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Lake Saint Louis, MO

#1 Aug 1, 2010
Emailed to me by Buschjost: " Mr Van Dee has worked very hard to secure a 12 million dollar grant from the Dept. of Transportation for the extension of the Horsebend Parkway."

Who does he think he is kidding? That grant was between MODOT and Horseshoe Bend. THE BOARD had to approve this NOT VANDEE!!! Read this carefully, VanDee is VERY disrespectful to the people of this town and the Board of Aldermen.

Buschjost writes: "The City of Lake Ozark cannot afford anymore "quacks" to manage our affairs!"

Thats what we have now thats why he needs to be FIRED!!!

He is worthless, bullying, egotistical, arrogant and an embarassment to this city. He needs to be fired...

How does Buschjost know whats going on?? He's out of town most of the time then accuses the Aldermen of making decisions while he is gone behind his back. Excuse me, Maybe he should attend more meetings!!! AND he is the one that wrote this email behind other aldermens backs... This is just an example of how there is NO COMMUNICATION between Johnnie, VanDee and the majority of the board!!!

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#2 Aug 1, 2010
Buschjost wrote: "attend this Special Board Meeting and voice your concerns."

WHY is the public allowed to speak at this SPECIAL MEETING, when JOHNNIE wouldn't let the public speak at the last Two when he, VanDee, Matt, and Gibbons were RUDE to the people that had problems with their grinder pumps.

Now all of a sudden, the public is allowed to speak at this one because people like Buschjost is sending out emails to a lot of citizens that don't even attend meetings, to speak out for someone that is sucking the money from the very citizens he has been rude to AND not doing his job. He has been told by the Aldermen to do things, and he has refusedto do what they ask. So far, I don't think he could HONESTLY name 10 things he has done to benefit this city or it's people.
Heres a good example: 1 no more spring cleanup
2, 300 citizens he wanted to make responsible for replacing worn out CITY grinder pumps even after Attorney General mandated the city be responsible for pumps.
3. Raised Sewer bills.
4. Broke the Sunshine Law by not giving information in 72 hours
AND Buschjost wants this kind of person running our city?????????

United States

#3 Aug 1, 2010
I am a bit perplexed by Mr. Bushjost's position on the grinder pumps,saying the city should not take care of them, since he was the first in line arguing that the city should take care of "his" pumps and the rest of Beacon Points pumps a couple of years ago.
How could he be so about face on issues ike this and keep straight face when trying to persude people to the way he thinks it should be, now that his pumps are fixed?

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#4 Aug 1, 2010
This is just typical of the conspiracy Johnnie,and his "Buddies" Bushshit, Neels, Gibbons, and VanDee are pulling behind the other aldermens backs. Now Bushshit, It seems you are going behind your fellow aldermens backs. And you expect the people to respect YOU??? What a laugh, you bitch when you go out of town and accuse the others of doing things behind your back and LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!! This is unacceptable behavior by a person that is supposed to represent the GOOD of the people of this city.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#5 Aug 1, 2010
More of Buschjost's email: "I talked with one of the developers yesterday and he is very disappointed this issue is now taking up the Board's time and dividing the City once again over personal issues which have nothing to do with the betterment of the City." Really, just WHO was that developer?

This is really a good one by Buschjost: "As you know, in the recent past, the City has had numerous law suits filed against them paying out over $400,000 in deductibles. The City has not had one lawsuit since Van Dee came on board."

The past lawsuits have been because of the POLICE DEPARTMENT and not one lawsuit has been filed since Chief Maples has taken over NOT because of VanDee.Lets get that VERY STRAIGHT...

And Yes the city has had a lawsuit since VanDee has been here = His name is Charles Clark...

