Will Orange County have to close scho...

Will Orange County have to close schools?

There are 78 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Mar 7, 2009, titled Will Orange County have to close schools?. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

Shareese Alexander-Cargill picks up her daughters Aasha, 6, and Speciale, 8, at Grand Avenue Elementary.

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“Vegas Baby!!!”

Since: Dec 06

Orlando, FL

#2 Mar 8, 2009
Of the three schools listed, Grand Avenue should be the one that is definitely shut down. The students that have gone through the primary learning center still enter Blankner and other schools behind the 8-ball. They lack the skills necessary to compete with students who are average at best.

Sadly, there is nothing to do with the school. The property would be difficult to move in these harsh economic times.

Instead of sending the G.A. kids to schools in the Delany Park area, I would much prefer to see these kids sent to Orange Center, as well as the kids from Rock Lake and see what Dr. Ginny Kennerly can do with them. Her school of hard knocks made a big difference last year.

Maxey's campus could be sold much easier, considering its location. Shut it down and sell the property.

Lake Como, while having a campus that can be sold pretty easy to some housing developer, may have a stronger edge in keeping their campus because of the special needs students that the campus houses. It is easier to tango with a predominantly inner-city campus than it is an ESE campus.

While they do not discuss Pine Castle ES, that is a campus that can easily sell their property to the Methodist church and school next door.

Melbourne Beach, FL

#3 Mar 8, 2009
As I recall during the Prop 1 sell job Charlie Crist promised that education would not be cut

That was over a year ago and we have seen nearly one hundred million dollars in cuts to OCPS alone

Now Charlie wants to cut an additional hundred million dollars plus from OCPS next year? What gives? Why is it so easy for him to break his promises?

So much for the Florida Constitution requiring the state to fund education. For the first time in the history of the State of Florida most of education funding comes from the county. That's right. The State of Florida dropped the ball.

When do they do the right thing and pick it back up?
florida sucks


#4 Mar 8, 2009
WOW Florida is messed up, I'm soo glad I never moved there.

Jacksonville, FL

#6 Mar 8, 2009
I had to look twice, what are these kids' names? Aasha and Speciale? Did the Mom make these names up or what? When did this practice begin? Reminds me of these old movies, like the Marx Brothers: Dr Hackenbush, Otis T. Firefly, that kind of thing - at least it was funny. Giving a kid a weird name is a life-long albatross around their neck; nice going, parents - put your kids at disadvantage from the start. I can just see it in business: "your name is ... what?" These parents obviously skipped elementary school.

Melbourne, FL

#7 Mar 8, 2009
Did you just say, with a straight face, that the kids are so uneducated that they don't know words like, "arm," and, "elbow?" No. No, you didn't. No way.

Cocoa, FL

#8 Mar 8, 2009
"Research shows that children who live in poverty start school with half the vocabulary of kids who come from more well-to-do areas..."

Is this supposed to be news? What does anyone expect from these people? If parents had higher, or even average IQs they would most likely not be living in poverty. In spite of what liberal equalitarians want to believe, intelligence is heritable, therefore it is doubtful much will change within each new generation.

"Sometimes, they don't even know their names."

Are they sub-human animals? Even a domestic animal knows its name--or at least can respond when called. If this is true, the situation "over there" are worse than even I imagined.

"Grand Avenue staff patiently teach the youngsters conflict resolution and how to make good choices..."

Typical nutball academic "education-speak." On the other hand, educators cannot say, "we will teach respect for other's self and property, because that is too capitalistic, and doesn't fit within a socialistic educational system. You will teach them conflict resolution? But how can you reason with children that don't know their own names? And since effective discipline is out, who knows what is going on in these classrooms? Perhaps when they are out of control the schools get a psychiatrist to label them ADHD, and they can drug them into submission.

"Without Grand Avenue and all of its programs, she asked: Will prostitutes now walk the streets more frequently? Will the empty campus be open for drugs?"

