Teen killed, two others injured in La...

Teen killed, two others injured in Lady Lake crash

There are 56 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Nov 28, 2007, titled Teen killed, two others injured in Lady Lake crash. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

A Lady Lake teen died late Tuesday from injuries he suffered in a car crash earlier in the day.

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Fort Collins, CO

#58 Nov 28, 2007
Rose wrote:
<quoted text>
Sorry hun but it is his fault, weaving in and out and not wearing his seatbelt is what caused his death. I hope that you and your friends will understand this and avoid making the same mistake.
I have to agree with you; it's a terrible tragedy that we're losing SO many of our young people in auto accidents, all across the US. If all of you who knew the young man who was killed in this accident really and truly want to honor his memory, then I would ask you all to learn from this accident and, when you get behind the wheel of a car, DRIVE CAREFULLY AND RESPONSIBLY.

United States

#59 Nov 28, 2007
Larry Mundello wrote:
Stupid wreckless maniacs got what they deserve.
They deserved to die? How heartless. I hope you and yours have a safe holiday.
in the dark

Lady Lake, FL

#60 Nov 29, 2007
you weren't there either, unless your kyle or the other mystery teenager. he was careless and now his family has to pay for it in morfe than one way

Orlando, FL

#61 Nov 30, 2007
Florida's drivers do not know how to drive without tailgating, going too fast, and being aggressive. The enforcement against aggressive drivers is minimal and one puts his life in his hands when getting on the roads here.
Tammy Merrell

Eustis, FL

#62 Dec 1, 2007
What a bunch of heartless morons! None of you knew him. None of you were anywhere near the accident. You are going by news articles which can't get the story straight. The Palmer family has lost their only two children in six months. Our entire community is trying to keep them going, and you idiots print stuff like this on the internet. How dare you! You should all be ashamed.
Tammy Merrell

Eustis, FL

#63 Dec 1, 2007
Kyle's family would never sue the Palmers. Our community pulls together around here at times like this. You would understand that if you had seen the funeral last night. There was a line of people wrapped around the funeral home for over an hour. The children of our community buried a friend last night. There is no harsher lesson than that. Why are we looking for blame? We live by a retirement community of 70,000 seniors who ride in the left hand lane going 20 miles an hour on a highway. They scare me much more than any teensge driver. I drive that same path everyday and change lanes many times to get around them. Ryan overcorrected while switching lanes to quickly, lost control and is dead. One newspaper printed the word "weaving", all the others followed suit and now people have the nerve to say Ryan deserved to die!?! Some of the people posting need to look up the word empathy in the dictionary. We love you Ryan. Godspeed
WhoToBlame wrote:
So, who's to blame here?'Cause everyone is always looking to blame!!!...The parents for giving their child a powerful vehicle and thinking a 17 yr old would really not take advantage of it? the kid for not obeying traffic rules? Seatbelt rules? Society for pressuring kids to look cool, act cool and mark their spot in the world? Mostly, i'd say the kid. No doubt he had been told a hundred times to drive safely, etc. Then, the parents - they stupidly trusted their 17 year old son who just put himself in the morgue and his friend in the hospital. Now, the hurt kid's parents will sue the dead kids parents... our tax dollars for the police-work, clean-up, medical, lawsuit... does it ever end??

Boone, NC

#64 Dec 1, 2007
Bobby wrote:
Ryan Clayton Palmer was a very selfish boy weaving through traffic. Too bad.
You deserve to die just for saying that, you judgmental piece of shit.

I bet you one billion dollars that you can't honestly say you've never made careless decisions driving. Don't sit here and preach when you can't say shit for yourself. Have some respect.

You people are horrible.

Athens, TN

#65 Dec 2, 2007
Larry Mundello wrote:
Stupid wreckless maniacs got what they deserve.
OKAY? HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVED? Just for saying that, you should die. No one deserves death. you cold-hearted inconsiderate little fuck. fuck you.

