Old evidence at new trial

Old evidence at new trial

There are 1144 comments on the Rocky Mountain News story from May 12, 2006, titled Old evidence at new trial. In it, Rocky Mountain News reports that:

An Adams County judge Thursday ruled that notes and blood evidence taken by a now-dead investigator at a murder scene 25 years ago can be used in the case against Troy Brownlow.

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United States

#1093 Mar 22, 2012
I am highly elated evidenced by “tiger” Troy’s latest ploy evidenced by his new appeal meaning he is not a happy camper.“The dude* is dead and couldn’t testify re. notes,” mewls tiger,“therefore turn me lose.” Judging by his history, recidivism would send him back. Tiger’s conviction is affirmed by the appeal’s court and now he initiates an appeal of the district court’s denial of his motion for post-conviction relief. At 75, I won’t be around much longer and Gwen and Deanna are out of state. I want to appoint a lawful representative in State to act in my behalf. If you are interested: r.grimes80@yahoo.com I’ll send you the form and file it with Office Of The Attorney General so you will receive notice of “Tiger’s” on-going plan B’s to avoid responsibility for his own conduct.

*Tiger” Troy claims Detective Smith could not be questioned at trial about his notes because he was dead; therefore,(I guess) his conviction must be overturned. There is some banter “Tiger” will appeal to SCOTUS so his blood found in six places along with his print will fade away.

Thus,“Tiger’s” ploy indicates lack of bliss where he’s at and thus my ecstasy. If he succeeds, I will have died happy since I won’t have knowledge of his success. My lawful representative will bear the jolt of “Tiger” success.
Richard Grimes

United States

#1094 Apr 2, 2012
Ruben is writing a book on Nini. He is well-positioned for it as he works within the District Attorney's Office along with the prosecutors. He wants to personify Nini and seeks data from those who knew her. If you are willing to be interviewed or prefer emailing him your knowledge of Nini, do it. I have already been interviewed by: RUBEN FRAGOSO <rubenfragoso@msn.com>; Thanks. I look forward to reading his book perhaps three years in the making. It will be nice to read about my baby Nini.
Ginger Kid

Denver, CO

#1095 Apr 2, 2012
That is awesome Mr Grimes. I will be happy to send off an email. Thank you for letting us know.
Richard Grimes part 1

United States

#1100 Apr 9, 2012
Yo Gwen: This is the 5th time I post. It does post but is soon gone. It appears someone does not like my post. I will post in two parts:

April 4, 2012, I was at McDonalds buying a cup of coffee and this cute toddler, a girl about two years old kept moving around and her dad, or baby sitter, a guy twice as big as me intervened in her movement by grabbing her ear and twisting it and sitting her in her stroller. The little girl commenced crying; she was in pain. The big lug made me wish I could have throttled him. It reminded me of the time I asked my Nini to do something while at my sister Shirley. It was the first time I had experienced how stubborn she was, a lot like the toddler mentioned above.

I spanked my Nini convinced that corporal punishment would persuade her to obey. My sister Shirley finally intervened. She stopped my assault on my baby Nini who at the time was perhaps eight-ten years old. I recall out trip to Disneyland where I spanked Dini, Nini, and Shirley Jo (my niece) at my cousin’s house where we stayed. I had them grab their ankles and swatted each rump with my hand. The three expressed lots of pain greatly suppressing their urge to laugh loudly. That is one spanking I recommend. It made all of us feel good.

I created my own purgatory in spanking my baby Nini at my sister Shirley’s house. I have to live with that memory for the rest of my life. It tortures me. I do not file petitions to free me from imprisonment; whereas,“tiger” Troy files petition after petition to free him from the penitentiary he created for himself.

Therefore, corporal punishment upon your children is child abuse. Read my account, parents, especially dads, never administer corporal punishment; whereas, your child may die of natural causes or as mine did, or in an automobile accident, or other and you will regret your conduct for the rest of your life.