The city scraped the bottom of the barrel when they hired VanDee because there was no one else to pick from.
About to fall

Saint Louis, MO

#6 Aug 1, 2010
Buschjost, Johnnie and Dave know this administration is about to fall! And they are back-peddling as fast as they can.
You are right, Buschjost does not make a lot of meetings but he sure has a lot to say about issues he has not taken part in. He does not know what is taking place while he is off playing and not doing the job he was voted in to do.
As far as our mayor, it's time to start the search for the next mayor of Lake Ozark. Apirl 2011 will be here before we know it.
Dave VanDee is so full of himself he can't see the light. Time for someone that knows how to run a city.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#7 Aug 1, 2010
WHY is Buschjost emailing people not even in his ward??? with this crap. I'll bet him and cortney are really busy today trying to find people that don't even come to meeting nor know what is going on in the city, to come tomorrow night. What a pity, so many people can be scammed and taken in by these dirty people, and speak of things they don't even know about.

United States

#8 Aug 1, 2010
Better than that,,,, why is neighbors of Vandee emailing people in our city? Because as they said
"they are going to fire our neighbor!"
I guess Vandee is even cring to his neighbors in Osage Beach !!
Sounds to me that these people who are complaining do not know what is really going on and why!
But that is just like Lake Ozark.

Lake Ozark, MO

#9 Aug 1, 2010
Lets let the record speak for itself: One, the horseshoe bend project funding came about in this manner: One, in January 2009, then city administrator filed for a stimulous grant on behalf of the city of Lake Ozark (that is part of the funding that is now approved. Jason Van Eton, a well connected consultation who was then working with the city and the developers followed through on the plan and three, Senator Kip Bond did some major lifting in getting it funded. The four people most responsible in order of priority at the last (not the ones who did the most work throughout) in getting it funded were Van Eton, Kip Bond, the Governor,(the rest is a tie between Clark and George Stanton), no city of lake ozark official comes even close to that group, the mayor and the new ca, didnt do anything. The mayor even claimed that he didnt know anything about the application despite the fact that the whole board including him was briefed on it. go figure.

As far as the chief and lawsuits, there have been several filed for actions that were under his watch. At least three that i know of, maybe four.

Bushjost is just trying to light a backfire. the board is on the verge on not renewing Van Dee contract, if they dont it will effectively strip Buschjost, the mayor and the ruling junta of power. they are trying to warn off the board again.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#10 Aug 1, 2010
If there are lawsuits against the police dept. why aren't they on ?

Lake Ozark, MO

#11 Aug 2, 2010
Mad wrote:
If there are lawsuits against the police dept. why aren't they on ?
Casenet (missouri casenet) doesnt list those suits that originate in federal courts. They list the ones originating in state courts.

Saint Louis, MO

#12 Aug 2, 2010
3 or 4 lawsuits? The insurance guy and the newspaper reported no new lwasuits in the last two almost three years. Wow Mr. C you really like to stir the pot. LOL. Tell us more about the federal lawsuits??? The ones that don't even exist.

Lake Ozark, MO

#13 Aug 2, 2010
Really wrote:
3 or 4 lawsuits? The insurance guy and the newspaper reported no new lwasuits in the last two almost three years. Wow Mr. C you really like to stir the pot. LOL. Tell us more about the federal lawsuits??? The ones that don't even exist.
Thats odd, dont you think? if, as you say, there hadnt been lawsuits in the last two years, why do you think that the last insurance company cancelled on the city and their deductible is now fifty thousand dollars each case when before it was three thousand? Hmm. You simply dont know what you are talking about or worse you are spreading falsehoods and trying to cover up for somebody.

I dont know about three or four, but i do know, by the dates published in the paper on the garrison matter than braun got sued on, mark maples was the chief then.

I also know that the former receptionist got paid $6,000. You wont find that on casenet either, but it happened. Bury your head in the sand if you want to, but freedom, seems to know what he is say for a fact.

Mansfield, TX

#14 Aug 2, 2010

Lake Ozark, MO

#15 Aug 2, 2010
LOL wrote: ch?query=City+of+Ozark&sta te=missouri
Very clever. Who is able to block where they are posting from? Someone who works for the webhost? Someone working for the media? A Cop? A lawyer? No matter, but still clever.

Your search still missed at least two: the Twitchell matter for example, that is probably because it was an eeoc matter. Then there is RIS and Clark lawsuits in state courts that add to the list. I think there are also some more federal cases as well. I dont know why your search parameter didnt pick them up, but I think there are more than the ones you list.

