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#1 Jul 28, 2010
To bring everyone up to date that has not been reading this discussion, here are some of the postings so far.

"Audie is a liar and a whoremonger"

"...wondering if Audie is still the lowdown lying cheater that he used to be or if he has changed his ways. Does Cheryl even know or has he managed to hide it from her all these years? I can tell you he has not changed."

"1. Audie hires his friends and family to work for him.
2. He has had millions handed to him because of the flood, where the past road supervisor couldn't get any money to do what he wanted.
3. Audie is a liar.
4. Audie has cheated on his wife many times now? Anybody want to take a stab at the number?
5. He said in his campaign that he goes to church and even sings. Well whoop-de-doo buddy! You go to church on Sunday and screw other men's wives all through the week. Yep, you're a great person. Just the kind of person we need in office, spending our tax dollars.
6. He paid off people and businesses to post his campaign signs for the election. Isn't that against the law? Couldn't that get him thrown out of office?
7. He steps on anybody in his way, to get what he wants.
So like Changesomethings said, "When is Audie up for re-election?"

"Yeah, I heard about Audie and his affairs too. He is a real womanizer. He likes to use 'em for what he wants and move on. I wonder if the husbands of the women who work at the highway department know to watch out for his cheating ways? Someone should call them before Audie has his way with those women too."

"I want Audie out of office as bad as many others. I have also heard about his affairs. But many people will not believe it unless we can prove it. Do you have any proof? Do you have the women's names? If we can post the names of the women he has cheated with, we might get some peoples attention and get him out of office."

"I hate people like Audie Cook who pretend to be good by going to church on Sunday, but commit sins like screwing married women all during the week. I agree with RealOne73, we need to put some names on this thread. Let's call out Audie for what he really is! Let's make him face the music for the pain he has caused over the years. How many homes has he destroyed with his cheating?
Anybody want to be the first one to list what you have head through the grapevine over the years?"

"Ok, real one 73 you want names i'll give solid hints. One lady works at Russell Browns office and her husband is a city cop. The other lady works at State Farm Ins. Her husband is a preacher. This ain't here say, THIS IS FACT."

"Thank You Rambo! That's two of 'em. It's about time we called this guy out and let everyone know about all the homes he has ruined. Yes, it takes the women to say yes, but those of us who know what is going on know that Audie pursues the women to get what he wants. And all he want is to get them in bed.
Next?? Need more names please. "

Two Timed

Westmoreland, TN

#2 Jul 28, 2010
Hi. I am new here. When I saw this topic, I just couldn't believe it. Audie Cook tried to get me to have sex with him more than once in the past few years. I am a married woman and he knows it. My husband also knows Audie. you would think Audie would have more respect for other men than that.
After talking to some other people I found out all about Audie and how he operates. I don't know her name but one of the women he had an affair with is the sister of Carolyn Gregory of the Sycamore Valley area. Carolyn was a Leonard before she re-married. I don't know here maiden name. But her sister is one of the women Audie has had an affair with. That's pretty much common knowledge. My question is about his wife Cheryl. No offense, but is she stupid? Does she not know? Has anybody bothered to tell her?

Westmoreland, TN

#3 Jul 28, 2010
We need names please.

If you don't have the name, just post what you have heard.

Who have you heard he has sleep with?

When was it?


How many women has he cheated with?
Up the Flagpole

Westmoreland, TN

#4 Jul 29, 2010
Audie Cook has had at least 4 affairs, and I'd say many more. Two of them are the women Rambo named. I didn't know about the one Two Timed talks about. I know of one more too, but I hate to get her name involved.

Anybody else want to jump in here?
Ten til Two

Westmoreland, TN

#5 Jul 29, 2010
That SOB had an affair with Judy Robinson about 8 years ago. I know that for sure cause I was dating her at the time it happened. He broke us up.

Since: Jul 10

Lafayette, TN

#6 Jul 30, 2010
I'm just amazed the ugly, ignorant bastard can get that much tail! Are women that hard up in Macon Co.?
Amos McCoy

Lafayette, TN

#7 Jul 30, 2010
I hear he's got a short pecker.
tells the truth

Scottsville, KY

#9 Jul 30, 2010
It was not Susan Wright it was another Wright Woman. Get Your Facts Straight!! Bud nor Susan have ever cheated on eachother. And if you want to confirm that call Bud Wright the number is in the phone book.
-Truth Teller-

Lafayette, TN

#10 Jul 30, 2010
vote4macon wrote:
I'm just amazed the ugly, ignorant bastard can get that much tail! Are women that hard up in Macon Co.?
Haha! If he had the last d!ck on earth I wouldn't touch it to save the human race!
Toy Master

Westmoreland, TN

#11 Jul 31, 2010
tells the truth wrote:
It was not Susan Wright it was another Wright Woman. Get Your Facts Straight!! Bud nor Susan have ever cheated on eachother. And if you want to confirm that call Bud Wright the number is in the phone book.
Let me get this straight. You want me to call Bud Wright to ask if his wife ever cheated on him with Audie Cook? Do you actually think Bud would know if she did or not? And if Bud ever cheated on Susan, do you actually think he would admit it someone he doesn't even know on the phone? As far as it being some other woman, how would you know? Where did your information come from? How do you know so much about it? If you do know more, tell us some details. When did it happen? Where did it happen?
Bud Wright

