Really? Can we afford this because as the article states $65,000 is only the beginning if we plan to be committed to the effort. I love Lake Bluff as much as anyone and I am pleased we are the 4th happiest coastal community in the US, but we can't let our 15 min of fame go to our heads here.
The board states a branding effort will attract business and new residents but unless we plan on more development ( 176 where the truck dealer use to be) where are we going to put the new businesses, as we seem to have a hard enough time supporting the businesses we have down town right now IE. Wildflour, Village Market, Noodle Bar.....

Are we that flush with money we can bring in an outside firm to do this, are there no local firms suitable? What about putting together a group similar to what has been done recently for Lake Bluff beach made up of local resident volunteers or asking the local real estate offices to pony up some money as they will stand most to gain.

ok, I vented.