And all of the others who are being just as cruel. You need to get lives.
every one of you, that have said that he deserved it, should go play in traffic.
NO ONE deserves to die. Unless they've murdered someone.
Most of you are hypocrites. everyone's done it before, tried to pass someone going under the speed limit? don't act like you haven't.
you people should be ashamed, that your heart is cold enough to write such mean things about someone you didn't even know. and to judge him on top of that. Everyone makes mistakes.
Wearing a seatbelt or not doesn't affect anything. People who wear seatbelts die too.
He didn't deserve it.
Yes, he may have been "weaving", none of us know that for sure. and 99.9% of these accidents around the Leesburg/Lady Lake area, is because of the old people. they don't know how to drive any better than the teenagers. TRUST ME. they cut people off without even noticing it, until you rear end their car.

Athens, TN

#66 Dec 2, 2007
This is bullshit.
Now, I didn't personally know Ryan, but then again, neither did most of you. I am definitely not justifying his actions when I say all what I am about to say, but I can speak as a teenage driver myself.(Just for the record, I've never been in a wreck. I haven't even ever gotten a ticket, and I always wear my seatbelt.) But how come we are always the ones at fault? What's up with the finger being pointed directly at us all the time? I was almost in 2 accidents on 27 the day after this boy died.
The first was on my way to school. It was extremely foggy outside, so I was going under the speed limit, just to be careful. All of a sudden I see this car pull up in a median ahead, so I slow down even more, just in case he felt like cutting out in front of me. And he did, except when he did so, I was 15 feet from his car. I had to swerve in the right lane, so I didn't hit him. As I was passing him, I took a glance. Guess what? It was an old man. GO FIGURE. The second was after school, I was at a light. Before I reached the light, someone in the right lane decided they were going to pull out in front of me, WHILE I was BESIDE their car, and they didn't even use a blinker. I took a look, and HAH guess what I saw? An old woman driving. HMM.
Excuse me, but you sit there and say teenagers do not know how to drive? We just had to sit there through courses and a year of having a parent in the car to even get that license. The rules are fresh in our minds.. not all of ours, but a lot. Definitely in mine. As for you adult and elderly people, you didn't get your licenses recently. They've changed half the damn laws since you went to take your test.
You know, I actually get pissed when people don't use their blinkers, when they pass me going 70 in a 55 zone or 30 in a 55, when they are talking on cellphones not paying attention to anything going on around them, etc. And I'll tell you, the majority of those I see doing that, AREN'T TEENAGERS.
Hate to break it to you. Quit your damn preaching, you're no better than anyone else out there. Most of you cannot honestly say you have never received a ticket, never been pulled over, never went over the speed limit, never "weaved" through traffic, or never made dumb decisions while driving. In fact, most of the speeders happen to be cops (not going after anyone, just joyriding) and it's an outrage. Why make laws if the people that are supposed to enforce them don't even follow them themselves? Hypocritical bastards.
It's pathetic and sad that you sit here saying he deserved this. No one deserves anything like this.
I refuse to be as nice as others, telling you narrow minded people you should have a nice safe holiday. How about I'll just leave this as.. Hey, I hope something painful happens to you. Because the only one deserving shit here are you bitches. It's sickening that you would even say that. How COULD you say that? Doesn't feel so good when someone else is telling you that you're the one that deserves something terrible to happen to you, does it?
I'm infuriated. And as much as I want to keep typing out my opinion and lecturing, I'm completely aware that it's a waste. To you I'm probably just some stupid naive 17 year old anyway. But at least I can say that I have more of a mind, a heart, and more sense than most of you who have commented.

Athens, TN

#67 Dec 2, 2007

From what I can see, all of you will believe whatever the newspaper dishes out.
So, if they said the sky was green, would you believe them?
How do you know he was weaving? You weren't there, neither was the press.
And no matter what happened, he didn't deserve death.
Love One

La Vergne, TN

#68 Dec 2, 2007
The Facts:
1) According to eyewitness reports the news articles are not correct.
2) Ryan was human. Keyword: WAS
3) This was an accident. That means NOT intentional
4) Ryan's friends and family know the truth about Ryan and loved him dearly.

