Nine On Your Side Wants to Hear from You

Nine On Your Side Wants to Hear from You

There are 126 comments on the WNCT-TV Greenville story from Sep 25, 2007, titled Nine On Your Side Wants to Hear from You. In it, WNCT-TV Greenville reports that:

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Judith K gass

Brick, NJ

#109 Mar 4, 2013
I would like to know how we have money in New Jersey to do a four way interchange by exit 91 In brick, NOW with needing money for hurricane Sandy in in the state this State is in this has been proposed back in 2005 the County spent 3.5 million on the planning , its effecting the traffic on this already heavily congested area and you can go one and a half miles up the road to get on south bound and off north bound , these exits will remain and the COUNTY ROADS are in terrible need to be done over and yet there wasting money to add exit/entrance and traffic lights etc. here: . FEDERAL FUNDS THAT WERE GIVEN TO NEW JERSEY ARE BEING wasted on THIS exit and an entrance WITH The SAME, A MILE AND A HALF UP THE ROAD .Doesn't ANYBODY CARE how this money is getting spent when we are cutting back on needed things I have written letters to the Governor etc. why should the Government send all this fema money here if we can afford to waste money on projects like this , my three residential propertys will be on a three lane highway and I ve been here fifty one years as a single Mom I struggled to keep my properties which are useless as a residences and they won't rezone me so I can try to sell (my only hope in this terrible market). PLEASE HELP ME SHED LIGHT ON THIS PROJECT please VISIT THIS AREA AND SEE HOW BAD THIS TRAFFIC IS AND YOU WILL KNOW HOW MUCh WORSE ITS GOING TO BE. I have requested an opra form from Brick town for the traffic study and I still have not heard I don't believe one was ever done of these roads only of the PArkway in reference to widing the lanes from exit 98 to exit 80 . I NEED HELP HERE I live right next to exit 91 thank you judy Gass 7324583708
Judith K gass

Brick, NJ

#110 Mar 4, 2013
please excuse my spelling above I hope you can get the drift of the position Iam in what this is doing to my property , this project seems to be going forward no matter what? I'd like to know whos hand is getting polished?. WE NEED THIS IN HOWELL OR WALL NOT BRICK NJ . WE NEED help getting people in homes not a waste like this no one in this area wants it SOME ONE MET RECENTLY SAID SHE WAS TOLD A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO THAT ITS BECAUSE BRICK IS PARKWAY FRIENDLY whatever that means. She also was told its to make it easier for the people in Howell , she also asked why they didn't put this there. She thought maybe the twon gets money from the parkway but I really don't know about that. I don't seen any good reason to do this work here. YOU WILL AGREE IF YOU Check this area out

United States

#112 Apr 12, 2013
Columbia University dining misrepresenting Nutella
A substitute is being served in the dining halls

The name is nutellina
ana agha

Lincroft, NJ

#113 Oct 7, 2013
i purchased a sony 3d tv in 2010 and on aug 31, 2013 moved the tv from one location of my room to another and the electrical cable came out from behind the tv. I couldn't fine where to insert in the back of the tv so i called sony help desk. while on the phone with the help desk, for more than an hours, they told me to put the cables in the back on the side and as i did, sparks started to come out. I started screaming andthe rep told me they would send me a new tv and told me to unplug it. she put me on hold and then told me they would send a technician to evaluate the tv. the tech came and said the tv had been opened and parts were missing. the tv was purchased brand new in the box and had been tampered with before we bought it, but had no knowledge since nothing was wrong with it before. my tv is also registered with sony since we purchase and i have the receipt. it took more than a month of calls with support desk outside of the usa, and all they could tell me is they are sorry and i have to pay for the repairs because i opened the tv and removed parts. I explained that if i had opened the tv i would not have risked my life plugging it in. the tech said to us this tv was not safe and he felt sony should repair it. Sony would not excalate my calls. i was told the person i spoke to was the highest level and all he could say was i'm sorry. I have emailed everyone at sony that i can get in touch with but have had no luck. please help me to get someone at sony to contact me and give me some respect and not accuse me of doing something i did not do.

