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#22 Oct 21, 2012
BlackHandXXX wrote:
Rocky Lewis is a dealer. He has his son doing now too.Take him down. I know for a fact he is dealing to little kids. Called on him too. Your help is needed. He lives with his mom and step dad, they know and do nothing about it happening right under their noses.
Dont trip

Fox Lake, IL

#23 Nov 12, 2012
Stop snitchin lamez
Smokey McBongwater

Round Lake, IL

#24 Nov 14, 2012
I need some bud. The weeknd draws near. Who else is dealng. Don't make me drive to Colorado!

Lake Villa, IL

#25 Aug 7, 2014
It is predominately the White folks who have mastered the art of covert drug dealing in the homes which appear the nicest. The typical drug manufacturers/major suppliers live right in the HEART of Grayslake and ALL of Round Lake,IL. STILL over 80% to 90% of White people live in all of the Round Lake territories (so whoever is announcing the foolishness of "whites" becoming "the minority" is preposterous and whining baby noises). The typical type tends to be the major supplier of all of Lake County, IL to Indiana and outskirts into Wisconsin. They live right here in Round Lake. The Meth Makers are often neighbours to the pot grow dealers and they have their own district managers to boot. They are very slick and even use their relatives to assist. There are parents who live in Round Lake Beach who supply, support, and provide the little kids to appear that the house is a "family oriented" house. Whenever you see pit bulls and multiple variations of "attack dogs" you can count on it being a drug operation. And it is very big in Round Lake, VERY big. Even the cops ARE involved, ESPECIALLY here. The houses of these offenders use police scanner and radios, hyperbolic dishes, IPhones, One house looks out for the other house. Those who burn their trash every week for over 2 or more years are MAJOR suppliers. Again, they use their little 3 to 7 year old children and other family members, they use them to "run over" and give the other house a signal and are used to listen beneath the windows of the neighbours to see if the neighbours are undercover. Not only that, but these "white families" often own multiple properties within Round Lake w/ the assistance of the Round Lake Police departments warning the white drug dealers if there is going to be heightened patrol. The nicest house here has a TON of automatic weapons and each house has one muscle man to walk the pit bulls and watch the house (they barely leave the house until the major dealer comes home from their "legal work place" They also have broken into their neighbour's homes (not to steal) but to read their mail and paper work, they have even become friends with the Comcast Security fellows so that they can break in while you are out. They Google map YOUR HOME & study YOUR layout& use friends who do not even live here to (literally) stand outside to silently intimidate law abiding true home owners. There is one MAJOR Drug Dealer who has a mom& a slew of brothers; mom is a real estate agent and she gives her son and his friends the low down on YOUR personal information, sq. ft, mortgage & pedigree about YOU. They have even knocked on YOUR door to pretend to ask a friendly question to search for YOUR security system so that their license plates aren't caught on camera& they watch YOU. There is SO much that "average white folks" do not even know about their neighbour, they purchase certain homes to "blend in" particularly in a mixed neighbourhood where THEY are racists themselves. These are the MAJOR drug dealers. They will sell to YOUR white kids. 2 have died already as a result on their own block. You can't call "crime stoppers" b/c they have access to the local network. If you have wifi, they have hacked into YOUR system. They have night vision equipment, they use Private Investigators to spy on YOU. The average" white person" is easy to fool because they usually do not "believe" that their own neighbour is actually a major Lake County and surrounding state supplier. They even have old bikers who check in to school the new drug dealer nephews and pretend to make friends with a new neighbour (the old school bikers often live in another state or own a bona fide business from their drug sales). They know everyone and they get their help from members from 4 & more police departments. They even call on one of hundreds of their friends&family to stalk YOU&FOLLOW YOU as they are EXTREMELY paranoid & suspicious. ALL of you had BEST watch out and drop that idiot racial nonsense.

