Louisiana's Child Support System
Tell it like it is

Columbia, SC

#187 May 24, 2012
I have the experience of coming from both sides of the situation. I grew up with my mother trying to support us with just her income and my dad running from the responsibility of his children.
Now I am a step parent who is surprised at how much the Lousiana child support system is unethical. You have one one side, a father like my husband who was in constant communication with his ex- wife and child. He tried to settle out of court with her on visitation and support. She agreed to think about the time he could spend with his daughter and then was appaulled that he offered her money. She said, " I don't need your help and I don't need to work because my husband makes enough money"- then the next we are being sued. This woman supported the child for 2 months on her own refusing our help and then sued us. She now gets 500 a month in child support plus the child medical is covered by my husband.
My husband is the sole provider for our family and has other children. He makes 2500 a month, while she makes 13,000...yes, 13,000 a month. Are we mad we have to pay, no, but then she pockets the full tax return and does not have to claim the support as income. We won't even talk about the fact that he doesn't get to see his daughter but for only 2.5 months a year after all this. Thanks to Napoleon Law in Louisiana, we are in a position to have to really sacrafice or should I say compromise.

Are there dead beat dads...yes. But there are some dads that love their children and are taken advantage of by the mothers who abuse the system.

How is that there are 2 sets of laws for criminals. 1 that convicts them and 1 that defends them. The same should be true to dads. One law incriminating dads who don't pay or care for their children and One that defends dads that do.

All you need to do is find an attorney like the shark his ex wife had. I don't even know how the attorney or the ex can face themselves everyday, knowing how wrong they are.

Dallas, TX

#188 Jul 13, 2012
What do you do when you have been divorced for 7 years, Father lives in Louisiana, he is a decent father, I have been living in Texas for 6 years, my ten year old has asthma and he did not cover his meds or Insurance until the last 5 months and he still does not cover all inhalers. He will not show his Income tax to prove income since 2004, In the meantime my son has had countless hospital visits, ER visits all in my name, I couldn't get Insurance after I had to quit my job to be home with him to homeschool him and find ways to to RDA work 2 days a week just to live. While he remarried lived in a 400.000 home and would help extra every now and then after I beg or we are completely out of food .. I was the bread winner when married but with my son sick, I had to be there for him more... NOw 2012 he is just divorced again, I found out he put down 300.000 down on a home and this is still when he refused to carry Ins on his son, the wife would not allow it, now HE just sold his home and still will not pay what is should pay in support which in Texas the cost of living is more, nathan is older, I have to have him covered thru medicaid because he is so difficult. I have no money to live hardly, and cover medical bills, he still owes me 26,000 more towards bills and he just closed on the house he sold taking over 100,000 and not sending what he owes us, I am in danger of losing my home.. HE is at this moment looking at a new home to buy.. what do I do?

