Smoking Ban Starts In Lake St. Louis ...

Smoking Ban Starts In Lake St. Louis Friday

There are 64 comments on the Fox2Now story from Oct 1, 2010, titled Smoking Ban Starts In Lake St. Louis Friday. In it, Fox2Now reports that:

The debate over smoking bans is back in the public eye . A smoking ban starts a stay in Lake St.

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Saint Louis, MO

#21 Oct 1, 2010
You addicts will say anything to get your should hear (read) how pathetic you sound.
But it is broke

Saint Louis, MO

#22 Oct 1, 2010
Nothing is more disgusting than a smoker. They are the dregs of society. Modern day Lepers
Imagine clean air

United States

#23 Oct 1, 2010
Imagine clean air is so controversial...
Non smoking Dude

Collinsville, IL

#24 Oct 1, 2010
I will not be going to Lake St. Louis anytime soon to spend money because I think these smoking bans stink. I DO NOT SMOKE, however, I believe that smoking bans are ridiculous. It should be my choice to choose where to go, not some do good politician. Speaking of which, consider voting all existing politicians out of office at every level. It is time for the people to take back the governing.
Non smoking Dude

Collinsville, IL

#25 Oct 1, 2010
What a joke. Stay in your house.
Non smoking Dude

Collinsville, IL

#26 Oct 1, 2010
Sounds like you have experience in the pools.

Saint Louis, MO

#27 Oct 1, 2010
Those of you that insist you don't smoke but support smokers are a bunch of liars, we all know you are smokers claiming to be non-smokers.
An American

United States

#28 Oct 1, 2010
yeahright wrote:
Those of you that insist you don't smoke but support smokers are a bunch of liars, we all know you are smokers claiming to be non-smokers.
You sound like a fool who knows nothing .

Saint Charles, MO

#29 Oct 1, 2010
yeahright wrote:
Those of you that insist you don't smoke but support smokers are a bunch of liars, we all know you are smokers claiming to be non-smokers.
You based this on what? The fact that we disagree with you? Nice job, Kojak. The fact is, some of us are just willing to stick to our core beliefs, even when that inconveniences us. Freedom has lots of costs, which include me not getting everything I want whenever I want it. I would prefer that liberals not be able to vote, but alas, the freedoms I enjoy also allow them to participate in the political process. I hate the smell of smoke. It leave my clothes smelling like a chimney, and it affects my breathing. But, I have the freedom to not go where there is smoke, just as businesses should be allowed to establish their own policies regarding smoking.

United States

#30 Oct 1, 2010
I moved here from Arkansas where a state wide ban has been in effect for quite sometime and guess what people didn't quit eating in fact the owners said the amount of people they had didn't change but the wait time for tables went down, smoker's tend to stay longer. It just doesn't stink it makes me sick for 24 to 36 hrs. I live in O'Fallon but drive to a couple of places in Chesterfield that are smoke free so I don't have to worry about it. Lake St. Louis I'll be eating there tomorrow and enjoy the smell of the food not someone else's smokestack.
My 2 Cents

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#31 Oct 1, 2010
Businesses should be able to decide to be non-smoking or not. Patrons should be able to decide if they want to spend their money in that business based on their smoking preference. Employees should be able to decide to work in a place that allows smoking or not. It really is as simple as that. I'm a smoker and I will still spend my dollars here, if I want to. Non smoking bands don't really bother on a personal level, I don't smoke in my house or car either. What does bother me is business owners are forced into the bans, it should be their choice and if people don't like it, they won't go there. I understand that second hand smoke is bothersome/unhealthy, I've been places where its too smokey, what I don't understand is why nonsmokers having a problem with businesses who want smoking-it's THEIR establishment and if you don't like the rules let them know by NOT going there.
There are a lot of things in this world I don't like, but I don't expect businesses to change just for me. There are plenty of places that are nonsmoking without a ban, go there! Let the businesses decide for themselves! Why, as a non-smoker, are you hell bent on making the entire world all about what you want and you need? Smoking is bad, for anyone, we get it. Taking away the business owners rights is worse for the community as a whole, why don't you get that??

