Review: Rachetti's Ristorante

Review: Rachetti's Ristorante

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dow chem

Wilmington, IL

#1 Feb 14, 2010
Rachettis is the best Italian food we have here ever. Their Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is authentic and straight from Chicago. Their menu has something for everyone and I love the bar....only bar in town that you can get a deep dish pizz with your beer! Can't say enough, please open more in texas!
Dave_goes_CRAZY_ MAD

Conroe, TX

#2 Apr 4, 2010
My family and I have stayed at the Cherotel dozens of times but had never had a bad experience until now that they changed the restaurant to Rachettis. The night before Easter, one of the owners, Dave, the DJ, who hogs the mike went out of his way to be rude on the mike simply because our daughter had Dominos Pizza delivered because the restaurant was no longer serving since it was after 11:00 and according to their signs at the restaurant as well as what the waitresses there and the front desk tell you, they do not serve food after 11:00, therefore if you're hungry, you need to order out for delivery. While she was waiting for the pizza, we sat at the bar and had a drink. She met the delivery guy from Domino's at the front desk and on her way back to her room, came by to let her fiancee know that the pizza was here. Well Dave went crazy mad, assuming she was going to eat it in front of him while he was singing, on the mike said "Get that s___ out of here - I have never been so mad!" and then yelled out to my daughter's fiancee, again on the mike for everyone to hear "Get her out of here, get her out of here" in a voice that said "if you don't, I will kill her" as if she had committed a crime. And then continued singing. When he fnished, my husband told him how rude he was by doing that and Dave stormed out like a child, walking back and forth for everyone to see his crazed attitude. He did not even apologize to our daughter until after she found him and apologized to him and explained what her intentions were and that they were not to bring the pizza there, even though they were not serving food any more. It was the way he went about it, he could have asked her nicely not to bring the pizza in the restaurant if he thought those were her intentions but he just jumped to conclusions and cussed and got outrate on the mike and also instigated some of the customers there to holler at her and tell her to get out of there! That is not only very poor customer service, but really scary the way someone could act like they want to kill a customer for bringing food into the hotel - not even to the restaurant. Actually, we did order the broushetta appetizer the night before while we were having drinks and never got it, after about 45 minutes, we asked one of the other waitresses about it and she came back after checking on it and said that the waitress that we had placed the order with said that we were thinking and talking about ordering it but didn't place the order. So, realizing we were not going to get good service with the food, went to Chili's to eat supper, came back to the bar and ordered the broushetta again and got it this time but regretted it - it was horrible! They need to shut him down for his madness! Next time, he might kill someone!

Lake Jackson, TX

#3 Apr 8, 2010
if this woman was so fearful why would she return to the bar at 2:00am alone mind you to Dave how she had insomnia and how he was a jerk. He apologized to both the hubsand and daughter who seem to have accepted his apology. He continued to ask her what he could do to make it better for her but she continued to call him a jerk. My question is how are you sleeping now

Houston, TX

#4 Apr 9, 2010
Who said anything about insomnia or being fearful? No reason to be fearful - there are authorities to handle those kind of people - send them where they belong - to the NUT HOUSE! The guy WAS being a jerk - next time he may not run across people who are as easy going as these people were! Sleeping great - no worries - not staying at the hotel where the CRAZY MAD MAN hangs out.
Dave_goes_CRAZY_ MAD

Conroe, TX

#5 Apr 9, 2010
Well, this just goes to show you that whoever posted insomnia just does not get it!

Texans do not behave like that, and he is an JERK!

And the piza, if that is what it realy is, should be left in chicago, becuase it is not good.

As far as the husband is concerned, he simply did not want to go to jail for kicking his A@%, for his retarded behavior.

New Orleans, LA

#6 Apr 9, 2010
Sorry to say, but regardless of the drama the owner caused in his own place of business along with his lack of singing skills and his little man syndrome attitude, the food speaks for itself… it is horrible. Honestly go to cici’s pizza and that is 10 times better than what this hillbilly’s restaurant has to offer.

Palestine, TX

#7 Apr 11, 2010
In reply to the original comment by "Dave_goes_CRAZY_ MAD
Katy, TX "

It sounds to me like this lady is mad because at a restaurant owner for keeping her daughter from bringing outside food into his restaurant. Maybe he didn't handle this really well, but this girl had to be an ignorant fool to bring outside food into another restaurant. That is like bringing McDonalds into Burger King and eating it...very very rude.

I frequent Rachetti's on a regular basis...sometimes 4 times a week and the food is awesome! In fact, it is the only authentic Chicago style pizza in the area. Dave has always been cordial to me and everyone else. These people must have really pissed him off for him to act like this.

