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Chicago, IL

#1 Jul 13, 2009
Twisters Elite in Lake Villa is more concerned with profits then the team spirit they claim to expouse. You are considered loyal only so long as they can profit from you. Once you try to move for valid reasons you cannot leave the door open. You are excommunicated summarily regardless of the fact that you have dutifully paid your dues and supported their business for years and have organized fundraisers for them.

We were told after moving to another gym that our children were disloyal and were never welcome back because we went to a competitor. The children have nothing to do with the valid business reasons we had for changing gyms. So the owners will take out their business differences with the parents on the children who sweat and bleed for them.

If you must cheer there, here is a tip. They have an annual try out process. They do not announce practice days/times or coaches until after the process. The registration fee is 4 x's that of other gyms in the area and it is non-refundable. If you have any schedule restrictions, wait until after the try outs to register. That way you will know what skills are required for what team, who the coaches are and what days practice will be.

Be prepared. They will nickle and dime you to death, with "mandatory purchases". They will nickle and dime your time to death with unscheduled "mandatory" practices as well. All that and they only enter competitions that either they control or with inferior competition. The coaching staff has listed high school kids and parents who have never cheered in their life.
Cheer Mom

Libertyville, IL

#2 Jul 14, 2009
OMG! I had the same issue with them. Dave was a condescending jerk to me once we had to leave as well.

Such bad business. I hope this negative press forces others to really think about who they are dealing with in the local cheer gyms. We went to Ultimate Athletics and they are far superior in every aspect.
UA Rocks

Naperville, IL

#3 Sep 9, 2009
Thank you, I thought I was the only one that something like this happened to. The Twister's owners are real nice until you have to make a change for legitmate reasons. Then you are all of a sudden the devil.

Mchenry, IL

#4 Sep 28, 2009
You are all correct that is all they think about is the money!! Ask your self what do I get for that 130.00 reg. fee NOTHING!!!! It is just money in Dave pocket!! And then the gym dues go up to help pay for all the ones that Dave and Tonia let go for free. Only because Tonia wants them on her team.
And how many camps did you have to pay for last year just so Dave would have more worker for his competitions, he didnít have to pay to get them here you did!! When we got on we didnít even know Dave Tonia were until someone pointed them out 2 month later,(that is the owners over there Dave and Tonia) That should tell you there that they really care. And when we did leave Tonia told out kid that she was a quitter and always would be. And we were the ones that pulled her out.

United States

#5 Nov 23, 2009
I've noticed alot of former Twisters at the UA gym lately. Hmmm....why is that?
Twisted by Twisters

Fort Wayne, IN

#6 Nov 24, 2009
I had heard rumors about Twisters from many people. I knew some of them were true and took others with a grain of salt. There's going to be someone unhappy in any program, right? We went ahead and joined Twisters because it was closer and cheaper. After wising up and making the decision to leave when our daughter finally had enough of feeling unneeded on her team while her skills diminished and we were paying to attend yet another competition in which we would compete against no one. We left. Not even twenty four hours later did we hear from three other people that her coach was talking negatively about her to the squad. I can't imagine being part of any organization in which coaches talk negatively about the kids to other kids.

Libertyville, IL

#7 Nov 24, 2009
Yep, happened to us too. Did you come from another program prior? Did you end up going to another gym?

Libertyville, IL

#8 Nov 24, 2009
What's funny is don't they think the parents talk to each other even after one leaves the program?
Pink Silver Black

Round Lake, IL

#9 Feb 26, 2010
It would be wonderful if everyone was happy all the's not going to happen. First we all need to remember that Twisters is a business and that Dave and Tonya are only human. All cheer programs are what you put into them! In the past year I have never had my child treated poorly and if I did it would be my responsibility to make sure she was safe and happy, thats my job! As far as sign a contract, pay what it states on that contract and pay competition fees. Some gyms add the competition fee into your monthly dues. I dont think Dave and Tonya hold anything against the kids leaving....its the parents. Parents need to keep DRAMA out of cheer! Let the kids have fun and learn, make it about the kids and not the parents ego!

Antioch, IL

#10 Feb 26, 2010
Wow, it is so unfortunate that people have had a bad experience with Twisters. I am sorry to hear that! It sounds like people's feelings have been hurt. I, on the otherhand have had a wonderful experience with Twisters! I have a daughter currently on a squad and had an older daughter on a squad previously. I have found Dave, Tonia and all of the other coaches to be professional and on top of things. They want kids to have fun and I believe, from my experience, that that goal is achieved. I was in an expensive sport growing up, I know sports cost something...All star cheerleading is not a rec squad. I feel that $95.00 per month for unlimited training is a great deal. It shows me that Dave and Tonia want the kids to improve on their tumbling skills without raking us all over the coals! We have a family friend from the DuPage county area (one of the wealthiest counties in America, according to the news this week) and he was saying he pays double for his daughter's all-star cheer team, then the same type of fees for any competitions.

