I watched the news review of the meeting last evening. I have lived in Woodland Hills since 1993 and worked in Lavergne since 1989 until retirement.I no longer know any of the leaders in the city as I once did. I met MS Mosley once prior to the election. These things I do know from personal experience. None of us could live on a budget or wages we had in 1992. Yet, we are asking the city to do so and still provide the services we now enjoy. We have a good police and fire dept, both with quick response to most problems. We need to use a common sense approach and not let emotions rule. I think, given a fair chance, the present administration, will show results within a short time. The second thing I would like to address is the problem with the mayor drawing a 15k salary. She in in house daily and putting in the hours. However, I think the city administrator position was given the power to make daily decisions and run the city with the board approval. He is also compensated fairly for the position. So, that might seem like a redundant process. Anyway, we are about three times larger than when I moved to Lavergne and still growing. A lot of things could have been done differently in past years but no one wanted the heat for increasing taxes. So we added car washes instead of good restauants, etc.