reasons to fire vandee

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#1 Aug 4, 2010
This is the first one: Lying to the Press: "VanDee told a paper regarding the grinder pumps quote: "“We also can’t afford to maintain them. In the past 20 months, the city has spent $362,000 to repair or replace about 10 percent of the pumps operating,” he said.“We simply don’t have the money to continue doing that.”

Looking at the Financial Statement 12-31-2009 Grinder pumps cost $140,973.49 As of 6-30-2010 cost was $37,958.91 for a total of $178,937.40. that is a difference of 183,062.60 WHERE DID THE DIFFERENCE GO?????
Sure makes you wonder about his record keeping doesn't it???

2. Sitting in Open meeting and going against City Ordinances - Lying about cleaning service going out for bid.

3. Disrespectful to the people of this city. Arguing with a woman at the Grinder Pump meeting..

4 Threatening an Alderman in the parking lot. Others heard him yelling and will vouch for the Alderman.

5. Yelling and losing his temper when aldermen try to call and talk to him. Very disrespectful to the aldermen.

6. Going against STATE Laws. That will soon be revealed.

7. Taking Park money out to pay bills and lying about not remembering it was said in open Board meeting that he didn't know he was to put it back or use it on an engineer within 6 months.

8. The city has been operating in the RED since January. He told the public a "windfall" was soon to come back in May. Still Waiting. He is responsible for the financials of the city and so far hasn't done a very good job.

9. Was ask to resign or be fired from his last 2 jobs in Dyersville, and Hiawatha Iowa, Failed to tell anyone that.

10. Telling people that MML says a City Administrator applying for a job in Lake Ozark should ask for 12 months severance pay. He is not smart enough to know MML would not subject themselves to a lawsuit by saying that..

11. Trying to take credit for the 12 Million dollar Grant that The Governor and MODOT acquired for the Horseshoe bend extension.

I am sure other people can add more to this list.
business owner

Osage Beach, MO

#2 Aug 4, 2010
Fire the people that hired him. And educate the Voters that elected them to that position.
Legal Eye

United States

#3 Aug 4, 2010
OK, fire the mayor.
The administrators position is a politcal appointment. It is so in all such cities.
The mayor ultimately picks and appoints such selection regardless if selected through a committee process or not. The Board then must approve the candidate, and whether you believe it or not, generally always approves the appointee
selected by the mayor because of what is considered generally acceptable political protocol.

This appears to be the case in Lake Ozark.

If the appointee does not live up to expectations
for whatever reason, the administrator, being
an "at will" employee regardless if contracted or not, according to state statutes, has the option to retain or dismiss the administrator with 2/3rds
or 4 votes as is the case in Lake Ozark.

Simply put, according to your statement, the mayor should be fired, and, it also appears that there are those on this site who have been trying to educate you.
It is just that is seems you do not want to believe in, or accept that education. I bet you were the same in your younger days. ie: always right, and everyone else is wrong and stupid.


Lake Saint Louis, MO

#4 Aug 4, 2010
This is believable "Not fabrications, but headlines from Dyersville, Iowa local newspaper--
Sounds familiar doesn't it! As always, Lake Ozark did not do a thorough background search. More to come.

Feb. 18,2003
DYERSVILLE, Iowa - About 100 people packed the Memorial Building for the Dyersville City Council meeting Monday night.
Some demanded change from the city council and administration. Some asked questions. And some showed support for the council and staff.
"People are here for a reason. They are not happy. Not all, but some," said former mayor Bob "Gar" Kramer, who presented a petition on which he said he had the signatures of 114 people who were expressing "no confidence" in City Administrator Dave Van Dee.

March 5, 2003
DYERSVILLE, Iowa - Former Dyersville Mayor Bob "Gar" Kramer said he finds many of the city's responses to residents' questions and complaints unsatisfactory.
Citizens lodged the complaints and offered petitions indicating they had no confidence in City Administrator Dave Van Dee at the Feb. 17 city council meeting. The city provided written responses to those complaints after Monday night's council meeting.