This is one of the problems with "education" and government schools. It used to be the goal of schools to teach, and it was up to the police, church, but mostly the family to be responsible for the maintenance of social rules. So the solution is more government programs enacted in the government schools? Is it because there is no functional black family, anymore? The article will not discuss this subject--it's too explosive and politically incorrect (unless they find an angle to blame it on whites).

"What are they doing? Don't they see they are destroying the children's future?"

What about the parents? Are parents--the absent father and teen mother--completely absolved of responsibility? For the liberal, it is the lack of government programs that are "destroying" these kids? Please notice how liberalism shifts the blame from individuals to faceless entities?

"He's one of a group of kids in Linda Gause's pre-K class, which parents call a "little United Nations."

Forget the US nation. THAT is history. The schools only teach multicuturalism, and wish for the destruction of the nation-state.

"Maxey's students are predominantly black."

In this world of a "little United Nations," should we look to predominately black states, such as Kenya, Sudan, or Zimbabwe for guidance? Is this the future of the US?

Since: Oct 08


#9 Mar 8, 2009
I'm all for closing some schools in Orange County. The 1st one should be Lockhart Middle. The county is spending millions on rebuilding it and making it new again, while the kids are just destroying it. "example the mirrors in a boys bathroom purposly broken." Its a waste of time and money to rebuild this school. The kids don't care and neither do the parents. My kids come home every day with a new story of how this or that got destroyed or some gang of kids jumped on some poor inocent kid. I say convert this so called school into a junvinile detention center and place 80% of its students in there.

“FL for Harley FL not Floriduh”

Since: Jul 08

Lake Mary

#10 Mar 8, 2009
Lets close schools now, but make sure we fuel up the Lt. Govs. Jet in case he needs to cut a ribbon for some commercial construction somewhere.
OCPS SB hates teachers

Orlando, FL

#11 Mar 8, 2009
Sorry if you feel like your child is just a number....because the kids ARE just a number. Her's another number. 120,000,000. The number of dollars short the district is for next year's budget. Get over it.
Tough Love

Windermere, FL

#12 Mar 8, 2009
The bottom line that many schools are underutilized. We used to worry about school overcrowding, but now many campuses are running as low as 64% enrollment and dropping.

It makes economic sense to consolidate schools.

Tallahassee, FL

#14 Mar 8, 2009
Raise everyone's property taxes by $100 per year and be done with it. This is stupid we are even having to talk about schools being underfunded. I'll be more than happy to pay it, and so would most I suspect. The lack of political will is stunning.

Boynton Beach, FL

#15 Mar 8, 2009
If the population does not support it, close it!
Bottom line!!!
Orlando Resident

Clermont, FL

#16 Mar 8, 2009
Pershing Elementary is also on the list of schools that could be closed. My sons attended this school and I would be very sad to see it closed....the teachers and administration at this school are some of the very best in Orange County. This school has given the neighborhood a heart and a place to get to know your neighbors and the other parents of students your children are with each school day.

Yes it is and always has been a smaller school but the academics for this school have always been great even with the busing of students in from other areas. There has always been an emphasis on each child succeeding and not just on test scores. While they push the items on the fcat, they don't focus on only that...they are indeed a great example of educators and parents working together to ensure children succeed.

Our government has once again lied to us, no cuts in schools or education was the main statement about tax cuts in this state. If my sons were still in school, Pershing were to close, I would be putting my house on the market or enrolling them in a charter school.

One thing I fail to understand, we give millions to charter school when our standard education facilities are failing and closing...why not pull that funding and make the school system once again one organization instead of two. If parents want private schools, let them foot the cost and not the taxpayers of this state

Orlando, FL

#17 Mar 8, 2009
Of course smaller schools need to be consolidated and the fact that there are fewer students indicates a need for teachers to be laid off. It is a business decision.
I am a teacher and while I am sad to see my fellow teachers laid off, I also understand that if there are fewer students, then there need to be fewer teachers, paras, bus drivers, etc. Some of the beginning teachers and new graduates will have to relocate to the states that are having the student population increase.

