, a horrific crime. However, when I think of Lance, I have good memories of the Lance I knew. We are not on a jury or Jesus Christ so let them judge him, in the meantime, I will remember my good thoughts of Lance! And I will continue to pray for Kathy and Taylor. Amen

Hollywood, FL

#11 Oct 20, 2009
Totally shocked, you are absolutely correct. No one is justifying what he did. No one is even trying to make sense of it, as there is no sense to be made. It was a horrific thing that happened. I understand that Mortified is mourning the death of her friend, just as I am mourning the loss of my friend. We lost the wonderful man that Lance was the moment he picked up that gun. And we'll never get him back. I don't know the man that is sitting in jail right now. I miss Lance and I mourn for the lives that he destroyed, including his own.
But as you said, we have wonderful memories of him and those we'll keep in our hearts forever.
Lance, I'm so sorry that it came to this.

West Palm Beach, FL

#12 Oct 20, 2009
Obviously I am in mourning for the loss of my friend. I am also in mourning for poor lil Taylor whose birthday just happens to be tomorrow. I'm sure Lance was a good man at one time or another...other wise Kathy would not of married him. I actually just spoke to him a few days before he killed his wife...and either he is a great faker or he completely snapped out of reality. Still what kind of man does that? What kind of man picks up a shot gun and shoots his wife of 10 years in the head? Not a good man. So at the time he murdered his wife, he was not a good man. Now he is in jail...having murdered his wife he will remain "not a good man". It's nice that you have good memories of Lance and can keep them. I had good memories of Lance but they have been erased by the horror he has caused. Not an hour goes by that I don't see Kathy's smiling face or feel pains in my chest when I think about what Lance did to his daughter. So forgive me if I change my mind about Lance ever having his good moments because those are dead to me. Seems fitting in this situation. This probably doesnt effect you "totally shocked" as it does me since you were not friends with the one who got shot in the face, does that not disgust you in any way???
Totally shocked

Tallahassee, FL

#13 Oct 21, 2009
We are all mourning. However, I do not wish people who were friends with either Kathy or Lance to go to hell - what a thing to say. I wish I did know Kathy but I did not. I do know Lance and I remember several times I needed help and he was there before anyone else. I will not turn my back on him now. I can not imagine shooting someone esp. in their head and with a shot gun! It does disgust me a great deal. He is where he belongs right now. I guess it was a crime of passion, which does not make it right! Poor Taylor, what a way to spend your 10th birthday. I will be praying for her. You are right "he was not a good man the night he murdered his wife" - however he was a good man for 49 years. I can understand your feelings and respect them. I wish I would wake up and realize this was all just nightmare.

Broken Arrow, OK

#14 Jan 3, 2010
um...i dnt kno lance..or kathy..or tht poor little taylor...but i think tht everyone is being a little over dramatic....i mean evryone has the rite to there own opinion...but come on guys really..saying wut u have to say is one thing but this..this tht yall are doing is just uncalled for...im sure tht lance was a nice guy..and kathy was a sweetheart...but he stil should not have done wut he done...no matter wut no one should have the rite to take the life of another..but ppl do..everyday..and there is nothin we can do about it...the real victom is the daughter..she is the one who has to live knowing the truth of wut really happened tht day..and tht has to go through the sleepless nights and ppl trying to help but only making thing worse..u guys aren't helping anything by fighting over who was guilty and who should parish for eternity in hell for doing wut they did...u dnt kno wut happened to him tht day tht made him snap..she could have said something or done something tht he didnt like..or maybe he just needed help..everyone makes mistakes and its not up to u on wut the punishment is..so ther is no point in waisting ur time(time tht could be spent w/family or having fun) writing stupid ass little remarks about something tht is over w/...ur just waisting ur time ppl...so mourn if u want hate if u want.they will both be missed dearly..no matter how much u may hate him..he was a human being and he did good to..everything happens for a reason maybe wut happened was a sign or something to make ppl see wut the world has come to.. u never kno so just pls miss them..but dnt waist ur time writing stupid little remarks...it does u no good... really...no good...

may they both rest in peace...
Totally Shocked

Crawfordville, FL

#15 Jan 3, 2010
Hello - since the last post was 10/21 I think we all have gone on with our lives - Thanks anyway.

United States

#16 Sep 14, 2010
Does anyone know the status of Lance's case? How is Taylor? Will there be a trial?

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