From: Gwen Frick <gfrick@rushmore.com>
To: Richard Grimes <r22037@yahoo.com>
two years old, two years old.
Richard Grimes part 2

United States

#1103 Apr 10, 2012
two years old, two years old.

Twice I, dad, have orchestrated my own purgatory: Yo Ruben:

Nini was about 13.5 and she asked to live with me. I turned her down and doubled her allowance telling her not to tell Dini, her sister, in whose shadow she lived. It seemed she was happy with the double, kinda putting one over on her sister. If only I'd consented. Gwen has her own Purgatory: She went to visit a friend leaving Nini (age 15) alone doing her homework. "If only I had not gone to visit a friend," says Gwen. For me, the spanking and denial guarantees me a cell in purgatory until I die.

At the risk of injuring Dini’s sensibilities I favored my Nini. Dini was born and stayed healthy all her life. My Nini was born sickly requiring medical attention. As a baby, she endured surgery on her lazy eye; she vomited and incurred nose bleeds; she lacked equilibrium: I took Dini and Nini to the tennis court; Dini swatted the ball immediately; whereas, my Nini could not toss the ball three feet above her racket; the ball went ten/twenty feet to the left or right. I took my baby Nini to an unoccupied area to teach her how to drive my VW. She found something to hit smashing a huge flower pot and collapsing the fender.

The more I write the more comes to me. I recommend you put your words on Word and email them to Ruben a few months hence. Thanks. To those who knew my baby Nini who finally achieved total healthy status only to be slain by tiger Troy:

Please touch basis with Ruben and tell him what you recall about her: <rubenfragoso@msn.com>

Rapid City, SD

#1104 Apr 10, 2012
ditto, same as above
Richard Grimes

United States

#1105 Apr 11, 2012
No more comments on my Nini (favorite of my five kids) will be posted; however, I will post on "tiger" Troy's petitions and ultimate pandering(prayer)to escape responsibility for his own conduct. I'd like to hear from Laura, Gina's sister, in her conclusion that Troy did it; whereas, Gina and Laine will continue in their pandering. Thanks for sending your comments on Nini to RUBEN FRAGOSO <rubenfragoso@msn.com>; whose book I will anxiously await.
May Seven Nine-sixty-five

United States

#1106 May 7, 2012
May 7, 1965: As mentioned on prior May 7 past dates, such a date pops into my mind as when en passant occurs in chess (thanks for the picture of Nini playing chess at school) and I post on my baby Nini’s anniversary (Nini had one birth-day, what follows are anniversaries). Gwen told me about Uncle Ronnie on Gwen’s side whom 14-month-old Nini asked in a squeaky voice:“Are you going to spank me?” Ronnie laughed and said:“No.” Submerged in the subconscious mind are memories that rise up. I carry my Nini’s eye-patch in my wallet since the day she discarded it. Perhaps that is why I often dream of her. I sure despise that “tiger” in his cage even though hate eats its own container. Perhaps I despise those who pander (pray and petition) for his release as the panderer does for a verdict of innocent. Nini is the only innocent one. DNA exonerates; DNA convicts. Farewell my consenteda (favorite one of my five babies if I spelled it correct). I wait for Ruben’s book so I can read my baby’s words as spoken to her friends. Time out while I wipe away:“A little bitty tear let me down”. I’m not in touch with Ruben and should not be over who has emailed him their remembrance of Nini, words she spoke. Suddenly, I recall my girls taking me to the Red Vest where they paid for the food out of the $20 dollars I put on the table (though they were willing to pay). My cousin Felima Kulinski wrote:
“Nanine Grimes was born May 7, 1965, and was an innocent girl when stabbed to death Sept. 4, 1980, in her home in Adams County, Colorado. Nanine’s life and death reminds us of another innocent girl who died a martyr’s death: Marie Goretti was stabbed to death in her home in Southern Italy at the beginning of this century. She died rather than offend Jesus. Before she died, Maria forgave the boy who caused her death.”
I, Richard Grimes, am not at all like Marie Goretti; I am a lapsed Catholic; I dumped the pope and his delusion; I don’t forgive my baby’s killer. I despise “Tiger big dude” Troy along with those who pander/pray for his innocence and freedom. This forum reveals “Tiger’s” history to be a cancer on society.“I was there,” blurbs Tiger,“a big dude did it,” and splashed my blood on many areas and left my fingerprint in the bathroom where I was washing off the blood. How can Troy’s effing fan club be so brainless and dimwitted to not know Troy (“Tiger”) was the “big dude” created as plan B? Write the book, Ruben, I need to read words uttered by my Nini to her friends knowing she endured Gwen’s and my divorce with great difficulty. Ruben: you have mom and dad’s Go For It.
1965: Hello Nini; 15 years later: Bye bye my Nini, as I toss myself to the ground as Sean Penn did in Mystic River. My Nini: I’ll see you in my dreams. I hate that “Tiger” who wants to get out and smell the roses. Being Christian, my Nini like Marie Goretti, you may forgive your killer; I will not.

