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There are 348 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from May 28, 2007, titled Body of art. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

Russell Parrish would like a better job. He manages his father-in-law's small restaurant, but other prospective employers won't even give him applications, let alone interviews.

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Dahlonega, GA

#358 Jul 16, 2007
Dawn wrote:
I feel the same way. I cant even get a job at Taco Bell here in Michigan because they want me to cover all of my tattoos. They all have meaning to me, a crying bear for my niece on my arm, a group of fairies for my kids on my wrist and crying eyes for my brother on the back of my neck. Some companies are really rediculous when it comes to their tattoo policies, How does anyone know if Im the right person for the job just by judging me by my tattoos. Give people a chance. Were not bad people because we have tattoos. We just choose to express ourselves in different ways. Are you gonna judge an artist for the way he expresses himself? Or a teacher by the way she teaches? Give me a break please.....
I just got a job at a Taco Bell in Georgia. Not only did I get a job in Georgia,but,It's in a small conservative town. I realize that part of my job is keeping up with a professional image. I'm only bringing home around $4 an hour and I don't consider myself a "professional". But,they want employees to fit a certian image. So,I cover them up. I get hot as hell when using the fryer for two hours straight,but,that's just part of the job. Since you're trying to get a job at a Taco Bell then that can only mean one thing;You don't have much,if any,work experience. I had the same situation,no work experience. I'm doing what I have to do to work and try to make a career out of this shiznit. That's life,yo. Deal with it.
Dirty Dave KCMO

Overland Park, KS

#359 Jul 17, 2007
Matt wrote:
Note to women. There are a lot of guys out there including me that think tatoos are hideous.
Your just some stupid conformist who probably never did anything that took any kind of balls nor ever did anyting to express yourself as an individual. Your probably boring as hell and judge every person you see who is doing something you wish you had the nuts to do. Dork!
Dirty Dave KCMO

Overland Park, KS

#360 Jul 17, 2007
Andy Panda wrote:
I believe you can get a pretty good idea of the contents of a book by the cover. There are always the inevitable exceptions to which some counter poster will gleefully point out, but save your fingers, I'm not interested in hearing about any inked and pierced doctors, policemen, firemen, Marines, etc. who stand out as exceptions to the rule. The rule stands indisputably.
When a human being feels so insecure, so unimportant, so unrecognized, so insignificant that they feel that they maybe should resort to piercings, tattoos, exotic dress, extreme hair styles, beards, mustaches etc. in order to regain a feeling of importance, it is actually a cry "Hey Look at Me! Over here! Yoo Hoo, Stare, Thank you!"
If they didn't get something out of it they wouldn't do it.
The way a person looks on the outside is an exact indication of how they see themselves on the inside. I agree one thousand percent with those who wouldn't have a tattooed and pierced weirdo freak representing their store or office or products or services. I wouldn't want a repairman looking like some of these "creatures" to come into my house around my family -- even to open a clogged sink, much less try to sell me something.
A young man who voluntarily goes into a tattoo parlor and allows designs to be put on his arms, neck, back, chest, hands, face, etc. is basically making himself unemployable. A young woman who lets someone put piercings and tattoos on areas of her body that
are normally not seen unless she is either undressed or wearing a bikini or other revealing clothing (like in an exercise gym doing her Yoga) is basically advertising "Many have been travelled here before" in my view. Time for a blood test before risking taking this date any further.
Wise up young people. That cute little butterfly on your lower back will look like a blue jay in a few years, and a few more years, it will look like a buzzard. That cute littel heart with your boyfriend's name on it on your arm will put you in the "trailer trash" category when you join the PTA or attend your daughter's wedding in a few years.
You kids want to decorate yourselves, go get temporary tatoos that wash off and when you get tired of looking at it or change companions or "grow up", take a washcloth to it. If you think you don't look good now, I assure you, you look a hundred percent better now before tatoos and piercings than you will afterwards and your new friends won't be running in social circles but rather in the circle of motorcycle bums and park bench sitters.
You should go hang out with the rest of the dorks and conformist type people who will always bow down to the system and i BET YOU VOTED FOR bUSH!