Tucson, AZ

#115 Nov 11, 2013
I wanted to see if someone could look into the Hampton park apartments. They advertise free air however tell you that you only pay for what's plugged in guess what the motor is plugged in. It is actually one system so you can't have air when you want. It takes a week to change from air to heat and vice-versa. In the summer it is super hot in our apartments till they finally change it over. It is still warm out and now they changed to heat and the temperature in the apartments again is to hot. The rail to the laundry room up front is no longer there and is a hazard. There are mice and cockroaches, plenty of mold, they have you sign a more than 35 pages of a lease. It's hard when new people move in and pay a lot less in rent than the ones already there and will not lower or compensate when time for lease renewal. I understand why very few people stay after a year. Some are on section 8 and can't afford to move or just others that are low income. The washers and dryers never seem to work and tenants are told to call the providers yet will not change the company they are using. The management does not care as they do not live here. There are thefts from cars and have a security guard once in awhile who seem to sit in there car more than walk around. Why do the laws not protect the tenants. Especially when a lot of older people live here and have to endure this treatment
Ray Ramdas

Newton, NJ

#116 Jan 29, 2014
the guy at the inspection center in sussex broke my windshield i think he was high and they wont pay for it, they gave me the runaround and wont give me any info on the guy who broke it, now they say its my fault, i went in with a perfect windshield came out broke... what to do now? the inspection station is not state run it is a private company and i am getting shafted, they shut me out wont pay, wont say the name of the guy who did it and now claims i broke it with a rock in the exact place of the sticker, they maid it seem like i made a report but it was there files, be careful everyone, its like the mob runs inspection,
L Wilson

Tucson, AZ

#117 Apr 14, 2014
There is a former KGUN talk show host, Herb Kay. Two months ago the Az Star reported he had been charged by the Attorney General and FBI on 15 counts of securities fraud. Now Pima county federal court has sealed the file. Also, mr Kay is now a court appointed anger management manager for the city of Los Angeles. Would someone look into this? He has taken money from innocent families without a finra license

I don't want to see him harm more people. Thanks.
Paula Meachum

Washington, DC

#118 Jul 1, 2014
DC use to spray trees for mosquitos, they dont anymore, why? I live n N.E by the RFK, and cant take my trash out, without being attacked. Cant send my grand kids outside to play without dousing them with off.
lisa hope johson

Cedar Knolls, NJ

#119 Oct 15, 2014
I live in south brunswick have been bitten by brown recluse spider landlord did nothing town dragged feet lost half my possession arm rotted to bone have 27 thousand dollars in doctor bills no insurance happened in March I paid 1100 in extermination bills outa my pocket landlord harrassed me said mean you no harm but did nothing did get valid co to move me in demanded rent got nasty paid till Aug town deemed uninhabitable.moved all furniture infested clothes etc lost more than half bite turned to mrsa couldn't work was house cleaning doctor says became contagious.lost work he solution was he had family who could move in blackheads no thanks can someone help me now homeless he refuses to give my deposit house cleaned not damaged.lost everything almost my arm to continued to be bit as they multiplied house still infested with numerous spider all poisonous eggs everywhere he claim selling 4 bed room family home paid 1850 for over two years .
concerned consumer

Philadelphia, PA

#120 Oct 31, 2014
Car dealership in Westbury, Long Island, Auto Gallery, 500 Old Country Road, Westbury, Long Island 11590, first they rip you off in the loan process, then they extort money from customers and their former car companies by selling customers new cars and instead of using the old cars for trade-ins they are telling customers that they will voluntarily surrender their cars as they are not able to do the trade-in. They hold the cars on their lots and tell the customers that they have been calling the old car company to pick up the car. However, they never call. When the customer and the former car company figures it out, they then try to charge a very large storage fee. The FBI should check this crooked outfit out. Auto Gallery, 500 Old Country Road, Westbury, Long Island 11590, Josh Shay and Sam K are crooks and they should be brought up on federal charges!
two brothers express llc

