Motorcycle accident?
Britnis brother in law

Westmoreland, TN

#43 Mar 30, 2012
yall need to just shut up chris was a good guy and everyone better leave rose alone

United States

#44 Mar 30, 2012
Britnis Only Sister wrote:
<quoted text>She was a kid. Her chilhood was amazing. I spent alot of my time wit her.She grew up fast THANK U VERY MUCH!!U didnt know her so LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!
Well, I don't think your helping your case very much. Instead of ignoring this and griefing your loss your on topix argueing every point with evrything person. Are you really grieving or just a bunch of nuts? If I'd lost my sister or my child was people say and topix would be the LAST thing on my mind. Your honestly sending a negative message.

White House, TN

#45 Mar 30, 2012
my opinion wrote:
I don't think anyone doubts this was an accident but with that. B n said no parent with any sense would let their daughter date a 30 ye old man. There is a time to b a friend to ur kids then a time to b a parent. Her mom will have to live with that and there will b no way around it. I hope everyday when her mom and Chris wake up they realize they took that kids childhood away long b 4 she was killed. God just saw she was lost and needed help only he could give her. Rest in peace Britni.
thisistobrittssi s

Scottsville, KY

#46 Mar 30, 2012
Britnis Only Sister wrote:
First thing I wouldnt let my daughter date someone 13 yrs older than her. Second I would have wanted to know my daughers boy friend's back ground. Finally, with knowing all this i would be a parent to my daugher instead of being her friend, and not let her date a thirty year old druggie. Tthe boy was messed up when he wreck come on people a little common sense goes along way...

Scottsville, KY

#47 Mar 30, 2012
Britnis brother in law wrote:
yall need to just shut up chris was a good guy and everyone better leave rose alone
You must do drugs with him since you think so highly of this guy. Dummy.
a friend

Lafayette, TN

#48 Mar 30, 2012
I new Britni from back in middle school days, she had a rough life for someone so young and I hate to hear what happened to her. This is a very sad sitiuation and is nothing to be on here arguing about. She wouldn't want this AT ALL. So please if not for the family, for her stop arguing over nonsense. It's not going to bring her back, this is a very tragic thing and no one should be pointing fingers... RIP Britni! You were a wonderful person and I'm so thankful for knowing you. You will be very missed.

United States

#49 Apr 1, 2012
just because you wouldnt dont mean everyone else does. it's noone place to judge it's all up to god. anyone that's on here causing more grief to this i hope krama kicks you in the butt... rip brit and prayers for you all.

United States

#50 Apr 1, 2012
Sounds like karma done made is rounds.
Sorry 4 your loss

Lafayette, TN

#51 Apr 1, 2012
I usually do not post on these. My post is directed to you Rose. Please ignore ppl who sit behind the computer and JUDGE! these ppl have nothing else to do than to stir up trouble. My heart goes out to u and your family in this time of sorrow. ACCIDENTS do happin all the time but, ppl seem to want to have someone to blame. God will take care of those who pass judgment. He is in control of ALL. Everything happins for a reason we don't understand them sometimes. but, when GOD calls you home for whatever reason he may need you, you go. My heart is sad for those who get on here and will not let that little girl rest.SHAME ON YOU ALL! Rose for the ones who keep posting about the difference in age are also IGNORANT! that is a way for them to keep this going IGNORE IT!For 17 yrs u were blessed and you have your memories DO NOT LET THESE PPL get under your skin. I would like to ask all who post on here that have evil words to say to this MOTHER who just lay her DAUGHTER to rest PRAY for forgiveness for casting judgment when you go to church Sunday. I know I will be praying for you and if you don't go to church Sunday maybe you should be using your computer to look up and find a good Bible based church and learn the word of GOD. Using your computer to do the devils work is not the route you should be taking.As for Chris I am sure he will be punished for his crimes if any. It is not up to the public to do so. May your daughter rest in peace and God send angles your way to help you as a mother deal with your loss and sorrows all the days of your life. Rose you and your family are on my Prayer list. GOD SPEED.

Westmoreland, TN

#52 Apr 1, 2012
thisistobrittsmom wrote:
you need ur a?? whipped for lettin ur 17 yr old, date a 30 yr old drug e, now you see where that got ya may god rest her poor little soul
This is Britnis cousin....You have the nerve to tell a woman that just lost her daughter that she needs her ass whipped?!?! Are you serious?!!? First of all their age had NOTHING to do with the accident and Second please do me a favor and put your REAL name on here bc I have no problem obliging you with the a$$ whipping you need for the disrespect to the family!

Westmoreland, TN

#53 Apr 1, 2012
Attended wrote:
I did not know Britni nor any of her family , but my daughter did ! I was at the funeral along side of my daughter ! I sat there as her friends , family ,and Chris shed their tears over this , horrible thing that should not have happened ! People need to think out side the box ! Do you people not realize that Chris is gonna pay for this everyday of his life ? Every time he looks in the mirror , hears a song , or even her birthday ! He is gonna be reminded of this every day of his life ! He is gonna blame his own self and don't need anyone else to do it for him ! My heart goes out to this family ! People have steered away from what really needs to be said ! Britni was a beautiful young girl that lost her life ! Her family needs a lot of prayers,love and support ! Again I do not know any of them , but when people spread their gossip , think how you are also upsetting the kids that loved her so much and was her friend ! My families prayers are with the family !
Thank you for the KIND words! Just please continue to pray for our family!