I highly doubt that he stated he would kill In fact, I spoke with the bartender on duty that night and she said Dave tried to apologize to the mother at 2am when she returned to the bar alone claming she couldn't sleep because of him. Then began calling him names and really wouldn't discuss what her issue was. Dave even asked her what he could do to make things better for her and she just called him names...psycho if you ask me!!! The bartender also told me how rude these people were and how 2 of the waitresses wouldn't even wait on them because of how awful the acted.

It is also kind of funny because if the food was so horrible why did these people return to the restaurant for breakfast the next morning. Sounds to me like this lady really needs a reality check.

My advice to anybody who reads this...check out Rachetti's in the won't be dissapointed. The food, atmosphere, and owners are great people and fun to be around unless you a disrespectful, rude person from Katy TX.

PS...I would love to see dad return to try and kick Dave's ass....I think he would be on his back feeling pretty stupid.

Houston, TX

#8 Apr 12, 2010
LOL! COME ON! It is obvious that the only person who is responding to these replys on behalf of Rachetti's is DAVE, THE CRAZY MAD MAN PSYCHO himself - trying to retaliate because he knows there was no reason for him to go mad the way he did - even his own employees came out and apologized to us after he pulled that stupid stunt as well as the hotel staff! You can add Liar to your resume - you know there was no bartender or no one around when I confronted you, so you're lying and as far as names - all I called you was a jerk, unlike you, Dave, I do not have to use bad words or the mike to be rude and disrespectful and put down someone. And my point was only to discuss the issue of how stupid and rude you had acted - that was the issue - you didn't get it, did you? As far as the bartender and the waitresses, we had no problem with none of them except for the one who didn't order our appetizer and said we were thinking about ordering it but didn't put in the order. And who said anything about returning for breakfast? Of course, you're going to be cordial to yourself, Dave, because you don't care about anyone but yourself! You're right, it is rude to bring food into someone else's restaurant BUT NO ONE WAS TRYING TO DO THAT - READ THE FACTS since obvously you have forgotten the facts that inspired that night! You frequent? Rachetti's - I guess you mean you frequently eat there - well that's because you own part of it, so you don't have a choice! Who goes to a restaurant in Lake Jackson who lives in Humble 4 times a week? Really - you are not doing a good job of disguising yourself! And as far as the comment you made about the Dad returning to kick your a__, BE CAREFUL - that sounds like a treat to me! Keep it up Dave and you will have the authorities on your a__ because you or no one is worth getting in trouble for.

New Orleans, LA

#9 Apr 12, 2010
haha Dave your funny :) you give everyone a good laugh. sorry your business is going to fell. as you have done in life. it must suck to have never graduated high shcool or have anything to be proud of. oh and you sound like a dying cow on the mike so i guess dont quit your day job (making crap food) enough said. Ciao!

Houston, TX

#10 Apr 12, 2010
I meant that sounds like a threat, not a treat (misspelled). Seriously, don't go around threatening people - just because you got away with cussing does not mean you will get away with threats - just man up and face the fact that you were rude & disrespectul for no reason other than your insecurities because someone had brought food in there in the past and you took it out on the wrong person - and everyone saw it. Peace!
Savannah Leigh

New Orleans, LA

#11 Apr 12, 2010
Ok this is all gone far enough. This is the “ignorant daughter” that “attempted” to bring outside food into this restaurant. I have been reading these riduclous post and all I have to say is bottom line is after I was walking towards (not even into the bar), to get my fiancé to come join me in my hotel room for the food we ordered, Dave did yell on the mike, used curse words, ect. I proceeded to get my fiancé(as first intended) and went on my way. To be honest what Dave did had no bearing effect on me in the first place, as I had not intended on sitting there and eating, which is why I was coming to get my fiancé in the first place.
The entire reason that outside food was even ordered was because at 11:10 at night, when I called the front desk from my hotel room, they said that the restaurant did not make food after 11pm, which was understandable since that is what their sign says at the restaurant itself, along with the brochures in the hotel room, for the restaurant. I guess I should have known to disregard what both the front hotel staff and the advertisement for the restaurant says and try to go head and make them make me food after 11 anyways. BUT since I did what anyone else would do after they have been told that the kitchen is closed for the night, I proceeded to order delivery food which then references back to paragraph one, which is when Dave chose to act very unethical.
The remainder of the night, Dave was no longer doing Karaoke, and was running back and forth to the front and back of the restaurant/bar. I finally was able to stop him and explain to him that regardless of the way he spoke to me, on a microphone in front of the people that were there at the bar at the time, that I never intended on bringing any food in there to eat there. I find it some what amusing Dave that you are calling me ignorant, even though you, plus the lady that was with you, and another person whom works there all apologized to me and said that you mis read the situation.. which you did.
Savannah Leigh