O Fallon, MO

#32 Oct 1, 2010
Judge Jury- you're an ass. Obviously you don't share the common sense view that allowing people to kill themselves and others with a proven carcinogen in readily available quantities is wrong.

All the things you mention do cause bad results when used in excess. But they are not at the level of cigarettes.
Jill C

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#33 Oct 1, 2010
Those of you who feel like you have a right to smoke...You lost that right when you gave in to smoke and it damaged your body. Sadly, you damage my body with your second hand smoke as well. So it is bad enough I have to walk thru your smoke when I go indoors from the outdoors. At least I do not have to sit down and constantly breathe it now in St. Charles County.

Saint Louis, MO

#34 Oct 1, 2010
I'm not a smoker, but I am categorically against smoking bans. I don't think it is appropriate for the government to legislate this issue. Ideally, restaurants will create smoking sections that are completely closed off from the rest of the restaurant in such a way that non-smokers don't have to enter that zone, even for the restroom. Losing business of non-smokers by allowing smoking is something business owners should prepare for. Just like businesses who ban smoking should prepare to lose the business of smokers. It should not be legislated though. Non-smokers should simply ban together and boycott businesses that allow smoking.
Robert Staker

Saint Peters, MO

#35 Oct 1, 2010
Why is Missouri the last to do anything right California, NY And most all other states have had bans like this for many years I should not have to smell the stink and go home smelling like crap just cause some people want to smoke this is why our health care cost are so high we should not be forced to be around second hand smoke just cause some people want to ruin their health they should not be allowed to ruin ours as well..


Lake Saint Louis, MO

#36 Oct 1, 2010
Well is sure is obvious these "owners" care more about a buck in their pocket and their customers' health... If the owners are given the choice to offer smoking or non-smoking establishments.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#37 Oct 1, 2010
sorry... ...NOT their customers' health...
Clean Air

Moscow Mills, MO

#38 Oct 1, 2010
All smoke is bad for your health and that includes tobacco smoke, wood smoke, trash burning smoke...none of it is good for you. Try living next to a wood burner who pours wood smoke over your house all year long and see what your feelings are about smoke. You can't escape the wood smoke that surrounds your house. Beware the wood burning industry that wants to bring wood burning stoves and wood burning inserts into your neighborhood. If that happens to you, your life and the life of your family will change. I don't care if you live in a 200,000 or 300,000 thousand dorllar home. If it is surrounded by the smell of wood smoke all winter long, you house becomes worthless. Wood smoke is even more deadlier than tobacco smoke. No one person owns the air. We all need clean, fresh air especially where we live. We all have the right to breath fresh air in the morning in our own back yard. There is something wrong if one person can dictate the air quality of an entire neighborhood. Ban Tobacco Smoke but also Ban Woood Smoke in your residential neighborhood. It is just as deadly and even more so because you cannot escape it as it surrounds and enters your home.
My 2 Cents

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#39 Oct 1, 2010
Really? Let's just get over the debate about how bad smoking is for you, we all get it- ya, it's probably going to kill me. Why do you care if a restaurant or bar allows smoking or not? If they do, and you don't want to be around it---DON'T GO!!! There are places that ban smoking well before an actual ban is in place-go there! I just think it is insane that owners of the businesses cannot make a decision about a LEGAL substance. Why is it so hard for nonsmokers to understand that if they don't like smokey rooms---just stay away from that place-that's how you show that business you don't like their policies! Voting with your wallet is a lot more effective then adding another government law/policy/hand in the businesses owners check book. When will people get that more government is not the answer?

United States

#40 Oct 1, 2010
LAKE ST LOUIS is not worth the publicity there getting on this . Just remember to not VISIT , SHOP or ANY THING ELSE and let the YUPPES have there SWAMP LAKE to themselves .

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