Glasgow, KY

#54 Apr 1, 2012
As a grieving parent myself I know Excately what this poor mother is feeling and going through,the grief is so unbearable,the pain is like no other,I lost my only child at 30 yrs old going to work,anyone who has never walked in these shoes dont have a clue what were going through,people pray for this family,dont make things worse for them,you may not know this pain,but I know this for a fact,watch what you say,watch what you do to others,because one day tradegy will knock on your door,and then your gonna remember things you said about other peoples loss,and what you would have or not have done,Mother of this child,may god bless you,I can tell you one thing this pain dont get any easier,wish I could tell you different but Its true,peace be with you,her family,and her friends.
just me

West Portsmouth, OH

#55 Apr 5, 2012
easy fam. I just asked a simple question and get cussed. You really ought to stay off this site for a while.

Westmoreland, TN

#56 Apr 8, 2012
Rose, I am deeply sorry for your lose. I am sorry there are so many ignorant people in this town. Chris was a good guy. Im sorry again Rose.
good ol guy

Herndon, VA

#57 Apr 8, 2012
to Britnis Mom, Im so sorry for the lose of your daughter, I did not have the pleasure of knowing her or your family im sure that she was an amazing person and I really hate to hear of her death, but we have to have faith that she is with our good Lord in heaven. I know this may be a hard question for you but after reading some of the cruel iggnorant post it, said that she was not wearing a helmet, knowing that most fatal motorcycle accidents involve head trauma but Britnis did not suffer head trauma. when you and your family feel like talking about it could you tell me what trauma caused her death in order for some to learn and be able to protect ourselves on motorcycles. I was considering purchasing a bike to save on fuel cost in these tough times we live in. maybe by learning we can save more lives. I again cannot express my condolences to you and your family and am sadden by your lose my prayers are with you all.

Gallatin, TN

#58 Apr 8, 2012
Good guys don't run from something like this no matter what.

Mooresville, NC

#60 Apr 10, 2012
Really I just want people to know that who are we to pass judgement. God is the only one that has that right and he sent his son Jesus down here to help all of us. He without sin cast the first stone. None of us has a right to judge what happen. It was a sad accident. God has Britni now with no pain or sorrow but peace and love. As should we. Forgive and let go. I am sure Chris feels bad, but I pray he is leaning on God for his stregnth along with the rest of my family. That is what everyone needs right now. Not Judgement. My aunt loved her daughter and was a good mom. We all make mistakes if you have never made a mistake befor in your life then pass judgment. If you have forgive and let God have control. God has a bigger thing going on than what our little bitty eyes can see. Chris Rose Stevy I pray that God is giving you strength and comfort right now. He is always there. And for the record I never met Chris, but Brit loved him. God loves him and everyone putting bad things on here for no reason. Let God have control and comfort the family. Please quit bad mouthing as I said before. He who is without sin cast the first stone. If we could change what happen we would. But we cant God is watching over us now. So the ones who put bad things on here. I pray God forgives you. I love and miss my cousin Brit. But know she is taken care of and God is watchin over everyone affected in this matter. God Be With You All
Britnis Only Sister

Westmoreland, TN

#61 Apr 11, 2012
well wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, I don't think your helping your case very much. Instead of ignoring this and griefing your loss your on topix argueing every point with evrything person. Are you really grieving or just a bunch of nuts? If I'd lost my sister or my child was people say and topix would be the LAST thing on my mind. Your honestly sending a negative message.
Its not that I got on cause I aint grieving cause trust me I am.U dont know what Im goin through.I only got on here cause everyone was talkin about it.It really bothers me that ppl get online and talk about someones family that just passed away.My mom got on here jus to see wat was bein said and by the time she got off she was bawlin her eyes out jus the same as I was.Its ridiculous that ppl want to get on here and run their mouths but dont want to say who they are.I mean really.Our family jus wants grieving time. I jus want to be able to go to town without bein asked questions and without ppl talkin crap about others. Its not what I want to hear. I have to go each and every day knowin my sister aint comin home from school and its not easy. My mom literally sits at the house and waits for Britni to get off the bus in the afternoons.She is havin a rough time with this and all she can hear is ppl bad talkin her,Britni,and Chris.Britni is gone and we will never get her back.Im not arguin with anyone on here Im jus askin that everyone please leave us alone.Thats all!
just me

Bolivia, NC

#62 Apr 11, 2012
Stay off Topix. Its not going to end for a very long time. small town big news.

Nashville, TN

#63 Apr 11, 2012
All of this is really uncalled for. We are not to judge anyone in this life time. People may make mistakes have accidents and do things that are tradgicly not intended. I really wish that all of you would think before you post anything about a family that just lost a very sweet person. Britni was always out going and loved her family and Chris very much. We never understand Gods plans but he has plans for all of us. Please just keep the family in your prayers and the wishes of Britni's Mom, Sister, Brother and Brother-In-Law.

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