United States

#189 Aug 7, 2012
Monroe Mother wrote:
I am a mother of a 5 & 7 year old. My ex husband moved from Simsboro LA to Zachary LA because he remarried. He quit his job at Weyerhaeuser in Simsboro LA making $3400 a month and took a job at Community Coffee making $2700 a month. In 2007 he filed a motion to reduce his child support payment based on his new pay rate. I assume my ex was upset that I retained an attorney and did not wait for the court hearing and reduced his payment on his own. My attorney was Jim Norris from West Monroe LA (BIG MISTAKE) and my ex's attorney was Kristy Griffen from Zachary LA. Mr. Norris kept telling me that my ex would get a credit and would not have to pay me the arrears. My boyfriend and I were expecting a new baby and I had been out of work for over a year due to a lay off...I was stressed with no money. I let Mr. Norris go and filed with the state (should have done this years ago) My ex was served papers and one weekend when I went to pick up my children from his new home in Zachary I asked him where his child support payments were...he slammed the door in my face and his new wife came out of the house and attacked me from behind in front of my children. My boyfriend and I returned home and did not file a report because my children & I were so upset...we just wanted to get home to Monroe. I went back almost a month later to pick the boys up again and the cops were waiting on us and tried to arrest us with simple battery. We had our newborn with us so they served us with a summons. I went to court and found out my ex and his wife had filed a false police report...now I not only have to pay a Family Law attorney but I have to find a criminal attorney in Baton Rouge so that I can fight a false police report because my ex is pissed about me filing with the state. I went to court in Monroe on Dec. 9 and was told he was allowed one extension but the date for child support is reset on Jan. 16 2009. My ex has retained another attorney from Baton Rouge...will he be allowed another extension??? He is a sneaky SOB and I am confused with the states system..
Oooh and does anyone know a good criminal attorney from Baton Rouge who could help me....I am in shock that you can be arrested with no proof...I did nothing but ask my ex for his child support...I am lost and sad...I feel helpless...this man has taken over my life and I am divorced from him...someone please help!!
well, I'm
Peter and it seems that you are paying for what you have looked for. I'm
not sorry to tell you but most of women in Louisiana are snakes and leaches and you are paying the share of the bargain. I would suggest you to get a job and depend on yourself ; by the way having a baby without been married will put you in a worst situation especially when you have other two kids with your ex and that is a really bad example. your ex is protecting himself and the children by holding some money back because you will probably will spent it on your new born child and your boyfriend . I must say 'bravo' for your ex because he handle the problem very well; that it might be a reason he got get rid of you.

he will probably file a motion for custody and he will win.

Kelmscott, Australia

#190 Aug 9, 2012
if you have 10 kids in monroe la do you have to pay child support
Mom in System

Lafayette, LA

#191 Sep 5, 2012
MOMMYOF1 wrote:
how long does it usually take in Louisiana for military payments to be sent through the state and to the custodial parent?!?!??! I've been waiting forEVER seems like!
Once payment is sent, you receive payments on the account in 2 days. Same as when they sent paper checks. The non-custodial parent has 1 month to make the payment then it falls into arrears. It takes a month of Sundays to get the department to take action on arrears.
Custodial Parents...STAY ON IT! Keep Records YOURSELF! The only records they account for is what they want. I have had missing payments that they suddenly have records on. Keep every bank statement where this money is deposited and never take cash. Make it come to the account. You have payments missed after 30days, Call the department's Toll Free Number and have your case worker call you. 90days with no payment, get in writing a request for all arrears!(Toll free agents can give you the mailing address)
And for the account the state sets up. BEWARE..they charge you to have that account so if you have your own account set it up to go to your personal account!
Also, on personal experience: I have called when checks are late and suddenly by end of day the payments are posted. Which means they are sitting on some lazy state employee's desk.
Mom in System

Lafayette, LA

#192 Sep 5, 2012
jamk wrote:
if you have 10 kids in monroe la do you have to pay child support
YEP! for each and everyone!
Mom in System

Lafayette, LA

#193 Sep 5, 2012
Peter wrote:
<quoted text>
well, I'm
Peter and it seems that you are paying for what you have looked for.
Your words speak volumes Dude! Like the women paying for what they looked for so will the guy who lied his way into her pants!

Mom in System

Lafayette, LA

#194 Sep 5, 2012
horserider wrote:
What do you do when you have been divorced for 7 years, Father lives in Louisiana, he is a decent father,
Apparently he is not too very decent if he cannot provide medical for his child who obviously has a high need.

Get a lawyer! See if you can transfer your case to Texas where cost of living will be properly considered. And subpeona all financial records in his name! Guys like that will keep 10 accounts to hide true income.
Mom in System

Lafayette, LA

#195 Sep 5, 2012
Tell it like it is wrote:
the Lousiana child support system is unethical.