United States

#12 Jul 31, 2010
Hey toy master. Be an adult and tell me your name and number. And stop telling lies when you have no idea what you are talking about. Me or my wife neither one have ever cheated on eachother.
Up Up and Away

Westmoreland, TN

#14 Jul 31, 2010
vote4macon wrote:
I'm just amazed the ugly, ignorant bastard can get that much tail! Are women that hard up in Macon Co.?
He is ignorant,that's for sure! He was on the radio yesterday morning and it is pathetic how he talks. He doesn't have enough education to hold the job he has. We really need to get him out of office at the next election.
Oh, and you're right. He is ugly. What the hell do women see in him? I know of one married woman who had a long affair with him. Why did she keep going back? What did she see in him? One thing is for sure. We will never understand women.
Road Grader

Westmoreland, TN

#15 Jul 31, 2010
I work at the highway department and I will agree that Audie is a no good piece of trash. I am taking a chance posting this. If he finds out I will lose my job. But I have seen him around women and I have overheard some of the things he has done in the past. Voters in this county need to replace him with a good road supervisor real soon.

United States

#16 Jul 31, 2010
It was another Wright woman not Buds Wrights wife that messed with Audie. So get everything straight. Before you start something.

Franklin, KY

#17 Jul 31, 2010
Mister toy master, I have been reading all of your statements and I have to say I am convinced that you are a worthless bastard. I mean you don"t even have the balls to put your real name on your comments. As u can see I aint scared,and if you ever let me find out who you really are you will never forget me!!!!!!

Westmoreland, TN

#18 Jul 31, 2010
Why is everyone so interested in his private life? Sounds like you all need a life of your own. Why don't you state the facts of what he has or has not done in his term for office. I could care less who he sleeps with or how many affairs he has had-I just want my road fixed that's been in bad shape for 10 years. Who he f---- has nothing to do with it.
Wrong election

Westmoreland, TN

#19 Jul 31, 2010
I don't give a flip about Audie Cook and neither should any of you. His term don't even come up this time, it's at least 2 more years. If you wanna bitch, then bitch about someone thats office is becoming available in this August election.

Franklin, KY

#20 Jul 31, 2010
Amen getalife... Who gives a shit about his personal life... Its between him and good lord above and Ms Cheryl what he has done... and for futher more Toymaster you truly need to get your facts straight I have know Bud and Susan my whole life and they worship each other and Susan was not the one Audie had an affair with it was another Wright lady and that was many many years ago, anyways. so you are a dumb ass who has nothing better to do than run someone in the ground, and it seems you do not have a life...and Audie is a nice respectful man despite what he might or might not have done in his younger years. and so what if he did have an affair I sure as hell think it has nothing to do with you.. SO GET A DAMN LIFE AND WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN SORRY ASS
Right Away Jay

Westmoreland, TN

#21 Aug 1, 2010
Oh my where do I start? This is my first post on this site, but it looks like I found a good one to start with.
First of all, yes it is very true that Audie Cook is a liar and has had several affairs in his life. As a woman I feel very sorry for his wife. On the other hand, why hasn't she left him?
Second, Nobody should be posting names of the women who have had affairs with Audie on this board. Those women made a terrible mistake and I hope they know it. I hope they read this discussion so they can see what a piece of trash Audie really is. I hope they realize that he only used them and didn't care anything at all about them, no matter what he may have told them at the time to get in their pants.
Third, I agree with Road Grader that he needs to be replaced as road supervsior. There is another topic on this site called So Called Road Supervisor that talks about how sorry a job he is doing.
Fourth, Just because Bud and Casey Wright do not want to believe that Susan slept with Audie, doesn't mean she didn't. I too have been told that he had an affair with her. As far as the other Wright woman, yes that is true too. She was first, and Susan was next. Bud and Casey just need to accept it. I know the truth hurts, but denying it doesn't make it go away.
Fifth, as for the comments by Sister, I believe that his personal life has a whole lot to do with this conversation. No one on here has denied that he is a liar and a cheater, right? I mean everyone here has said it was some other woman. And then Rambo called out two more women who had affairs with him. To be a cheater, he is also a liar. To me, that has a lot to do with an elected official. If he is a liar in his personal life, he is a liar in his public life at his public job. And no, Audie Cook is not a nice respectable man. Respectable men do not pursue and convince other men's wives to have sex with them. And at least two of these affairs have been in the last 6 years. So the argument that it was in his younger years just does not hold up. Sorry Sister, but you need to get your facts straight.
Road Grader

Westmoreland, TN

#22 Aug 1, 2010
I've seen Audie and Regina Flippin kissing in his office at the highway department. I have heard they are having an affair too. Some of you people may not like what is being said on here, but ya'll need to understand this man is dangerous.

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