My great grandparents were Elvilda Bendtsen and Jens Martin Nelson. Basically I don't know any more about them than you do. My one surviving aunt who would be their grandaughter is positive that there is some connection to the late Senator Lloyd Bentsen of Texas. She can remember when she was real young some of the relatives moved to Texas. She also says that they did come back to visit a time or two. I vaguely remember hearing talk about that and that one of them had got into politics. My aunt also said that when they came back to visit they their was a little girl named Rosemaree or something like that. I have found that name in information about the Texas Bentsens so their must be something to it. I have also had a little contact with some of the Texas Bentsens and they don't remember coming across the name Elvilda, these Bentsens have done a whole book about their family and there isn't anything about Elvilda in it, but then the relationship could be so distant that it wouldn't be mentioned. My aunt was real young when all this happened and I'm sure she can't remember any real details, I'm thinking she was probably somewhere between 14 and 18 at the time and she is almost 82 now. My big problem is that I can't afford to do anything other than free research and I don't think that goes real far. If you have anymore information please email me at