Appears that Lake Ozark is not the only place where a lucrative one sided contracts are given.
But, it isn't it odd that Vandee happens to be involved?

April 15, 2003 in Dyersville-
Despite a petition signed by about 300 residents in February asking for Dyersville City Administrator Dave Van Dee's removal, the city council voted April 7 to renew his employment contract.
Van Dee will receive a salary increase of $1,500 per year for a total of $58,000. He also will receive a monthly car allowance of $300.....

July 8, 2003
DYERSVILLE, Iowa - Despite objections from a handful of citizens, the Dyersville City Council passed a three-year employee agreement for the position of police chief Monday night.
Under the agreement, if the chief is not reappointed or he or she is dismissed without cause, the city must pay him or her six months of severance pay plus benefits.
Also, if the mayor demotes the chief, he or she will maintain a chief's salary and benefits.
City Administrator Dave Van Dee said the agreement was standard, and he did not see anything controversial about it.
But former Mayor Bob "Gar" Kramer, a vocal critic of Van Dee and current Police Chief Martin Botts, argued

An audit? Another audit very soon after the original audit of the city. Petitioned by citizens, but the state agreed that it was neccessary and warranted because of some shennanigans that were goin on.
To substantiate that, look at the article clips from the Telegraph -Herald paper there that even made comments about the report of nepotism by the city hiring Vandees wife also !
This is not the only issues the poor city of Dyersville had with him. Again, these are not made up. They are actual clips from the newspaper archives from Iowa. Look them up yourself. They are all public information.

July 26, 2003
DYERSVILLE, Iowa - After receiving a petition from a group of Dyersville residents, the Iowa State Auditor's office has agreed to re-audit the city's books.
"Based on a review of the records, the state found it appropriate and necessary to do a re-audit of the city of Dyersville," said Molly Evers, one of the petitioners. She declined to say why the residents asked for the audit.
Evers said someone from the auditor's office was in Dyersville this week looking at city records. The auditor's office confirmed that the audit is taking place but said it cannot comment on it until it makes a report to the Dyersville City Council. A date for the report has yet to be …

Telegraph - Herald (Dubuque); October 5, 2003; MARY RAE BRAGG and by ASSOCIATED PRESS; ... recommending the city establish procedures ... was hired by the city clerk to work ... the hiring of Van Dee's wife. "It ... unclear whether the city clerk is authorized .. no confidence" in Van Dee.

Want some more VamDee??
Part 1
business owner

Osage Beach, MO

#6 Aug 5, 2010
There was a very interesting article in todays LAKE TODAY. About Lake Ozark City Administrator, Mr. Dave Van Dee.

"Van Dee currently being paid $69,000.00 annually." (add FICA & WORK COMP aprox 20% or $13,000.00, more or less.

"In addition to his salary, the City Administrator also receives health benifits" (estimated $12,000.00, more or less. "Employment Retirement (unknown). "paid membership dues in local civic clubs, organizations, payment of attorney fees - paid subscriptions to industrial magazines and periodicals."

Mr. George Stanton with the help of MoDOT and other agancies should be given credit for the building of Stanton Road a/k/a Highway 242. This was all in the mill before Mr Van Dee hit town.

You figure it out and let me know your answere.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#7 Aug 5, 2010
Heres the article from Lake Today: QUOTE
"LO Board,Van Dee will renegotiate

Dave Van Dee, Lake Ozark City Administrator
Published: Wednesday, August 4, 2010 9:48 AM CDT

City Administrator says he may not be amenable to new employment terms

By Ceil Abbott
The Lake Today

At a special meeting Monday, the Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen voted 5 to 1 to renegotiate the city's contract with City Administrator Dave Van Dee, but Van Dee told The Lake Today he isn't sure he is willing to change the terms of his employment.

"I don't know if I am willing to renegotiate or not, at least not until I hear some of their terms," Van Dee said. "But I'll tell you this, with what I know today, the answer is no."

