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Lake City, FL

#22 May 31, 2011
this is the second in Jesus's own words

You call Me Teacher and Lord; and ye say well; for so I Am. John 13:13

i meant to put this up with the others.
my mistake
Listen and learn

United States

#23 May 31, 2011
did you look up the scriptures I showed you? jehovah God created Jesus. The bible clearly shows that. You are unreasonable. They are one in focus and will. They want the same things for mankind but they are two beings. I've shown you what Gods word says on it, and you continue to argue with the bible. So you clearly aren't listening and thus I am done talking. The amazing thing about Jehovah is He promises that the day will come when all know Him. Sooooo one day we will see who lived they way He said.

Again, we have no rule list, we listen to the bible. So if the bible says no to something, so do we. Its that simple!

I'm done tho because of what jesus said at matt 7:6. Read it :)


Lake City, FL

#24 May 31, 2011
John 4: 24 God is a Spirit, and they that worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.
2 corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is that spirit, and where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.
there are 2 here. I can give more if you want them.
I pray that you can see what i am saying.
i am tired and need to rest. Again I pray for you and the jw's.
God bless

Lake City, FL

#25 Jun 1, 2011
john 4:24 God is a spirit. and they that worship Him should worship Him in spirit and truth.

2 corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is that spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

The first passage he tells you that he is the spirit, so when you see the Holy Spirit it is talking about God.
There are more.

have a great day. God bless

Lake City, FL

#26 Jun 1, 2011
I have showed you what the Bible says.
You call me unreasonable.
In fact I have been called many names since this has started.
I don't think I have done any name calling here.
You see, I knew and know that no matter how many scripture passage I put up with will never be enough for you.
you need to read the WHOLE Bible, not just the passages they put in your binder that they make you learn out of.
I will pray for you. STILL
I hope some other Christian will help in this journey. But I almost think that they know that this is a lost cause.


YOu are great at skipping over any direction question. Saying you follow the bible didn't answer the direction.

are you allowed to vote?
can you go to any event at another church, like a yard sale, or play?
can your kids play in sports?
LOL WHY can't you take a yoga class?
Go to a class reunion.
Shop at a salvation army.

YOu wont answer the direct question.
I see why you won't. it exposes you.

LOL you say you are done because I showed you that you were wrong.
and as for matt 7: 6. YOU call me swine. LOL
you can call me any name. it don't change scripture.
shame on you for that. to use God's Holy word to do that.
God Bless

Augusta, GA

#27 Jun 6, 2011
This is hilarious.
"can you vote? can you get a blood transfusion? Can you go to a church yard sale? these are just 3 of the rules you have to follow. am I wrong? "

They don't vote because they don't believe in our type of government (can't say I blame them there)

They don't do blood transfusions because blood is sacred to god.

Who the hell cares about "church" yard sales? Geez, most people that use the word "christian" or "church" based anything are the biggest con artists on the planet. Even jesus in many bibles condemns commerce in the churches...

Keep this thread going. I love a good laugh.

I really get a kick out of when you guys quote scripture. Scriptures that have been changed over the years. Don't give me that crap that it hasn't. If they can change the name jehovah to god or lord, you don't think they could change any other words or punctuation? yeah right. Out of all the religions I've looked at before I determined there is no god. The Jews seem to have the most accurate (or at least, least changed book) of them all. You so called christians, you might want to look into the history how christians got started in the first place. Here's a spoiler, it's not because of some dude called jesus christ. duh.

Every last one of you are so hypocritical it's sickeningly funny.

Lake City, FL

#28 Jun 6, 2011
As for the blood thing.
a JW let his wife lie in a bed and die because of that little rule that they cannot get a blood transfusion. Her body needed blood that she lost in an accident. She was prefectly healthy other than she needed blood. Because of a sick rule of the JW's that man buried his wife instead of taking her home to live out the rest of her years. To let a perfectly healthy woman die when her life could have been saved is sick.
As for a yard sale or their other rules. That is not the issue. The issue is that these people won't let their followers mix with other people. Not even you.
they could not go out to dinner with you if you don't believe like you do.
They are in bondage and God never intended for anyone to live like that.
Believe in God or not. No one should live in a trap of rules and laws that keep you down.
God bless you.


