Savannah, GA

#1555 Feb 16, 2013
CA Police Chief: A Gun is Not a Defensive Weapon-That is a Myth. It is a offensive weapon used to intimadate. End Of Story.

When you come to Save, Ga. Come by ya

Leave your piece at home. T.Y.

Savannah, GA

#1556 Feb 16, 2013
By the way, I am a Lt. Security Officer who worked Downtown Ft. Lauderdale, it would seem fitting and proper to show me some respect.
I didn't need a piece by my side to perform my duties.
You see at age 55, they felt I could no longer perform my duties as an Accountant. I was age discriminated against.
There always looking for younger studs.
Today’s 50's are treated as if were 70.

Savannah, GA

#1557 Feb 16, 2013
As a Barton Lieutenant Security Officer, I drastically underestimated how much my superiors felt threaten by me and my background. I thought the Captain touting me for promotion was beneficial but was I ever wrong.

The first opportunity they had they fired me for stopping a drunk Attorney from leaving the Office garage in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, saving not only his life but others.

My Attorney though very grateful and sympathetic was unable to pursue. Florida is an at will State.

Meanwhile after the incident, those Barton Superiors found other means of employment, the offices were closed and believe there now combined with Allied Security. Barton was folding badly, mis-operated by those superiors.

My immediate supervisor was a German fellow by the name of Osterstead ? who was very very envious. This reminds me, Wow and heat , when A/P went defunct, so did all those A/P Pension Welfare and Retirement funds. I think there in the hands of the Germans who owned A/P.

They were simply crooks and Nassau County L.I. Courts let them get away with murder. They felt A/P was better then my Hallmark Card Store.
The reason I fight so hard against corruption.

I happen to also deplore violence and the reason I’m trying to get my ½ wife(before God we are still married) Kathleen O’Prozac to correct our divorce papers. She knows full well I am NOT a violent man. I am a man of Peace like St. Francis.

My ex used the court for her lies and to her advantage. She is going to rest with the Irish Pedophilic unless she corrects. She and her Attorney committed perjury.

I will not leave my Post under any circumstance just to accommodate any of you Heat, I left Coral Springs, discretion is the great part of valor.

Police were harassing like crazy nd spreading false rumors after Arrigo went adios.

I had the opportunity to run over a Police Officer and would of claimed it to be an accident. He was driving like a Pistachio Nut and I avoided him.

I got tired of playing their games of Mickey Mouse.

The way I view it all you Tampa freaks are Cowards, none of you have the guts to reveal your true identity like Dr. Chervony (Tied to pharma)who seems to have changed his identity as well.

Vote for me and I'll tell you the truth, I am after all a rap on rebel. T.G.

Spring Hill, FL

#1558 Feb 16, 2013
FMJ wrote:
I want my Baruch College 1969 C.C.N.Y. Ring Back,.......

Another Foooool from 23rd streeeet

My sympathy


I was at Convent Ave/139 St 20 years before

Savannah, GA

#1559 Feb 16, 2013
Your City College uptown, I'm downtown, Akk the brainies (now known as geeks)went uptown, the dummies like me went downtown.

1969 was CCNY last graduating class.

I'm the fool? Your involved in the biggest college basketball scandel ever, CCNY is banned from the NCCA for life.

Do you realize how many championships we could have won?? It is time to lift the ban.

Any fraternity??

I am a PHI Ep -Beta Xi (Ex President)

Nice meeting with you Beaver, How's Wally?

Savannah, GA

#1560 Feb 16, 2013
Hey Bev,

If you get a chance read my last two post to the Wish Book Girl, it is about two female Dr. Professors I had at Baruch and there unbelievable contrast.


Eddie Hasko

Spring Hill, FL

#1561 Feb 16, 2013
Lt FMJ wrote:
Your City College uptown, I'm downtown, Akk the brainies (now known as geeks)went uptown, the dummies like me went downtown...Nice meeting with you Beaver,...

long time back for this nerd......was alsoo a frat brat, other schools, like NYU in Bronx and a Washington Square plus others got me a degree for more than fingers on more than one hand......

other 'nerds' included General Powell , later Sec of State, who majored in geology and there were more...... can't remember ever being nerdy...... to bad you missed the chance and must keep trying to qualify


New York, NY

#1562 Feb 16, 2013


The Mob just sured up the corruption a little more by appointing corrupt White Western Men's Club IRS Agent Russell Raymond Ervin's son Scott Ervin, who has ties to JIMMY "THE BOOKIE" MAULDEN, as Panama
City, Florida Police Chief.


FDIC vs. Peoples First Directors included Panama City, Florida Mayor Greg Brudnicki who owns the Funeral Home where Coastal Community Bank
CEO W. Edwin Lane was IMHO "suicided" and who admitted to knowing corrupt White Western Men's Club IRS Agent Russell Raymond Ervin who was a defendant,, along with Peoples, Defendants) in a qui.tam. Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act suit when found dead just after being served by US Marshals. I bet he was

Panama City, Florida Mayor Brudnicki says he knew the newly appointed Panama City, Florida Police Chief Scott Ervin's dad from before he was born.