New Orleans, LA

#12 Apr 12, 2010
I have nothing more to say other than facts. Correct me if I am wrong for any of them. The only one who was at fault was you Dave for misunderstand the situation and taking it way out of context for your behavior, which is what you have already apologized for, so I will just pretend the ignorant girl comment is not from you or anyone associated with you that choose to apologize to me, because that would make you what they call… two faced.
As far as the waitresses go, and our “rudeness”. What’s odd about that, is that one of them even claimed to recognize me from somewhere and told me that she thought I was a very pretty girl. I then went in to tell her how I am a professional model for Hawaiian Tropic, Darque tan, Monster Energy, Bikini USA, TAPOUT, UFC and have been in magazines throughout the world such as Maxim, Seventeen, Glamour, ect. This was on Friday while I was at the bar chatting with the very kind girl there that night. Then, for some odd reason, the girls the next night were not as nice, and one even mentioned something about recognizing me as well, but wasn’t nice. Then it seemed that the rest of the waitresses from that point going forward did not want to wait on me or my family. Could it have been that they were possibly intimidated for having someone with a name sitting in their bar?
For the record, I would have never even been inside a restaurant such as this with the way the girls that worked there acted, if it were not for my family staying at the hotel (which the hotel itself happens to be the most decent one for the town). I am not implying that I am to good to be somewhere like this, as I would never treat anyone that way because I have always been very modest and would never treat anyone lower that I. However, the waitresses all seemed to have that (I hate her because shes beautiful attitude).
So It left me under the impression that this was a typical small town place with small town girls who are easily intimidated, as well as bar/restaurant owners who misread situations and act upon them. I am not going to say anything negative other than what I observed for the time I stayed at the hotel. As far as the food goes, I cant say much other than the flat bread Brushetta that was Ordred by my fiancé and I for my father since they never put his order in the first time we went. All I can say about that was that my fiancé is from England, and has never tried brushetta before, which I was excited for him to since it is one of my favorite Italian dishes. He spit in into his napkin so then I tried it, it was not very pleasing by any means. I had to then take my fiancé to Carmelo’s in Houston (amazing authentic Italian food) to get him to change his opinion on what Brushetta should really look/taste like.
To sum this up, the only things that embarrassed me was the way the waitresses acted towards us along with Dave’s outburst, and the food because I was trying to show my fiancé that Americans are proper as well as people from England and have amazing food to offer, even in small towns, but what I was hoping to show him was completely opposite from what we experience in Rachetti’s Restaurant.

New Orleans, LA

#13 Apr 12, 2010
AND FOR THE RECORD, if you do not close your restaurant at 11pm, then maybe you broachers for your restaurant, along with the signs in the restaurant itself should not reflect so. Anyone sitting in the bar that night was witness how I was only going to get my fiancé to join me in my room for pizza. What Dave did, honesly had no bearing on me since I was only coming to the bar (not even restaurant portion of the place) to again, get my fiancé to come back to the room, which is what I proceeded to do, regardless of how Dave chose to get on the Mike and let it be known to everyone there. So again, that is not what affected me by any means, my fiancé and I actually just went back to our hotel room and laughed about it for a while, and then went back to the bar to drink some more, since those were our original plans. When I returned, Dave was no where to be found, and for the remainder of the night did not continue to do Karaoke. It wasn’t until I found him and told him how he misunderstood what was going on, that he apologized. In fact, Dave, along with three other people working there apologized, and even when I went to the blonde lady assisting him with Karaoke, and explained to her the situation, he exact words were “he’s a big boy, he will get over it”. So, again, I was not really effected by the uncalled for outburst that Dave did, but more so by the girl hate girl staff that worked there, along with the quality of the food we had ordered the night before. Everything else is history and I have said what I needed to say. I am not going to come back and continue to read all these ridiculous comments as Dave along with his staff has already apologized, and now coming here to make direct comments about my ignorance which again, I am going to choose to ignore being you have all already admitted your faults and any other comments from you are none of my concern. If it makes anyone feel any better, look me up or go to my website and order one of the many magazines or calendars I have been in, I will send you an autographed copy if that will make you happy. But as far as reading all these comments, I have nothing more to say, and any response to mine will not be seen so future reference, I wouldn’t waste your time any more than you already have.
Get Over It

Houston, TX

#14 Apr 12, 2010
Sounds to me like this Dave guy just needs to get over it. It's obvious that he is the one replying for Rachetti's by his advice of: anybody who reads this...check out Rachetti's in the won't be dissapointed. The food, atmosphere, and owners are great people and fun to be around unless you a disrespectful, rude person from Katy TX. He was the one who was very rude, disrespectul and unprofessional on top of it all and he knows it. He found an innocent young girl to take his frustrations out on when he should have taken it out on the person who actually did bring food to the restaurant; but it was probably a dude.