Lake Villa, IL

#26 Aug 7, 2014
Smokey McBongwater wrote:
I need some bud. The weeknd draws near. Who else is dealng. Don't make me drive to Colorado!
Just toss a quarter between Hainesville and Round Lake and I doubt that not only will you NOT get caught, but that they will hire you as one of their spy buddies for free drugs of your choice. The Round Lake Police department will never know because the average between 2-5 of the officers are either CLOSELY related or BUDDIES with the MAJOR supplier. You will not have a problem at all. Just go to the local bars and lay low (like fishing for the local trout) and you will not have a problem spotting one of their sales associates or pharmaceutical suppliers. They play very close to the chest, but you have to start out as an "incognito" patron. You have to actually drink and get sloshed stupid wasted because they know the bar owner and will watch to see whether you are a cop or undercover. SO, show yourself a social hard drinker and go there between 9 and 12 midnight. Round Lake or the Mc Henry county off the map bars.The older guys (the silver haired ones) act as the go between as they are the more respected and the oldest living one in the neighbourhood. SO the police are often partial to the older ones who have brought in millions. They will never be flashy. Never. They blend in as the typical blue collar bloke. You look for two kinds, the old school group and the young group (the exception is that they are clean cut but not clean cut enough to be undercover or an actual cop). But you need to watch for the undercover cops also. One thing is that an undercover will never get so drunk that they are buzzing. The undercover will have tats and will look like the drug supplier. But if you are a regular pot or meth head, then this will not be a problem for you as like attracts like and what they say about birds of a feather. This is not an insult to you either, this is BASIC psychology, dude. A Drug Supplier can mark a drug user just like a steamy romance. The dynamics are the same, but the atmosphere is different. They rarely use girls, but you can pretty much tell them right off the mark. The Suppliers know the clean cops or the reputable cops and they know how to use one of their own cop buddies to access anonymous calls from the upstanding officer. The old timers have befriended the children of the retired cops and so they have a pretty solid handle on the situation. This is why this particular group is never caught. But as I say, YOU will not need to go to Colorado. The Hainesville/ Round Lake, McHenry (Fox River) areas will afford you the dealer of your choice. But remember, you take the risks because this particular supplier WILL have their cop buddy run your plates, know where your relatives live, know every carpet and throw rug in YOUR HOUSE. This particular supplier has a charm and does not appear to be a dealer and appears to be a great drinking buddy only. If you are white, you will not have to much of a problem, but do KNOW that they will know your place of work, how much you make, when you come home, your girl friend, your garbage (they LOVE to use their associates to "dumpster dive" your trash and they will use any race to recover your personal life from your garbage.They will find out who your cable supplier is, who your real estate agent is, one of them has some ties to the judge in Lake County. This is a MAJOR family run business and they take no competitors prisoner. SO if you want some good blow, go to where I say. Believe me, I just know, but I keep a low profile. I am not part of this outfit in any way. But use wisdom.

Lake Villa, IL

#27 Aug 7, 2014
BlackHandXXX wrote:
Seems someone posted a topic about 2 and they got arrested.....keep it going people
Dude, you cannot have a "one track" mind on the race card issues. The ones who do NOT get caught are the ones who RUN your community and often times LOOK like you. The small timers are the ones who are easy to catch. The small timers take the major risks, but the true organisation head NEVER gets their hands dirty. They always use the small timers for multiple drugs runs and stalking people like yourself or law abiding folks. The Major Suppliers of the midwest NEVER drive fancy vehicles or wear brand labelled clothing. They likely look and dress like you. The average community is intimidated or completely clueless because they are partial to their own. This is a FACT since this country BECAME the United States. You really ought to know this by now. How do you think that the small timers push the drugs? Folks like you (the ones who the average Fox News watching or the easy to manipulate home owner who is blind to everything else BUT to the "cool guy". The one with the flesh eating canines who drives the 4X4s). You see, no one wants to address THIS fellow. But it is easy to blame the "stereotype" the Spanish folks, the African-American or "Black folks" because the police officer is more than willing to slam these folks against the pavement or patrol car or illegally stop them on the street and humiliate and force to empty out their pockets in front of everyone. The small timers are often small in stature, walk alone, easy to harass because of some multiple non-felony record.

Your truest enemy is the one who can AFFORD to transport the meth and the pot and the pills, hack into your entire life w/ help from their family. THIS IS A BUSINESS and you cannot run such a business with out a ghost payroll, some cops who have won medals and all types of commendations, who will never be snitched on and who assists the Major Dealer. Your typical major dealer lives in the nicer home and is the very opposite of the folks that the media propagandises and teaches you to spot. They are the ones who make you their fool.

The Major Supplier has VAST connections of people, family & friends since high school, even since pre-school. Their parents are the most trusted in the community and ALWAYS backs up their adult children. The Major Supplier NEVER lives at home as the small timers live at home. The Major Supplier has their own 3-4 bedroom house, has a bunch of buddies who "visit" and barbecue on the weekends. The "harmless" type who speaks but rarely gets to know you and keeps all neighbours at a distance. They know how to chat up a good round of small talk, never sharing with you who they are except for what they want you to know. The clever "Major Supplier" will have a blue collar every day job and will have MANY friends who are their co-workers. EVERYONE likes this guy. He's everyman's fellow and every woman wants to date him, but he is surely picky to date the women because he cannot have a yak mouth for this intensely family run organisation. You think that this is "Hollywood crap"?Where do you think "Hollywood" gets their ideas for the ideal Major Supplier. Watch "Alpha Dog".because this movie is the quintessential typical true story of a Major Supplier who uses his friends to commit a senseless paranoid murder. There are some differences.The clean cut major supplier is ALWAYS easy going, the grandfather, father, step father, the mom, her children, HER old school friends, their half a cop friend will instantly violate your privacy to guard the income of "The Charmer". The Charmer has paranoid friends who owe the charmer many favours and will do anything for "The Charmer". So, get real and KNOW that this currently exists right here in Lake County. Everyone KNOWS who they are, but also know that they may get hurt, their family, their home. There is always a psychotic bastard in the company of the "The Charmer's" Group.