Savannah, GA

#1563 Feb 17, 2013
Hi David,

Good to hear from you again. Actually, I have re-thought my position and think Pam Bondi should try and have Marshall Law declared in the State of Florida.

Bring in all the Semper Fi's to run the State for awhile and fire every Police Officer in the State of Florida and start from scratch, NOT squat.

The Dorner incident convinced me and my own personal experience with Police Reports and the F.B.I. in Save Ga.Police have zero credibility. I do Not think those wounds were self inflicted nor do I think the fire was started accidentally.Glad people are trying to clear his name. Good for them.

Just look at the comments coming from the Tampa Heat and the Loxahatchee Heat, they can hardly write English, short winded people get Hot easily.

Stay well and keep writing. Have a great day.

PS, The banks way of doing business definitely needs to be revamped. I want to see Trump wait six days for his money.Soehow it out of my account intantly, it should go back in intantly.

Savannah, GA

#1564 Feb 17, 2013
Good Morning Beaver,

It is good to know you have all those Rings on your finger, I would be very proud of that accomplishment. I had two, my wedding ring and my college ring both have vanished.

I see your friends with Colin Powell, I think many thought he would be the first Black President. Though I do not know him personally like yourself, He was definitely a man of fine upstanding character built on Principle and a Man for Black Americans to emulate as is President Obama.

Stay well and In Touch

Eddie Hasko

Savannah, GA

#1565 Feb 17, 2013
<quoted text>
Not when the Rings was made of Platinum, around the same Price as Gold if you haven't noticed.

Stay tuned, more free facts are coming your way despite the threats of Tampa Heat.

Seems like there awfully afraid of my comments because they must be valid, Do ya think?

To think I'd actually leave my POST, I am not a New Orleans P.O. who ran away like babies after Katrina, talk about leaving your Post.

If a bad Hurricane hit Tampa, these guys would also scamper like one of the Three Little Pigs who went wee wee wee all the way home and even in their pants.

Miami, FL

#1566 Feb 17, 2013
Lt FMJ wrote:
<quoted text>
Not when the Rings was made of Platinum, around the same Price as Gold if you haven't noticed.
Stay tuned, more free facts are coming your way despite the threats of Tampa Heat.
Seems like there awfully afraid of my comments because they must be valid, Do ya think?
To think I'd actually leave my POST, I am not a New Orleans P.O. who ran away like babies after Katrina, talk about leaving your Post.
If a bad Hurricane hit Tampa, these guys would also scamper like one of the Three Little Pigs who went wee wee wee all the way home and even in their pants.
Pam Bondi looks the other way and thus an enabler and part of the problem.

"Watchdog Group: Florida “Most Corrupt” State"

Savannah, GA

#1567 Feb 17, 2013
NYU has a great great Reputation as well, there Law School may be actually better than Harvard’s , I certainly think so.

I took on a Harvard Lawyer, who my brilliant sister engaged to defend her rights in our Guardianship/ Probate proceedings.
With humility, I did quite well and in fact I showed him Mercy in many of my rebuttals.

For ex, At one time he had a copy of my moms Will and NOT one Attorney involved in the case ever made sure that my moms Will was placed in the Will Depository.
That is simply inexcusable.
I also proved that the Guardian As Litem in New York’s Proceedings committed perjury. She really should be disbarred, she was trying to ride the coattails of Mr. Harvard.

The Guardian ad Litem in N.Y. denied she was aware of the fact I was removed as Guardian in the State of Florida, I used my mothers funds in time of hardship to feed my four son.
She was at the hearing telephonically when that ruling came down and she flat out lied to the Court. After that incident, though she wasn’t disbarred, she was forced to go it alone, sent to Gilligan’s Island and forced to distance herself from previous colleagues.

She became so unbelievably obsessed in trying to nail me, she went through every one of my moms transaction with A FINE TOOTH COMB hoping upon hope she could find some discrepancy.

The best she came up with, I gave my moms neighbors son a $50..00 a check made out to cash to shovel my mom walks in N. Y. It is after all illegal not to shovel your walkway. Did she really expect me to shovel my mothers snow?.

She did her utmost to break my cahjones but wound up shafting herself. I’m my mothers true Guardian appointed by my mother, trying to feed my family, run my business, all three at the same time and this idiot is trying to brake my stones when my Sisters, none of them did nothing.