United States

#15 Apr 12, 2010
Hi Everyone.....I am sorry that you thought previous reply's were me. However it wasn't. I would use my name just like now for I have nothing to hide. I am not lying ... previous comments were not made by me. I am not going to continue this ridiculous bashing that all have you have started on this page. However, I will present some facts:

#1) This young lady did a big thing by apologizing to me before I could her just do to the fact I was really busy and din't have all the facts.

#2) I am not a mic hog...I didn't even run the karaoke most of the night and sang only two songs. My wife and employee (Joe) were working karaoke. We are known in the area for giving everyone a chance to sing wether good or is a bar game and fun for everyone!!!

#3) We do close the kitchen at 11pm, unless we are busy. Then we keep the oven on and offer oven baked products such as pizzas, calzones and breadsticks to our customers after regular restaurant business hours. In fact, we are discussing keeping the restaurant open later due to an increasing demand. At that time the only people cooking are my brother and/or I. Our cooks leave at regular closing hours. We are just trying to present good customer service and take care of our customers. The new employee at the front desk wasn't aware of this and since Savanah called the front desk and not 620 like the menu card in the room shows...she received false information.

#4) I am not a liar, when Savannah's mother re-entered the bar around 2am, my bartender came and found me in the back and was right there when she voiced her frustrations. Sounds to me like someone else has a problem with lying. Not me.

#5) I did not yell over the mic when I told Savanah to leave. These are professional cardiod mics that have built in wind screens to keep outside bar noise out of the system. I pulled the mic to the side and turned to say what I had to say. Sorry if you feel different, but that is the truth.

#6) I am very educated and hold a bachelors degree from a division 1 school and have earned over 200 hours of college credit as well as a teaching certificate in 2 states. Until October 12th, when I purchased the bar and restaurant, I was a school teacher for the last 13 out of 15 years.

#7) That night was a frustrating night and overly busy for the staff that I had. Part of being a new business. Hindsight is 20/20 and I would change my initial reaction in this situation if I had to do it again.

#8) I apologize to all for this getting so ugly on here. Maybe, I should have commented back sooner.

Later Guys and Gals ....see you at the Restaurant...according to most .... we really have great food.


United States

#16 Apr 12, 2010
PS....I wasn't going to reply to any of this....but it got out of hand. I needed to say something.

Magnolia, TX

#17 Apr 21, 2010
Dave did offer to make her a pizza at no charge, if she would through that piza away.

He did appologize to me when I spoke with him after he finished singing.

We had a great time there the night before, exept the forgotten order and he really does have an excellent karaoke system.

I understand the frustrations of oppening a new business, hope all goes well for him.

I think it was all blownn out of proportion.

Clute, TX

#18 Jun 9, 2010
we went to dinner 05/08/10 and we got there at 7:45. we didn't get our food until 9:15. the roast beef sandwich we ordered was spoiled (disgusting!) the waitresses couldn't find a manager. our waitress told us that 3 other people had compained about that sandwich. later that night, EVERYONE was sick! i won't go into details, but it wasn't pretty. i went up there to find a manager the next day, he was very rude, and said there was nothing he could do. i left, and we called back a little while later, he got very very mad, was VERY rude and told us his name was DAVE and "we could come talk to him" then he hung up on us!!! really?? NEVER EAT THERE!!!! i've heard about alot of people getting sick at this resturaunt...all i hear about this place is how crazy dave is.. he's totally unprofessional, and i've heard of alot of people getting sick from his food, and that he happens to be good friends with the health inspector. i really cant believe he accused me of trying to get a free meal. i've only eaten there twice, and he left me some pretty rude comments on another site after i left a bad review, and confused me with another couple. he needs to get it together or he'll be gone soon, which is probably best. try bella roma or all star pizza instead!!

Clute, TX

#19 Jun 16, 2010
Hungry people Beware of REALSHITIES in Lake Jackson, Tx. I am friend of friend of friend that works for REALSHITIES. Unfortunatly I've eaten there a few times and I've met Crazy Dave (the owner). This is my true story.... The pizza there is not made in a brick oven. The outside of the oven is faux brick. Dave tells everyone (that will listen)his pizza is cooked in a brick oven. The pizza comes shipped from China pre-made then heated up in the faux brick oven. The pizza's are outdated, so everyone is receiving spoiled food. All of the food is pre made, even his mamas famous lasagna. It all comes from Stouffers.

The reason Dave is so crazy is because he has "little mans disease" He is uptight that everyone will find out that he is indeed little bity. He also is uptight because his brother who works there brings in crack whores from the street and gives them waitress jobs. That's why there is bad service. Crack whores don't make good waitress. My friend of a friend also says he doesnt pay his employees but has season tickets to the Houston Astros. Dave tries to pay the employees with season tickets. Crazy huh?
really__________ _

Atlanta, GA

#20 Aug 9, 2010
I was just trying to find reviews on the menu items. NOT a freakin soap opera episode! Never mind, will eat somewhere else.

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