Teacher kid brings airsoft gun get what?

Lafayette, TN

#46 Jan 26, 2013
Why is everyone calling them a upitty family? Have you seen how they look? Lol. If that is upitty I don't. Want any part of it. L m a o
Just so you know

Stanfield, NC

#47 Jan 26, 2013
The problem with MCJH and their discipline is the kids with parents who think theirs do no wrong and raise a stink do not get as severely punished as the kids whose parent want them to behave and expect them to be punished to the full extent of the policy.and never say a word.
looking out for mine

Westmoreland, TN

#49 Jan 26, 2013
Common sense wrote:
I think on this whole thread there is one fact. People need to realize this is a gossip site with very little news value to it. You really cannot believe everything you read or hear at a beauty shop! I have decided to pray for each and every person that uses this site on a regular basis.
Well pray for yourself while your at it because you are here talking too.

Scottsville, KY

#51 Jan 27, 2013
If this child punishment was giving what is it? Borrowed a handbook and I see all firearms is expelled did he get this or a slap. 2nd.No reason to say all this on here it will not get any where but here. I know for fact many people has either called or emailed Oldham. She is not talking. Channel 5 and others you talk about says they will come but noone will talk on air afraid of what teacher will do to kids. Dont have any kids at school but grandkids. Its a fact teachers and kids get who they want to teach their and other perks. I know this because of what that teacher posted. Im just as concerned as all of you Parents. There is many things our school keeps within our schools that is unbelieveable and not even letting Oldham know.If any of you want something done don't be on here go to the top. Still What was the punishment? I sure hope our board(who I think is a joke dont care) will step in on this. Is Oldham,Bransford,and board waiting for their child to be shoot.regardless if it was a airsoft gun. You get expelled for a plastic knife why not a gun that the airsoft gun says it against law to bring to schools. Next time any of your kids get caught with cell phones or says a word or just got in trouble for a simple thing. Take it to news and say ok my child done this and got this and a kid brings a gun get bull crap. And still go to games.
up and down

Charlotte, NC

#52 Jan 27, 2013
Nothing will be done because this is a teachers kid. Book it.

Indian Trail, NC

#53 Jan 27, 2013
When will something be done. As soon as a kid with connections gets in trouble, they suddenly have a "condition" or a "disability".
get a grip

Lafayette, TN

#55 Jan 28, 2013
ou all on here are all WRONG!!! the policy is 45 days for A TOY, You are all goingon hearsay. If ou REALLY want to gripe then gripe to the one who lets some ride a bus and some not when they get in trouble, Give a sob story and you get prefrential treatment!!! A basketball player today got special treatment. She was in BI and her ay in BI last Friday COUNTED!!!She was not there so WHY did it count?
Frustrated Parent

Bethpage, TN

#56 Jan 29, 2013
I don't know anything about this issue. But are you really surprised by this? Hopefully this child is going to receive whatever any other child would receive, for their own benefit. This might be a small issue to some parents but this is just one issue of many issues that happen everyday in our school system. We need a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO or PTA). A constructive forum is not available for parents to voice their COMMON concerns. The schools say that parents can speak to the principal individually. Well I tried to one time and the principal was very unprofessional and it was a minor concern I brought to her attention. As individuals voicing our concerns nothing is going to be done. We as parents need to collectively work together. If we had a PTO/PTA we could work constructively with the teachers and school board, instead of being labeled as "trouble makers". Attending the school board meeting is a bit of joke. This is not a constructive forum for a parent to address individual concerns. I remembered thinking that I was the only one thinking that "my gosh is this teacher a bit off or is she just ignoring my children" I kept thinking it was only happening to us. Then oh my gosh I found out she was doing to all the children and ALL of the parents that it was just them. This would not happen if we had a PTO/PTA. My children should have a good day at school not just when the teacher is in a "good mood". That is what they say when they come home..it is so sad. They say we had a good day she was in a good mood today mom. It breaks my heart but I am treated as one complaining parent. And please the teachers do show special treatment of their own and it is in all areas...sports, Interact - this is where it is the worst, cheerleading, clubs, yearbook staff, everything. My oldest child is an A student, teachers say they are a perfect student in class (listens, does talk during class, never late, etc), never ever in trouble at all, but she is almost forgotten because we are not related to anyone. All we want is fair and equitable treatment. And I know this is not the forum for this discussion but I could not resist. Why are the teachers so afraid of having the parents have a voice? I wish just one school board member would suggest a PTO/PTA. And for the child with the toy gun, of course there is going to be gossip when the school doesn't communicate to the parents. You can easily communicate what happened without disclosing personal information.
So True

Lafayette, TN

#57 Jan 29, 2013
You are exactly right in what you say. We need new teachers that teach and not t be paid to just show up and get a pay check.Back in the 70's and 80's thigs were a lot different.Tody if you can play ball or sports you get special treatment and a free ride. A rule should apply no matter who is caught doing the wrong.
What would you do

Westmoreland, TN

#58 Jan 29, 2013
What would you do if you were a teacher and your child accidentally brought a toy gun to school in his back pack? When he realized it was in there he panacked and brought it to you? He is basically a good child. He gets along well with others. He is no threat to society. He intended to do no harm to anyone. He got in a hurry at a friends house putting his toys in his back pack. He forgot to take the toy gun out when he got home.I am not saying this is what happened but what if it did? I realize the whole country is on high alert because of Sandy Hook. I know we should never take any chances with the lives of our innocent children. I realize there are rules that need to be followed. I also know that kids will be kids and they forget things at times. Please put yourself in this teacher's shoes and in the child's shoes and see if things look a little different to you. We all make mistakes no matter who we are.
Town guy

Hickory, NC

#59 Jan 29, 2013
We have rules at school for a reason
What part of no tolerance do you not understand!

