Robert A Brown Jr wrote:
Welcome to the way Fort Lauderdale is run. Earmarked funds go to pet projects of politicians. Also neighboring South Florida cities all the way to the beginnings of the keys.
I can't talk for northern Florida but I suspect the very same thing. Read the South Florida Sun-Sentinel sometime, A real joke for a paper, even though the Chicago Tribune had the results of Tuesdays Election. The headlines read
"Winners to Dance Contest are." , I digress.
Florida voters aren't being counted though so anybody who writes about it in the Sun Sentinel are just bringing it to the public attention.
I suspect the same in Illinois, but for a different reason. You voted for President Bush. This is your punishment "Take It Like A Man." If you vote for a republican for President you will get 10 fold of this because of his tax cuts and war mongering. There simply isn't any money and the money has to go to the most important of survival.
Remember this next election day.
Florida is run by a bunch a crooks just like this state is.