Rapid City, SD

#1107 May 7, 2012
Troy admitted he was there, that is all that is needed! Guilty is a fact, let him pay the penalty!!

Redwood City, CA

#1108 May 7, 2012
Happy Birthday Nini. Forever in my heart.....

Broomfield, CO

#1110 Jul 28, 2012
I was the one with D that night and many nights after that. I saw with my own eyes how this devastating incident ripped this family apart. The not knowing who did it was just as horriable, and now knowing still after all these years doesn't make it eaiser for anyone. This doesn't bring Nanine back,Deanna will never get a chance to hug her niece or nephew. Please take heed when we pick up a rock and want to throw it;It may hit someone who has lost a heck of alot more then you will ever know.Thinking of the Grimes FAMILY XOXO Kimberly---
Laura Cleveland wrote:
I'm so sorry Deanna for your loss, I couldn't begin to understand what you found and how you coped with that all these years. I would live in fear forever. I met Troy one year before he was picked up and he was one month away from becoming my nieces father. My family and I held a high opinion of the man we knew. We basically thought he was a very caring, considerate, honest man. A person who was hopefully going to be my brother-in-law and a great dad to my niece. We were all shocked to have news like that come last year of everything that happened. Still are, and always will be. I of course would be happy to have a case solved and the killer found. I just want to be sure he did do it. We all still have a hard time believing it was him. He, in our opinion, couldn't have been the killer. Of course the evidence that we have read in papers and heard on the news is strong against him. I want to hear what comes out at the trial and then when it's over I'm sure I will know for sure what opinion to make for life. You are right, god will make justice prevail.

Broomfield, CO

#1111 Jul 28, 2012
Hi Gwen hope all is well with you. I was only a little girl that day but I will never forget not for one second the pain you went through. Your face said it all and now with children of my own my worst fear that I think of almost everyday is someone hurting my children. I blame that day and anyone who can hurt a child I can't begin to understand. xo
gwen wrote:
Troy admitted he was there, that is all that is needed! Guilty is a fact, let him pay the penalty!!

Denver, CO

#1112 Aug 9, 2012
The documentary will air on the Discovery ID channel, which is a specialty channel in the United States. I will notify you in advance of the show airing in case you wanted to make arrangements to see it live. It will likely air late November; we don't have an exact date yet.
Hope you are doing well! Best Regards, AIDAN DENISON Cineflix

In the meantime, touch basis with Ruben Fragoso (rubenfragoso@msn.com) so his book on Nini becomes a best-seller keeping her memory alive and continued knowledge of her killer in the public arena. I’ll let you know when the Documentary is scheduled. Thanks, Dad.
Richard Grimes

Denver, CO

#1113 Aug 10, 2012
Laura Cleveland wrote:” He, in our opinion, couldn't have been the killer. Of course the evidence that we have read in papers and heard on the news is strong against him. I want to hear what comes out at the trial and then when it's over I'm sure I will know for sure what opinion to make for life. You are right, god will make justice prevail.”