I feel sorry for the people who don't know Ryan or any of the people involved in Ryan's life and based solely on newspaper reports lash out at innocent people who have lost a loved one. It is clear the real problem is with you. I am sorry that your life is so empty that this is how you spend your time. I am sorry for you that you are so heartless and I can't help but wonder what has happened in your life to bring you to the point of sitting at your computer with such hatred. People say they are being realistic when they state their mind with no empathy for others. The reality is that you people need to start using your pent up frustration in a positive manner. Take a hard look at where you are in your own life before being so quick to lash out people in mourning.

For the family and friends of Ryan please do not let these people upset you. Their thoughts are not important.

Ryan, we love you and miss you. We are so sorry that you are gone, but since it had to be we find peace in the fact that you and Michael are together again.
Tammy Merrell

Lady Lake, FL

#69 Dec 3, 2007
There is a benefit on Monday, Dec. 10th from 4-6:30 at Ramshackle Cafe in Leesburg called Peace for the Palmers to help raise some money to cover expenses and show them our community's support. This is what we do in Lake county when someone is in need. We don't pass blame and hurt feelings. the Chris Merrell Lifelind Fund is hosting the benefit and the flyer with the information is online at www.thefamousmerrell.com . Just scroll down past the picture of Chris and you will see Ryan's poster. Hope all that knew him and loved him can attend.

Tavares, FL

#70 Dec 5, 2007
To any and everyone who is posting these terrible things about a 17 year old boy... you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Weren't you ever young??? Didn't you ever do something that wasn't the best possible decision, only to realize it in hindsight?? Of course you have. The only difference is that this poor young man didn't have the chance to look back and realize what can happen. Freedom of speech blah blah blah... have a heart!!!

In case you all don't know... Ryan's brother shot and killed in May. I can't even begin to imagine the pain and heartache that the family of these young men are experiencing. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

R.I.P. Michael and Ryan Palmer.

Leesburg, FL

#71 Jan 12, 2008
OK, So the first comments I posted didnt go through because of te lanuguage I was using towards those morons. But Ill just switch it up a little bit. Ok, first.. If you live in a total different state.. and Just 'felt' like posting your opinon.. Youre an igsignificant jerk.. Second.. Just because Ryan was 17, doesnt mean Jack. Ok? Ryan was a SAFE driver and I always trusted him. I was with him for a good little while, and I'm vey close to his family.. I was also a very good friend. Youre right.. it doesnt matter if he was a good kid or not, which by the way.. he was, But I drive that rode everyday and alot of people do alot of swithing lanes. Are we all forgetting about the dummy who pulled out in front of the guy who was in front of Ryan.. Causing him to slam on his brakes which lead to Ryan swearving to the other lane?? I think so! Ryan was a victim. He never did any harm to anyone. Sweetest boy you'll ever meet!! I loved him so much and it really ticked me off to come on here and see all the Negative comments. You think his family and loved ones want to see something like this at a time like this?? How coldhearted. Im sure most of you have kids, that either drive, or will start driving.. and Please tell me.. What kinda car IS a car a teenager can handle? If not a 4runner.. What? PLEASE tell me. Hipocrits. Keep your comments to yourself, PLEASE! Because you don't know ANYTHING!!
Besties FoReVeR

Okeechobee, FL

#72 Mar 15, 2008
hey i was wondering if anyone could tell me a website that i could find pictures if the accident itself. i'm not doing to good on finding something. but to everyone on here that is saying things about how he deserves death...you are going to hell. it shouldn't matter what anyones does but you shouldn't write something like that on here knowing that loved ones are going to come on here and read that and we are trying to through hard times. expecially ones that were really close. and with both the Palmer boys deaths it's been very hard!
so from now on if you dont have anythign positive to say then keep your mouth shut and dont say anything at all. because you need to think if everyone else and not just about yourselfs...!
one of his bestfriends
your amazing...i havd some of the best times with you. and you will always be MY big buddy. i think about you all the time. you will always be in my <3!!!! I LOVE YOU!
Besties FoReVeR

Okeechobee, FL

#73 Mar 15, 2008
well i totally agree with you. no one should be coming on here saying shit when they dont even know him. Ryan was on of the nicest guys in the world and would do anything for you! thanks for commenting on here. and i did under you!

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