United States

#361 Jul 25, 2007
Instead of looking for work, why not go into business for yourself, MONEY TIME AND FREEDOM is the only way to survive in todays world.
And working the 9-5 you will probably make $500 a week, how about making $2000 plus a week.

Discrimination is all over the place and I'm glad you are fighting it. With working from home, part time, you still can go out there and FIGHT for our rights while making an income.

If you are interested, investigate this amazing path, call
1-888-238-5006 press 9 and listen to the recording,

This is the real deal and an opportunity you can't pass up.
Just a girl

United States

#362 Aug 1, 2007
Libson wrote:
Tatoos look good on prisoners and trailer park pedophiles. I dont care if you have a masters degree from Harvard I dont want your marked up ugly disfugured tatooed body in my office. You are disgusting looking and you look unprofessional and scary to most people . I dont need to accept you or give you a chance. I own a huge company and my personal preference is all clean cut
"ALL AMERICAN" looking employees so your ugly gross a---ss is out. Too frikin bad tatoo people. Go to McDonalds and they may want you. Girls you also look like whores with the little tat on the small of your back. That is just a symbol to me that you are a little pig. I noticed all the sluts at Scarletts lounge have the same tatts on their backs. Guess those girls were also class valedictotians at Vanderbuilt. They do give great $20 lap dances but would not get a job at my firm in the accounting department.
Nice mutilated touch when you have a shrt sleeve shirt on and tatooes running down your frikin arm. Makes little old ladies want to buy what ever your selling no doubt.TATTOOS ARE GROSS-PERIOD,END OF STORY ,NO FURTHUR DISCSSUION NEEEDED.
I have a three tattoos - a unicorn below the panty line, a rose on my ankle, and a pretty design on the small of my back. They are usually covered up so its not that which keeps me from getting a good job. I'm a girl who graduated high school and has some college. I'm not super intelligent, but I'm not really stupid either. Yet, I cannot get anything that pays much more than minimum wage. And I am 27 now, working as an office assistant. BTW, do my tattoos make me a whore? Sure, I've certainly had my share of sex partners over the years but I don't call myself a whore because of it. Others may call me that, but I don't care.
As far as my not being able to get a good job, I think it is simply because I am a female and that is why I always get the lousy jobs, and low pay. I've had male friends who have the same education as me get very well paying jobs one after another. And I have seen friends of mine who are girls end up like me - in dead-end jobs. I think the discrimination thing will never end. For a girl, the discrimination in life begins in the delivery room when the doctor announces, "Its a girl." From there it just gets worse. My mother was hoping for a boy, and got me instead. Do you know that she told me a few years back while talking about this that the nurse taking care of her in the hospital after having me actually came into her room and told her, "I feel so sorry for you because you had a girl instead of what you had hoped for - a boy. I was lucky I guess because I had two sons, and no daughters. I really hope you have better luck next time around" Can you believe that? Girls are usually not just second class, lots of times we are third and forth class, if that exists. We are at the bottom of every list there is, always. At least in my case, and that of lots of my friends its always been that way.
So tattoos do not make the person. The sex of the person makes, or breaks them. You guys win.

Since: Jul 07


#363 Aug 1, 2007
I have run several large businesses across three countries. I have, and will continue to, hire people based on their ability and attitude, not whether they have a tattoo or not.

Having said that, I would place appropriate people in the right jobs. I would not put someone with tattoos up and down their arms in a position where they are dealing with a conservative public. Nor would I put a guy where a blue suit, white shirt and power tie in a position where they were dealing with a creative public.

Fortunately life is not black and white.

Pearland, TX

#364 Feb 5, 2012
No company wants someone looking like a freak working for them.

The first thing that comes to mind is "that person sure makes poor decisions", and will usually not hire you.

United States

#365 Feb 6, 2012
Can you get in legal trouble for posting link of an adult having sex with an animal, to a another adult
in one of the forums, as a prank? If you know, please advise!
Thanks a million!

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