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#1 Sep 17, 2006
I think amish buggies need to be banned. A person cannot rely on an animal to safely drive them on roads with motor vehicles. They turn into the other lane many times and have almost hit me. The horses act up and can cause accidents. BAN AMISH BUGGIES

United States

#2 Jul 29, 2007
Hello! What planet do you live on? There are millons of car accidents per year. Cars should be banned or drivers should be banned. How many accidents have you heard about buggy accidents? Usually, it is a car at fault. Drivers of cars act up also. So stuff that in your pipe and smoke it.
Karen from Shipshewana

United States

#3 Jul 29, 2007
As a driver of any vehicle you have to be aware. When you live around the horse and buggies you have to understand, yes anything can happen. A deer, a dog or a child can also run out in front of you and cause an accident. Do you think maybe we should " BAN " them too?

Jamestown, KY

#4 Aug 20, 2007
I grew up in Wolcottville, so I know buggies. It makes me laugh to hear someone say "BAN the BUGGIES". I wonder if you have been a long time resident of the county or are you new to the area, because of your lack of respect for the Amish. Perhaps we should ban cars, after all, they are more damaging to the ozone than buggies. Seriously, to live in LaGrange County you have to appreciate the neighborhood.

United States

#5 Aug 29, 2007
I work in Topeka and there for I put myself around that type of enviroment. I have never had a problem with Buggies. Yes there are days when I am running late and I get stuck but that isn't their fault. Buggies have been around a lot longer than cars. Have you ever thought that maybe they would like cars to be banned? It isn't like they plan for their horse to act up. Your living in the wrong place if you don't want to be around buggies. If you read about accidents involving buggies it is usually the driver of the vehicle that is at fault. They are getting impatient and want to pass or driving way to fast to begin with.
Mrs C

Coldwater, MI

#6 Aug 31, 2007
Ban Amish Buggies? C'mon! That is a foolish comment. With the way gas prices are, we may someday be joining the Amish with our own buggies! Hey, the buggies do not pollute the air!
Sue..perhaps you need to slow down and just be patient. Don't rush things. We can all learn from the Amish. Simple is good.

Staplehurst, NE

#7 Sep 5, 2007
Do the Amish pay wheel tax? I'm not being a smartalic, I really don't know for sure. Do they pay personal property tax on their buggies? Do they pay for licence and registration on their buggies? Do they require a drivers licence? If the answer is no to all these question, then Sue is right, they should not be allowed to drive on public roads built and maintained by vehicle taxes. The Amish will NOT allow my child to attend their school, so why should they drive on my road?

Jamestown, KY

#8 Sep 6, 2007
Yes, they pay each and every tax we pay. In fact, they pay for licence plates each year, per discounts. Some families have as many as 4 or more buggies...teeenagers. One other thing, the Amish pay into social security.....but NEVER draw it out. Also, they pay all state, local, and city taxes and NEVER draw welfare of any type....not even WIC. So, you see, they pay for more than us "English" folk. I love the Amish community...they have helped my family for years, and never ASKED or expected anything in return. One other thing, as far as NOT letting you child attend classes, you are mistaken. Your child can attend; however, they will follow the rules of the school........dress code, and religious curriculm. I have personnally substituted in the Amish schools and had not problems. THey are a very respectful community and only ask of others what they would ask of themselves. So I hope this answers your questions. The world is unfair, but in fact, we are the ones taking advantage of the system.

Prospect, OH

#9 Sep 25, 2007
I've read all this back and forth talk, on amish buggies and schools and how simple and peacefull they are.They are no different than you or me. I would like to see our police force and sherrifs deptments start doing they're job and ticketing the amish for not cleaning up the horse waste.It is the law.After allmost laying my bike down on a corner covered with horse dung,I talked to my lawyer and he informed me that THIS LAW HAS BEEN ON THE DOCKET FOR QUITE SOMETIME NOW. So why isnt our police enforcing this? When you come over a hill doing below the speed limit and there is a wagon with 3 to 8 amish children, oldest being possibly 7 years old being pulled by a animal that they really have no control over,you wonder where is your police force, this is illegal and child neglect period.How many amish kids are going to have to be hurt befor we do something about it.Or owe did everybody forget about the 12 year old that just died 2mnths ago on hawpatch. he was alone on the road with a team of horses pulling a wagon. They got spooked he couldnt stop them ,he got scared and jumped and died.This was a friend of mines son.Children should not be driving buggies or anything else pulled by animals on the roads.THIS IS JUST PLAIN STUPID!

Jamestown, KY

#10 Sep 27, 2007
I am sorry to hear about your friend's child. It is a tragic thing to lose a child. However, laws are on the books about everything and many are not enforced. If you would notice there are many that give yeild or right of way to any vehicle driven or pulled by animal. So if you do come over a small hill and encounter a horse drawn vehicle you are already supposed to give up your speed and allow them to continue. So,as sad as it may be perhaps if the police were to start doing their jobs as you would like there would be a great deal of us in the hot seat because we fail to yield.

Glen Burnie, MD

#11 Oct 29, 2007
To Ann: Just to clarify, Self-employed Amish are exempt from paying Social Security.

United States

#12 Oct 31, 2007
just to clear something up. amish do NOT pay ss taxes. i have hired amish girls and they are exempt from this tax. why u might ask, they dont put their elders in nursing homes. they also do not draw social security. they take care of their elders at home. i commend them for doing this!

on another note. i was one of the nurses on the scene when the 15 passenger van rolled over. the van was carrying 16 people. i helped another nurse perform cpr on the 15 month old. when the state troopers arrived on the scene i asked why none of the children were in car seats and why they dont issue tickets to these drivers who transport these precious children in a vechile with no car seats?
the answer i got was THEY HOLD THEM IN WHILE IN THE BUGGIES AND FEEL THEY SHOULD HOLD THEM IN VECHILES AS WELL. so precious children die because law enforcement doesnt feel they should infringe on their rites. baloney!

another thing they dont do is immunize their children. we had a very good friend who came down with mumps. how did she get it. well only place she had been was angola wal-mart ( she was recovering from knee surgery) she went to walmart with a friend. she pushed the shopping cart.
doctors came to the conclusion that a child who had the mumps was in the cart and drooled and/or sneezed on the handle, along comes a person and puts her hands on the cart and BAM! infection!!!!!!!!!

