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Saint Louis, MO

#1 Sep 2, 2010
My neighbor told me that Jerry Knott is running for the CA Board. Is this really true?
LSL Watch the Watchers

Saint Louis, MO

#2 Sep 4, 2010
Yes he is running and his plan is to get on the CA BOD. Then change the bylaws so the CA cannot buy OUR property back from LFCC.
A resident

Wentzville, MO

#3 Sep 6, 2010
And the saga continues, this place will turn into a completely blue haired community sooner or later. Get out and vote for some progressive change instead of the old mentality of putting your dollars in a shoe box and hiding it under the floor boards.

Wentzville, MO

#4 Sep 7, 2010
Vote for the Do-ers not the Watchers.

United States

#5 Sep 9, 2010
This guy is a pathological liar. Why would anyone vote for him, other than to shut down the clubs, allow deadbeats to vote, or to try to protect Lake Forest from it's eventual closure.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#6 Sep 9, 2010
Change is good. The CA needs to change, it is limiting the potential for LSL to become a city that is equal for all. I know someone who was selling a house and ended up losing it to the bank because she couldn't afford the repairs the CA wanted done that were beyond what she had planned. The CA is making people lose houses in this economy.

New York, NY

#7 Sep 9, 2010
Some change is good. But reducing the degree to which the community is maintained is not good for the community. It may make life easier for people that can't afford to live in Lake Saint Louis, or those who simply don't want to maintain their properties, but all that tells me is that these people moved into the wrong town, not that the town in wrong.

Nice to learn that those that not only want to dismantle the CA also want to dismantle the City. That tells me all I need to know about Jerry's fan club.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#8 Sep 9, 2010
LSLDad, you are good at assumptions, any fact to support them? I could assume by your comments that you are an egotistical Hummer driver who cares nothing about the environment or their fellow man, and donate little to charity and steal from your company. I could assume that by the 'wrong town' you include blacks and Muslims who move into LSL as a part of that group. But that would be a baseless assumption, and useless.

So, please post facts or relevant opinions and less person attacks, because you only look silly doing that.

Saint Louis, MO

#9 Sep 9, 2010

You are so misinformed it is sad. You really think that the CA forced someone into foreclosure?

New York, NY

#10 Sep 9, 2010
LiSaL - What assumptions did I make, exactly? And how is Lake Saint Louis not equal for all? Anyone that can afford to live in Lake Saint Louis can. No restrictions beyond that. And I think that is exactly how it should be. I don't think that people that can't or won't follow the rules should be given a pass, however. If they are in the CA, follow the rules that they are obligated to follow, by contract, and I'll be happy to have them as my neighbor. If they don't live in the CA, then follow the City's laws, and all is well. I don't care what you look like, sound like, if or where you pray. I judge people on how they act, and don't really care about much else, since it either is not relevant to anything or is none of my business.

So, to help you better understand, when I say "wrong town", I mean that people moved into a community that they could either not afford, or whose rules they were not willing to follow. But nice job throwing out the race card so quickly. I don't see race when I meet someone, but obviously you do.

Sikeston, MO

#11 Sep 10, 2010
As usual you are confusing the LSL CA with the LSL City. The CA has no say over the repairs needed to sell a home.

I'll ask you again, if you hate it in LSL so much why don't you move?

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#12 Sep 10, 2010
jpowers, why I choose to live where i live is not anyone's business. That would be a symptom of the LSL attitude I refer to, not minding your own business.

Also, read again jackass, I never said the person wanted to make repairs to sell the house. And if you don't think the CA Architecture committee approves things before permits are allowed, you really don't know LSL CA politics. Or maybe you do, and you are an insider who gets the special treatment.
Either way, I don't care, the CA needs to change or be gone.

Sikeston, MO

#13 Sep 10, 2010
Read your post from yesterday and tell me who the jackass is now. Time for your meds!

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#14 Sep 10, 2010
jpowers, I really don't know what you mean. Maybe your delusions can clear long enough to clarify what you read from yesterday? Could you possibly mean the comment about repairs the CA wanted done instead of the minimum she planned to get clear of the debt? She wanted to seller the house, but the CA wanted more done, thus preventing approvals, thus preventing work getting done, thus preventing a sale, thus causing foreclosure.