Lafayette, TN

#60 Jan 29, 2013
He didn't accidentally put it in his back pack that he probably takes to school every day now did he?

Hartsville, TN

#61 Jan 29, 2013
I feel sorry for this child, parent, other students, the school system, county, and the USA in general. I no longer live in Macon county, but I lived there many years with two children who graduated from MCHS. The school system has had problems for many years. Bullying, special treatment to employees children, rich vs poor etc.., but it wasn't always like that. I am fifty years old, and when I went to school there we started each morning with a good morning announcement, a prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance. Today it seems we as parents have forgotten what is important. I know everyone is "gun shy" when it comes to school. What we are forgetting is that we are discussing these issues in front of our children..bad language and all. Children become what they see and hear. There have been many children in TN who took their own life due to bullying. Is there a solution? At this point I think we as parents have had our parental rights revoked by the government, and we have gotten involved with trying to make our kids "popular"! I always tried to teach my children that it didn't matter what club they were in, how much money they had, or if they had family..(which they did) that taught school. They had to follow the rules, be kind to everyone, help others, and to make the best grades they could. I just really dislike that the child is being burned at the stake on a public forum. Blame the parent..it is their responsibility to know what their child is doing. Blame the school system because if it is a zero tolerance then that needs to be enforced. Blame our cities, counties, and states because our children are denied the option of having that moment of silence or prayer. My suggestion would be for at least one concerned parent to step up...place your name and email or phone number out there and have an open calm meeting. Once that is accomplished a committee can call the school board asking to be heard at the next meeting. If approached with a rational level head I feel they will listen and possibly the guidelines will be followed, but a which hunt won't accomplish anything. I hope this can be resolved without harsh words and hatred. I am thankful it wasn't a "real" gun, and with that said I hope everyone remembers that words and actions can harm a child as well.
Frustrated Parent

Bethpage, TN

#62 Jan 30, 2013
And they say we don't care. Look at all the intelligent and constructive feedback. I just had to quickly write this that I don't feel alone on trying to address issues constructively. I know some teachers are actually silently wishing we had a PTO/PTA because they have some of the same concerns but are afraid to address them. After this morning's news about the issue in Alabama, I just felt so sick inside. That brave bus driver trying to protect all those children. And that poor little child and his/her parents...it makes me think why are we all so afraid to speak up together and what am I teaching my children when I don't...just because I am not the one being labeled as a "complaining parent" or a "ungrateful Tenncare parent". I am ashamed to abmit since I am blessed enough to at least be a somewhat middle class (at least at the moment) that I have heard those remarks and not said anything. I just have been praying for that little child locked away with some stranger and all that little one wants is his/her parents. And why are our children suddenly targets to every unstable person? Keep that little one in your prayers and I wish we did have another more constructive forum to help and support both parents and teachers..since I think the majority of us are trying our best for our children...Again please pray for that little one and the bus driver's family..

Scottsville, KY

#63 Jan 30, 2013
Some on here say that the child is being treated differently and the school isn't following the set rules, without a (PTO/PTA) you can't get any one to listen! EASY- thats what the media is for call the nashville TV stations they would love to ask why teachers kids are being treated any different. All it takes is a few phone calls i am sure they would look in to this and ask whats going on!
Fairlyn Stinson

Bethpage, TN

#64 Jan 31, 2013
He has a medical problem? Did that excuse the persons that went into other schools and shot innocent children and teachers? They all should be punished for what they do. No teachers child or grandchild is better than anyone else child.Some people are taking this too lightly what if next time its a real gun what then slap him on the wrist and say dont do that. Thats pretty much what they have done if he gets away with this others will try. Please do something before its too late. PLEASE i have grandchildren in these schools in Macon Co.

Summerville, SC

#65 Feb 1, 2013
The general public has no clue what actually goes on at the Middle School. If you knew how some of the teachers talked to their kids they would be up in arms. And those two wimpy brothers who teach there were apparently bullied when they were in school and now they bully 12 year olds to make themselves feel better.
while away the time

Greer, SC

#66 Feb 2, 2013
And still nothing has been done.
coollady 34

Bethpage, TN

#67 Feb 4, 2013
You know I have grandchildren in both of these schools and all of my grandchildren will tell you that it is wrong to take a gun of any kind to school,even to go against the rules will get you BI,no homework for 5 days alternative.Teachers are supposed to set an example for all of our children.Are they setting an example by not punishing this child just because he or she is a teachers child[wrong].They are no better than anyone else in that school system.

Westmoreland, TN

#68 Feb 4, 2013
I heard that his mom is the one that turned it in after another teacher told her that he had it. Also, I heard that he was not going to get anything at all, then he wound up having a hearing getting 45 days of ALC. Like my name says all hearsay. The thing that gets me, if all of it is true, including punishment length, I think it is b.s. a high school student had PRACTICE arrows, with a rubber suction at the end instead of a pointed arrow, it was in the car of the student's and that person almost got 365 days of ALC from something that would just stick to your forehead, not causing any harm if used on someone. Like a teacher said, by the time you pull the bow back you will have already been tackled or hit by the other person, plus it was in the car, meaning they would have to go outside it even get to it, instead of having it in a bag in your reach all day long.

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