Paterson, NJ

#121 Dec 9, 2014
I just recently took my disabled tractor-truck to cambria truck center in Edison nj I was told that i needed a brand new transmission that the one already inside is no good among a few other repairs totaling up to $23,000 I then declined the repair and was charged $1,100 just for diagnosis so I had my truck towed out to another repair shop and was told I don't need no new transmission that I only need to change the transmission synchronizer and bearing along with the additional repairs totaling up to $3,297 and now my truck is running at it's normal way cambria truck center tried to rip me off help me please

East Hanover, NJ

#122 Dec 15, 2014
I am an out patient at the VA hospital in East Orange New Jersey. I drive myself to my appointments. Someone there took it upon themselves to take down all of the handicap parking signs and replace them with a sign that says "For spinal cord injury patients only all others will be towed". Now that mean anybody with handicap placards or plates can't park on the premises without risking getting their vehicle towed.I have a spinal cord injury but I didn't' get injured in the military so they told me I am not eligible for a parking permit. It is the law that states that they have to provide access and parking for the physically impaired.Just because they are a government facility doesn't' mean they don't have to obey the law.Can you please check them and make them put things back the way they were? Thank you Roderick Royster

South Orange, NJ

#123 Dec 20, 2014
Sirius XM takes off channel 75 from its car radio during holiday time to limit classical religious music off the radio. Making it hard for classical listeners to listen to holiday classical music. It is an insult to classical listeners and we pay the same as everyone else.

Rahway, NJ

#124 Jan 17, 2015
KINDRED HOSPITAL IN RAHWAY treat THERE EMPLOYEES HORRIBLE...THE NURSES ARE UNDERPAID BETWEEN 6to8 PATIENTS A Night critical care put on drips heparin...proprofol...etc HOW IS THIS SAFE NURSES ARE WORKING 7 DAYS STRAIGHT AND THEY ARE TIRED THIS a IS CLEARLY NOT SAFE NURSING 7 days a week 12 hours no staff complain to corporate they don't care and exactly in those words....THE HOSPITAL IS DIRTY ROOMS SMALL JUST NOT A WELCOMING PLACE....JUST COME LOOK PLEASE scheduling done on a week to week basis and they don't care if you have a second job or the people needs jobs but corporate treats them bad....

Rocky Mount, NC

#125 Jan 27, 2015
I was in an accident. A major soda bottling corporation has a driver who has had multiple accidents resulting in injury and he still has a job. At the scene is the accident the driver told police at the scene it was his fault. He told me he was so sorry and that he was distracted and that he should have been paying closer attention. Now the soda company has been dragging their heels and low balling settlement offers it's almost a year later and they won't count my $4000 in lost wages. I am a nurse. I take care of pediatric vent/trach patients. I went from $1000 paychecks to $200.00. My attorney isn't fighting for me and if I decide to do to trial they said they wouldn't represent me. I'm really getting the shaft here and I feel helpless. Can you help me.? Please? Pepsi cola and Sedgwick claims are unfair and greedy in my opinion. My medical bills are $15000 and they only want to give me $19000 minus medical bills and attorneys f fees I would stand to settle for les then $5000. How is this fair after months of doctors visits and needles in my back every other day for a month. Physical therapy. Drugs and not to mention the lingering effects of a brain injury. I'm directed to a neurologist but can't offord one so they say it didn't matter. Where is the justice?
jowanna thompson

United States

#126 Jan 28, 2015
Hi my name jowanna thompson i love in a small town in Florida call ocala i need for u. Investigate. Enterprise. Car rental

Tucson, AZ

#127 Feb 3, 2015
This is the email I sent to the president. Despite all the claims that things are changing within the VA structure, especially the VA Regional Office, in Phoenix, AZ!. It does not seem like it's changing much to me. As to this day, I struggle with finances, as I continue to deal with the hospital side of things.