Van Dee was referring to a move by several members of the board who would like to substantially reduce the amount of severance pay agreed to in his current contract.

Van Dee's one-year employment contract with the city will expire Aug. 18. In that contract, the board agreed to pay Van Dee a total of nine months salary if he is let go for any reason during the duration of the contract.

Van Dee is currently being paid $69,000 annually. Several members of the board have been critical of Van Dee's handling of city affairs, including Alderman Susan Drummond, who was the sole board member to vote against the renegotiation. Following Monday's meeting, Drummond indicated she was against continuing Van Dee's employment under any circumstances. "I didn't even want to renegotiate at all," Drummond said.

The meeting began with a number of city residents speaking in support of Van Dee, asking board members to reconsider their position on the contract.

"I do not think it is the time to hire or free anybody from employment," said city resident Laura Edwards. "Don't cut his severance."

Edwards went on to say she has had a number of dealings with Van Dee in the past years and while he didn't always tell her what she wanted to hear, he always stuck strictly to what types of actions were allowed under city ordinances.

Another city resident, Jerry Adams, a former member of the Missouri State Water Patrol and a neighbor of Van Dee, said he believes Van Dee has done a good job and it is difficult to find quality people to "come down here" to work in tax-dollar paid positions.

He urged board members to sit down with Van Dee and "work out" any differences they may have with the way he is handling city business, because filling the position with someone else as knowledgeable about how to run a city is going to be difficult.

"If you lose Dave," Adams said. "you probably won't be able to get someone who can do a better job."

Although several more individuals spoke in support of Van Dee, there were two who expressed the belief it would be in the best interest of the city if his contract were not renewed.


Lake Saint Louis, MO

#8 Aug 5, 2010
City resident Carol Colvin said, to her knowledge, Van Dee had "broken several city ordinances," however, she did not specify what those ordinances were. And resident Ron Lundsford referred to an incident involving "sewer grinder pumps" in which he believed Van Dee had not acted in the best interest of city residents.

Under the terms of the current contract, board members agreed if Van Dee is dismissed, the city will pay "a lump sum cash payment equal to nine months aggregate salary; provided, however, that in the event Employee (Van Dee) is terminated because of his conviction of any illegal act involving personal gain to him, then, in that event, Employer (the city) shall have no obligation to pay the aggregate severance sum designated in this paragraph."

The contract goes on to spell out how the severance package will be handled should Van Dee leave the city for any other reason than a dismissal by the board. Included in those descriptions are such scenarios as his resignation and an ongoing illness or disability.

In addition to his salary, the city administrator also receives health benefits, an automobile for his use while performing city business, the right to contribute to the employee retirement program, paid membership dues in local civic clubs and organizations, payment of attorney fees for legal actions occurring pursuant to his job and paid subscriptions to industry magazines and periodicals

A couple of those ordinances were Not sending the cleaning out for bid. AND lying about the supposed bids for the remodeling. No bids in writing were ever received.

Broke State Statutes by not filing the work with Wage and Labor.

Was heard threatening Alderman Drummond in the parking lot.

Talking with a man at MML, I think VanDee LIED about someone telling him he should ask for a 12 month severance pay since Lake Ozark had a problem with terminating City Administrator. Do you really believe that???

This guy is a REAL PIECE OF WORK!!!. FIRE HIM!!!!!
fire van dee

Saint Louis, MO

#9 Dec 23, 2012
This guy is a scourge to the city, he yells at the public, pretends like he is some mafia don running the town.

When is he outta here?

It's the mayor's fault for hiring him in the first place, fire them both!
Im watching you

Eldon, MO

#10 Dec 23, 2012
Isn't it funny that people have been Bitc*ing about Van Dee for over 2 years, yet none of the aldermen have the BALLS to get him fired. Drummond was the only one that could see through him when she was an alderman but none of the others had the BALLS to stand behind her when she tried to get him fired.

Now all you have are a bunch of butt lickers sitting up there afraid to do anything about this sewer rat feeding off the citizens of LO. What a shame.

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