This proposal is wrong on so many levels, rather than to expand onon reason, I'd like to simply list the myriad of reasons why I am opposed to the Gateway Pacific Terminal:

(1) the most glaringly obvious is the affect to air quality and climate change from the burning of this coal, which will not be geographically limited to over China. In addition,(2) air quality will be affected locally as trains give off coal dust, and no small amount either, judging from other coal trains. The coal companies will probably claim that they can prevent any dust from escaping, but i don't believe this for a minute. I was just listening to a radio broadcast where children in a town in W. Va. were all getting sick from coal dust, and this wasn't part of history--THIS IS NOW!(3) The increased frequency of trains cannot help our town (Sandpoint, ID), which survives on tourism dollars and already has an inordinate number trains and the related traffic delays, noise pollution, exhaust, etc. Also,(4) these trains go through several sensitve areas: our crown gem--City Beach, the new Pend O'rielle Bay Trail we've fought so hard for, as well as a wildlife management area--and that's only in the town limits! The tracks follow the lakeshore for several miles, even going over the lake on a tressle in places, so (5) water quality must also be taken into account.(6) We are only one of many towns that will be affected, so we need to muliply the negitive impacts by the number of areas impacted for an accurate assessment.(7) Lastly, my fiance grew up on the coast close to where the terminal is proposed and the destruction of that beautiful piece of coastline will be irrefutable and a crying shame.