Dear Mr. President,
I really think the VA's Regional office in Phoenix, AZ wants me to kill myself!
In short, I am a 30% disabled vet whom has been struggling with the VA Regional office in Phoenix, AZ since 2013 to have my benefits adjusted. In the meantime, my health has steadily declined due to poor and delayed care by the VA Hospital in Tucson, AZ. I have had to resign from two good paying jobs, in lieu of being fired, due to poor after care from my first left knee surgery in Nov 2011. I have continued to have complications, and now excruciating pain in both legs. I was given strong pain meds that I could not take during working hours. I am unable, at this time, to get another job. I have been informed during interviews to re-apply after all care is done at the VA, so not to require time away from work. In Jul of 2014 I had my right knee surgery done, but had complications and ended up needing another right knee surgery. I have been taken off work for 4 months by my surgeon, I submitted a request for convalescent pay for 4 months and it was denied, and I was given one month instead. I have undergone a second right knee surgery and pend another left knee surgery plus a right shoulder surgery. The VA Regional office in Phoenix, AZ has caused me nothing but emotional, stress, heartache and depression. I have tried to utilized the system as it was intended, but someone up there lacks compassion, as I was given disability for my right knee, but not the left knee (Even though I showed were my left knee was due to compensating off the right). They denied my claim for respiratory, even though their own compensation review doctor felt that the condition was related to an exposure during service. I am struggling as a result of all the challenges I have faced with these folks. I am unable to afford to live. I owe back child support, I can't afford my bills, I can't afford to pay rent, and I just utilized the VA's homeless vet program to help me get housing back in September of 2014. I can't afford to feed, and cloth my kids, let alone myself, I have vehicle problems, the stress of all this has caused me to become depressed. I have appealed my claims which were initially filed in 2010, and they are still pending. My convalescent pay, I feel is just wrong...I have served, voluntarily and I deserve better than to be forced into poverty the way I have been, and to be further denied compensation for something the military and VA have caused is mind boggling to me. I have endured swelling, chronic excruciating pain in my legs, and now my back. I waited months just to be seen, again just shifting from left to right on my legs. This is just not fair, I know the VA has guidelines to review for their decisions, but there is no compassion here, no one is taking into consideration that I was hurting prior my first surgery, but post it was made worse, and aided in my inability to work, and my then middle class life. It has been taken away from me, bit by bit, as I further deteriorate. I have endured poor care, lengthy time frames for appointments, diagnostics, and surgeries. All to no fault of my own. Yet the Regional VA in Phoenix, AZ does not see this, and has continually oppressed me, and at this point, this is my cry for help, as I just don't have any more tears to give, I need help on this issue ASAP.
Respectfully, and Desperately

Demetrius C. Bean

Fayetteville, NC

#128 Feb 11, 2015
At about 6:12 I looked to the East and saw something moving in the sky. I thought it was a plane but looking at the end of it I saw that it was more like a comet. I didn't hear of any reports of a comet being forecasted.

Metuchen, NJ

#129 Feb 20, 2015
I brought a refrigerator from Home Depot March 2012 it's a Maytag! It's almost 3 years old and hasn't been cold for about 6 months now... I had a Home Depot refrigerator tech come in to look at it and he said the freon was almost gone!!! Really on a brand new fridge... I paid $599 for it, I was told it would cost me $800 for freon... I did not purchase the extended warranty at the time of purchase but a refrigerator under 3 years old should not have all the freon gone... Truthfully I think it's the compressor which is covered for 5 yrs but Home Depot will not back up this faulty "lemon" of a product they sold me !!! I read up on the compressor and it clearly says the refrigerator will continue to run but will not be cold if the compressor is failing...please help me with this problem... It's just not fair... Thank you!

Lawrence, MA

#130 Mar 2, 2015
I believe there is a scam going on in the Metro PCS store in Astoria, Queens. My husband bought a phone, and was told the phone had more internal memory than it did. However we later found out it didn't. So we went back to the store to exchange it, and explained what we found out, the manager said to give it 4 hours, and that the rest of the memory would download to the phone. It didn't, so we went back to the store, only to be told that the manager had a family emergency and won't be coming back. I called other Metro PCS stores, and I was told that what that manager said was ridiculous, and that he should know how much internal memory each phone has being that he is a manager. The women who work in this store keep giving us the run around and don't want to do an exchange for another phone. What do I do? Also he claimed he would do a return the next day, but now he's nowhere to be seen. What should I do....Please help us.

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