Port Richey, FL

#18 Mar 8, 2009
mjddjm wrote:
If the population does not support it, close it!
Bottom line!!!
If a family has more than two children than they should pay for the full cost of educating children #3 and up. Irresponsible parents have RUINED THE PUBLIC educational system.

Our economy has been so weakend by Political Correctness that it may be necessary to close down the public schools in many parts of the country AND THAT INCLUDES FLORIDA as the state is financially in the RED.
The Problem Is

Orlando, FL

#19 Mar 8, 2009
As can be seen here there are a range of responses between hate and lack of hope for the future.
The hyperbole in the article tends to get to uneducated brains faster than sugar gets to the neurons of our children.
The fact is that OCPS does not have Unitary Status.
There was a judgment almost 50 years ago against OCPS in response to an NAACP lawsuit.
The fact is that we have never done squat to rectify that shame.
Oh yes I keep forgetting we put a bunch of band aids around the county to mollify people but we have done nothing to honor the intent of the lawsuit.
The lawsuit basically says that we are to provide equitable facilities and educational programs in every neighborhood.
To do so we will have to "replace" outdated facilities with our current prototype.
We are not closing schools and taking away opportunities, we are replacing them with what the lawsuit spells out, equitable facilities.
We need to expedite that process and move all of those schools up on the list of 1/2 penny sales tax projects.
We already have programs that are equitable educationally, but the sad fact is we have far too many children that currently can not meet that curriculum challenge.
Take all of this current emotion about closing "our special community school", and channel it into a challenge to our entire community to elevate the readiness of all our children to meet the educational standards we need to meet as a society.
What the school system does not have the obligation to do are: Being a parent; Solving the problems of poverty and racism; Instilling the basics of character; Creating a community that supports and encourages learning.
These are larger social issues that the community itself must address.
The school system is a part of that discussion but only a part.
The Orange County Public School System is first and foremost there to educate the children of Orange County.
Our FOCUS must be first and foremost to remove our personal shame by attaining Unitary Status.
DoNothingCongres s

Apopka, FL

#20 Mar 8, 2009
private wrote:
after reading this article what does it tell you? It tells you the black and hispanic community should not be bringing kids into this world-- they are not capable of being parents as they probably can't take care of themselves--it costs nothing for birth control and more than we as society can handle for bringing these kids into this world. Everywhere i go, you see a black woman already with several kids, pregnant again--this is not an act of GOD but stupidity to continue to bring kids into this world, especially the way the world is. The government is broke and these people are expecting handouts from welfare--typical of these people -- they won't or can't get jobs and tax payers will have to support these kids--this is why we are the position we are as a nation--close your legs if your not going to use protection--
You are so ignorant, you must be white. I am hispanic and we do not believe in abortion and we DO take care of our kids. And BEWARE because we multiply like you have never seen before. Racist!

Orlando, FL

#21 Mar 8, 2009
Orlando Resident wrote:
It's nice to know that the KKK is alive and well in Aburndale. It must make the people there feel so happy.
When you cannot attack the message, attack the messenger. What part of the poster's message was incorrect?
DoNothingCongres s

Apopka, FL

#22 Mar 8, 2009
Orlando Resident wrote:
It's nice to know that the KKK is alive and well in Aburndale. It must make the people there feel so happy.
That is what I said! How dare that person!

Converse, TX

#23 Mar 8, 2009
bottlecap wrote:
<quoted text>
If a family has more than two children than they should pay for the full cost of educating children #3 and up. Irresponsible parents have RUINED THE PUBLIC educational system.
Our economy has been so weakend by Political Correctness that it may be necessary to close down the public schools in many parts of the country AND THAT INCLUDES FLORIDA as the state is financially in the RED.

When I was in school in the '60'S, many Catholic families, Irish and Italian in particular, had families of 7-11 children. I don't remember anyone calling them irresponsible or calling for them to pay for the education of #3 and up.

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