And I will agree I have seen it happen on both ends
Scared mother

Hamshire, TX

#196 Oct 11, 2012
Hi my names alanna and i have an 18iPhone month old son who is hearing impaired a stroke victum and is currently undergoing chemo for an astrocytoma, brain tumor. Me n his father who has never done anything for him split up wen he was 6 months old and discovered to the tumor wen he was 10 months old. Ge was n the hopital for 3 months and his father came twice because well frankly he hates me for not sricking around and putting up with his shit. He didnt even come the day his son went through 18 hours of brain surgery. Once we got home he starged demanding ro see his son but would refuse to come to my house and wanted me to go out and meet him at all these random places with my extremely sick baby and i would refuse. Then i filed for child support because i quit wrk and school to tend to my son. I had some money saved up but it didnt cover all the medical equipment and bills so i feel i had to file. Since court his father has played the victim saying i keep our son from him while he was n the hospital but hes the one who choose to not be there. Now the judge thinks ima spiteful bitch and that i just wanna get bck at him for cheating on my with anything with a pluse. Naturally he and the judge seen eye to eye and i wad wrong for keeping my deathly ill son from traviling and he was granted visitation. Now my baby goes there twice a month were his grandmother not his father tends to him. And the tell me they only change his diaper twice a day and dnt feed him. They say he refuses to eat but he has a g-tube in his stomach they can feed him through but they won't because they refuse to believe anything os wrong with him. On top of that the judge ordered child supporr be paid and he owes me 6 months and counting and everytime i bring it up its a fight. Im just so scared for my baby he screams and hollers wen he sees his dad and i feel so helpless. Pleass sum1 help me what do i do. How do i protect him? Me anc my boufriend are talking bout marriage but were gonna wait til the chemo is done. But he lives in another state because hes a marine stationed in north carolina and i wanna kno if i could even move me and my son up there or could his neflectful father stop us. Why is he doing this? Whu cant he jus take care of his son the right way or get out of our lives? Please sum1 help me protect my child!

West Monroe, LA

#197 Oct 14, 2012
Ify Enemuo Rural Child wrote:
I got two kids and i dont pay for nothing & Louisiana cant make me cus Ill just go back to Nigeria
That just proves you are another dead beat. Make kids and do not want to take care of them.

Florence, MS

#198 Oct 14, 2012
If a child support us awarded for four kids and youngest turns 18 and graduates doesn't child suppirt automatically stop with no obligation by the non custodial parent to petition the court?
They Just Dont KNow

Lafayette, LA

#199 Oct 16, 2012
Snooger wrote:
If a child support us awarded for four kids and youngest turns 18 and graduates doesn't child suppirt automatically stop with no obligation by the non custodial parent to petition the court?
Actually, arrears do not go away because your children turn 18. You still owe that money!

However, if you owe no arrears it does and should stop automatically. This is a computer age after all and the date it ends is in the system. Therefore if no arrears owed it should be a closed case.

Florence, MS

#200 Oct 17, 2012
No arrears

Florence, MS

#201 Oct 17, 2012
Who's a good female lawyer in Baton Rouge that not a chicken?
They Just Dont KNow

Lafayette, LA

#202 Oct 18, 2012
Snooger wrote:
No arrears
are any of the children still in school? That is the only way child support might continue past 18

Florence, MS

#203 Oct 19, 2012
Nope the youngest turned 18 and graduated this past june.

Florence, MS

#204 Oct 20, 2012
If you have a child that became disabled at 17 does child support continue indefinitely? Or does it also stop at 18 unless the order is changed?
tell it like it is

Columbia, SC

#205 Oct 21, 2012
Username wrote:
If you have a child that became disabled at 17 does child support continue indefinitely? Or does it also stop at 18 unless the order is changed?
I believe it goes according to whatever your agreement says. There are some cases the support continues as long as the child is living & according to the Louisiana state law, that is considered an exception, meaning, support does not expire for a child with disabilities. If you look up the law of child support for that state, I'm pretty sure you will find that exception.

Florence, MS

#206 Oct 21, 2012
The only law I've found says it continues for a child with disabilities to the age if 22.

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