I am proud to be apart of a great organization and I am thrilled that Dave, Tonia and all of the other coaches are focused on safety above all else. All of the coaches are USASF certified and adhere to those standards at all practices and competitions. I feel that I can drop my daughter off at practice and know that she is in good hands. The competitions are so much fun, Dave and Tonia have worked hard to create a supportive community and that is evident when you walk into a thriving, bubbling and joyful gym, as well as to the "parent section" at a competition. Hey, Dave and know you're doing something right when you've got a lot of critics! Keep on keepin' on!

Chicago, IL

#11 Feb 26, 2010
I guess the operative term here is YMMV. Like the OP, I too have had first hand experience with the owner's of TE and their vindictiveness. They were great while we were there (but Tonia and the rest of the coaching staff yelled alot in a bad way and told the kids to shut up), but once we decided to leave they turned on us.

Its one thing to not be happy at losing a customer, it is quite another to verbally abuse the ex-customer them and talk negatively about them and their child to the ex-customer's friends.

My family has also moved on to UA and are much happier with the staff and administration. I think that there is enough here to say that there are issues, but that they don't always affect everyone. Again, YMMV.
Ex Twister

Fort Wayne, IN

#12 Mar 2, 2010

Chicago, IL

#13 Mar 4, 2010
Your Mileage May Vary

Milwaukee, WI

#14 Apr 17, 2010
I am so happy to know that we are not the only family feeling this way about TE. I felt that the owners acted so uninterested in the kids or what they were doing. Some of the coaches seemed to have lacked knowledge or experience. I've overheard the coaches, not parents, talk about other children and parents with such disrespect and hate, I had to move my daughter to another cheer facility. We just want her to have fun with something that she is passionate about, but we also want our money's worth. They should be far more grateful and deliver more professionalism for what they are being paid. After all, your students and parents are the reason you stay in business.

La Grange Park, IL

#15 Jun 23, 2010
I too have over heard coches(My child was on the team a few years back) talk about other people. But people need to realize it happens every where not just at one gym. I'm not on either Twisters or UA therefore I'm not defending anyone. I'm justsaying whtas true, stuff like this happens everywhere and people don't realize that. UA is probably not all saint either. Both gyms have their flaws and their strengths. Not everyone likes the same thing.

United States

#16 Jun 23, 2010
Sure, and teachers talk about your kids too. Of course it happens...professionalism or lack thereof and how it reflects on character is the point of the OP.
cheer mom

Westmont, IL

#17 Sep 19, 2010
After reading all of these posts, I think the parents should be ashamed of themselves. This is about the kids, not about the parents that want to relive their lives through their kids. Afterall, you are not coaches and the coaches no best. They are the only ones that are trained to know where your kids should be based on their ability and their dedication to the sport. Both teams are good and both should be commended for their dedication to the sport.
So negative parents or drama causing parents...shame on you!!!
Mystery Man

Plainfield, IL

#18 Sep 19, 2010
cheer mom wrote:
After reading all of these posts, I think the parents should be ashamed of themselves. This is about the kids, not about the parents that want to relive their lives through their kids. Afterall, you are not coaches and the coaches no best. They are the only ones that are trained to know where your kids should be based on their ability and their dedication to the sport. Both teams are good and both should be commended for their dedication to the sport.
So negative parents or drama causing parents...shame on you!!!
I don't have a dog in this race.
My kid is all grown up. But i did raise her as a single parent.
And i remember kid sports and music lessons.
I'm always bugged by someone saying parents should be ashamed of themselves.
Those that say that know crap about the relationship between that parent & child.
My kid played 2 different sports that i never played.
She played a musical instrument, i can't play any.
So i certainly was not living my life through my kid. Nor are any of these parents.
You don't know them well enough to know that if it was true.
Maybe a trainer knows more about the sport.
But the parent knows that kid more.
The parent knows that child health better then any trainer ever will.
And the parent pays the bills that alone makes the parent the boss.
Even more important the parents and child have a bond of love.
The trainer is only there as long as they get paid. Don't fool yourself into thinking the trainers care about the kids. Its a paying job to them. Take away the money and they are gone.
Parents will always be there for the kid.
You are the one who should be ashamed for insulting parents who love their kids.
cheer mom

Westmont, IL

#19 Oct 6, 2010
no insulting to parents...unless they are training pets, maybe this sounds familar to you. Yes, parents do or should know their kids however, unless you are in their shoes 24/7 you cannot begin to know how they are while training. I was one of the parents who would stay and watch the kids practice. There were a select few who wanted the training 100%. Then there were the others who were not paying attention and needed to be scolded for their own safty and the safty of others. I am sure it is those parents who were not happy with Twisters! My child was on Twisters for 4 years, the owners were always there and made it a place kids enjoyed going to. As far as it being a paying job, with the hours these coaches put in at the gym and outside the gym, no one could pay them enough.If the parent is always the boss "because they pay the bills" maybe the parent that "pays the bills" should take their kids shopping instead putting them in a competitive sport where coaches "the real bosses of the team" are in charge.
Twister Guy

Lake Villa, IL

#20 Oct 13, 2010
Doesn't matter now......Dave and Tonya are gone!!!! Thank the Lord

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