I had to Pay my older sister and niece to take care of their Grandmother and Mother.
Sometimes woman Just do not think enough. I will NOT vote for Hillary, they do not think things through, they just react. Carol Walsh, etc etc etc

Stay well
Eddie Hasko

Spring Hill, FL

#1568 Feb 17, 2013
like the add of /Lt/ to the alphabet representation....yes LtFMJ

Powell not a buddy.... got his ROTC commision long after I left CCNY..... he followed several of my family into geology and took the 'poor fool'
comission when someone nodded at him

enough of me..... would suggest you've sputtered and babble enough.....suggest you write a novel...... good spot to think is your cobblestone road next to the river.....

Savannah, GA

#1569 Feb 17, 2013
I'm currently writing a Natural Health Reference Manual with my first friend. I actually consider him more my brother. We almost were inseparable our first (21) years of our lives.
I practically lived at his house.

After Graduating C.C.N.Y. in Engineering,(a transfer from Cooper Union,) he relocated to Detroit to design cars for Chrysler.

I reunited with him about 8-9 years ago. He wanted to be an Accountant but his father wanted him to be a Engineer. His father was a Diamond cutter, the most precise person I have ever met in my life.
His work bench in his basement was a work of marvel. We were only allowed to stare at it.
My father was an engineer and I became an Accountant. He and his Wife are primarily doing the proof reading for now. He prepares tax returns and his wife is a teacher. He relocated from Motown to another State. Their Son is a doctor.
I haven't really accomplished anything worthy of a personal book yet but my life isn't over yet.

Stay well and put your two cents in anytime you want.
Sonny My friends call me Sonny

PS: A/P eventually also engaged a Harvard Lawyer after they circumvented the principles of re juricada, The Judge and the Lawyer should choke on their "Red Herrings".

Savannah, GA

#1570 Feb 17, 2013
As Owner and Proprietor of Mitchell Stationers of East Meadow L.I. located on Mitchell Field the largest Military base during World War 2,“the Big One” as meathead head Archie Bunker use to exclaim, I told the MOB the following,
In very icy cold weather the garbage sort of freezes together and there in such a hurry, they often leave ½ to a ¼ of the contents in the dumpster.

I call Tony Monty himself and complain. I expressed to him my concerns and he says he’ll take care of it. The next day, he removes the dumpster from the back and I’m left holding the bag.
About nine months later, Tony Monty himself comes walking into my Store with his entourage of key personnel and Asks me up front and personal, What am I doing with my garbage? Exactly in the same fashion as Judge Lisa Carol Phillips who asked me who my Attorney was. Same deal .

God forbid Tony’s picking up my garbage in another dumpster and not getting paid. The bottom line the next day, Tony drops off another dumpster much small a more compact dumpster and We never had another problem. Tony must still be lying awake at night trying to figure that one out. Who owes him some money?

When I buy my house in Florida, Wouldn’t you know it, The carting company calls me directly and says that I am required to pay for carting services in the State of Florida.

Brooklyn, NY

#1571 Feb 17, 2013
I have been trying to help Murray Cohen's son get the truth out about his father's murder.

This is a report done by James Casey:

This is the link to his website:

Savannah, GA

#1572 Feb 17, 2013
LaLaLa wrote:
really .....
you are confused.....
suggest you think it out and stop your squat......
Lalala,I sincerely think that you should think about this:

Remind your boy adios Roy Arrigo that after he had the Boys invaded my home two Hurricanes hit Coral Spring in succession.

The first being Hurricane Francis who knocked the lights out of Wings Plus for about 5-7 days. The next was Hurricane Jeanne, Jeanne was a beautiful young girl who worked for me quite a few years. When Jeanne started she was only 15, I became great friends with her father. Jeanne was a very very intelligent girl and I allowed her deal with some of my sales reps, she became a sales rep herself..
Pop would come in quite a bit like a good father should. The lights may have been knocked another week at Wings Plus after Hurricane Jeanne. Right on my wake, Another week of No income.

Check it out Lalala!!! In the meantime la la la,

Does anyone truly understand any of your Police Reports?

Savannah, GA

#1573 Feb 17, 2013
Harlot wrote:
<quoted text>
Pam Bondi looks the other way and thus an enabler and part of the problem.
"Watchdog Group: Florida “Most Corrupt” State"
Harlot, I been blowing my stack for years, Florida is extremely corrupt and the Courthouses are the worse. People like in the MOB take advantage because of the lack of Justice and intimadation.

Everything, I touched in this State turned to crappola, I got out.

Read any of my Post, What's the Real Deal with Coral Springs, Most of it is all about corruption. Like Calif, more and more are migrating out, and property values continue to decline.

A lot of these Judges need to be removed as well as every Police Officer. How can there be any honest case in Law when the law Firms get these Judges elected? Chose your lawyer based on whose presiding. Simply awful. Then these clowns don't want to hear it and try to intimidate you to keep quiet.

Honest guys are not going to play ball, like in Savannah Ga.and Droner main beef?
As I said Marshall Law needs to be declared in this State.

Harlot keep writing the Justice Department, eventually it has to fall on the right desk.

Spring Hill, FL

#1574 Feb 17, 2013
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