Augusta, GA

#29 Jun 6, 2011
So you're not a follower of god then. You condemn his rules. You're better than god himself. You know better than god.... This is what is being said here. I'll be the first to tell you, I'll never follow anyones rules (rarely my own even). But there is a however here.... However, the JW's are following what the original hebrew scritptures say. And yet you are faulting them for this. His wife's life was not his to have. It belongs to god (at least in 5 religious groups).
Not being able to mix with others.... If you know about gardening, why do you not let weeds invade the garden? Eventually the weeds take over and all that was good is gone. They believe in the same concept. It takes real guts and courage to stand up like that. My hat's off to them on that. There are other religious groups that do the exact same thing, but you choose to attack this group with a closed mind.
If god never intended for anyone to "live like that" then why did he make such laws to be followed. You have so much hate inside of you it's going to kill you one day. YOu strive to be correct and you seem to know what you believe and this is ok. FOR YOU. But another thing you're doing that's against god's wishes is you're judging people. Last I checked, that's god's job, not yours. Only ignorant people make assumptions that they are all that. I'm sure you're not ignorant. And before you get all up in my face on this, just go back and review your own words... They literally state, your right and everyone else is wrong. Because of this, you may actually be doing the very opposite thing you intend to be doing.
The JW's, Mormons, Baptists, etc.... They all are simply doing what THEY believe in. Just because it goes against your believe doesn't give you the right to attack them with this holyier than thou sh!t.

Lake City, FL

#30 Jun 6, 2011
I am a Christian. I don't condem God's rules. I condem the rules that the jw's have to follow to be one of them.
You attack me. Like the others have attacked me. I haven't attacked or judged any jw. I attacked thier beliefs. I was called so many names while talking in here. Even God's words were used to attack me calling me, well either a swine or a dog, or maybe both. LOL but that is okay.
You now call Christians and anyone who isn't a JW a weed that is seeking to destroy. Good concept of why you shouldn't be a JW.
I have no hate for them. Just their belief. I guess you can't see a difference.
I am not right or wrong. GOD's word is right. I am standing up for God's word.
If they read further than what they are told to read in the Bible. Not the new world translation, which they have changed God's own words to be different, they would see. A jw herself told me that are given a binder that they have to follow and they have to learn the scriptures that are in that binder. this from a jw's own mouth.
Why are they given one part of the word. God's word has much more to say than what they make them learn.
God's word speaks for itself. They didn't need to change it but they did. Why if not to confuse and change its meaning to be what they wanted it to be.
Just ask any jw that has left that church and is now living the life that God had in store for them. You would see.
God's word will stand the test of time. And as for me. I will always read, study, and go by what God is telling me.
And over my over 40 years of studying God's word, I have never once been told to stop believing in his word and follow a false religion.
Take the time to read all of it yourself.
God bless

Augusta, GA

#31 Jun 6, 2011
See this is one of the reasons I'm so much more happy than most. I no longer have a belief. As far as I'm concerned, it's all a fairy tail. Granted it's a good one, teaches people to have at least a few morals. I welcome death with open arms. One way or another I'll know the truth. I don't care which way it goes. We are either technology based beings, a science experiments, or maybe children of the so called god. No matter how you look at it, we all are born, eat, sleep, drink, have sex, piss off the women, and pay taxes, then die. Whatever awaits a person after death, must be pretty good. No one has come back to talk about it.

Lake City, FL

#32 Jun 6, 2011
God bless you. I pray you have a great life and you get all that you want out of it.
get a grip

Hiram, GA

#33 Jun 6, 2011
Jehovah Witness.Are Devils..case closed..

I know living in Lake City is boring,but you need to get a hobby..Go have a Beer and set yourself free of all this nonsense..

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