Therefore, Laura Cleveland: What is your opinion? We know Gina and Laine’s opinion:“A big dude did it! Troy is innocent.” Did god compel the jury to say “guilty?”
Richard Grimes

United States

#1114 Sep 18, 2012
Emily Keys foundation, the girl Nini's age murdered whose words, "I love you guys" are immortalized. Emily doesn't enter my mind unless I hear the name; Nini enters my mind every day. Troy's fan club seek his release. Conceivably, Troy could be released if he confessed his reprehensible act and take residence in his fan club's house where he would be welcomed. Perhaps my baby Nini's name will be somewhat immortalized when the documentary on her is aired; perhaps, killer Troy will be remembered for what he is, a sociopath clearly evidenced in this forum.
Deanna Grimes

Glendale, AZ

#1116 Oct 24, 2012
I am Deanna Grimes. I do not approve of this blog; the integrity of this blog has been diminished and eroded as today there is mainly one author playing multiple names to seduce you. Further, do not send any information about my family to anybody other than me (deannadavis77@yahoo.com). This author Ruben Fragoso doesn't have the families permission to author this novel as we can not find any entertainment value in the mutilation of my little sister. This person, Ruben is looking to enrich himself by Nanine's blood. There were three family members: two daughters and a mother. Now there are two family members: one daughter and one mother. The people who claim to be family are simply creating contention to glorify themselves and propagate their own hate and self loathing. This is not the platform for these objectives. I can write my own book. I will tell you when our story is televised if you ask me. Other than that I will see you in 2027 when we will appear before the Colorado Board of Corrections parole board to keep Troy Brownlow, who committed this murder, incarcerated; and to even protect Troys own children from him and his murderous tendancies. Grace to you all.

United States

#1117 Dec 20, 2012
Thrust is to keep this forum alive. It’s been so helpful. It reveals killer Troy’s character; whereas, if he had not killed Nini, he is a habitual to be locked up for life. At middle age, he is embarked on felony after felony and even hustling his pregnant girl friend for money to support his addiction. His fan club, Laine, Gina, Laura, et al e.g. his Black cellmate Supra seek his freedom even though he confesses to his White cellmate. Supra
Aidan Denison, creator of documentary, tells me in writing that all of Troy’s appeals will fail; whereas, his documentary will air under Murders and Motives: Cracking the case on Discovery Network Saturday December 22 at 9PM. I’m reminded of the words in a song:
“And now the time is near and so I face the final question…” hence I look forward to reading Mr. Fragoso’s book (rubenfragoso@msn.com); whereas even if I’m gone, hopefully it will become a best seller such as (e.g.) Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood and my baby’s killer will be infamous (villainous) until he dies in prison with additional millions augmenting the millions who will view Aidan’s documentary: Sat. Dec. 22 9PM on Discovery Network.
In the meantime, continue augmenting the forum so my Nini is not forgotten and the spotlight illuminates her killer.
Yo Julie: Find here date of Documentary.


Since: Jan 13

Location hidden

#1118 Jan 6, 2013
Yep i do not agree

Denver, CO

#1120 Jan 8, 2013
Please check out the Discovery ID website for more information about how you can view this program: http://investigation.discovery.com/tv/motives...

It looks like the show will be airing again on Jan 19, 11:00 pm – you can see all of the upcoming listings on this site: http://investigation.discovery.com/tv-schedul...

I wonder what "Yep i do not agree" means?

Victoria, TX

#1123 Jan 27, 2013
I just saw this on ID and was horrified at what happened to this beautiful child, I know the saying" innocent until proven guilty", but if some " big maniac " did this and not troy, then where is the maniacs'dna at? hmm ? can anyone tell us that ? The only thing troy is sad about was that he eventually did get caught, and I know that at judgement day he will get his due !

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