Lake Villa, IL

#28 Aug 7, 2014
Dont trip wrote:
Stop snitchin lamez
Oh you KNOW you are one of them also. You basically and covertly threatened this person right on line and you know who this person is and you are one of the very loyal friends or family of such a Major Supplier here. You even know who they are.

See folks...this is what I am talking about. The Major Supplier has different friends to do different little chores like search the internet to see if "someone" from the Neighbourhood is "snitching" to the cops.

This Major Organiser /Supplier is not your typical supplier. He thinks outside the box and he uses every day happenstances of others to add to his repertoire of control.

It's about the quick and ton loads of cash, but it is equally about the CONTROL factor, which is better than sex for this particular Supplier of the Midwest.

They have MANY friends. You just confirmed, partially, how this works. You must be assigned to the internet focus of the business. You are never paid cash, because who you work for will NEVER have a paper trail (this was taught by his "old school" friends and family of his parents.


Lake Villa, IL

#29 Aug 8, 2014
intheknow wrote:
Round Lake is teeming with drug dealers. It's becoming the new Waukegan. This arrest was just the beginning. We need all our neighbors to speak up! It's time to take this city back and get the thugs in jail where they belong.
I think people would speak up if the cops weren't helping out the drug suppliers and whining about how "little" they are being paid when they live in better and larger houses and excellent communities than others. It's the same complaint that cops need extra money so that they are justified to place the lives of others in danger for their material needs. If they feel that they aren't being paid as much as they want, then, they should quit the force, since they feel entitled to endanger everyone else to team up with the drug suppliers.

But then again, so many Americans feel that pot is so harmless and that they have the right to smoke as much as they want and drive and "function" and be all kinds of irresponsible SOBs.

America has got to decide whether "pot" is more important than protecting their communities. Once this issue is agreed upon, THEN maybe more will have the courage to speak up. But if they only arrest people of colour over a dime bag and allow the white folks to own entire farms, and secret thug employees and use automatic weapons, then ALL of us are SOL.
Lake County Citizen

Chicago, IL

#30 Aug 9, 2014
Hainesville Chica wrote:
Agree that more and more mexicans are moving into the neighborhood but I do not solely blame a particular ethnicity. I see many mexicans as I drive around ... I see a lot more blacks in the past year ... I also see a lot of whites ... Problem is I'm seeing them walking up and down the mainstreets. Why arent these kids in after-school activities... at home, doing school work? Why arent they helping pick up their yards and throwing away trash?
.... parents... and fathers especially. Studies show when a father is leading, the family is more likely to follow in that path. Why arent the adults stepping up...
That's cause some black or Hispanic parents don't care about their kids, only for money for them. I said some, not all.

Kenosha, WI

#31 Sep 5, 2014
If your looking for a drug dealer theres this guy named Tom who lives on oakwood.
Gov a joke

Round Lake, IL

#32 Sep 6, 2014
Hey you looking for drugs? Just go tell a doctor you are in pain, you get all the best dugs. Who needs illegal drug dealers? What a joke....
check this site out

Chicago, IL

#33 Sep 8, 2014
Here is a cool idea. Visit www.RLAYC.webnode.com to post your ideas of what a youth center could be for the area. Bring positivity back!
j dawg

United States

#34 Nov 13, 2014
Dats just racist to blame Mexicans for drug stfu I hope fall in love with a Mexican fix his or her papers and get a rested and raped in jail by a gang of Mexican stupid idiot white people sell drugs too look at the partridge family the lil red head hype the kid from home alone another hype stupid ass
MeadowbrookFarmB oy

Muskego, WI

#35 Nov 14, 2014
I know a gold badge Round Lake Beach Pig who is dealing on the side. He also protects some of of his peeps on the pavement from catching cases and speaks Spanish which isn't normal for any cop in this area.

Grayslake, IL

#36 Dec 2, 2014
RLP wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree. I see so many kids out on the main streets, not just teenagers but young kids too. I always think to myself, where are the parents...& if they'd know what their kids are doing would they even care? Really saddens me. Eventually I would love to have foster kids. I'm a mother of 3 which all go to different schools here, elementary, middle & high. I'm a single hispanic mother but I keep my children active in sports in & outside of school. I keep them busy & keep a good communication with them. I blame the parents for what kids do...but most of all the mothers. I hope to move to a better city soon with a better school.
Most of those kids have to end up raising their parents because there poor or sick or disabled or gone there not happy with the life they live

Grayslake, IL

#37 Dec 2, 2014
MeadowbrookFarmBoy wrote:
I know a gold badge Round Lake Beach Pig who is dealing on the side. He also protects some of of his peeps on the pavement from catching cases and speaks Spanish which isn't normal for any cop in this area.
What does it matter that he speaks spanish
j dawg

United States

#38 Dec 11, 2014
MLD wrote:
Mldk but besides that ffolks mean fear of Latin kings it's cause the white people are scary ass people and are always dropping dimes dats why yall blaming Latinos and blacks stop profiling ethnicys am or DE rey

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