United States

#16 Aug 3, 2010
from pacer

Bankruptcy Results
Party Name Court Case Ch Date Filed Date Closed Disposition

1 City of Lake Ozark (cr) moebke 4:93-bk-46630 11 12/30/1993 06/28/2000 Discharge Not Applicable
Civil Results
Party Name Court Case NOS Date Filed Date Closed

2 City of Lake Ozark (dft) mowdce 2:2008-cv-04157 440 07/03/2008 09/17/2008
3 City of Lake Ozark (dft) mowdce 2:2008-cv-04222 440 09/10/2008 09/08/2009
4 City of Lake Ozark (dft) mowdce 2:2009-cv-04039 442 03/05/2009 09/08/2009
5 City of Lake Ozark, Missouri (dft) mowdce 2:2005-cv-04236 440 07/29/2005 11/09/2006
6 City of Lake Ozark, Missouri (dft) mowdce 2:2006-cv-04002 440 01/05/2006 03/06/2007
7 City of Lake Ozark, Missouri (dft) mowdce 2:2007-cv-04034 440 02/14/2007 04/25/2007
8 City of Lake Ozark, Missouri (dft) mowdce 2:2008-cv-04196 440 07/29/2008 02/18/2009
9 City of Lake Ozark, Missouri (dft) mowdce 2:2008-cv-04200 440 08/01/2008 02/23/2009
10 City of Lake Ozark, Missouri (dft) mowdce 2:2008-cv-04294 440 12/04/2008
11 City of Lake Ozark, Missouri (dft) mowdce 2:2009-cv-04127 440 07/08/2009 10/21/2009
Criminal Results
Party Name Court Case Date Filed Date Closed

12 City of Lake Ozark (dft) mowdce 2:2008-cr-04036 08/25/2008 05/12/2009
Appellate Results
Party Name Court Case NOS Date Filed Date Closed

13 City of Lake Ozark (pty) 08cae 07-1819 3440 04/09/2007 09/15/2008
14 City of Lake Ozark (pty) 08cae 09-3381 3440 10/13/2009 04/02/2010
15 City of Lake Ozark (pty) 08cae 09-3769 3440 12/03/2009 03/25/2010

Saint Louis, MO

#17 Aug 3, 2010
Hey, U can't fix dumb. The city continues to have suits. The cops have not had any new ones but the city is the city. But I am tired of trying to explain things to those who think they know everything. Good luck with that.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#18 Aug 3, 2010
Plaintiff: Tonya Loyd Filed: 03/05/2009 Terminated: 09/08/2009

Plaintiff: Robert Test, Jr., Robert Test, III,, Brandy Bremer, Billy Hendren,
Defendant: Lake Ozark City, Miller County,Brett Braun, Alex Baker, Dale Heiser, Randy Loyd, Tonya Loyd, Filed: 02/09/2010,Demand:$2000000,Cau se: 42:1983 Civil Rights Act, Last entry was 7-30-2010. This case is still ongoing. Notice this one is for 2 million $$ Somebody said no new cases since VanDee was here, well, this is a good one..

United States

#19 Aug 3, 2010
Well, so much for the propaganda that the city is lawsuit free since Vandee took over.
What a crock. This city will never change. Lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit. They can argue that the city is lawsuit free since
he has come in office, but truth is, there are some. Just they are keeping them under wraps. But they will surface eventially and then see who they can blame them on then!

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#20 Aug 3, 2010
If the majority of the board (VanDonsel, Drummond, Davis and Langley) had not stopped JOHNNIE AND DAVE from charging the people for the grinder pumps and repairs, which went against the AG judgment against the city (the consent judgement that Johnnie himself signed) there would have been at least 3 more lawsuits and more since the old city grinder pumps lifespan is over and they wanted to dump them on the people.

Buschjost and Neels voted to make the people responsible. Just thought you should know.

Thank goodness we have 4 aldermen that are standing up for the people. Remember who they are in April.

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