Jamestown, KY

#13 Nov 3, 2007
Immuniztion is optional for everyone......I myself have not allowed my children to have 2 have the recommened vaccines..........due to the link that it may cause autism.

As far as your friend with mumps, I do hope they recovered. But could have also been they contracted the mumps from the know, like so many of us do..........they are known as staff infections and often only show up after we leave a medical facility. Of course, doctors would want to blame this elsewhere........who would want to panic the area that THEIR hospital may have staff.

I do support that every child needs to have a seatbelt; I myself, still think adults should have a choice.

United States

#14 Nov 13, 2007
no the mumps were contacted from walmart, she had been out of the hospital for 4 or more weeks. and walmart was the only place she had been.

and the link to autism and immunizations has been proven false.

United States

#15 Nov 14, 2007
I believe the Amish should have to follow more of the same laws as every one else for instance
*be at least 16 years old before allowed to drive, Just because it's not motorized doesn't mean it's safe for a young child to be "in control" of it

*use turn signals on their buggies, I have seen a few buggies that use these but it's only like maybe one it twenty. and I must say it's nice to know if they are going to turn in front of you before you start to pass, if it wasn't for the one using it the other day I probably would have tried to pass and might have hit them (they were turning into a drive way) but since they used a turn signal I knew I needed to slow down so they could turn.

*and they should also be required to have "poop catchers" on their buggies we have to pick up after our dogs if they go in public, they should have to clean up after their horses, at least I've never heard of people running over dog poop and having their cars rust from it. not to mention with as many horses are in this area it's gross! and stinks! I can't even walk to my mail box with out having to step over it. I heard they were going to pass that law like a year ago or so but then voted against it because they were afraid it would make the Amish mad and might "chase" them off. not sure if that is true or not but that's what I heard

*also I believe they should have to use seat belts when ever they are in a vehicle...and must use car seats for children whether it is in a passenger van or in a buggy does not matter, think of the safety of the child

and as for immunizations I take my kids to the health department for theirs and I seen Amish there all the time with their children getting shots

Jamestown, KY

#16 Nov 16, 2007
As far as the link for autism not being from vaccination....proof or no proof, my son is autistic. I have had scores of doctors to tell me that it is mild and it is linked to one particular vaccination. The proof is not there because our government doesn't want the pharmaceutical companines to be an enemy. A lot of money to campaigns comes from pharmaceutical companies.

I agree on the poop being nasty. I would love to see it gone. But practically, speaking it will not. If the Amish are ever forced to use diaper or scoopers, then perhaps they will leave. Let's face it, Shipshewana, Topeka, Middlebury, Nappanee, would not survive such a devasting blow. They rely on tourists and Amish draw tourists. So politicians will do what it takes to keep the peace. They do this everywhere, look at casinos for the Native American culture.

last note and I will let it go..........if everyone is so concerned about safety then why no seatbelts on school busses? The law clearly states that no one under 16 may ride an ATV yet thousands of irresponsible people allow under age children to operate them on our roads, and the legality of being there is not the question. The point is a lot of people operate many types of vehicles and many of those people are under 16. Should the parents of those people be held liable? I think so.

United States

#17 Nov 17, 2007
the seatbelts on school bus question

studies were done. they found out more children would be killed with seatbelts on buses.

then again i live close enough to the school that my children walk. when i lived in texas i drove them to and from school.

as i said i was on the scene of the van roll over and helped revive the 15 month old.
have you ever seen a baby fighting for its life?

Since: Nov 07

LaGrange, IN

#18 Nov 18, 2007
on the seat belt thing with buses why is it some buses do have seat belt and some don't the small buses have them the large buses usually don't but then again some do...and when I was growing up the bus I rode had seat belts but only in the front 4 seats, it just doesn't make sense to me.

I've heard before that Amish don't have to pay wheel tax, is that true?

the other thing that "annoys" me is at Westview they don't have a football team because "there are too many Amish students" they drop out after 8th grade any ways, and besides how many amish do you see playing any of the other sports they have? I'm just tired of the community and even the schools using the Amish as an excuse not to do something or approve something. Does the Amish really care about stuff like that? and if they do then they can go to their own schools in my opinion.

Bedford, OH

#19 Nov 27, 2007
I am from Ohio near an Amish community and feel that there is a misconception about the Amish. Because they reject our common culture there is a belief that they should be left alone to govern every aspect of their lives. The truth is, they are raising innocent children who often times are being subjected to danger because of the lackadaisical attitudes of the parents. So many children near my community die from being hit by cars because their parents let these wee little kids walk along busy streets unattended. Buggy accidents are also a concern. They are allowing kids who are too young to "drive" which poses a threat to everyone on the road.

I believe that the Amish should be allowed to live their lifestyle as long as there are guidelines they are following and that the laws are enforced for them as with everyone else.

Batavia, OH

#20 Feb 20, 2008
I think that automobiles are far more dangerous than an Amish buggy. The accidents I have seen involving Amish buggies are caused by automobiles. The drivers seem to get angry at the buggies and pass when they shouldn't, run them off the road when trying to pass, or generally act like idiots when sharing the road with a buggy.
The Amish have every right to live their life as they see fit. They are not the aggressive drivers.

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