molested 3 girls

Paragould, AR

#1 Jan 19, 2009
John (J.M.) Dampier of Lake City was convicted of molesting his 3 granddaughters ages 11, 5, and 3. Two of the girls lived in the home the other lives out of state. He accepted a plea of 20 years probation, counceling, and is know on house arrest. This man did not get what he really deserved. This man needs to be exposed. His picture can be found on . Charlene Dampier, wife, still lives in the home and continues to support her Felon husband. Shame on her for standing by a man that hurt these babies. Please look at his face and drive by his house. He got off way to easy. The girls that lived in the home had to move out of Lake City. The other still resides in the State of Arkansas. The two states worked excellent together in gathering the information.

Sarasota, FL

#3 May 12, 2011
i rasied my niece from 8 to 14 usually just us home. i dont ever thinking much about her but her gfs were more developing. i never did more at first then. just enjoy the veiw but i did take em fun places alot.
disgusting dougie

Lake City, FL

#4 May 13, 2011
by what you just said, well 10 hours ago, you need to be investigated by athorities. admitting you enjoyed looking at little girls is just as bad as what the other one did. you need a jail cell buddy
Local former SO

Lake City, FL

#5 Jun 6, 2011
Hate is a learned thing.

People hear the term "Sex Offender" and instantly they think the worst, such as child rape. This is really closed minded and childish.

These days it is not that difficult to be charged with a sex crime.(Such as having sex with your own boyfriend, but he is 17 and you turned 18.) And once on the states sex offender registry, your labeled for life.

Yes, the state of Florida does have two different designations of former sex offenders, they are "Offender" and "Predator". The courts determine who is in which qualification, and yet society just lumps it all together.

Those who are former sex offenders are looked down upon by society, but a murderer or drug dealer is not. There is no registry for drug dealers or murderers, and most are quicker to hire a dope dealer than a registered sex offender.

How is a person, who makes a wrong choice in their life, to become a part of society again if they are never given the chance to do so. The former sex offender has less of a chance to find employment, is restricted to living in certain areas, and even having a social life.

People complain about unemployment, but then refuse to hire others willing to work, just because society decides to place a scarlet letter on them, and deem them less of a person and citizen.

Just like a reformed drug offender, a former sex offender should have the same chance. Granted, yes, being a convicted felon has taken certain rights away, but it should not hinder them from becoming a productive citizen for a wrong choice they made that they made over 15 years ago.

Most of this local community seems to be Christian or Christian based. Is it not taught that we are to forgive others of their transgressions? Have these people not served their time, as the courts and the community have voted as law deemed.

The media has hyped so much about former sex offenders some are even trying to use it as a defense in murder cases.(ie: Casey Anthony)- If she would have accused these men before her daughters death, law enforcement would have locked them up already.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make here is that just because a person is a former sex offender, it's doesn't mean they are a bad person, or less of a person. It means that they made a wrong choice, paid their debt to society, and are now ready to move on with their life.

Do you teach your children hate in the home? Because, by you being a parent, and expressing hatred to others just because of a past action, and they already severed their sentence society and the courts laid before them, you are teaching your child to hate.

My daughter, whom I love very much and have custody of, is being taught to have an open mind, and not to hate others just because of a bad choice.

On the same note, I do think repeat sexual offenders should face more harsh sentences, and rape should not be an offense which can be plead to probation.

And yes, my heart goes out to the victims of sexual abuse.

Anyway, I do already expect flaming on this forum because of this posting, but ... if your an adult and not some childish person, maybe you can post a comment that has a positive point instead of bashing and hate-mongering.

In closing, thank you for reading through this.
disgusting dougie

Lake City, FL

#6 Jun 6, 2011
now. what if that beautiful daughter that you love very much gets molested by any man of any age... her begging not to be hurt in that way. crying for the daddy that loves her very much to come and help her.
People always pulls Christianity into the mix.
The bible teaches to hate sin but love the sinner. It don't teach to let people get away with any criminal act.
There are some instances where a boy friend was arrested because a parent want to get even with a daughters boyfriend for having sex with their daughter.
I know a young man that spent several years in jail because of the girl cried wolf when the guy broke up with her and she used statutory rape to get even.
but rape, is a total different matter. It is a horrible violation of a girls body, mind and soul.
I guess you might not know what that is like.
I was forced at 18 and I still bare the scars of it at 53 years old. This guy got away with it.
I was taken out in the woods by a date and was made to have sex. I was so glad I wasn't left out in the woods where I didn't know where I was in the dark.
After that ordeal I was taken back to town and let out and the guy was never to be seen again.
My rape wasn't by knife or gun and I wasn't beat up. I praise God for that.
I can't still even imagine how people get over it if a weapon was used.
Forgive. Yes I had to forgive. Unforgivness is like a cancer. It will eat you alive if you dont forgive and let it go for your own sake.
Forget. You don't forget. But you can go on.
Can a rapist be a productive citizen. Would you really want to take that chance with you child?
Local former SO

Lake City, FL

#7 Jun 6, 2011
disgusting dougie,

I do know your pain, for the same has happened to me, when I was 7. So, yes, I know the pain. But, I never let it stop me from the life I have led. Yes I have made mistakes and wrong choices in the past, I have paid my dues to society by the judgement of the courts, and yet everyday I am still judged.

I just wish sometimes that others would give people a chance sometime.

As for my daughter, she will be taught to defend herself to all the abilities she can, no matter her age. For now I know she is safe and sound. Even though I am a former SO, I have my daughter, and custody of her 100%. But, there are those out there who do not care to see beyond that, they check a website, assume the worst, and make a judgement from that. Even though they never really know WHO I am.

I am not asking for pity, I ask for understanding.

My heart goes out to all the victims of any kind of abuse, and to them all I can do is pray that they find peace in their hearts.

And on a final note in this post, anyone can be productive if they have the drive and determination to do so, they just need the chance.

Just because a rare few commit unthinkable crimes against our loved ones, it does not mean everyone will do the same. I have done a lot of research on this beyond the media hype, and found studies and documents backing that less than 8% of registered (former) sex offenders ever commit a sex offense again. and yet over 85% of drug offenders commit another drug offense.

And before people comment that a sex offense is different than a drug offense, this is the obvious, but a crime is a crime. You can commit a capital felony in Florida involving drugs.

If you require proof of these, I can post links to back it up to recorded documents.

Anyway, in closing,(former) sex offenders are given a scarlet letter in today's society, mainly because of media hype.

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