Sorry if that was too complicated for you.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#15 Sep 10, 2010
It must suck to live in a community with high standards.
People move to LSL for many reasons. Of course, the lakes are one of the primary reasons, but I think if you ask around (and I have) you'll find lots of people who liked the idea of living at the lake, but drove around the community first before buying/building their homes. Their decision to move to LSL was based, in part, on the beauty of the community, and the manner in which it is maintained. Had the community looked like many areas in the county or neighboring cities, they may not have chosen to live in LSL. Heck, just drive over to Midwest Marine and on your way you'll see what this community could have looked like. Fine for some, but not what many people in LSL prefer.
The look of the community didn't happen by accident, it happened thanks to lots of hard work by many people who put plans in place to ensure a nice looking community, and then they worked to ensure those standards were followed. I applaud them.

New York, NY

#16 Sep 15, 2010
LiSaL - Your comment that the CA caused someone to lose their home really bothered me, so I went back and read it carefully to make sure I did not misunderstand you. And then I applied little common sense. You said "I know someone who was selling a house and ended up losing it to the bank because she couldn't afford the repairs the CA wanted done that were beyond what she had planned. The CA is making people lose houses in this economy." Are you telling us that the CA could prevent someone from doing repairs to their home? They can't. Only the City issues these kinds of permits, if they are required at all. The most the CA can do is tell a resident that their repairs will not meet CA standards, but this will not prevent the person from making the repairs. The worst that will happen is that the CA would suspend the person's CA access, but if this person was selling their home, this would not be an issue for them. So, the CA could not have prevented any repairs, and thus could not have prevented her from repairing or selling her home.
A resident

Wentzville, MO

#17 Sep 16, 2010
What kind of political campaign is this? I received this in my email today. I can't believe they have reverted to spamming, this group must be stopped!!!

From an email I recieved:

I Am Mad as Hell and I Am Not Going to Take It Any More!!!

The following three words describe the two incumbents that are running for our CA Board of Directors.

Irresponsible - Purchase of Edgewater Point. They spent $750,000 for a piece of property that it is doubtful is actually worth $350,000, and worst yet they have no practical use for it.

Disconnected – They are totally Out of Touch with the needs of our community as evident by them spending thousands of dollars for an election to increase our assessments with a 92% majority of the CA residents voting against it.

Conniving – Again they spent thousands of dollars to plot against the community on the bylaw election. They did this to keep the bylaws from being changed, so that they could continue to strong arm you and me. This was unconscionable! It was unethical! And most probably it was illegal!

If this is what a handful of residents mean by “keeping up the good work” we are in very serious trouble.

Our Community Association deserves better. Do these individuals not know the difference between right and wrong? We need to put a stop to this incompetency before there is nothing left to save.

The CA Board is not working in our best interest, so lets fix it by voting FOR Faye Johnston and Jerry Knott, and let the two incumbents know that you are “Mad as Hell and you're not going to take it any more”.

Thanks for your interest in our community, and please forward this email to all of your friends and neighbors that live in the CA.

Skokie, IL

#18 Sep 1, 2011
Jerry NUTT Knott has posted his support of two of the Watchers candidates for the CA BOD. Doesn't Jerry know that the CA does not care what his opinion is on anything?

Didn't he read his own website's opinion pole where the community gave him a FAILING grade?

His lies and secrets are finally getting exposed to the community!

Sikeston, MO

#19 Sep 6, 2011
Now Jerry has added Faye and Wayne W to his list of people supporting the Watchers candidates.

WOW there is a credibility boost!

Also I see that Jerry is taking credit for everything good that has happened to the CA recently - all of these things would have happened no matter who was on the BOD. What's next, are you going to take credit for inventing the internet?

While you are talking about all of the money you saved the CA, don't forget the 30k that you and Rick Massey wasted by suing the CA last year. AND the 20k that you secretly pushed through for the Paris Cove dredge - more wasteful spending of our CA dollars.

Get a clue Jerry!

Troy, MO

#20 Sep 6, 2011
To my way of thinking, Jerry has it right. I didn't always see it his way, but he makes a lot of sense.

I'm gladly supporting him and the rest of his follwoers. THey will be what the BOA needs in the new economy.

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